Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Items to keep you alive in the event you must evacuate: discussions of basic Survival Kits commonly called "Bug Out Bags" or "Go Bags"

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Rawmerc » Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:37 am

I've read a lot of these post and Ive noticed a few items that I deem "essential" for any B.O.B.
1. Fishing line and assorted hooks. (30LB test not only weighs next to nothing but has many pratical uses not just the obvious of being able to catch fish for fresh meat. i.e if you break a damn shoelace it works great whereas para-cord is a little to large for most shoe eyelets)

2. Jello. Jello is by far one of the most essential items for any B.O.B. The box is small and compact and multiple boxes can be shoved into any pocket of any garmet. Furthermore Jello is high in calories and can provide much needed energy in a hurried or stressed situation.( Jello powder mixed with warm water and drank makes a nice beverage that not only warms you and provides you with calories but tastes not half bad)

3.Super Glue. Relatively inexpensive and compact. Super glue was invented by the Military to seal and protect wounds on the battlefield that normally would require stitches. And it works ! It stops bleeding and seals out dirt and germs. When your doing everything you can to survive the undead apocalypse it would really suck to die of an infection u get in some superficial cut that could have been easily prevented.

Just a cpl examples of stuff i have in my B.O.B that ive noticed no one else mentions. Will post pics and detailed lists soon.

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Leckie » Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:39 am

Hi! Keep in mind that this is a work in progress!

I haven't received all the items I've ordered yet but here goes!

My vest - this is not a picture of the actual customized vest. Mine is currently on loan to a airsofterbuddy of mine. What I have done is basically strip it down of pouches attaching heavy duty side release clips on the highest line of molle webbing. This way I can just click on my backpack and fasten the waist belt and I'm good to go. I'm currently saving up for some soft armor plates to put in. I kept all the utility pouches and a few of the m4 magazine pouches for storage.

For my backpack i have a small OD hydration pack. It has a 3l camelbak. I'm not sure about the volume of the backpack it self, but my guess is about 15L - small, yes, but with all the pouches on my vest, and including the pouches attached to the backpack itself it works fine for me.

Now for the gear list
The 90L bag in my truck

NOR MIL=Norwegian Military
1. Sleeping bag, comfortzone minus 15-20 C*
2. Spare m77 NOR MIL issue boots
3. The bag
4. 2 sets of wool underwear NOR MIL (one set with long arms/long legs and one set short arms/long legs) Itchy as hell but does the trick
5. 2 sets Rohvyl webbing underwear NOR MIL (one set with long arms/long legs and one set short arms/long legs)
6. 1 NOR MIL issue T-shirt
7. 2 pairs wool socks, NOR MIL issue(heavenly)
8. 1 set of boxers
9. 1 headover, NOR MIL issue
10. 1 of my worksweaters (Not really for the kit, but spare shirt for work, but it's there..)
11. 1 roll of toiletpaper
12. 12 cans of "Brun Lapskaus" (some kind of meat&potato stew) Saved space with only one can on the pic.

General Items
1. High Performance shoft shell jacket
2. 2 sets, black ripstop cargopants
3. 2 sets black riptof uniform jacket
4. Acer iconia tablet w/ sollar celle charger in the flap (for mapping. GPS with the possibility of saving locations)
5. Lockpicks
6. Some Johnnie Walker Green Label for encouragement
7. 20 New Energy bars
8. OD/black Shemag
9. OD headover
10. Helly Hansen Winter gloves
11. Cut/stab proof gloves
12. Drop pouch
13. 22x32 monocular
14. S&W handcuffs w/ pouch (not on picture)
15. 20pc of cigarettes
16. Dogtag
17. Dynamo handlight
18. headlight w/ 2 sets of extra batteries (not on picture)
19. 8 small circular candles, 2h each
20. 4 stick candles unknown burntime
21./22. surefire flashlight w/ pouch 20 extra batteries (Not on picture)
23. Shaving set, 1 can of shaving cream, straight razor, 1 box w/ 100 blades
24. 3 D-celle maglite, 9 extra batteries (not on picture)
25. Lighterfluid 125ml
26. Gas lighter
27. Zippo lighter
28. Flint n' steel
29. wind up pocketwatch
30. Knife sharpening tools
31. 3m paracord survival bracelet w/ whistle
32. 5m paracord (new order in)
33. Multi purpose tomahawk axe (small time chopping)
34. Machete, unknown brand(gift)
35. Sleeping mask & 4 sets of ear plugs
36. Wiresaw (I really don't know why i bought this..)
37. Old hunting knife, customixed in to a ok throwing knife.
Items not on pictures!
38. Toothbrush and toothpaste
39. babywhipes
40. 32 hole harmonica (on it's way)
41. some $10 knife - use it for eating maybe? (on it's way)
42. 3 jerrycans on my truck(two with blue markings on the handles and one all green. Blue ones is for water)
43. 2 10L cans of water(in my closet)
44. Tent on my truck
45. x20 water purifying tablets
46. Small bag of fine sant + a small bag of cotton (for a water purifying system)
47. x5 taste powder for water
48. 2 sporks
49. Notebook and 2 pencils in waterproof admin pouch
50. x10 chemlights random color
51. Hardcopy complete norwegian map + compass
52. Poncho
53. NORMIL issue gas mask w/ the canteen for drinking while wearing the mask.
54. Camopaint w/ mirror
55. some heavy duty belt OD

As you can see I did not have any batteries in the picture. That's because they are stored in a small shock and waterproof pelicase(that I have misplaced somewhere in my room)

My backpack and small bags
1. The backpack mentioned in the beginning of the post
2. First aid fanny pack about 3L. Here I have most of the items issued to me in the military. Tourniquet, gaws, tweezers, scissors, bandages, 5 disposable scalpels, suture set, antibiotics, painkillers, blood transfusion set(I'm a universal donor, so that works out just fine for everyone else 'cept me) etc. etc. Yeah, I was a medic before I got discharged. For some reason I also have superglue here..
3. a little shoulderpack i bought for some extra space, can't feel it hanging there with the rest of my gear on, so why not. Nice to store comfort items like cigarettes, chocolate and stuff like that

yeah, yeah I know.. Where is all the dry food? The watercontainers? shelter? Rescue? Food preperation equipment?

1 case of dry food is currently on its way from my former "platoon sgt"
Watercontainers, I have 2 collapsable 5L containers in route. And I should get more hard containers for storage.
Shelter in winter I would use a tent(i have one in my truck) But during summer i prefer to make my own. I think it's fun and I get better at it every time! It's time consuming, and not light work, so it keeps you warm without a fire going.
Food preperation. I have just ordered myself a small jetboil, so I'll se how that goes before adding it to the permanent list.
Joe Toye wrote:....we didn't fuckin' need to be rescued....
I'm taking that a bit out of context tho.. I don't really know! I was actually wondering if you guys had any tips?

(I'll put up some links all geared up when I get my vest back.)

Well, there you have it for now!

Just yell out if I've forgotten something important or send me a PM if you have some tips for me! I'm fairly new at survival prep so I'll take all the help i can get! But I'm not unfamiliar with the concept.. But in the military we just had what the army gave us.

Backstory: I got a spiked interest when I found out(after everything was signed) that my new house had a old WWII bombshelter in the cellar! I had one of my contractor friends come and take a look and we fixed it up with a new air filtration system and some home made basic interior (bunkbeds, shelves and a new coat of paint) and it turned out AWESOME. I just want to put my xbox in there and never leave :p
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Mylar bags FAQ and tips
Winter Survival 101

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Carloskaaos » Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:31 pm

This is my INCH Bag/BOB it is still a work in progress it just need a few more things




3x Woodland GI Ponchos
6x STakes
3x 20ft Paracord
4x Tarp Clips
GI Poncho Liner
MSS Bivy Bag(In Progress)


USMC FILBE Assault Pouch
12x CR123
12x AA
12x AAA
BlackHawk Legacy X6-P
Energizer Tactical LED
Cobra Radio
Smith Stone Sharpener
Bear Grylls Sharpener
Smith Pocket Sharpener
Camilus Knife
Gerber Multitool
USMC KA-BAR/Kydex Sheath


BCB Crusader cook set-
Plastic Mug,
NATO 90 Pat Canteen
Metal Canteen Cup
2x GI Fuel Gel
2x 1lb Sterno Bottles
DPM Pouch
Tea Bags
Titanium Spork,
Cup Lid
Bic Lighter
Purification Tablets
BCB Fireball Striker
Wetfire Tinder


11x Mountain House Meals
USMC Source Hydration Bladder


Woodland MOLLE Med Pouch
Wetfire Tinder
NATO Storm proof Matches
Pocket Chainsaw
6x Esbit Tabs
2x Fire steels
Crackhead lighter
Wax Cotton Balls

Compact Microfiber Towel
Abrasive Bath Wipes
3x Packs of Hand wipes
Foot Powder
Camp Soap
Compact Stone Deodorant
compact paper towels
Compact TP
Hand Sanitizer
2x TP Rolls


2x Beading wire for snares
Survival Fishing Kit
Winchester Knife
2x Rat Traps


Woodland BDU(Top,Bottom)
3x Skivvy Rolls(USMC Issue Shirts, Moisture Wicking Briefs, Eco Socks)
Light Weight Thermals(Tops,Bottoms)
Mechanix Gloves
Shemagh Balaclava
Parka/H20 Pants(In progress)

Belleville Gore-Tex Boots(replacing with the ones listed below)
USMC Temperate RAT Boots(In Progress)
USMC Hot Weather Infantry Boots(In Progress)

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by slannesh » Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:22 pm

Realized I didn't link to this originally, Here's my SAR Bag, not quite the same as a BOB but in a pinch could perform the same functions.

Image ... 14&t=98662
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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by eugene » Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:12 pm

Family BOBs, reflectors messed with the picture a little.

This is layer one and two. Layer one is the 4 Camelbak's, one for each family member. This is the bare minimum grab and go out the door. Layer two I add the Alice Pack, Range bag, etc in the back of the truck. If we would be forced to abandon BOV my Camelbak Transformer comes apart into three sections. The bladder section will fit inside the Alice frame then the two other modules I can distribute into the Alice or with my wife or kids.

When we travel to the BOL (planned) the suitcases are packed but I'm at the point where I don't even use what I pack, I'll operate out of my BOB and unpack the suitcase and return the packed clothes to the closet when we get home.
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Bug out Belt Kit/24hour Belt Kit

Post by Svothe » Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:20 am

I'll do my Bug Out Bag in a seperate post once I get round to photographing it, but here's my 24 hour Belt Kit. The Idea being that actually I could lose my B.O.B entirely and survive just out of my webbing/belt kit. The B.O.B contains more luxuries, spare clothes, sleeping bag, roll mat, gas cooker, extra food and FAK etc.. But things I could should I need to actually live without. This belt kit contains just what I would need to live out 24 hours or more comfortably in a rush. (Ignore the messy spare room and casual ironing board)

The kit is contained in my Dragon Supplies DPM Infantry Soldiers Webbing, 4 large utility pouches, 4 magazine pouches each taking 3 standard SA80/STANAG Magazines in each pouch, one tool pouch, one small utility pouch Also room to fit my Basha and Basha kit rolled up in a sandbag across the back of the pouches although not pictured as its in the B.O.B now.
Belt Kit -

Small Utility Pouch -
500 Eley Wasp .177 Pellets sealed up with electrical tape
Sun/Insect Repellant Combo
6 Aqua Tabs - Water Purification
Electrical Tape
2x waterproof matches and 2x strikers
Gas Lighter

First Magazine Pouch -
Left Empty for Magazines/Shotgun shells depending on if I have to take my Fabarm or if we can get a hold of issued weapons.

Second Magazine Pouch -
Dental Chewing Gum x4 (Get rid of that smelly apocalypse breath!)
Heinz Spaghetti Bolognaise Tinned Dinner Meal

First Utility Pouch -
58 Pattern Waterbottle - 1 Litre clean water

Second Utility Pouch -
OD Balaclava for those cold British Nights
Folding Plastic Cup
2x Mess Tins
Food For Free pocket book
First Aid and Wilderness Medicine Pocketbook

Third Utility Pouch -
Fruit Cocktail Tinned Dessert/Pudding
Baked Beans Tinned Breakfast Meal
Hexamine Cooker and Hexamine Block
Emergency Whistle

Fourth Utility Pouch -
Shemagh Face/Head Scarf with a thousand and one uses!
Mora Bushcraft Knife
10pcs 45x45mm flannelette for weapon cleaning etc..
Right Angle signal torch with filters (Got a P7 LED Lenser as a part of my EDC)

Third Magazine Pouch -
Cam Cream box
Cam Cream Stick
Cam Cream Sock (Removal of camcream and to stop everything rattling)
Loratadine Hayfever medicine
First Field Dressing
Butterfly Sutures
Non Latex Gloves
Antiseptic Wipes
Elastic Hair Band

Fourth Magazine Pouch -
Left Empty for Magazines/Shotgun shells etc..

Knife/Tool Pouch -
Leatherman Surge with all tools

Air Rifle -
Weihrauch HW 97k, .117 12ft/lbs air rifle
Would be taking this or my fabarm O/U 12 Gauge depending on situation and what ground needed to be crossed.

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by FreedomSix » Sat Mar 02, 2013 7:27 am

Eberlestock Gunslinger II
2ea Eberlestock 2 qt pouches
1ea Eberlestock padded pouch small
1ea Eberlestock padded pouch large
1ea Voodoo tactical Admin pouch small
1ea Voodoo tactical single mag pouch rifle
1ea Voodoo tactical double mag pouch pistol
1ea Voodoo tactical medium pouch


Dry cotton balls
Petroleum jelly cotton balls
Magnesium bar with flint
Water proof matches
Water proof match carrier
Helios wind & water proof lighter
Bic disposable lighter
2ea 9 hour candles


MSR MiniWorks microfilter
Potable Water tablets / PA Plus tablets
Nalgene 32 ounce water bottle
Ewan 34 ounce Stainless Steel bottle (not in picture)


Military poncho
SOL Escape Bivvy
Mylar blanket
Clear plastic poncho


Shaving cream
Tooth brush
Insect repellent
Sun screen
Hand sanitizer
Toilet paper
Bio wipes


Cooking/Water purification:
MSR Micro Rocket stove
2 Snow Peak titanium cups/pots
(Both cups and stove nest)
1 fuel can
Titanium spork (not in picture)




SOG Fasthawk tomahawk
Leatherman Mut with accessories kit
Knife sharpening stone
2 carbineers
Gorilla tape
Electrical tape
Boot laces 72 inch
Gerber survival knife with sharpener and flint
SOG entrenching tool








Streamlight Sidewinder LED head light (red, white, blue & infrared)
Readline nebo LED flashlight
Photon micro light with white LED
Photon micro light with red LED
Pelican L1 with red LED


1 pair of pants
2 T-shirts
2 pair of socks
2 pair of underwear
Base layer shirt
Base layer leggings
(All in a Granite Tactical stuff block)



Medical Kit:


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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Brunt The Grunt » Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:12 pm

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Flash6605 » Fri May 31, 2013 8:56 pm

A work in progress, my BOB is always being revised. This build is an ultralight, ultra compact BOB.

-Northface SlingShot backpack
-Potable aqua water purification tablets
-Micropur filter
-6”x8” tarp
-SOL emergency Bivvy
-SOL emergency Blanket
-Flint n’ steel
-Exotac survival candle
-Gerber Evo Jr.
-Gerber Evo
-Swiss Army knife
-50 feet black woven hemp rope
-25 feet white rope
-Safety pins
-Space Blanket
-Survival Manual
-3 level FAK
-Spare change of clothes
-Ski Mask
-Ski Goggles
-Gorilla Tape
-Duct Tape
-Snare Wire
-Hand Warmers
-LED Light
-Petzl e+lite
-CR2032 batteries
-Fishing kit

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Bedsit Bob » Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:56 am

This is my Bug Out Gear.


The main sack (approx 30L) contains the following:-

Emergency Shelter.
2x Emergency “Space” Blankets.
2x Plastic Ponchos.
Roll of heavy duty refuse sacks.
Folding Shovel.
Skein of Paracord.
2x Spirit Stoves and 4x 100ml bottles of fuel.
500ml aluminium water bottle.
Platypus water bag.
Purification Tablets.
Potassium Permanganate.
2x 750ml Stainless Steel cooking pots (1 containing the aluminium water bottle, the other containing the fuel bottles).
Travel mug (containing pot handle, ½ roll of aluminium foil, and zip lock bags)
Teabags, Sugar, Powdered Milk (approx 40 brews).
Knife, Fork, Spoon and teaspoon (actually a cocktail spoon).
8x packet soups.
Stock cubes.
2x Bags of Boiled Sweets.
4x packs of Dextro Energy tablets.
8x disposable lighters.
Signalling mirror.
Notepad and pencil.
Wash Kit (soap, flannel, towel, razors, toothbrush and toothpaste)
Wind Up Torch.
Miniature radio and batteries.
Pack of Craft Knives.
Drawing Pins.
Fishing Kit.
Snare wire.
Sewing Kit.
Rubber Gloves.
1st Aid Kit, with added items (Ibuprofen, Imodium, Anti-Histamine etc.)
2x packs of Insect wipes.
Inflatable Pillow.
Playing Cards.

Additional items, not in the BOB.

Survival tin (always carried in jacket pocket).
Tanto knife.
Water bottle and cup, in pouch.

And, if travelling by vehicle, 2 man dome tent, and German Army (sleeved and hooded) sleeping bag.
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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by teotwaki » Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:36 pm

Not mine but interesting!

My adventures and pictures are on my blog

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Zam15 » Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:14 am

Hey this is kind of a combo post but let me know what you guys think. Always looking to improve my load-out. Most of this is from my trauma Kit but also my EDC/Mini BOB? Thanks Again! :ohdear:
Trauma Kit Stays in truck 24/7, seen too many car accidents to not have one of these.
Adhesive Gauze Pad 4x8” (x1)
Gauze Sponge 4x8” (x4)
Nonstick Dressing 3x8” (x2)
Surgical Dressing 5x9” (x1)
All-Purpose Adhesive Dressing 6x6” (x1)
Gauze Rolls (x4)
Israeli Pressure Bandage 4”(x1) 6”(x2)
Aluminum Splint (x1)
Finger Splints (padded aluminum &
C-A-T Tourniquets (x2)
Eye Wash Kit
Gatorade Packets (x4)
Quick Clot 5x5” (x2) 3.5x3.5” (x1)
Ammonia Inhalants
Bolin Chest Seal (x1)
HALO Chest Seals (x2)
Antibacterial Spray (x1)
Wound Wash Bottle (x1)
Triangular Bandage (x2)
Notepad w/pen
Neck Brace
Instant Heat & Ice Packets
N95 Masks (x4)
Tampons (x8)
Emergency Blanket
CPR Pocket Resuscitator
Full Burn Kit w/ Dressings and Jel
Aquamira Water Treatment Drops
Nasal and Esophageal Airway
First Aid Scissors
Permanent Marker
Glow Sticks
Baby Wipes
Poison Ivy/Bug Bite Spray
Tackle Box:
Dyna Lube
Pepto Bismol
Loperamide Hydrochloride (Anti-Diarrheal)
Ear Plugs
Exacto Knife
Safety Pins
Glutose 15
Eye Drops
Throat Lozenges
Sting Relief Pads
Blue Case:
-First Aid Tape Rolls (x3)
-Self Adhesive Bandage Rolls (x2)
-Bandage Rolls (x2)
-Arm Sling (x1)
-Tongue depressors
Red Case:
-Antiseptic Towelettes
-Adhesive Bandages (assorted)
-Gauze Pads (assorted)
-Suture Kit + Closure Strips
-Mole Skin (several)

BOB - Not sure what to call it…. Mostly stays locked up at home...
MRE (x1)
Goal Zero Solar Charger
LED Flashlight w/ Extra Batteries
Data Backup – Portable HD & Flash Drives
Cash, Silver, Documents
Lighter and Waterproof Matches
Katadyn Pocket Water Filter w/Carbon Filter
N95 Mask
Zip Tie Handcuffs
Glow Sticks
Signal Mirror
Ear Plugs
Emergency Fishing Kit
Nalgene bottle
Hand Warmers
Emergency Whistle
Signal Flairs
Emergency Blanket
Notepad w/pencil
Sewing Kit
Safety Pins
Snare Trap Wire
Misqito Net

3L Camel Back EDC/GHB Always in truck, use frequently for day hikes..
Fixed Blade Knife w/sharpener
Hand Warmers
Emergency Blanket
Headlamp + LED Flashlight & Extra Batteries
Toilet Paper
Sun Screen
Water Purification Tablets
FAK-Moleskin, Bayer, Q-Tips, Throat Lozenges, Claritin, Band-Aids, Iodine Wipes

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Mugwug » Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:06 pm

This, as with so many other peoples BOBs, is a work in progress. The focus was on keeping our family fed and warm for up to three weeks notionally on the move. The kits are food-centric, some clothes wouldn't go amiss. Three bags, one each for me, my wife and my daughter.


There is an additional "rolling luggage" bag which can be thrown in the trunk of the car, it includes more concentrated rations, two boxes of MREs, some small hand tools and a couple more 10L water bladders.

BOB 1 – (Mine)


- MRE Meal Pack x2 (Spaghetti w/ Beef and Sauce / Meatballs in Marinara Sauce)
- MRE Dinner Pack x3 (Vegetable Lasagna with spiced apple pieces / Penne with mixed fruit / Beef Ravioli with Hasbrowns and bacon)
- SOS Food Lab Emergency Food Ration (6 bars, 2400Kcal per packet) x4
- Backpackers Pantry – Freeze Dried Chicken Vindaloo (150g) x2
- Backpackers Pantry – Freeze Dried Huevos Rancheros (85g) x4
- Backpackers Pantry - Freeze Dried Bacon Cheddar Mashed Potatos (99g) x5
- Mountain House – Freeze Dried Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (115g) x1
- American Outdoor Products – Freeze Dried Ice Cream 31g x1
- Clover Leaf Tuna 85g x2
- Chocolate Packet 90g x 2
- Scotch Mints Packet 100g x1

- Emergency Purified Water Packet 125ml x12
- Two 2 Quart Canteens each with 4 Aquatab Water Purification Tablets in pouch
- Aquatabs Water purification tablets x60
- Emergency Water Filter Straw (15 micron filter, rated for 700L of water)
- Collapsable 10L water bladder

- 1 portable solid fuel stove (w/ 24 solid fuel tablets)
- Fork/Knife/Spoon/P38
- 1 mess kit with cup and utensils

- 12 hour chemical break lights (green, blue and red) x4
- Hand crank LED flashlight/radio x 1
- Gerber folding knife x1
- Kabar Baconmaker Knife & Sheath
- Flint / Steel x1
- Waterproof matches x240

- 1 lensatic compass
- 4 topographic maps for immediate area (50 km radius)
- 1 roadmap for Southcentral Ontario

- Trauma Bandage
- Waterproof billfold containing photocopies of identity documents, insurance policies and vehicle registration. USB thumbdrive containing same in PDF format.
- Toothbrush x2
- Toothpaste (18ml) x1
- Emergency poncho (yellow) x2
- Camoflaged Poncho / Ground sheet x1
- Work gloves, pair x1
- Emergency (Space) blankets x2
- Whistle x1
- Chemical hand warmer x4
- N95 mask x5
- Moist towellette x5
- Safetec Bio Hand Cleaner x6
- 550 cord x 100′
- Insect Repellant (DEET) 100ml

First Aid Kit
-Trauma shears/scissors
-Digital thermometer (mercury thermometer as well)
-Assortment of bandages of various sizes and shapes (standard first aid kit fare here)
-N95 masks (x10)
-Triangular bandages x3
-assortment of gauze pads (various sizes up to abdo pad 5x9")
-moist burn pads (Spenco 2nd skin) x2
-alcohol pads / hand sanitzer packettes / insect bite pads
-Chemical cold pack
-non-latex gloves - 5 pairs
-2 rolls micropore tape
- Odourless analgesic cream (triethanolamine saucylate cream)- 100g
- First aid cream (cetrimide BP) 25g
- cold medication (non-drowsy) (acetaminophen, dextromethorphan hydrobromide and peudoephedrine hydrochloride tablets) x24
- Diarrhea relief pills (single bister pack - Loperamide hydrochloride 2mg per x6) x2
-Allergy relief pills (single blister pack - Lopatadine 10m per x10) x1
-Anti-nauseant pills (single blister pack - Dimenhydrinate 50mg per x10) x1
-Vitamins B and C, small container of each.
-Ibuprofin 400mg x10
-ASA 325mg x 10
-Oral Anesthetic Gel (Benzocaine 20% - 9.5g)

BOB 2 – (Wife)


- MRE Meal Pack x2 (Beef ravioli in meat sauce / Apple Maple Oatmeal)
- MRE Dinner Pack x3 (Vegetable Lasagna with spiced apple pieces / Penne with mixed fruit / Chili with Mexican Rice)
- SOS Food Lab Emergency Food Ration (6 bars, 2400Kcal per packet) x4
- Clover Leaf Tuna packet (85g) x2
- American Outdoor Products – Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwich 31g x1
- Mountain House – Freeze Dried Neopolitan Ice Cream (21g) x1
- Ritter Sport – Peppermint Chocolate (100g) x1
- Scotch Mints Packet 100g x1

- Emergency Purified Water Packet 125ml x12
- Two 2 Quart Canteens each with 4 Aquatab Water Purification Tablets
- Aquatabs Water purification tablets x60
- Emergency Water Filter Straw (15 micron filter, rated for 700L of water)

- Fork/Knife/Spoon/P38

- 12 hour chemical break lights (green, blue and red) x6
- Hand crank radio x 1
- Emergency Candles 5” x5
- Waterproof matches x240

- Compass x1
- Roadmap for Southcentral Ontario

- Trauma Bandage
- Emergency poncho (yellow) x2
- Camoflaged Poncho x1
- Work gloves, pair x1
- Emergency (Space) blankets x2
- Whistle x1
- Chemical hand warmer x4
- N95 mask x5
- Moist towellette x5
- Safetec Bio Hand Cleaner x6
- Toothbrush x2
- Toothpaste (18ml) x1
- Toilet paper x2
- Sanitary Napkins x6
- Soap (90g) x1
- Duct Tape (small roll) x1
- Dog Spray (OC 5%) x1
- Glock Knife x1
- Deck of playing cards x1
- Swiss army utility knife
- 550 cord x 100′
- Insect Repellant (DEET) 100ml

BOB 3 (Daughter)


- MRE Dinner Pack x2 (Vegetable Lasagna with spiced apple pieces / Penne with mixed fruit)
- SOS Food Lab Emergency Food Ration (6 bars, 2400Kcal per packet) x2
- Mountain House – Freeze Dried Neopolitan Ice Cream (21g) x1
- Ritter Sport – Peppermint Chocolate (100g) x1
- Scotch Mints Packet 100g x1
- Clover Leaf Tuna 85g x3
- Metal water bottle

- Crank AM/FM radio (with earbuds) x1
- Small LED flashlight with carabiner x1
- Aquatabs water purification tablets x4
- 12 hour chemical breaklight (green and blue) x2
- waterproof matches x40
- N95 mask x2
- deck of playing cards x1
- coloring book with 8 crayons x1
- Moist towellette x2
- Safetec Bio Hand Cleaner x1
- Aquatabs Water purification tablets x10
Semper ubi sub ubi

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Dragon80 » Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:40 pm

I didn't see a section for Get Home Bags, so I'm lumping this in here with BOB's. The purpose of this bag is to take me home from any place I may get stranded. I normally travel less than 50 miles from home so this has everything I need for that except a change of clothes which stays in my car 24/7. I am missing a bit of food as I use things out of this bag constantly and have yet to replenish some items. This is my summer/fall setup and weighs around 22lbs.

Triple Aught Designs FAST Pack Litespeed 1300

Milspec Monkey Stealth Admin

Admin Front Pocket
$.99 Poncho
Range Card/Notepad
Black and Red Sharpie
Cheap driver bit tools
Aspirin in case I'm near someone having a heart attack

Admin Back Pocket
2 x pistol mags
Gerber Diesel Multiplier (Not the greatest, will be replacing it eventually)
2 x yellow chem lights (Normally 3 but might add a couple of blues instead)


Attached to pack in beavertail
Merrell Chameleon4 Mid Ventilator Gore-Tex Boots
Boot Socks with poly boot liners stuffed into each boot

Top Front Pocket of Pack
USGI Compass
Map (Not shown)
Streamlight Headlamp w/3 new AAA batteries
16 x 200mg Ibuprofen (Seems to work the best for me, use it as little as possible, this is for emergency situations anyway!)
1 days dose of anti-diarrheal with dosage info
1 days dose of allergy med with dosage info

Interior of pack's main compartment

Interior Top Pouch
2 x Powerbars
25ft Paracord
1 x Platypus .5 L
2 x Oral I.V.
2 x Squinchers Electrolyte Replacement

Main Compartment Contents
2 x Poly blend socks with poly boot liners included
1 x Fire Starting kit (Wet Fire, dryer lint, cotton/vaseline balls, waterproof matches, magnesium/ferro striker, bic lighter)
1 x Roll of Gorilla Tape 1"
1 x Alpen BAK4 LE 8x25 Monocular
1 x SOL Bivy Bag vaccum sealed
1 x Pelican 1040 with booboo kit, battery back-up 8000mah w/cord for cell phone, 2 x 3 AAA's for headlamp, potable water tablets

Main Compartment Continued
1 x IFAK with shears and folding knife exterior (Tourniqutes, gauze, tweezers, Nu-Skin, etc,.)
1 x Lifestraw
1 x McNett Opsgear Microfiber Towel

Main Compartment Cont. 2
Lafuma 40 Degree Mummy Bag
Klymit Inertia X Frame Sleeping Pad
USGI GoreTex Bivy

Main Compartment Bottom Pouch
30% Deet Mosqutio Wipes
Baby Wipes

Hydration Compartment
1 x 3600 calorie ER Bar
LED Light on 3ft paracord
Old Whistle from coaching
1 x KZ Scorpion Pen free from Botach order, placed on exterior of pack

Everyday Carry items that supplement
Casio G-Shock watch
Para Bracelet
Fenix PD20 flashlight
3.5" folding blade knife
Springfield Armory XD40 Service
Stainless water bottle with hi-vis neoprene cover
BOB also used for backpacking

GHB dedicated thread in need of serious updating!!!

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Pooker » Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:46 pm
Sorry for the potato-quality photos, but here are the contents:
Okay, so from left to right, top to bottom:
Nalgene x2
Platypus 3L bladder
MSR Miniworks
Maple oatmeal entree MRE w/o heater
Richmoor dried: Hashbrown, diced beef, mac & cheese x2
Mountain House chicken teriyaki w/rice
Clif Bar x3
Rolled oats x3 (3/4 cup bags)
Rice 2x 1/2 cup serving portions
Sultana raisins
Dry roasted almonds
Hard Stuff
4L flat pack bowls x4
Toilet paper roll x2
Dish soap 60mL
Empty vessel 125mL
GSI cutlery set
Morakniv Robust
ESSE Izula
Falkniven whetstone
Axe stone
~45' blaze orange 550 cord
#4 .410 x12
Slug & 00 Buck .410 x5
Various .22LR (Stinger, subsonic, regular velocity HP) x100
Steel wool coarse & fine
Galvanized wire (stand in for snare)
Trioxine tab
Long wooden matches (unwaterproofed)
AA x12 wrapped + 3 loose for head lamp
CR123A x12 +2 w/ light
9V x2
SAS Survival Guide
Space blanket
Heat pads
Bug repellant wipe
Energizer Hard Case head lamp (has red, green, and white light)
Beeswax candle x2
Trangia mess kit w/ 2x stove & 285mL fuel bottles (one of each in kit and loose)
Swedish Fire Steel
More Stuff
West German e-tool (to be replaced with US folding e-tool)
Cotton bandana
30% Deet insect repellant
30SPF sun screen
Fiskars hatchet
Mesh bag
S-Biner x2
Leatherman pouch w/ bit kit
First Aide Kit
Emergen-C packet (loose)
Emergency poncho (loose)
Paramedic sheers (loose)
Space blanket
Duct tape
Syringe w/ irrigation tip
Small forceps
Afterbite pad x2
Antiseptic towelette x5
Sterile gloves
Safety pin x3
Various dressings & bandages (tensor, gauze, self-adhesive, etc.)
CPR shield
Iodine capsule
Outside-the-bag & the bag
Baikal IZH94MP (.22LR/.410)
EDC (iPhone, Leatherman Charge TTi, LD22, wallet, chapstick)
ESS eye pro
MEC 3-day pack (I forget the specific model)
MSR Hubba-Hubba w/ footprint
MEC 0ºC sleeping bag (might be 5ºC I forget) in OR dry bag
MEC Reactor 2.5 sleeping pad & inflatable pillow
Off the top of my head I still need:
Personal hygiene kit (tooth brush/paste, soap, razor, baby wipes, hand sanitize, microfibre towel, etc.)
Firearms & tool maintenance kit (brushes, oil, solvent, wipes/patches)
Some more tape (duct and electrical)
Coffee (instant)
Coffee filters & elastic bands (as per Nick's suggestion)
Navigation stuff (maps topo and road)
Write in the rain pads
Solar recharger
Radio (wind up AM/FM & comms)
Fishing kit
Super glue
Cotton balls (dry & petroleum jelly soaked)
Rat traps (to catch squirrels)
AAA batteries
Pew Pew Pew!

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Murph » Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:50 am

Does your BOB at least have: water, basic tools, fire, food, first-aid kit, and shelter?
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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by paulky_2000 » Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:31 am

Here's the smaller of my two bags.




I can not open it to show you what's inside, nor can I give you an accurate description of the contents till I get back home. Unfortunately, that won't be till March of 2014 as I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan.

I'll repost then.

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by desert fox » Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:14 am

I saw this video : ... eature=pyv" onclick=";return false;

And thought of this thread immediately.

Im still laughing :lol:
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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by troyniss » Sun Aug 25, 2013 9:36 pm

Hey everyone,

Avid prepper and shooter. Just decided to show off my gear. I've been collecting what you see over the past 6 months, and i would say 80% of my paychecks have gone to this sort of thing.

Starting with the bag(s):

Rothco Medium BOB bag.

Let me explain why I have two. First, my Rotcho Medium bag is my 72 hour/ 3 Day BOB which attaches to my tactical vest via d-clips (will show later)
My ILBE pack is basically my INCH set up, which includes most of my gear for a good 8-9+ days food wise, which should be sufficient until the next food source is found.

Next, lets move on to the more fun part, weapons/self defense/utility tools:
Bushmaster Carbon-15 AR-15 w/ magpul grips, stock and foregrip along with 2-7x scope and single point quick release sling.
---x9 mags with 28rds each.
Ruger 10/22, painted black stock, .920 bull barrel, ELER (Extra long eye relief) scope, quad rail.
--- x1 10rd mag and x1 25rd mag. x8 50rd old dip tins duct tape closed for a total of 400rds.
S&W .57 model 686 with Hogue grips
--- x2 speed loaders filled with HP .357 along with holster that holds 6. Total of 24rds w/ 6 in chamber. I have a 100rds of .38 special but haven't found a place for it yet.
x1 camp axe
x1 WristRocket slingshot w/ x2 extra bands. No ammo yet, need to find marbles.
x1 camp shovel
x3 extra large zipties
x1 roll of duct tape
x200ft paracord
x1 Ka-Bar
x1 Cold Steel w/ paracord wrapped handle
x1 sharpening stone
x1 REM Oil w/ cleaning rods, brushes/swabs and cleaning pads.
x1 gun brush
x1 180 Lumen LED flashlight
x1 Leatherman
x1 USMC rifle training (got from SWIM) :rofl:
x1 Maxpedition can holder (to hold x2 cans of chew)
Brushes for all weapons and REM oil/lubrication for cleaning

Next, food/calories, sustainment, hydration:
x11 MRE's menu 1-12, field stripped.
x2 packages beef sausage sticks.
x2 packages of trail mix.
x1 package Datrex calorie bars (3600cals)
x1 GSI Soloist camp stove w/ x2 MSR fuel 230g and x1 Jetboil fuel 450g.
x2 Dry soup mix.
x10-15 Gatorade 12oz. powder packs.
x2 electrolyte tubes each w/ x10 tabs.
x2 water purification tablets.
x1 Lifestraw and x1 cheap water straw.
x1 3L camelbak
x1 canteen.
x2 Gatorade chews.
x1 bottle of caffiene pills.

Next, Clothing/Winter Gear/Footwear
x1 ECWCS Multicam Gen III Level 6 set (parka, pants).
x1 ECWCS Gen III Level 1 Thermals.
x1 Polartec Fleece zip-up.
x1 spam Combat Pro compression pants.
x1 Black Thermal underlayer.
x1 Columbia Cool Creek Pants
x3 Winter hats- dark blue, dark green and ACU.
x1 Vasque Talus Hiking boots (water proof).
x3 SmartWool hiking socks.
x2 Wool/Cotton blend socks.
x6 Underwear briefs.
x1 Desert Tan shemagh.
x1 Patagonia layering half-zip.
x1 Rain Poncho/overthrow.
x1 emergency blanket.
x2 bandanas
x1 balacava

Next, Sleeping system:
x1 Hennesey Asym Hammock w/ rainfly and snakeskins.
x1 Kelty 20 degree down sleeping bag.
x1 Army issue wool blanket.

Next, Hygeine/First Aid/Fire kits:
x8 soap bars (small, medium and large)
x2 shampoo and x2 conditioner 1oz tubes.
x1 lotion 1oz tube.
x2 deoderant sticks.
x2 toothbrushes
x2 toothpaste
x3 floss
x2 bottles filled with an assortment or ibuprofen 200mg and 800mg tablets, ciproflexin, melatonin and some St. Johns Wort.
x1 medical scissors
x 5 roll gauze
x2 vials of polysporin powder
Various butterfly bandages, s/m/l bandages, alcohol swabs
x1 rubber medical gloves
x1 sewing kit
x2 4oz hydro.perox bottles
x1 silver solution gel
x1 instant wound seal
x2 rolls tape
x1 Oral I.V rapid hydration.
x5-6 glow sticks
x4 boxes of 50 waterproof matches
x2 boxes of 25 stormproof matches
x2 fire strikers/magnesium rods
x5 bic lighters
x1 match holder
x2 old dip cans petroleum jelly CB's.

As you can see there is quite a bit.

I have my tactical vest which includes a molle first aid kit which includes some of the items, as well as a utility molle pouch that includes varioues items mentioned above.

Between the ILBe and the Rothco bag, I have both of them setup with relatively the same gear ( besides sleeping system and some additional clothing) just in more quantity for ILBE. ILBE fully loaded is around 55lbs. Rotcho w/vest attached fuly loaded I would guess around 20-25lbs.

Most of this gear I have in conjunction with both bags. I tried to see what I could do without if I just had to grab my 3-day, but as well as if I could only take one bag.

With my 3-day I would only take the vest and the Rothco.
in my INCH I can dissasemble the vest/ Rothco and carry the ILBE with the vest, along with the Ruger 10/22 strapped on.

There are a few items I have yet to gather, such as basic t-shirts(long and short) as well as a main source of filtration for water (katadyn I suppose).

I am sure I have forgetting a few items on the list." onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by LeatherNeck77 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:37 pm

Just a list that I've Built over a few months, I would love any tips or anything like that.
-1 Quart Canteen(2)
-Purification Tabs(500)
-Katadyn Hiker Water Filter
-Straw Emergency Filter

-Emergency Food Rations 3 days(2)
-Lots of Sugar,Pepper,and Salt Packets. Drink Flavoring,Coffee Packets
-Yugoslovian Mess Kit (Oatmeal Packets Inside, Soup Broths)
-Pocket Fishing Kit
-3 Packs Of Gum

-20 Small Bandaids
-Roll of WaterProof Adhesive Tape
-Quick Clot(2)
-Ace banagde
-Instant Cold And Heat Pack
-Ankle Support Bandage
-Super Glue
-Body Warmer
-Needles(Can use tooth floss as string)
-Bottle of Alieve(320 cap)
-Lip Balm
-Insect Repellent(100% Deet)
*Can use SuperGlue for Cuts and Duct Tape to cover wounds*

-8x10 Tarp
-Bivy Bag
-Ground Pad

-3 Bic Lighters
-Cotton Balls Soaked in Vasaline
-WaterProof Matches(Around 80)

-SOG Seal Pup Elite Straight Edge
-Columbia River Knife M16-13Z
-LeatherMen Wave Or Any Multi-Tool
-Smiths PP1 Pal Multifunction Sharpener
-Folding Shovel
-100 Ft Of 550 Paracord(OliveGreen)
-Duct Tape
-Super Glue
-SAS Survival Handbook

-Fenix LD22 Flashlight
-2 Flares
-2 Glow Sticks

-Eton Emergency FM/AM Radio
-Map(Local, Road, and State)

-DEO Sticke(2)
-ToothPaste And Tooth Brush, Tooth Picks & Floss
-3 Rolls of Toilet Paper(Wtihout cardboard Piece)
-Sun Screen Lotion(Travel Size)
-Nail Clipper
-MSR Camp Towel
-Baby Powder
-Hand Sanatizer

- A Good Durable,Water Proof Watch (G-Shocks)XXX
-5 Pairs Of Socks
-5 Pairs Of Underwear
-Solid Pair Of Cargo Pants
-Knee Pads
-Tee Shirt
-Sweater Or Long Sleeve Shirt For Layering
-Military Poncho
-WaterProof Jacket
-WaterProof Boots

-Sewing Kit
-5 Garbage BagsXXX
-Aluminum foil

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Skummdogg » Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:08 am

This is my winter setup. I'm buying a new pack in a week, trying to go more civilian.

All packed up


Everything unpacked in thier respective sacks


All laid out (a few items missing from picture)


Closer shots of the lay out



-   Eberlestock g4 operator (soon to be Kelty Red Cloud 90)
- WP cover (poncho for now)

- USGI sleeping system
- USGI iso mat
- socks x3
- boxers
- pants x1
- tshirt x1
- thermals
- gloves 
- beanie
- gloves work (not pictured)
- USGI poncho
- bandana x2

- mountain house x6 (missing most food items due to recent trip)
- beef jerky x1
- cliff bars x5
- trail mix
- oatmeal x6
- seasoning jar
- 3 liters? Water nalgene (carry one EDC)
- water filter
- water purification tablets
- water bladder (not pictured)
- cook pot (biolite kettle, 1.5 liter)
- cook stove (biolite stove, also charges via USB)
- TI spoon/spork
- TI plate

- leatherman (EDC)
- folding knife (EDC)
- large fixed blade (OKC RAT 5)
- axe (Gransfors Bruk small forest axe)
- duct tape
- 550 cord x100' appx.
- small sharpener 
- .40 ammo x50 w/mags
- headlamp (not pictured)
- flashlight
- gps
- AA batteries x 4 lithium
- AAA batteries x 4
- compass
- area map (not pictured, in GHB)
- crank radio (not pictured, in GHB)
- 2 way radio (not pictured)
- phone charger (not pictured)
- pad
- pen
- sharpie
- fishing kit/snare wire (in altiods small tin)

- ferro rod
- bic lighters x2
- storm matches
- jute & fatwood

- wipes
- hand sanitizer
- TP
- toothbrush
- toothpaste
- bug spray
- sun block(not pictured)
- gold bond powder
- chap stick (in FAK)
- bar soap
- towel (not pictured)

-  reg band aids
- large band aids 
- neosporin
- gauze
- tape
- after bite 
- superglue
- benadryl
- ibuprofen 
- anti poop
- poop
- cough drops

Havn't weighed this, but I estimate 40-50 lbs. Heavy, I know, it's my winter load out and I'm in the Northwest!

Hope you enjoyed! :clap:

Semper FI

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Cephalotus » Sun Nov 17, 2013 3:14 pm

that's how I store my BOB. This is the winter version. The summer version is slightly different (better water purification and transportation, less cooking and warming options, no chocolate)

the sleeping bag rests next to it uncompressed.

The bag is a Crux AK 57. Lightweight and durable and designed for alpine climbing. weight fully loaded is around 16kg. Not perfect, but you keep some mobility. I don't like things hanging on the outside of my bags except if there are clear advantages like easy access during walking times...


This is the content of the (winter) BOB:


1. In the top compartment I store gloves, lighter, multitool, gasoline pocket warmer, gasoline and a radio. Also a quite large 1st aid kit + medicine + some dusk masks
2. next to the back: a map, honey stove, larger antennae, some saw blades and a solar module
3. water treatment
4. other stuff
5. a waterproof box with electronic stuff (radio, geiger counter, smart phone, some batteries, solar storage systems, wire, tape, documents, money, some fishing kit, etc. pp...)
6. Under the top compartment my hygiene stuff and a "money poach(?)" with money, documents, USB stick, etc....
7. two water battles isolated with in neoprene socks
8. a self made thermo poach with freezed dried food and some MRE heaters for three flameless hot meals
9. food. Roughly 6000kcal
10. titanium pot
11. sleeping bag and some sandals
12. bivi bag RAB ridge raider + Neoair all seasons. In use I store them together for a quick and dry sleeping setup, but I sometimes need only one of them and it's a mess to unpack it if rolled up together.
13. Some clothes. Mainly wool underwear, some trousers.

some details:


1. water treatment: Aquamira frontier pro + Steripen emergency + some purification pills + Platypus. Also a small towel. Don't want to use my Katadyn Combi during winter when its freezing.

2. the pack with the 2other stuff". Goggles (rather bad ones), balaclava, rope, a gas torch, pepper spray, Go Lite ponchotarp, moscito net, Mora knife.
3. the freezed dried food + heaters. Add water to the freezed dried stuff and some water to the heaters and store them inside the insulated poach for 10-15 minutes
4. Cooking pot, some tea, salt, spices, soup bullions, spoon, cleaning setup and a Pinguin mantis (liquid)gas burner that works ok in freezing conditions
5. Honey stove hobo. Also usable as a wind shield for the gas cooker.

That's the BOB packed with pepper spray and radio + earphones attached to the outside


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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by wowzers » Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:06 am


I finally got to putting a go bag together. Just wanted something cheap that I could keep in the pickup and forget about. So I was able to put this together with some of the extra stuff I had laying around Contents are as follows

1) MSR Sweetwater Filter
2) Fleece Watch Cap
3) Wool Glove Liner
4) Extra Wool Sox
5) SOL Thermal Bivy
6) Cap 2 Top (because I can't stand to smell it except in an emergency)
7) Softshell
8) Platypus Bottle
9) CZ 52 with extra Ammo
10) First Aid Kit (Basic bandages, gauze pads and roll, pressure dressing, meds, etc)
11) Head Lamp
12) Alcohol Fuel
13) Homemade Stove
14) Cook cup with plastic cup and lid nested.
15) Food (2 bags granola with dry milk, 3 Mtn Houses, Bag of Cashews, couple power bars, Cystal light, and a mainstay ration)
16) Cheap Pack (one of the only things I had to buy because I didn't want to sacrifice any of my others)
17) Lanyard with fire starter, LED light, and small pocket knife.
18) Cotton Balls and Vaseline
19) Gerber and folding knife

Somethings I would like to add are a nalgene with gorilla tape wrapped around it, a cheap folding map of my area even though I have a gazetteer in the pick up and some sort of thermal bottom and possibly a cheap pair of zip off nylon hiking pants. I spend a fair amount of time outdoors so I feel coupled with my skillset I could last three days out of this pack. Any suggestions for things I might be missing?

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by backup1911 » Sat Nov 30, 2013 1:08 pm

My current BOB setup. My MOB is designed to get me out into the desert and away from people/zombies. I know, there are a ton of reasons why this is a flawed plan for the average guy in the average city. But it's my plan, and I don't have all bugs worked out yet but that is my quest and I'm working towards it.

What isn't covered here is my weapons system, and my clothing. These things are in a large load out bag that goes everywhere my pack goes. I can grab the load out bag and carry it until I get to a safe location to change clothing and pick out the items I'll need and ditch the rest.

This is what's packed in my BOB at all times. It does change and evolve though as I learn and gain more skills and experience with it.
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