Someone is coming for you!

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Re: Someone is coming for you!

Post by MPMalloy » Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:15 pm

DJPrepper wrote:
Stercutus wrote:
DJPrepper wrote:
Stercutus wrote:

There are four basic reasons why people threaten to kill people and eventually do kill people (in order):

- Money (or other legal financial resources, but mostly money)
- Sex
- Drugs (both in use and in dealings)
- Mental illness in the attacker

I have never seen a case where it did not tie back to one of these. If someone is threatening to kill you and one of these are not involved then I would not take the threat seriously.
Add to that :

1. Political Ideology

2. Religious Ideology

Plenty of threats are uttered because of these two, and some are indeed acted upon.
I'd argue that Politics always goes back to money/ resources and religion is most often a combination of sex and money. It doesn't matter if the offender is killing an abortion doc or blowing himself up to screw 40 virgins in paradise.

Although many, many suicide attackers are high as kite on drugs/ alcohol. It is often one of the only ways that the terror group can convince the person to go through with it. If you want to throw mental illness in to the mix, sure plenty are also mentally ill. Mass shooters are universally either high, on mind altering drugs or conversely suddenly went off of their meds.

Most of the religious wars that were fought in Europe were using a slightly different belief system as a cover for ways to implement a tax scheme against the RCC. When Hitler pursued the Jews to near extinction his argument was that they hindered Germany financially. It would be tough to find a purely religious grounds case that did not involve sex.
Take a look at Myanmar / Burma.

Turns out Buddhists can be violent, too, and they ain't doing it because they are high or horny.

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Re: Someone is coming for you!

Post by DJPrepper » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:15 pm

Revenge, too, as well as prejudice. Both sides have done something bad, both sides mistrust each other, both sides want pay back. A recipe for a never ending cycle.

That said Burma has been a violent place for quite some time and marginal Groups have often been in the cross hair of State power.

It wasn't all that long ago that the Karen (about 1/3 Christian by religion) were a Group that was the main focus, including of the Media, and AFAIK that conflict has ended.

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Re: Someone is coming for you!

Post by Stercutus » Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:57 pm

Revenge killings are pretty common. Most often the killing is payback over a money related issue like a job or a sex related issue like a baby daddy.

Take a look at Myanmar / Burma.

Turns out Buddhists can be violent, too, and they ain't doing it because they are high or horny.
You are right we should.
Tellingly, the violence began in a gold shop. The movements in both countries exploit a sense of economic grievance - a religious minority is used as the scapegoat for the frustrated aspirations of the majority.

On Tuesday, Buddhist mobs attacked mosques and burned more than 70 homes in Oakkan, north of Rangoon, after a Muslim girl on a bicycle collided with a monk. One person died and nine were injured. ... ks/538992/
The editor in chief of the paper, Maung Thway Chun, told me in a recent interview at his Yangon home that he harbors no hatred toward Muslims and has Muslim friends—but the threat of “Islamization” is a problem. “We’re not oppressing Muslims, and we recognize their existence. But we don’t want Muslims to swallow our country. … They will not finish with attacking just Rakhine. They will also invade Chin State or Irrawaddy region,” he said, referring to two states located to the immediate south and northeast of Rakhine. “Then this country will be a Muslim country. It is such a shame for us that the land we inherited from our former generations will be lost in our time.”
Sounds like money issues to me.
Founded in 2013, Ma Ba Tha successfully backed the 2015 passage of four race and religion laws—widely perceived as discriminatory toward Muslims—that attempted to implement population control methods, forbid polygamy, and put restrictions on religious conversion and interfaith marriage.
And a lot about sex too.
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