How do I use this new-fangled Firearms forum section?

General reviews and discussion of guns and ammo. Discussions of home made explosives or other illegal activities are strictly prohibited on this forum. Don't be dumb.

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How do I use this new-fangled Firearms forum section?

Post by PistolPete » Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:05 pm

It's all very easy. You don't post anything in this root section. You think briefly about what you wish to post about and select the forum section (or sub-forum) from above that best meets your subject.

General Firearms Discussions is for topics that don't fit one of the other categories. General reloading topics, ammo sales, generic questions regarding firearms regulation or manufacturers, ballistics information, etc. should go here.

Initial Firearms Prepping Q&A - Have you considered getting a gun to augment your other preps but you don't know where to start? Have a gun but don't really know a lot about it? This forum section is for people who aren't experts where you can go and ask questions and expect friendly responses. Unlike the rest of the internet, nobody will give you a hard time here if you only own a Hi-Point or a hand-me-down single shot shotgun.

Longarms, Shotguns and Rifles is pretty self explanatory.

Handguns is as well.

Training is a place you can discuss training classes, questions about techniques, offer first hand experiences and range reports. Come to this forum section with an open mind, we have a lot of regular members who have a lot of wisdom to share regarding training approaches and methodologies.

We've made a first run at getting the existing posts into the right sections, but it will likely be a few days before we get everything where it needs to be. There were more than 13,000 threads in Firearms. That said, we're only going to go back about a year to categorize existing threads, anything older than that will reside in General Firearms Discussion. If you see an active thread that's in the wrong place feel free to flag it or PM a mod with the details. Make sure you note where it should go.
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