Considering Coast Guard enlistment, seeking advice.

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Considering Coast Guard enlistment, seeking advice.

Post by Wolfblade » Fri May 03, 2013 12:42 pm

I've seen a few of these enlistment advice threads here before so I figure, what the heck.

I'm seriously looking at enlisting with the USCG in the next 12 months, hopefully as a Gunner's Mate with an ambition to make it to a Deployable Operations Group team. Fitness is to standard for everything except the run, still not in my weight bracket. Need to retake the ASVAB. Any current or recent Coasties here who can offer advice and insight into a Coast Guard career? Advancement prospects, do and don't for career path, branch specific warnings for training and daily life, or maybe just why this is a really bad idea and I should just forget the whole thing? :mrgreen:

I'm not looking for an easy button or a ton of benefits. As I understand it college assistance has been cut. I grew up around the military and did time in Army ROTC so I'm not expecting a rose garden. My primary motivation is to serve my country and protect its citizenry; would very much like to be involved in drug interdiction and anti-piracy work.
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Re: Considering Coast Guard enlistment, seeking advice.

Post by Stercutus » Fri May 03, 2013 12:49 pm

Don't know how much if matters to you or not but the DOD restored Tuition Assistance to the military services. So if that figured into your equations you might consider one of the branches under DOD. Don't know what the plan is for DHS and the CG.
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