How Do You Rate These Items in Importance?

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Re: How Do You Rate These Items in Importance?

Post by Ellywick » Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:32 pm

Wallet- My wallet is large and contains my ID, credit/debit cards, at least $20 cash, small pocket knife (cause women's pants don't usually have good pockets for those sorts of things) chapstick, tweezers, checkbook, and a whole lotta receipts

Cell phone- My cell phone comes before my keys because even though I need my keys to drive to work everyday and to unlock variious rooms in my office, since I have had children I am notorious for leaving my keys places or locking them in things like cars, my office, or the breakroom. At least with the phone, I can call someone to come help me

Keys- house, 4 for work, parent's house, and two vehicles

And, more recently, a Leatherman Multitool

To be honest, I lug around a large purse in which I carry the items above, along with things like my schedule/planner, various common OTC meds like ibuprofen or antacids, nail clippers, writing utensils, a notebook, make-up, altoids, and sometimes a book. However, if I am just running somewhere quickly from my office, I wll usually just grab the above-mentioned items.
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Re: How Do You Rate These Items in Importance?

Post by ineffableone » Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:52 am

ineffableone wrote:Mine is a bit different priority it seems. But then I am a smoker. So the lighter and tobacco rank #1. Also I am light sensitive, so sunglasses rank high for me. I often still need them on grey overcast days as the diffused light can still be as bad as bright sun.

BRKT Aurora knife

The wallet didn't even make the top 4 due to me living off grid and needing it is often only if I go into town which often isn't for days if not weeks. Similarly I don't regularly need the keys so actually might really be bumped off the list by other items but there is no 1 other thing to take it's place. In the summer I might say sun hat but then is that really a carry or a wear? Or possibly my walking stick since in I rarely leave without it. Or maybe my loppers, as I tend to carry them most times walking about my property, but I don't tend to take them with me if I leave. Well you get the idea, so I put the keys in, since they seemed to fit the question the best, and I figured I should have at least 1 of the official items still in my list since the knife really isn't CCW as it is open carried and primarily a tool rather than weapon.
Ok I figured out what always goes with me besides keys ( since I only carry them if I am needing to drive), and it actually changes the entire ranking. It is such a part of my EDC I forgot to even include it as I just don't think about it.

40 oz wide mouth Kleen Kanteen water bottle with insulation sleeve
BRKT Aurora knife

The water bottle was a habit I picked up when living in AZ. Before that in the PNW I barely thought about water. But in AZ it taught me a true appreciation for always having water with you. It is so ingrained I just didin't even think of it for the list the first time round. I will occasionally forget my lighter or my tobacco, or sunglasses, or knife. I Never forget my water bottle.
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