"foe" list suggestion & question

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"foe" list suggestion & question

Post by Honeypot » Sat May 04, 2013 2:13 am

"foe" is a rather strong term.

How about changing it to "Ignore"?
That more accurately describes its purpose and function.
It suggests a gentler (yet still firm), rather than aggressive attitude to the Ignored individual.

Often, when "prickliness" occurs, the foe list is mentioned. It might be more intuitive/welcome if its name reflects its purpose. :)

Why are some individuals excluded from being added to the foe/ignore list?

Specifically, the error message is:
You cannot add administrators and moderators to your foes list.
Note that the individual I was trying to add, does not have either admin or mod listed in their Profile.
Though I see no downside to being able to add anybody to one's foe/ignore list.

If any of the Mods is a member of a major distributed Killfile org, they can look up ZS and see detailed discussions about this particular "feature"/bug. :(
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Re: "foe" list suggestion & question

Post by shrapnel » Sat May 04, 2013 7:55 am

Chapter moderators/officers count as people you cannot foe. Perhaps that is.the issue.
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Re: "foe" list suggestion & question

Post by crypto » Sat May 04, 2013 1:05 pm

It's called 'foe' because thats what PHPBB calls it in their bulletin board software.

Since the forums run on PHPBB, we're somewhat constrained by the code its based on. And it gets updated far too frequently for us to go in and change all the instances of 'foe' to 'ignore' in the code every time it gets updated, sorry.

And shrapnel is right, you can't foe a mod or an admin, again due to code constraints, and again we don't maintain a custom codebase for phpbb.

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