Tyler's BOB needs to go on a diet.

Items to keep you alive in the event you must evacuate: discussions of basic Survival Kits commonly called "Bug Out Bags" or "Go Bags"

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Tyler's BOB needs to go on a diet.

Post by Tyler Durden » Tue Aug 12, 2008 8:35 pm

Sunday was the first time I actually packed my BOB. I usually keep most of my BOB contents in a rubbermade tub next to my pack, so my sleeping bag, which I usually pack on the bottom, does not get stored compressed. So today I packed everything up and put it on the scale.... ~57 lbs without water. I wanted to keep the whole thing under 50 with water. I'd appreciate if anyone can give me some ideas on what items to lose.

For background, I do not differentiate between a BOB and INCH bag. My bag has 3-5 days food and I also try to have multiple different ways of obtaining food in the wild or in a PAW setting.

I use a layered approach. I have several smaller kits that are intended to stand-alone or get integrated into a larger kit. Because of this there are some redundancies. I would probably cache spare items along the way, but I did include them in my weigh-in.

Anyway, I guess I'll start with my less-than-spectacular EDC.

My bare-bones EDC- Cell phone, cash, card wallet, keys, bottle-opener, and pill container for rx's.:

On occasion one or more of these may be on me as well. Kimber Pro-Carry, Benchmade 9050 AFO, and Keltec P-3AT.

In the storage compartment on the driver's door of my car, I keep a small kit of tools I use often. This is the first thing I would grab if I had to exit by car and go on foot. CRKT M16, Gerber Suspension, matches, mini bic, sharpie, pen light, pill fob, and mini compass. Also a whistle on the pull tab.

In the back of my car I keep a small "survival kit" which was the start of this hobby for me. It's contained in a small toolbag. It would be the next thing I grab and would go into my ruck. Packing list below.

From top left clockwise:
-SAS Survival guide,
-potable aqua,
-Black cloth tape (flat roll)
-HD aluminum foil
-Contractor bag
-electrical tape
-space blanket
-550 cord
-epoxy & super glue
-fisking kit
-mag fire starter
-dryer lint
-emergency candles
-frog/fish gig
-wally world multi-tool
-harbor freight FAK... It has boo-boo stuff and I added some diamode, tylenol, motrin, benadryl, sun screen, etc.
-n95 mask
-LED keychain light
-sling shot

This kit weighs ~6lbs. If on foot, I'd immediately ditch the book and the multitool and would probably cut the weight by half.

Also in my car I keep the small FAK in this post that goes in my ruck if I need to go on foot: http://www.zombiehunters.org/forum/view ... 43&t=28647" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Moving on to my actual BOB...

Nothing fancy. It's a large ALICE that I added MOLLE straps to. I keep a safe-packer holster and a maxpedition proteus knock-off on the hip belt. I also have some ranger beads on the right strap. I have a Gerber LMF II zip-tied to the right side of the frame (inverted). I also added a few random pouches I had to the sides fo storing commonly used stuff.

View from the back:

I have a GI sleeping pad strapped to the bottom and a Kelty Clark tent strapped on top.

I the safe-packer:
Kimber Custom with extra mag.

In the proteus-lookin thing... I guess it is my E&E bag:
-Left pocket: 5 mags
-Front pocket: foot powder, sunblock, bugfuck, potable aqua, hand sanitizer, CLP, hand warmer, and moleskin.

-Main pocket: LED headlamp, pedometer/radio, batteries, field dressing, matches, whistle, dip, emergency poncho, spork, bandaids & OTC's, space blanket, small fishing kit, thread & needle, duct tape card, and TP.
-Right Pocket: SAK, compass, fire steel, and ranger beads... all on a dummycord.

Outside ruck pockets:
-Top flap: nylon windbreaker / rain jacket thing
-left pouch: 3 cyalumes and a maglite w/ red filter.
-middle pounches: swiss canteen/cup, GI canteen/cup, and nalgene-ish bottle.
-Right pouch: binoculars
-top pouches: triox, alcohol gel fuel, Navy day/night signal (flare on one side, smoke on the other), esbit stove, and polar pure.

Inside the ruck....

Some food (on top of my sleeping bag):
-3x noodles & sauce
-2x instant mashed potatoes
-2x granola
-7x tuna
-4x MRE entrees
-3x MRE crackers and spread

More stuff
From top left clockwise:
-550 cord, big rubber band, batteries, 28 guage wire, pocket chainsaw, grain alcohol (if things are bad enough to bug out, I need some booze), pocket guides to survival & deer hunting, contractor bag, ziplock screw-top tupperware thing (stuffed with mashed potatoes, tea bags, and paper towels), topo atlases for AO, TP, matches, ear plugs, sewing kit, zip ties, duct tape, credit card pocket knife thing, tooth paste, MRE spoon, camp soap, tiny LED light, tooth brush (sawed off), blistex, and hand warmer.

Clothes and such:
-Fleece watchcap, boonie hat, sheath for the Gerber (in case it needs to come off the frame), under armor t-shirts (short and long sleeve), poly-pros, sunglasses, ACU's seal skins, 2x wool socks, wool scarf, microfiber handtowel, leather gloves, and wool inserts.

Additional stuff I had intended to pack until weight became an issue:
-Browning Buckmark + 550 rds of ammo
-Telecopic fishing rod / reel

What I think I can lose:
-Topo atlases- I can order the maps for the specific areas I need instead of carrying around 3 states worth.
-Redundant stuff from the multple kits. I can probably cut a couple pounds.
-Maybe the pocket guides, but they are not very heavy and would keep my mind occupied if needed.
-Tent: I also had a 4.5x6.5 foot tarp in the bag as a footprint. I could save several pounds by ditching both for an 8x10ish tarp. However, I like the bug protection of a tent and I like being able to zip my dog in with me so he doesn't wander off and get into trouble. I also feel very exposed when sleeping under a tarp, but I guess I could get over it.

Any other weight-cutting ideas or other suggestions?

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