History's Undead Posters: Historical Figures Turned Zombie

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History's Undead Posters: Historical Figures Turned Zombie

Post by historysundead » Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:02 pm

Beautiful, minimalist posters honoring undying persistence throughout history. Zombie Churchill, Zombie Caesar & more. Like our Facebook page.

Hey, my name is Mark and this is my story of failure, zombies, and undying persistence.

It was May 2004. I remember the way the sun was shining as I drove to our little apartment in Atlanta. I had just quit my job as Marketing Director to start my own graphic design firm. Speed up 5 years later and a 700% increase in profits.

Well, 700% before the economic recession. My niche market was in the non-profit industry. With the downward turn in the economy, giving to non-profits went down and my revenue stream too. I had to close up shop.

Wow, failure.

With my dad's hard work ethic ingrained in me, I decided to work at a local fast food restaurant, literally washing dishes. I very clearly remember thinking what a failure I was. My Master degree in business, all my previous success, my lovely family, none of it salved my sense of failure. For three years.

That is until I learned life was a journey and it required undying persistence to thrive. I now run my own business again, and my profits are literally 2.8x's what they use to be at my first company's best.

The Birth of an Idea & Vision

During my trial of failure, it was some of history's greatest heroes that showed me the need for undying persistence. And nothing illustrates undying persistence like a hungry zombie. :)

My vision for this project is to illustrate the glory of undying persistence through the voice of history's greats, zombified. I will take a minimalist, typographical approach to my poster design. All together I will design and produce 5 posters.

Thanks to using Kickstarter, I will be able print on beautiful, thick matte poster paper and ship with the best materials. Shipping includes package tracking.

Poster Design by me & you

Not only do you have a chance to own a poster, but you will help me choose which historical figures to feature! You can see the Churchill poster above, but I am also working on a Caesar poster. I'm thinking something like Caesar with knives in his back as a zombie with his quote, "Carpe Diem." Maybe chewing on Brutus' brains? I don't know! You help me decide! :)

Start your journey of undying persistence today by liking facebook.com/HistorysUndead

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