Hydration Bladders vs Bottles, pouring water?

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Hydration Bladders vs Bottles, pouring water?

Post by atod » Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:52 am

Hi Folks,

Does anyone have preferences on how they fill up their pots with water? I know many of us carry hydration bladders and they can be a challenge to dispense water from. I tried dispensing from my Source 3L bladder using the bite valve and it was difficult to get water out. I suspect the push/pull valve would have been easier, however probably would have required me to squeeze the bladder as well.

Do you folks carry a separate Platypus, Nalgene or some form of regular bottle to dispense cooking water from? Do you leave most of the water in that and then transfer it to the hydration bladder as necessary?

Thanks again

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Re: Hydration Bladders vs Bottles, pouring water?

Post by Apathy » Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:25 pm

I had one nozzle that I could detach and dispense water with very easily. I need to find another one.

Pouring water is a bigger challenge with a Bladder. If pouring water is central to your emergency plan go with a bottle, or both. Otherwise bladders are way better in almost every way.

Right now I carry both a bottle and a Bladder for hiking/camping. The bottle is a crushable one.http://smile.amazon.com/Vapur-Element-B ... +container

That way, when it is used up it takes very little room up.
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Re: Hydration Bladders vs Bottles, pouring water?

Post by zero11010 » Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:56 pm

As it's been said, it's way easier to pour from a bottle than a bladder. If you plan on using a bladder, I find it easier to use the quick release to detach the drinking hose from the bladder, then pull the bladder out of the bag and pour from the wide opening you fill it from.

It's much easier to pour from a bottle. I use foldable water bottles (like Apathy), and I think they're great!


If there is water near where you are intending to camp you will ideally be nearly out of water by the time you reach your camp site (if there's water at/near your camp site, and you show up with a liter of water you did it wrong). This reduces the amount water weight you're carrying. Depending on the hike I'm doing to get where I'm headed I may bring a bladder, or a foldable bottle, or a hard bottle. My plan is always to refill on water when I reach my destination to prepare food, and to be all ready before setting out the next morning. I know how much water I need to walk X miles. I know how much water I want to cook with. So, I prepare the amount of water I want for the next day, plus what I need to cook with, plus about a litter of water for the evening to hydrate.

A foldable bladder is a super lightweight way to carry a little extra water with you. A Kleen Kanteen weighs 9oz (empty, 40oz fluid capacity), a hard Nalgene weighs 6.2oz (empty, 32oz fluid capacity), the Vapur bottle weighs 1.6oz (empty, 32oz fluid capacity). If you're going to carry a redundant item (a bottle when you have a bladder), you may as well get a light one!

Hydration trick. I'm a big fan of the gatorade powder. It allows you to bring an empty 1qt gatorade bottle (1.75oz empty, qt/32oz fluid capacity) with powder for 1qt of gatorade inside. On the second day of a short trip you can throw some water in and get a hydration boost with the gatorade. On longer trips it's more weight efficient to bring more powder and not bring the extra container. But, on shorter ones I like this system because I don't like it when my water has a hint of flavor from previously having used the gatorade in the container (though, if you use purification tablets you may appreciate ANYTHING to help with their taste).

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Re: Hydration Bladders vs Bottles, pouring water?

Post by The_bangfrog_MK23 » Mon Nov 24, 2014 2:51 pm

I like to use the Source convertube system paired with either a Nalgene or a PET 1.5 l Bottle. This combines the advantages of a tube drinking system and the availability and ease of use of a good bottle. The system comes with adaptors for different kinds of bottles:
Water Bottle Adaptor

Turn Your Water Bottle into a Hydration System

Turns almost any bottle into a hydration system, giving you the ability to drink on the move without taking the bottle out of the pack.

The kit contains four adaptors, a tube with the Helix™ bite valve and a Dirt Shield™.

The Convertube™ adaptors:

Sigg (42mm)
Nalgene (63mm)
Evian (24mm)
Standard PET (28mm)

Tube length - 94 cm

Inner tube length (inserted into the bottle) - 35 cm

- See more at: http://sourceoutdoor.com/en/bottles/22- ... Sb8EI.dpuf
This System has replaced my old venerable Blackhawk Hydrastorm system which had accompanied me trough many adventures.
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Re: Hydration Bladders vs Bottles, pouring water?

Post by Cu Chulainn » Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:29 pm

Since I don't like having all my eggs (or water) in one basket, I carry a separate canteen/stove/cup combo on my belt. It's kept full to eat with, or for emergency water if I'm without the pack for some reason. Drinking is primarily from the bladder.

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Re: Hydration Bladders vs Bottles, pouring water?

Post by ZMace » Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:39 pm

My CamelBack has a quick disconnect at the bite valve, but if needing a lot of water, I usually pour from a jug.

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Re: Hydration Bladders vs Bottles, pouring water?

Post by manowar1313 » Thu Nov 27, 2014 9:32 pm

I have I think 4 bladders.

The Camelback bladder is a PITA to empty.
The chepo Walmart bladder has a screw on bite valve that can be removed to drain.
The Coleman has a unique open ended top that would be a PITA if it's full but is useful for draining and storing.
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Re: Hydration Bladders vs Bottles, pouring water?

Post by ChaoticL0gic » Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:51 pm

I have always had a 32 oz lex bottle I carry for back up (I am Desert Rat so water = life). In the summer months it is always filled and only used if my bladder goes dry or breaks (yes it has happened). It winter or if I am kayaking I store my water filter gear in it. Bladders are awesome but can burst and leak (every the $$$ ones). My Swiss Gear lex bottle is built like an AK 47.
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Re: Hydration Bladders vs Bottles, pouring water?

Post by Spartann » Sun Jan 11, 2015 12:46 am

I have 4 water carriers. GEIGERRIG HYDRATION ENGINE bladder. 2 stainless steel bottles, and a Nalgene Wide Mouth Canteen, 96 oz which is collapsible.

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Re: Hydration Bladders vs Bottles, pouring water?

Post by ManInBlack316 » Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:58 am

I used bladders and canteens/bottle in the Guard, the canteens purpose mostly to be refilling the bladder. If I ever needed water from my bladder I just squeezed the bite valve with my thumb and finger *shrug* but maybe it was the other stuff in my backpack providing pressure on the bladder making it easy. I do have a Platypus "bottle" that I really like now though, came with a regular bottle top, but you can buy the tube kit to make it like the source bladders, best of both worlds for me.

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Re: Hydration Bladders vs Bottles, pouring water?

Post by mr_slappy75 » Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:25 pm

32 Oz. Nalgene wide mouth (1 or 2 depending on length of outing + availability of water sources) and Source 100 Oz. Bladder with storm valve.

I prefer re-filling the bladder from de bottles if it comes to that since I like the ease of being able to pretreat water in the bottles.

Source bladders have a "full open" top makes it easy to clean, they also have this thing called a Universal Tube Adapter, which attaches to the end of the drinking tube and lets you fill up from that end.
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