Potential for Violence over this Case.

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Potential for Violence over this Case.

Post by raptor2 » Fri May 28, 2021 3:56 pm

This is a story that can result in additional street violence next week. It has not hit the MSM press quite yet and may or may not.

Ronald Greene was reported to have been killed in a car crash at the end of a police chase with the LSP.
fast forward 2 years ...
However, video clearly shows he did not die in a car crash. They forgot to give the videos to the local DA in charge of the investigation.
The whole matter stinks of gross negligence at best and high level corruption at worst.
And on Monday, Louisiana State Police Capt. Nick Manale said that after further review, “personnel discovered three videos utilized in the internal affairs investigation were not part of the evidence submitted to District Attorney Belton with the original case report.

“This evidence was used in the disciplinary procedures for Trooper York and previously had been submitted to federal investigators. It was again provided to federal investigators and to the District Attorney’s Office as a supplemental report.

“Internal reviews are currently ongoing to determine why those videos were not identified during the original criminal investigation.”

That said BOLO for this matter.
It is being pushed locally right in time for memorial day.

A link to a political site so caution politics. This site is a local site and does tend to report facts along with opinion. That said they do post opinion in their news stories but generally not fake news.

https://thehayride.com/2021/05/can-we-a ... eene-case/
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