ILBE custom cut and sewing - DIY

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ILBE custom cut and sewing - DIY

Post by xdobia09 » Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:12 am

I would like to show you how I made my own custom ilbe main pack. Ilbe is very cheap but it's not perfect. For me the biggest disadvantage is the absence of bottom entry.

I serve as a soldier and my intention was to save some weight from this bag and also to made some upgrade.

So this is it:

1. I cutted two side straps, holder for assault pack or helmet and hypalon panels. I saved more than 500g.

2. I made new sleeve from 210D nylon and cut off originál from cordura. It also saved some some weight.

3. Inside I got two side pouches also from nylon 210D for bottels or platypus.

4. The best thing is new bottom entry. Original bagpack doesn't have it so I decided to made same like mysteryranch. I used two radio pouches for cordura fabric and piece of ykk zipper. It wasn't as hard as it looks like but I have some experience with sewing.

5. I also made new helmet holder from remains of cordura, webbing and buckles.

I hope that will help you to upgrade your ilbe :-)

Have a nice day guys!

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Re: ILBE custom cut and sewing - DIY

Post by VTPATRIOT » Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:49 pm

nice work
I too added 18"
snow collars to our molle 10th mountain rucks
its the only way to go
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