New forum category: Homesteading?

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Would ZS members like to see an expanded "Homesteading" forum?

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New forum category: Homesteading?

Post by anonymac » Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:00 am

I know we have a "Self Sufficient Living" thread, but has there been any thought about expanding that category? Call it "Homesteading" and expand it with sub-categories like gardening, livestock, canning and food storage, Tools and Equipment, Skills and Trades, etc....There could also be an "Urban" and small plot section....

I think this is one major subdivision of prepping and survival, but its somewhat overlooked within these forums...An expansion could even draw new membership.....Just my 2¢.

Vote and thoughts?

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Re: New forum category: Homesteading?

Post by Tater Raider » Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:08 pm

The thing is we have a self sufficient living section though and homesteading falls under that, as does hobby farming and urban gardening. If we split off a seperate catagory for everything this place wouldn't be navigable while stuff from hobby farming, urban gardening, and homesteading might apply to each other pretty well.

It would be like splitting off transportation into gas, diesel, alternative, HPV, etc... it would create more trouble than what it's worth.

So says a guy active in Transportation and just now becoming very active in Self-Sufficeiont Living. Take it for what it's worth, about what you paid for it. :D

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