Feedback on BOB plan-First Draft

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Re: Feedback on BOB plan-First Draft

Post by eugene » Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:28 pm

Always look for phones that can support wireless charging. Saves the wear on the port, then you have it as a backup. Plugging in a cord is something I won't go back to.
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Re: Feedback on BOB plan-First Draft

Post by CrossCut » Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:30 am

2-VHF/UHF HTs? Most get the FM broadcast band, plus NOAA, amateur (ares/races/skywarn), and public safety in some areas (depending). Handy for staying in touch when in the woods or if stuck in a blizzard with no cell service. Pre-programmed for your area of course.

Small bottle of Betadine? Antiseptic, another option for water purification, and radioactive I thyroid protection. You mentioned dual purpose so.... Stores nicely and securely in a 5-hour energy type plastic bottle. Found those little bottles are great for storing any liquids or powders actually, sunscreen, burn jel, shampoo, hand sanitizer, baby powder, sugar/salt/spices.

Deck of playing cards?

Didn't see knife or multitool mentioned.

Thanks for the reminders that my documentation plan is severely lacking.

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Re: Feedback on BOB plan-First Draft

Post by 2now » Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:15 pm

I really like the idea of a smallish, grab and go minimalist BoB. I keep trying to figure out the lightest weight shoe that is worth having. So here are a few things to think about changing:
Why coveralls? They seem like the least flexible garment you could have. When would pants and shirt not be superior? Heck for the weight and size I bet you could add a silk base layer if you used lighter clothes and come out way ahead.
If you are staying with friends, what will you sleep in? I bet nobody who lets you crash on their couch wants your naked butt wandering their house. What so you and your wife wear to sleep that could have multiple uses?
Is bankline usable as a wick? The Vaseline you are carrying could be fuel for a lamp / candle if you have a few inches of wick.
What will you put on the inevitable cut/scrape?
Get a spare state issued ID to live in your BoB. If you don't have one, get a carry permit from somewhere like Florida, and let it live in your BoB.

In addition to other well recommended items, ADD:
ACE bandage;
sewing/repair kit;
AM/FM radio;
a pot to boil water in;
NoDoze tablets if you regularly use caffeine
at least a little rope strong enough to help you move a downed branch or other obstacle;
I also accept the weight of a hard sided lockable case, so that should I choose to fly I don't need to leave my gun. But I am not convinced that is the best idea.

Finally, are there things that you or your wife do better than other people that you could keep doing with a simple tool or 2? My wife can organize a busload of people and get stuff done...if she has a notebook [8.5x11] and pen. With her, the notebook is worth the weight.
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