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Planning my Bug-out Kit, input appreciated

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 9:55 pm
by TCBA_Joe
I'm building a kit for SHTF, SAR, hunting/camping, exploring. I'm keeping this in my trunk in SHTF mode, but will subtract things if the situation is planned. I also plan to eventually have another bag which will attach to this with winter gear in it and a set of snow shoes.

Ok, here's a list of what I have already:

Thigh rig:
Blackhawk Omega VI Ultra Holster
SOG Seal Pup Elite Knife
Kimber Custom II, Surefire x300

Spec-Ops brand Rigger's Belt (with built in D-ring)
Black Locking D-Rings
Military Canteen covers with MALICE clips for MOLLE webbing
Canteen cups
Surefire and extra CR123As
LB2 Electronic lightstick and mapcase
Alcohol Pens
Single screw-on burner and those generic green propane tanks (would like to upgrade to expensive more compact unit)

Currently: 18" Remington 870 express, synthetic stock, Blackhawk 3point Sling (also adding railed handguard and light, sidesaddle, maybe Knoxx stock)

What I need to buy:
Pack: Ebelrestock Gunslinger (coyote)

Sleeping bag
Space blankets
Ghille blanket (hunkering down for rest undetected)

Tent Stakes

2 3L Water bladders (fit in the pack)
2 Blackhawk Nalgene military style canteens

100' 550 Cord
50-75' Nylon rope
Strikeforce Firestarter
All weather lighter
Waterproof seal-able bag (to store all gear in in-case of water-crossing)
Military Wet Weather jackets and trousers
Military Tritrium Compass
MREs/Survival food

Prybar/knife: Boker Cop tool or Country Comm EOD Breacher bar

Medical kit: unsure, but needs flexible splints, israeli bandages, and tourniquets

Eventually add to the kit:
Spike's tactical flare launcher with:
Signal flares, smoke, and parachute flares (for illumination)
Spare Air
Foldable Grappling hook

Any input or questions on why I'm choosing a particular piece of kit are more than welcome. Please give your input as well as to brands of items I'm looking at as well.