Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Items to keep you alive in the event you must evacuate: discussions of basic Survival Kits commonly called "Bug Out Bags" or "Go Bags"

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Kbourque3375 » Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:55 am

My Bug Out:
7 days worth of MRE
1lb of table salt in ziplock
1lb sugar
Pain medicine
10 day supply antibiotics, vacuum packed
3 changes of chothes
water and chemical purifiers
1 sks rifle with 400 rounds in an ammo can
1st aid kit includes several items you wouldn't find in most 1st aid kit. Ability to start IV if necessary to replenish fluids *yes, I was a medic*
can 100% Deet
tools, folding shovel, spare parts for truck
Roadmaps *although I've been a truck driver for several years and know most of the major as well as back roads in my area and an extended area of the US*
100 dollars that I will not touch unless I need it along with a debit card, however I fully understand if bad goes to worse, it may be worthless
truck never parked at home with less than 3/4 tank of fuel, empty and full fuel cans treated with fuel stabilizer *for the record, my bugout truck is not my every day vehicle but it is regularly maintained*

9MM, 3 16 round mags, extra ammo
AR15 500 rounds on stripper clips 6 fully loaded magazines
1 Rem 700 .308/100 rounds
all prescription medications kept in one place ready to take with me
BDU's kept in one place, ready to be changed into
camo face paint
chemsticks in home and in vehicle/hand crank flashlights as well in both
gas mask *compliments of uncle sam* with extra filters, diaphrams and lenses

ran bugout drill last weekend: out the house, in the truck and down the road less than 10 minutes. This includes taking quick inventory of all items and confirming nothing vital is being left behind....except my Harley..Lol. Not part of a BOB but part of the bug out plan is an area mapped out capable of sustaining life for at least 2 weeks, will improvise if the need arises.
Sorry, I didn't take pictures, some supplies are classified
**that which doesn't kill me had better run very fast**

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Blue_Flame » Tue May 01, 2012 12:11 pm

Ok here are the pics of my husbands BOB:
There's been a few things added since the pictures; book on tracking animals, book on boobytraps, buff, super glue, allergy medicine, playing cards, his Cold Steel, and a crank flashlight/radio combo w/a USB port so we'll be able to bring our GPS and Kindles along too :)

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by tookieblueeyes » Fri May 04, 2012 10:19 am

Learning is an ongoing process.

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by hutchb25 » Fri May 04, 2012 9:12 pm

I bought a bigger, nicer firesteel for my chest pack. I'll keep the little one in my BOB for redundancy and to light my alcohol stove, but I think this will be more suitable for actual fire starting and it looks to have a superior striker.

Eventually I'll have me a blastmatch, though. It looks so sexy on youtube.
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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by kage_no_mozaiku » Wed May 23, 2012 11:39 pm

my pack is a maxpedition kodiak gearslinger with the janus pocket, small tac-tile, 7x5x4 vertical gp pouch, and another maxpedition pouch i dont seem to remember the name of. here's how i have it broken down

EDIT: unknown is the m1 waistpack. yes....i have a love affair with maxpediton products.

side pocket
32 oz nalgene bottle of water, which i replace weekly

top outside
6 single serving lemonade packets
2 oz bottle of tabasco
coghlan's multi spice jar
6 cenica fruit bars
9 jolly ranchers in a snack bag
2 emergency candles
1 p52
1 spork

bottom outside secondary
3 feminine hygiene pads
pocket bible

bottom outside main
8 vacuum packed single servings of instant coffee/creamer/sugar. each packet uses 12 oz of hot water and they were made by me.
coghlan's firepaste
filter straw
3 pair chopsticks

1 black bdu trousers
1 black t top
2 pair of socks
mess kit
canteen cup
pop can alcohol stove
fruit can pot stand
10 oz bottle of methanol
46 oz juice can wood stove
blow pipe
small bamboo cutting board
small collapsible silicone strainer
heavy duty heat blanket/shelter
2 pens
small towel
8 hand warmer packs
(soon to have 6 2 oz vacuum packets of jerky)

gp pouch
12 cliff bars

3 packets instant dry onion soup
3 packets instant dry chicken noodle soup

m1 waistpack
char cloth canister/cooker
ferocerium rod
4 3/16x1/2x3 in stainless air flow control/spacer bars (for the pot stand)

tac tile
12 vacuum packed pouches of 14 strike anywhere matches with a small strip of 180 grit paper in each one for a striker, also made by me. funny thing is when i was sealing one packet, i got too close to the heater element on the sealer and one of the matches ignited. i threw them in the sink before all the matches in that packet lit up....lmao.

hanging on the outside of the pack is 4 full sized and 4 half sized snap lights plus a 32 oz enamelware cup/stew pot. strapped to the side is an ontario rat and 50 feet of 550 para-cord. i keep a sharpening puck and a ceramic hone on me at all times as well as a refillable lighter and 2 oz of fluid, the cold steel pocket bushman, crkt m164z (modded into a clip point), and the kershaw onion.

please pm me on what changes you think i should make or how i should construct my 1st aid kit.
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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by neogen159 » Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:46 am

First post- long time lurker figured i would show off my BOB. its been years of tweaking and re-working it. i think its pretty good but im sure there are areas i need to work on." onclick=";return false;

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Tucson » Sun Jul 08, 2012 1:15 pm


5.11 RUSH 24 pack
Gerber LMF II Knife
SOG machete
Gerber artifact
A couple of compasses
area map
length of pvc hose for siphoning and obtaining water
food stuff (protein and granola bars mostly)
stainless steel bowel
windbreaker jacket
plastic tarp
100 yards of twine
duct tape
AA batteries
walkie talkie
9v battery and steel wool
magnifying glass
Ultra light can stove
stove fuel
Basic bandages and medicine
condoms (waterproofing, water container, magnifying glass - look it up)
toilet paper
dental picks
liquid soap
sharpie marker
fishing leader lines for use as snares
fishing weights and hooks
diagrams of various traps to jog the memory
needle and thread
water purification tablets
superglue (for liquid stitches)
27 kn carabiner
.22lr ammo
gun oil
ear plugs
Ruger 22/45 pistol

Separate bail out bag with the gun stuff.
Stag rifle kitted out to my liking
9 AR mags
Glock 19 and 23 (one carried daily)
8 Glock Mags
M&P 15-22 rifle (because you need a .22 rifle too)
3 S&W 15-22 mags

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Medic73 » Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:45 pm

This is my smallest lightest BOB/GHB and it's contents. The weapons shown here are fake (DUH!) because these photos are for aother MOCK Bug Out Contest Entry.



BOB Contents
10x50 Binoculars
Boonie Hat
1911 .45 ACP Pistol
M-16/203 Rifle
Orange Trail Flagging Tape
Yo-Yo Fishing Reel
2nd Poncho
Peterson’s Edible Wild Plants Guidebook
Mountain House Beef Stroganoff Meal
Topo Maps and Compass
Toilet Paper
Sheath Knife
Flashlights x2
Small First Aid Kit
Blue Hand Towel
Wire Saw
Windacator Powder
Butane LighterSmall
Folding Knife
Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filtration System
Platypus Water Reservoir
P-38 Can Opener
BOB Bag with 3 Liter Hydration Bladder
Not Shown: Canteen, Canteen Cup with a Ranger Stove and a Rain Jacket

I need to add some paracord and just a few other items to this BOB/GHB.

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by cornholio2188 » Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:40 am


lots more on the way!

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Nuclear Genie » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:50 pm



It's a lot of junk really, but it fits nicely in a 15 litre Sierra Designs Rohn daypack. I have a hard time finding packs that fit owing to a 21.5 inch torso and an athletic physique but this pack fit great. The hip belt actually sits on my hips rather than around my kidneys and the shoulder straps terminate two inches below my pecs. The one thing I am not 100% thrilled about is the lack of a load strap to reinforce the zipper, and the absence of a daisy chain or external strap fittings. No big deal though.

As far as the inventory goes this is the junk I carry on a typical day hike understanding that any trip may turn into an extended visit.
I chose some of the gear in emergency red since 99% of the time I am going to want to be seen ergo 100' of 6mm spectra line, a 15' and an 8' section of 1 inch tubular webbing and a 4' section of 3/4" webbing to rig a harness for rescue or rappelling. There in that mess is a pair of clear 1.5mm 60" long industrial waste bags. These can be used for a ton of stuff. I prefer clear over black because it works better for collecting water. I also opted for the old reliable red 5x7 Space Blanket with grommets because it makes into a great lean to and works well as a signalling device. All of my "no load bearing" biners are red so that I don't mistakenly rig them into anything. In the Red Stuff sack is my Food. A crap load of Pemmican and some boullion cubes and tea and honey and peanut butter and junk. Plus a set of "clean" skivvies and a set of socks.

My FAK is set up with travel dosages of antihistamines, pain relievers, dramamine, pepto, etc and has a few extra bits of gauze plus the standard retinue of junk a FAK comes with. Along the bottom of the image I have a couple of glow sticks, insect repellent (98% DEET) A trio of candles and a sharpie maker with a dual pen tip (The pen in the image has been replaced). In the ziploc baggy I have a sewing kit, 10m of dental floss, tp, hand sanitizer, tiedowns for the space blanket, and a couple packets of 2 part epoxy. Next to that junk I have my Silky Pruning Saw and a canister of pepper spray on a Gear Keeper retractor. Also pictured is a Gerber Handaxe, and a Gerber Flik multiplier. Next to those are my aquasox and a FRS radio with Weather Radio Service. This, and all other electronic junk runs on AA batteries.

In the row above that is my Walther P22. It has the laser sight that Walther Sells as a package with the pistol. I have the pistol attached to a Gear Keeper Dive Retractor as well. I tupically carry three 10 round magaznes with this. I don't intend to get into a gun fight so extra ammo seems a little superfluous. I also have a windmill wind proof lighter, a CRKT M16Z1 with the Serrated Blade and a Fenix LD22 flash light. Across the top is a set of ploarized impact resistant safety sunglasses in a case, the black stuff sack there holds a lot of the loose gear you see here. I like to compartmentalize my outfit to keep from losing stuff. Next to that is a pair of Sirius Polypro gloves with rubberized grip surfaces and a set of leather finglerless gloves (layered, I like leather for handling hot stuff) I also have a Brunton solar Powered AA battery Charger with 4 Rechargeable batteries and 4 Energizer Lithium Non Rechargeable Batteries. Beside that is my Mountain Hardwear Goretex Ninja getup. A half dozen Industrial Zip ties and a set of Vortex 7x35 specs.

In the gun case in the back is the ubiquitous Ruger 10/22 with a Weaver 4 power scope and a couple of 25 round magazines. I threw on a muzzle brake because it was cheap and looked cool. It's sighted in to 150 yards and I have it loaded with C.C.I Velocitor Ammo. Inside the pack is a 3 Liter Camelbak Bladder with a Thermal Control Kit. Also in the pack is a magnesium firestarter and flint striker and a Silve Ranger CL Compass and the "Collins Gem SAS Survival Guide" which can be used as TP or fire starter.

It's a lot of crap to schlep around on a fifteen mile day hike. But I have the consolation of knowing that whoever loots my rotting carcass is gonna have a gold mine in cool shit.
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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by MPMalloy » Fri Aug 24, 2012 5:49 pm

Hey Everyone:

Here is a list of my BOB contents. I just finished up going thru it and updating everything. Sorry. No camera, no pics.

Bug Out Bag List 8/23/12

(1) Large Alice Rucksack
(1) USGI Waterproof Bag
(1) Jeans
(1) Socks
(1) T-Shirt
(1) Long Underwear
(1) General Purpose 1st Aid Kit
(1) Week of Medication
(1) Pill Splitter
(1) Canteen Set
(1) Canteen
(1) Canteen Cup
(1) Canteen Stove
(1) Canteen Pouch
(1) Shaving Kit
(1) Shaving Cream
(2) Disposabile Razors
(1) Toothbrush
(1) Toothpaste
(1) Deoderant
(1) Mouthwash
(1) 1 Load of Tide Detergent
(1) Full-Size Roll of TP
(3) Small Bars of Soap
(1) Mirror
(1) Repair Kit
(1) Sewing Kit
(2) Eyeglass Repair Kits
(2) Misc. Straps
(1) Stove/Fuel/Fire kit
(1) Emergency "H" Folding Stove
(6) Trioxane Cubes
(3) Bic Lighters (full size)
(4) Boxes of 32 Matches
(16) WetFire Fuel Cubes
(16) Tinder Sticks
(1) Container of NATO Wind/Waterproof Matches
(1) Lenstatic Compass
(2) Lifeboat Rations
(30) Water Purification Tabs
(1) FM 21-76-1 SERE Manual
(1) Book of Measurement & Units. ACE Hardware
(1) U.S. Army Extended Cold Wx Sleeping Bag
(1) USGI Ground Mat
(1) Large RubberMaid Tote W/ 26 2-Liter bottles of Water (13+ Gallons)
*Misc. Utensils, Napkins, Steak Sauce, etc. in the Tote
(1) Case of 12 MRE's W/Heaters
(1) Hooded Space blanket (a quality one)
(1) Army Poncho
(1) Unk. Length of Thin Rope
(4) Packs of Cigarettes W/Bic Lighter
(1) NuWick 120 Hour Candle
(1) Wall & USB Charger for Cellphone
(1) Mossberg 12 GA. W/120 Rounds of #00 Buckshot Total
(1) Glock 36 .45 ACP W/281 Rounds of 230 Grn. Ball Total

Here is a list of things that I am going to add to my BOB:

More SOLAS Food (4)
Small Radio(AM/FM/SW)/Batteries
Water Filtration W/Spare Filters
Local/Regional Maps
Copy of all keys & all Papers
Vital Documents (Hard Copies & Digital)
2 Cases of MRE's
1 pair work gloves
1 E-Tool W/ Pouch
Small Gatorade Pouches (many)
Magnesium Firestarter
550 Cord
Better Clothes
Fixed-Blade Knife
LED Headlamp/Batteries
Wire Saw
Bungee Cords
Hatchet/Small Crowbar
Various Zip Ties
100 MPH Tape
Gun Cleaning Kit
Knife Sharpener
Small Notebook & 2 Pens & Sharpie
GPS W/Batteries
Poncho Liner
Signal Mirror
Watch Cap
Heat Tabs
Solar Panel for Cellphone

That's all for now. Thank you!


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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by twosides » Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:35 pm

Hello everyone.

This is my field bag but is always ready at home for use as a bob.
Everything has a purpose and have seen real use in real scenarios.

That said, any suggestions are most welcome!


--List of items--


2 Stuff sack
1 Wool hat w/ gore tex lining
1 Pair camp slippers
1 Light rain jacket
1 Pair glove liners
1 Pair leather gloves
1 Pair wool mittens
1 Cotton neck gaiter
1 Pair wool socks
1 Windstopper fleece vest
1 Wool neck gaiter
1 Wool long under pants
1 Wool long sleeve shirt
1 Windshirt
1 Insulated jacket

Waist pack:

1 Chris Reeve knife
1 mini mag light LED
1 "Tactical" pen
1 Leatherman kick tool
1 Lighter
1 Watchband compass
1 Microlight
1 Notebook and pen


1 Otter box
10 meter thin rope
1 Swiss army knife
2 Spare batteries
6 Meter roll gaffers tape
1 Extra strong nylon thread w/ needles sealed inside
1 Fire steel
1 Lighter
1 Sharpening stone coarse w/ extra gaffers tape
1 Useless micro tool
1 Coated steel wire with weighted end
1 Magnifier from a telescope eye piece
1 Spare compass w/ temperature scale

First aid/ hygiene:

2 Ultralight pouches
1 Assorted band aids and pads
1 Assorted Disinfectant wipes and burn gels
1 Rescue blanket
1 Scissors
1 Medical tape
1 Tweezers
1 Disinfectant gel w/ sports tape
2 Pack of paracetamol

1 Lip balm
1 Mouthwash
1 Toothbrush
1 Toothpaste
10 Sheets of dry baby wipes


1 Utility knife
1 Small camp axe
1 Foldable saw


1 Large pouch
2 Bag of ice tea
3 Bottle of caffeine pills
4 Can of tuna
1 Can of honey
1 Bag of raisins
1 Box of mints
1 Bag of mixed nuts
4 Bag of instant soup
4 Bag of instant porridge
2 Can of meat, fat and vegetables mix
1 Coffee pot
1 Foldable cup and spoon
1 Liter water bottle

1 Pair sunglasses
1 Sleeping bag -10 C

1 40 Liter Backpack w/ all unneeded straps and hardware removed

Total weight 12.7 kg


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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by marklar » Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:14 pm

IMG00194-20120914-1551 by bingbong134, on Flickr
IMG00193-20120914-1551 by bingbong134, on Flickr
IMG00192-20120914-1551 by bingbong134, on Flickr
IMG00191-20120914-1550 by bingbong134, on Flickr
Ruger 10/22 with two 25 round clips and box of 550 rounds, Emergency Blanket, Multitool, Compass,3 heavy duty black trash bags, olive drab shemag, two full-tang knives with pocket sharpener, hatchet, sewing kit, two small first aid kits, 3 glow sticks 2 green 1 orange, super glue, rifle cleaning kit, 100ft 550 paracord, some old spice, 1 small bungee cord, 2 flashlights, stainless mess kit, steel firestarter, 2 books of matches and a lighter, playing cards, 5 bucks in change, 25 bucks in small bills, 1 roll of electrical tape, one roll of hemp twine, zip ties, two pairs of wool socks, one pair of fingerless glove-mitten combo, one pair of long johns, 2 bars of soap, camel back, north face titanium shell, and of course a can of grizzly wintergreen, and it all goes into a sweet Red Rock MOLLE Assault bag that i picked up brand new for 30 bucks. No food or anything, pretty much just gear.

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Woods Walker » Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:47 am

Just a friendly reminder.
kyle wrote:Due to a few requests...

In the same vein as the "Firearms Hot or Not" thread, this thread is dedicated to sharing your personal Bug Out gear (BOB, first aid kits, survival kits, etc. ).

You can include a detailed list of contents, pictures, links, your reasons for choosing your set up, and anything else you want but Please keep regular discussion or comments on previous posts off this thread. If you would like your gear critiqued please feel free to start a new thread.

If you would like to review someone else's gear please start a new thread or send the poster a private message. Please keep discussion out of this thread. The moderator can remove you post from this thread if the guidelines above are not followed.
Any posts not following these guidelines will be removed.

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Best of Woods Walker's posts.

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by DJH » Wed Oct 03, 2012 10:15 am

Decided I'll join this pic fest.

My Current BOB setup (under constant construction & revision, of course.)

CTD Lvl III Assault Pack, 3L camelbak, C&C Pouch, Dump Bag, H20 Bag, HHR Pouch, & E-tool cover (hard to see, it's mounted on the bottom of the bag. It'll show up in some pics.)
100' Paracord, braided & wrapped around the outside of the bag.

Glock E-Tool, Ka-Bar fighting knife.

Motorola MR350R (my GF has the paired walkie on her BOB, which is near identical to mine - Hers does not have a compass, but does have fem. products in tins in the hygiene/FAK pocket.)

H20 Pouch -
ZS Nalgene
Camelbak cleaning junk
folding 1l water bottle
CD tablets

Dump Bag -
Mess kit (with camp towels inside to keep it from rattling)
Hobo Tool (wrapped up in the shown camp towel)

C&C Pouch-
All instructions/reading materials that came with any gear, just in case.
Knot guide
Alumawallet with cash & copies of ID/Ins/etc. inside
Surveillance kit for walkie
Small screwdriver set
Pens, Pencils
A.O. topo maps
2 15' CC's of Duct Tape

Small top pocket on pack-
Sabrecut saw & pouch
Playing Cards
Folding fan
Old brass welding goggles & storage tin (great durable sunglasses, basically. Turn everything yellow tho.)

Medium Pocket
Baggie with Batteries & matchbooks
Stormproof REI matches & striker
Magnesium fire tool
Esbit stove, extra cubes
Glow sticks
Hand crank/solar flashlight
roll of electrical tape
clip for walkie
Hand/foot warmers
Disposable parka

Middle pocket (FAK/Hygiene)
Deodorant stick
hard candy
sports medical tape
Foot/heel balm
Pill container (Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Pepcid, Gas-x, etc.)
Toothbrush (in blue tube case)
Camelbak brush
Reusable instant ice pack
baggie with-
Ace Bandage
Gauze roll
Gauze pads
Antibiotic ointment
Burn gel
Triangle Bandage
Campsuds soap
Hand sanitizer
vinyl gloves
30gal. trash bag
TP (in baggie)
bandages & alcohol wipes (in white box)
Nail clippers
Bug Bite kit

Main pouch (Food/clothing)
4 MRE's
4 MRE heaters
4 Builders Bars
5 MRE biscuits
3 Mountain House breakfasts
Mesh bag (for carrying wet clothing outside the main bag)
Shirt, Socks, underwear, undershirt in baggies

Sleep system, tent, Durable pants, pump water filter system, better camp stove, Axe (or Machete - one will go on my bag, one on the gf's) ammo pouch & ammo, better maps (we keep a very nice detailed topo book in the gf's car tho.)

The bag itself sits next to a set of forestry boots & a BDU jacket.

ETA: Weighed myself with and without the pack on. Currently weighs in at just under 21lbs (20.8)
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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by DrDragon » Fri Oct 12, 2012 5:16 pm

First time posting, been working on this awhile and still needing a few more items and some more practice. This is also my camping kit for the most part.

Pack: Gregory Baltoro 75, awesome bag, very durable

Cook/Fire Kit

Trangia alcohol stove, pot stand cut from hardware fabric



Cutting Tools (haven't used saw yet other than in back yard, MUCH lighter than the hatchet, probably will be retiring the hatchet to car kit)


Clothing/Rain gear/Tarp/emergency blanket



Hunting/Defense: I probably would not carry both the Colt LE6920 AND the Ruger 10/22; I'm also not sure how I would make that hard decision :ohdear: . If there were a good possibility I'd need to Hunt for an extended period, I would probably opt for the 22 as the ammo is more portable and the rifle more concealable/less arousing. Plus I don't have a good way to carry my AR Mags ATM. The revolver is a single six.

All squared away ready to go into pack, sans firearms and sleeping gear

Things not pictured:
REI Rush 18 (a stuff sack with backpack straps, sleeping bag goes in it, but would be used as a day pack or in the event I had to separate from my pack to carry bare essentials)
Eureka 2 man tent (my wife carries tent, I carry poles and fly)
Sierra designs 40 degree synthetic bag
Thermarest inflatable pad
Baby stuff for 7mo old

Things I still want to add:
Lighter shelter option (Ideally for my wife, myself, and 7 month old son, suggestions needed)
Lighter, more compressible sleeping bag (given our climate, I am considering just a fleece sack of some sort)
Water purification system (leaning toward steri-pen)
I still need to add in some snacks/food that we can eat on the go
I also need cash or some sort of currency (but I keep spending it)

Current loadout with 200rds 22lr but without firearms is just over 30lbs. That is with Camelback bladder and nalgene filled, but with platypus empty.

Need suggestions, please PM me if u have any! Thanks!

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Jackmontana33 » Wed Oct 17, 2012 6:16 pm

ar15operator wrote:Level I EDC business as usual.


Ruger LCP
Smart phone
Emerson Combat Karambit

Level II possible SHTF developing.


G21 5 mags.
Flashlight/Chem lights.
123A Batteries.
Blowout kit plus basic meds.
Hand Sanitizer/baby wipes.
Disposable dust mask.
Ammo for long gun.
Quart of water.
Beef jerky.

Level III SHTF imminent.


Blackhawk R.A.P.T.O.R Pack along with my Maxpedition Versipack. Global long term survival gear.

Medical Component
Band aids
Suture Kit
Staple Kit
Trauma Dressings
Decompression Needle
Quick Clot

Emergency Rations
Cliff bars
Slim Jims
Crystal Light
½ Quart Crown Royal (Add on to med kit)

Mission MPK Titanium Fixed Blade
Urban Tomahawk with Hydrant/gas shut off wrench built in.
Udigg Shovel
Heavy duty survival tarp
Nomex tactical gloves
ESS twin glasses kit
Bull frog sunscreen
Repel bug repellant
100 oz hydro storm water bladder
MSR Miox water treatment device
MSR water works filter kit
Surefire G2
Surefire 123A storage container.
Tomahawk NVG/Medical torch
Head lamp
Gerber military weapon maintenance kit
Gerber EFECT tool.

Survival Component
Gerber Strike Force fire starter
Homemade super tinder
Compass Signal mirror
Fishing Kit
Picture wire snares
Bailing wire
Gorilla duct tape x3
Lightweight space blanket
Water purification tablets
Chem Lights




Hi I'm wondering what type of bag the "shtf imminent bag" is. Thanks

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Fot47 » Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:33 pm

This is my complete bob set up currently. Still working on adding/subtracting as I go. I am big on Dave Canterburry and M40 survival school of thought. Bag as pictured is 52 pounds without water and limited ammo. I have a small pistol belt kit that can be worn by another person and looking to add a small back pack to break the load up even more if needed.

Bob and pistol belt attached
Pistol belt kit
Cabnteen , cup, and cup stove coffee filter, tea bags, beef jerky, water tabs, altoild tin with cotton balls and Vaseline, Mini fishing kit, fuel tabs,small bake pan, pocket knife, hacksaw blade knife, lip balm/fire starter, lighter with duct tape wrap, glow stick, more cotton balls in survival whistle, emergency blanket, 10 x 8 plastic sheeting, 30 feet paracord braided hank,ferro rod/magnesium rod, compass, small leatherman tool, S&W ka-bar knock off knife, and usgi poncho.
Bob by it's self. The roll under is poncho liner, wool blanket, and a heavy duty emergency space blanket Have a second wool blanket sandwiched between alice pack and frame.. Adds extra layer of cushion on the back.
Outside pockets and add ons. More canteens and cups, Coffe filters, tea bags, Shovel, cheap machette, hatchet/hammer( all wrapped with paracord) Sling bow set up ( Check out Dave Canterburry's videos on YouTube on this... really a neat thing to make) Triangia, sterno, and soda cans stoves with fuel 50 gallon drum liner, 10x20 plastic sheeting, tenet stakes and 100 feet of paracord.Volcano stove/cup and canteen unit
East German mess kit stuffed with rice, salt, flour, yeast packets , oil, lentils and other spices, Swedish windscreen. More top ramen, Mountain house and beef jerky. Mora knife 10 x 12 tarp, Climbing harness and 30 foot climbing rope and hardware. Tupper ware tub of misc stuff, candles, lighters,fishing line, sewing stuff, neosporin, band aids, superglue, spoon/fork, iodine,cotton balls,sunscreen, bug repellant, tp ect. Back up weapon, break down 12 gauge with a mix of buckshot, slugs and bird shot.

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by bertran » Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:35 pm

This site is 4.0 in my book. I got some good ideas from it. Not much to add except I have 4 spools of 14# fishing line in my bug out bag. It's cheap and for use as trip wire around the perimeter if I'm in the woods. Early warning is life saving. As stated, I got some real good ideas from this site. Good thread. Bertran

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by Rogue45 » Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:39 am

I like this thread, it gives you some perspective on others priorities and ideas.

I have a small BOB that I carry in my truck that contains:

Small FAK
Water (4 .5L bottles)
Duct tape
State map
Water purification tabs
A lighter and matches
Ziploc baggie stuffed with dryer lint for tinder
Emergency blanket
Granola bars, nuts, protein bars
2 pairs of warm socks
Thermal top and bottom
Wool watch cap
Leather work gloves
550 cord
LED Mag-light and extra batteries
Utility knife
Adjustable wrench
Small Camelbak
Rain coat
Boonie cover

Also carry an ammo can with:

2 boxes of .45 ACP ammo
2 extra mags for my EDC
40 rds of 45-70 ammo for my Marlin 1895 Guide gun
500 rds of .22 LR
2 10rd Ruger 10/22 mags
Gun cleaning kit

I guess this is more of a GHB, but I keep adding things as I go along. I'll probably have to graduate to a larger bag soon.



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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by lll000000lll » Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:06 pm

My EDC pocket set up is a folding gerber paraframe II pocket knife and multitool.

However everyday i leave my house with my BoB on my back....its my High Sierra Titan 55 liter bag.
the bugout bag has everything i would need to stay alive in the bush. no food in it yet. but i like foraging, including winter wild edibles
(did some today actually).

I went with a good hiking bag set up for the light weight and multiple storage options, also it doesnt look military. also the bag i picked has webbing/molle options and even a place for a water bladder system

Contents list:
a 20 liter dry bag contains most of this....
Gerber Multi tool
Cold steel SRK (knife)
cold steel NorseHawk (axe)
waterproof maps
wild edibles guides
wild medicinal plants guides
wilderness survival book
head lamp, and flashlights
water bladder and stainless steel water bottle
heavy duty aluminum
zip-top freezer bags
Contractor garbage bags
550 paracord
90 lbs cord
50 lbs cord
duct tape
work gloves
fire rod and lighters
cotton ball tinder
my hunting clothes (hat mask, gloves, coat, shirt & pants)
fishing kit (hooks, fishing line, weights)
heavy duty canvas sewing needles
mylar blankets
sharpie & pen
USP sublimated iodine crystal water purification system.
and my bow

Just Added: cold steel shovel


And a Titanium boiling cup/mug-


anything else i'll be able to bushcraft.

However i'd like to add a nice saw and maybe some MRE's or cliff bars other than that i feel pretty well off with my skill set.

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by lll000000lll » Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:16 am

Blue_Flame wrote:Ok here are the pics of my husbands BOB:
There's been a few things added since the pictures; book on tracking animals, book on boobytraps, buff, super glue, allergy medicine, playing cards, his Cold Steel, and a crank flashlight/radio combo w/a USB port so we'll be able to bring our GPS and Kindles along too :)

Not a bad bag at all. just curious about the weight...

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by kwailo » Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:26 pm

My wife and I are of the same mind with respect to being prepared to help ourselves if there is a local disaster. We have 2 kids, 13 and 10 to help spread the load around, were we to bug out. We started our 72hour kits by buying 2 of the Red Cross pre mades, and have expanded from there. I will carry most of the tools, my wife the majority of the first aid, my oldest the food and my youngest will take her personal gear.

The gear below is our bug out gear, minus clothing. My wife and I have identical bags, and the kids right now have the bags from the Red Cross gear. As I add to the kit/ take more pics of what we have, I'll edit my post.


75L Pack
4 x Nalgene bottles
1 brita bottle
2 x replacement filters
50' rope
tent repair kit
camp grill
clear plastic sheet
candle lantern
emerg candle
waterproof matches
4 x bic lighters
1 candle lighter
2 x flint and steel
tinder sticks
water tabs for 200L


Utility knife
reflective arm bands
signal mirror
SOS sign
sewing kit
4 x cutlery sets
2 rolls different duct tape
peroxide and alcohol spray
lysol spray
tide stain remover
3 x button compass
dental floss
4 x travel toothbrushes
mouth wash
5 x glow sticks
2 x hand sanitizer
2 x hand cream
kids tylenol
kids advil
caffeine tabs
dog spray
zip ties
2 x emerg bags
emerg blanket
5 gallon jug


work gloves
hand warmers
laundry bags
crank radio/ light
2 x small FAK
4 x N95 masks
2 biohazard bags & 3 rolls dog doo bags
monkey fist
Fiskers camp hatchet
multi drive screwdriver
notebook, pens, pencils and perm markers
memory stick
2 x SOG fasthawks
Cold Steel Kukri


sucrets tin
20' rope
emerg blanket
signal mirror
freezer bags marked to 1L
water tabs for 5L
sandwich bag
wire saw
3 large elastic bands
2 Olfa blades
safety pins
2 needles
crazy glue
5 waterprof matches
bic lighter
tinder stick

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Re: Show off your BOB -- Pics Links and Descriptions Only

Post by marklar » Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:55 pm

So here's my B.O.B.:
Here it is all packed up.
IMG00368-20130110-1007 by bingbong134, on Flickr
IMG00369-20130110-1007 by bingbong134, on Flickr
IMG00367-20130110-1007 by bingbong134, on Flickr
The bag is a red rock assault pack with a few extra puches i added on. On the sides i've got a S&W tac knife, SOG Fasthawk, and Cold Steel kukri; next to it is an Israeli military gas mask. I have a camelback inside the the build in pocket in the pack. Inside I have a small first aid kit, Sawyer in-line water filter good for 1 million+ gallons, 100 ft 550 paracord, binoculars, three large black trash bags, 250 ft hemp twine, hatchet, allen wrench kit, pliers, wire cutters, multi tool, flat head and philips screw driver, pocket knife and knife sharpener.
IMG00370-20130110-1011 by bingbong134, on Flickr
Next I have an LED flashlight as well as a hand crank flashlight, 3 glow sticks, pocket sewing kit, compass, large permanent marker, fire rod and striker, shammy, emergency blanket, deck of cards, backup filter for gas mask. I also carry 80 rounds of 5.56 tracer rounds, 500 rounds of .22 lr, 50 rounds of .38 sp+ of backup ammunition.
IMG00372-20130110-1012 by bingbong134, on Flickr
Weapon-wise I have my Ruger 10/22 with a bx-25 mag, my AR-15, and my S&W 38 special, as well as a pair of tactical gloves. I carry 5 P-mags, 3 black 2 flat dark earth, as well as 10 US GI aluminum magazines.
IMG00365-20130110-1005 by bingbong134, on Flickr
That does it for my BOB but if i have time or am planning to be gone a little longer I've got a duffle bag with my cold weather and some food supplies
IMG00373-20130110-1016 by bingbong134, on Flickr
In this i have a backup North Face jacket, Navy issued trench coat with removable fur liner, Bonfire OD snow pants, Belleville boots wit two pairs of removable cold weather liners, Burton snow gloves, as well as a par of backup CAT steel-toes.
IMG00375-20130110-1018 by bingbong134, on Flickr
In the bottom I have a tin of rice that would last me a good two weeks, oatmeal, soap, another first aid kit, flour, salt, sugar, and a mess kit.
IMG00376-20130110-1019 by bingbong134, on Flickr
I also carry 3 cans of camo spray paint, not a huge fan of Krylon's camo paints but Rusto has treated me well. (This is the same paint i used on my longarms)
IMG00377-20130110-1021 by bingbong134, on Flickr
Not pictured is my Load Bearing Vest (LBV) that holds 10 AR mags, has a pistol holster as well as a few extra pockets.
I bought most of this stuff at my local army surplus, and i was lucky enough to buy all of this before the gun ban scare so i was able to get it all relatively cheap. So support your local army surplus! If you have questions about gear they're usually a lot more knowledgeable than people at places like cabelas, and more often than not they have lower prices too.

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