Members of ZS who have passed on. (If they come back as Zed we're screwed.)
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Post by raptor2 » Tue Jun 29, 2021 2:49 pm

Fair winds and following seas. God Speed TEC9man, God Speed you on your way home.

Shared from Chicago Zombie:

TEC9man was a member of ZSC:020, but had been a member of the ZS forums since 2005.
He had a great sense of humor & stayed positive throughout all of his health struggles, which he posted about frequently. He also used to post movie reviews that people seemed to like.

This is his memorial info from a Chapter 20 thread:
“Post Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:25 pm

Services for TEC9man will be this Wednesday evening.

He even had a ZS emblem on his memorial table at his memorial service. He passed away in 2017, but there was no forum memorial section at that time.
To all my friends on ZS, I'll see y'all around.
The only constant in this world is change.
So live well and be happy...You will enjoy life more and at the same time drive your detractors crazy.

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