Taking the Gray (Hound) Man Bus

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Taking the Gray (Hound) Man Bus

Post by 2now » Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:45 pm

Here is a scenario... that you can play along with at home.
It assumes you have Bug out Bag and a camera. If you don't, forget this and start working on getting those.

Assume the area you are in has been hit by a very serious, but regional SHTF event. Something like a powerful hurricane, ice storm or a earthquake. You are confident that civilization exists and is thriving 200-300 miles away. Your AmEx card can get you everything you need, if you can get there.

Of course bugging in is usually the best option, but sadly your base of operations has been terribly damaged by the event, as are many of the roads and so you find yourself in the ZS classic bug out scenario, you and you Bob on the sort of open road.

People are still as friendly ever. Help is present everywhere, FEMA, Red Cross, national guard and other volunteers. More help coming it seems.

As you are starting away from your wrecked abode, after a few hours you come across what is clearly an out of state national guard group. They have a couple of buses a humvee and a support truck and they are helping evacuees. They just drove in, and as soon they fill the buses they will drive the 275 miles [estimated 8ish hours under current conditions] to safety and civilization.

But of course there is a catch.

They are only transporting people. No pets, no luggage. They want to take as many people as possible. You will be standing for at least part of the way unless you are injured.

They are not searching people. They do not care what you have in your pockets. They care that you pockets do not bulge so much that they take up some of the space that another person could fill.

Do you get on the bus?

If you do, what do you take out of your BoB and put in your pockets?

What do you do with the stuff you leave behind?

Take you travel clothes, fill your pockets [from your BoB] and post a picture of you as a gray man on the road.
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Re: Taking the Gray (Hound) Man Bus

Post by Stercutus » Wed Feb 24, 2016 1:36 am

In the era of checked bags costing money to fly on airlines people have gotten rather creative to avoid paying checked bag fees.
some people wear multiple sets of clothes and then shove their personal items in the pockets.
lots of other ways too.

If I were in no hurry and was sure plenty more help was on the way I'd wait it out. The wife can't leave without her bag so the ride would be no good to us.
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Re: Taking the Gray (Hound) Man Bus

Post by majorhavoc » Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:43 am

Help is present everywhere, FEMA, Red Cross, national guard and other volunteers. More help coming it seems.
I'm staying put. I see no reason to abandon not just my wrecked abode, but all my earthly possessions just so I can be bused off to an uncertain situation. One that probably involves some kind of FEMA/refugee camp where I'd be completely at the mercy of government largess.

The kicker is that if my credit card still works and help is on the way, things aren't that bad on a national level. I'd much rather wait and receive assistance via any governmental response where I am, rather than in a muddy tent city somewhere else.

The calculus would be completely different if I didn't have ample preps. But you're posing this scenario to ZS'ers, so there you are.

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Re: Taking the Gray (Hound) Man Bus

Post by Close_enough » Wed Feb 24, 2016 1:23 pm

The "no luggage" constraint means I stay put. There are enough local assistance (FEMA, Red Cross, etc.) that I don't have to abandon my remaining resources for a "Hail Mary" shot at getting to an unaffected area.

In the event that I have to get on the bus, I take my EDC items, which fit nicely into my briefcase, jacket, radio, and ALL of my paperwork (insurance, medical, computer backups, etc), and cash.

Speaking of scenarios where you have to leave the area immediately, and may never be coming back...

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Re: Taking the Gray (Hound) Man Bus

Post by raptor » Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:02 pm

Here is a link to thread that deals with exactly this subject in real life during Katrina.


BTW my answer is simple "If my pets cannot go; then I am not going anywhere."

I do not care about luggage or other things. Things can be replaced. That has no bearing on my decision process.

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Re: Taking the Gray (Hound) Man Bus

Post by ineffableone » Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:43 pm

Considering your set up and that help is quite present in the area nope no way would I get on a bus packed in like sardines. Even if they let me bring my bag and a pet I don 't have. Sorry not getting on a bus packed that tight for 8 hrs standing room only. That just seems to encourage ol' Murphy to flip the bus, or someone to turn out to be a zombie, or just a wacko who flips out after coming out of shock, or some other problem where now you are in a worse situation.

I would find another way out of the area, or stick around and see what other options are available. But I wouldn't get on the bus.
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Re: Taking the Gray (Hound) Man Bus

Post by Sheradin » Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:37 pm

If they can get buses in, I can rent a car somewhere and get out. No way I'm dropping my gear and going to the equivalent of the Superdome, post-Katrina, even if my house was carried off to Oz. More likely, a Teepee would have been erected out back, or we'd be under the cap in the bed of my truck with a small wood burner going. :) My biggest concern would be getting searched at the end of the trip, in exchange for shelter...

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Re: Taking the Gray (Hound) Man Bus

Post by JeeperCreeper » Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:49 pm

I wouldn't get on the bus unless 67 variables occurred and had absolutely no other option besides to hop in a brown panel van with the driver wearing a skin mask who went by the name of Earl. Had a bad experience once....

But to play the mental game of what I would fit in my pockets...

Definitely have:

-CCW (SCCY 9mm in a belly band) with 2 extra mags
-2 folder knives (I like my Kershaws)
-a couple AA batteries
-emergency flare (even if for dramatic effect)

-at least 2 water bottles
-Clif bars
-backpacking water filter(plan ahead)

If I'm wearing my usual jacket and cargo pants, I can fit these things pretty easily. But if it's a hot summer, I'm kinda screwed.
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Re: Taking the Gray (Hound) Man Bus

Post by Maeklos » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:31 pm

This is an interesting question above and beyond the immediateness of whatever catastrophe is at hand. The way I see it, the choice of the bus breaks down like this:

"Do you give up your freedom to choose your own fate and leave your entire well being in the hands of someone you don't know and a future you can't predict?" (Get on the bus.)

"Do you keep your ability to make your own choices, even if the immediate choice is to be standing in shit?" (Stay put.)

Me, I'm staying put. No way in hell I'm putting my life in the hands of someone - especially a government REMF - who's sitting off somewhere, hundreds of miles away, decided what's "best" for me and thousands of other people. If I'm going to live, it's by my wits and decisions. If I'm going to die, then at least it'll have been my choices that led me to it.
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Re: Taking the Gray (Hound) Man Bus

Post by grumpyviking » Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:39 am

yes, but where and more importantly to WHAT are they transporting people? no thanks, not for me.
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