Tying up nutso passenger on flight

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Re: Tying up nutso passenger on flight

Post by Wraith6761 » Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:35 pm

Use the seatbelt extenders (every plane has a few on them, for us heavier folks)...tie one to each hand at the wrist, then connect it to the seatbelt closest to the window on either side of the aisle (left arm goes to the seat on the left side of the aisle, right arm to the right side of the aisle), keeping enough tension to pull his arms straight out without bending them up behind him. Keep him lying on the aisle, and have the heaviest passenger (or two passengers willing to get really friendly with each other) sit on him, on the small of his back (not on the upper back, where it could eventually lead to suffocation or anything). At most, he can flail his legs, though you could repeat the seatbelt trick with the legs as well if there are enough extenders.

It won't be the most comfortable seating arrangement for the heavy guy or couple, but it won't cause undue damage to the crazy guy while effectively restraining him.
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Re: Tying up nutso passenger on flight

Post by DarkAxel » Mon Dec 26, 2016 11:59 pm

Tie the arms to the armrests with secure knots. Then take a length of rope, center it on the back, pass the two ends under his armpits, then back over his shoulders and around the back of the seat. Tie a secure knot. Fasten seat belt. This will keep the passenger's hands restrained, keep them from getting their mouths to the wrist restraints, and keep them safely secured to the seat for landing.
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