Interesting looking game on kickstarter

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Interesting looking game on kickstarter

Post by Shiv » Sun Oct 26, 2014 11:31 pm

prepping game who knows seems like a fun one ... ?ref=users
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Re: Interesting looking game on kickstarter

Post by zero11010 » Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:57 am

It looks like the game has very little replayability.

It looks like there are too few modifiers that alter the value of game cards significantly between one game and another. You pick one of the 4 disasters (these each represent a different game strategy), but it looks like sooner or later you will go through each of the three event cards associated with that disaster. It looks like this means each game will have each of the effects come into play, and they didn't talk about any impact where the order in which you get these modifiers will significantly impact the game.

So, you have the random aspect of the deck, three event cards (of twelve) per game, and some variation for general strategy.

A deck building element would dramatically increase replayability.
A team/backstabbing element would increase replayability dramatically.
A larger randomized deck of cards would increase replayabilty a bit.
More randomized actions would increase replayability a bit.

I'm sure the people who made the game are lovely people. But, they did not make the game for people who play a lot of games. The fact that the game can be completed in so little time is going to compound the lack of replayability.

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