Beware of political doxxing during and after this election

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Beware of political doxxing during and after this election

Post by NT2C » Mon Oct 26, 2020 5:07 pm

A member of this site recently PM'd me with a link to a site that set off all the alarm bells. It was a site specifically created to dox any and all donors to a particular political party. While this site did not directly encourage violence against said donors, it was pretty implicit in the design of the site. I will not link to the site. We do not want any link from here driving traffic to them and implying that we agree with their agenda but you, our members, need to be made aware that such sites exist and that due to federal election commission rules anyone donating to a political campaign or party goes into a publically accessible database that gives name and address, and there are sites and groups on all sides of this election that may wish to direct violence and harm to someone who made a donation they don't like.

As I said above, we do not want any link to any such site on this site. Posting one would be considered as a gross and deliberate violation of our no-politics rule and dealt with appropriately. If you want to Google this stuff and learn more, that's your business. We will neither try to encourage you or dissuade you from doing so, we just don't want it on ZS.
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