Fish or cut...

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Fish or cut...

Post by Mrselfdestruct » Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:44 am

Bait, or yourself...i forget.
Day started well enough, a little fishing before 'invest 99' rolled into our neck of the gulf, was the plan. We were dodging normal tstorms, so i was itching to get some salt on the yak. Rods were tangled enough from the road trip to toss in the car and forget.
Time for some sightseeing/scouting instead.
Off across the channel we go, enjoying the boost the outgoing tide gave us. Knew that may suck later, but we planned on staying out past the change anyway. Reach north end of caladesi island, laughing at a jetski douche that had misjudged the tide and landed his boat on a rapidly drying sandbar...little karma in the bank i guess.
Started walking the beach right after i took this pic...
[Insert stupid osprey pic here]

So that ended well...Image
Took this one at the beach we parked at. Waves had washed out a lot of me into the gulf. Never bled so much in my life.
Conch was buried with just the ass end hanging out of the sand. Saw blood hit the sand before my foot did.
Rolled to my back and held the offending foot up for the ER nurse i keep around to examine.
She indicated we should get back to the car, and the real 1st aid kit, or a hospital.
I cheaped out and got a tetnaus shot at walgreens.

Lessons learned...unlikely, but I make a great bad example.
Wear shoes.
Need to invest in a waterproof ifak.
I still clot well.
Dermabond is pretty cool stuff.

Bleeding had stopped by the time i had paddled the kilometer back to the car. She patched up the flaps and we loaded up in the blinding rain for an uncomfortable week of 'hunkering down'.
"In the absence of orders, go find something, and kill it." -Rommel

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