Question about Cancer girl healed through the Aids virus

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Question about Cancer girl healed through the Aids virus

Post by SGTO31B » Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:40 am

Ok so I was reading the news the other day and came accross this and I think this is the first time that I truly started to feel like Zombies will be reality. The story talks about using a T cell. Doctors recommended they sign the girl up to a medical trial that will make use of a disabled type of Aids to hold cancer-fighting genes into her T-cells (disease fighting cells).

Here is a short excerpt

Trial leader Dr Stephan Grupp and the team realized that the amount of a particular protein became very elevated consequently from the T-cells growing in Emily’s body.
This same proteins are involved with rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, and there’s a medication for your ailment that turns off manufacture of that specific protein.
They given the drug to Emily, with dramatic results: her condition enhanced faster than anybody might have wished for. Almost overnight, her breathing enhanced, her fever dropped and her bloodstream pressure was normal again.

I know it was in the movies where there was a T-cell was used to cure cancer and help people live, but then it turned into a T-virus that turned people into zombies. This movie of course is one of my favorites, but when I read about this girl, the first thing I thought of was the T-virus and the movie.

My question is: Is it possible that what we seen happen in the movie with the T-cells could actually become real life?? I believe it can but can it reanimate the dead?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I thank you for letting me be apart of the forums


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Question about Cancer girl healed through the Aids virus

Post by LivelyToaster » Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:52 am

With the advances of modern medical science a lot is possible, but I don't see something like this T-Virus horrifically backfiring and causing the undead scourge. Direct reanimation of the dead? No. Zombie like symptoms overtaking the human body and causing some kind of feeding frenzy? Yes. It's been theorized several times essentially all it will take is the mating of the flu virus and a strain of rabies creating a new virus. There are also several forms of media out there on the wide vast interwebs stating what parts of the brain need to be affected to create zombie like symptoms and behaviors. Zombie like viruses are certainly plausible but may not happen any time soon or ever.

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Re: Question about Cancer girl healed through the Aids virus

Post by williaty » Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:01 am

Short answer: no, not even close. Reality doesn't work that way.

Long answer:

My wife isn't here right now (works in medical research), so I'm feeling a little less certain than usual since I can't ask her to confirm what I'm thinking. However, from my little bit of molecular genetics background (10 years ago, hence the lack of confidence), I'm pretty sure that the reporter who wrote that bit had no fucking clue what they were talking about. I'm fairly sure there's several bits of biology that don't work the way the article suggests. That probably just reflects the fact that the author majored in liberal arts and wouldn't know science if it bit them in the ass. However, the idea of using things that are normally hostile to us (viruses) to deliver packets of genetic information in order to help the body fight disease is absolutely something that's being researched. In fact, my wife has done some of the imaging for trials of it. The results have, at least with the ones she's imaged, been complete failures.

As far as your speculative questions, no, those are waaaay off the mark. While I do believe that human stupidity will create something in the lab that'll cause significant problems for us all at some point, reanimation is not in any way realistic. While there's a lot of highly detailed reasons why if you ever wanted to study the science, the upshot of it is that there's a whole lot of processes that run at a cellular level, at a tissue level, at an organ level, at a systems level, and at a complete-lifeform level that only work if you keep them working. In more problematically, many of these processes depend on one another in a circular fashion: if you interrupt one of them, all of them eventually grind to a halt and without every single one of them working, there's no way to restart the one that "broke".

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Re: Question about Cancer girl healed through the Aids virus

Post by crypto » Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:22 am

Wasn't this also the plot-line to the beginning of the movie version of I Am Legend?

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Re: Question about Cancer girl healed through the Aids virus

Post by majorhavoc » Mon Dec 24, 2012 8:24 am

OP, welcome to Zombie Squad. It isn't immediately obvious, but we use zombies as a metaphor for real disasters and our mission is education and prepping for emergencies of all types. We also raise money for disaster relief.

That being said, most of us are fascinated by the undead and love to imagine how a zombie apocalypse could really start. Especially semi-believable ways, which are an excellent means to cajole/frighten a family member into allowing us to buy another fun new disaster-related toy vital piece of survival gear that he/she will someday thank us for having the foresight to procure.

In that vein, a link or other citation in your post is always much appreciated to help us evaluate the validity of what you're asking about. Because if I'm reading your OP correctly, the only actual association between this experimental cancer treatment and zombies is it mirrors the plot line of a certain zombie movie.

I also hear that meteors sometimes strike the earth, which I believe is another Hollywood explanation for the zombie apocalypse.

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Re: Question about Cancer girl healed through the Aids virus

Post by TacAir » Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:46 pm

As to the title - Cancer cured by a virus?

It's been documented. I used that science to write a short story called "The Cure".

The use of a virus based cancer cure is a real ting." onclick=";return false; ... wa-110831/" onclick=";return false; ... 1xdtf.html

There is good anecdotal evidence - this will work.

There is the case of the eight-year-old African boy diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma at a Ugandan health clinic. He was exposed to the measles virus and in the next few weeks his tumour regressed completely and he entered remission.

An incident documented by the British medical journal The Lancet in 1971 described the example of a Hungarian chicken farmer who was suffering advanced colorectal cancer. When an outbreak of the avian virus Newcastle disease hit the farm, the man became infected and went into remission.

European researchers have been at this for more than a decade. The Canadians are using a modified Smallpox virus, scary indeed. In Oz, they are looking at the common cold as a source virus.

It had occurred to me after reading a Scientific American article in 2010, that such a virus, badly prepared could mutate - and become a scourge." onclick=";return false; ... s-vaccines

Is a "zombie" (reanimation/eating brainz) type disease possible? No.

A disease that eats away at someones brain until they exhibit Zombie like behavior?
Yup, quite a list of them already.
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Re: Question about Cancer girl healed through the Aids virus

Post by Wolfie18 » Mon Jan 28, 2013 2:46 am

Hi :)

I really found these posts quite interesting. The game I'm developing with my team called Virus 605 :twisted: , is based on a "zombie" virus and I'm doing some background research on this myself.

As many have said before the possibility of an outbreak that turn people into zombies is on the table. There was an outbreak called "facebook" that caused people to suffer from zombie symptoms :D ,but I don't think "reanimating the dead" is possible trough a virus. I've heared about scientist reanimating parts of the body etc. from questionable sources, and I hope that time will keep this "reality" in our books and games :)

It's not a bad thing to be prepared for anything though! ;)

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