Cheap Vacuum Sealer & Cheap Bags

Items to keep you alive in the event you must evacuate: discussions of basic Survival Kits commonly called "Bug Out Bags" or "Go Bags"

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Cheap Vacuum Sealer & Cheap Bags

Post by moab » Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:18 pm

I wanted to buy a Foodsaver for a long time. For sealing up food, sealing important documents, one time food storage (broken down MRE's), long term storage of matches or clothes (the list is endless) in your BOB or INCH bag. Not to mention home storage of everything under the sun.

But the price of the bags and the unit was prohibitive. I think they wanted something like a dollar a bag. Anyway it was expensive. I found this unit for $102. And you can buy bags for it from the company for like $55 per 2000. Which comes out to less than 3 cents per bag! Or you can buy tube bags on rolls from places like Uline and make your own size bags. You could shrink seal a rifle if you wanted to. *It will work with any kind of bag. The more you hold it down the more it melts. This sealer is an excellent addition to ones own home survival needs or for items going in your BOB or INCH bag. I use this unit on fishing trips and have bagged and sealed hundreds of pounds of fish in an afternoon (I deep sea fish in Mexico. We use the sealer in our hotel room. Not suggesting you could take this with you in a BOB type scenerio. LOL!).

The uses for these in a survival preparedness situation are endless:

(Scroll about halfway down the page to see this unit and it's bag prices.)" onclick=";return false;

(Hit this page for their normal bag prices.)" onclick=";return false;


You can buy the bags from the seller for:

6 x 8 2000 count for $55.84

That comes out to less than 3 cents a bag. And these are tough 3mil bags. Try buying that many foodsaver bags. It would break the bank! They have many different sizes too.

One tip that you have to know to make these work. Is you have to keep a small twist or crease in the bag while your sucking out the air. Then stretch it flat for sealing. This unit has worked for years for me. Without fail. And will vacuum seal ANYTHING that will fit the width of the seal bar. I'm just now putting my INCH bag together and I plan to use this unit a lot.

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