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BullOnParade's Car Kit

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:41 pm
by BullOnParade
I repacked my car kit tonight, I don't change anything in this bag between summer and winter, I have a second bag that gets added to supplement this one come winter time.

This bag is designed primarily for comfort if I needed to spend more time in/with my vehicle than I planned, particularly a forced overnight or even a situation like getting a last minute invite somewhere and I don't have time to freshen up at home. So without further adieu, here we go.

Here's the kit, packed.
The duffle bag was picked up at a thrift store about 5 or 6 years ago when I first packed a car kit, it's evolved a bit since then, but not a hell of a lot. It's not about lightweight gear, or high speed low drag, or even extreme survival, just because of the advantages one has in access to a vehicle (whether it's working or not) as shelter.
The blanket is an old sleeping bag with the zipper removed. It's dirty and doesn't have much loft left, but inside of a hard shelter, it keeps me warm, and offers the ability to share the blanket with a passenger. I also keep a moving blanket in the vehicle in with the spare tire, not really there for insulation, but it would work if I needed it. And lastly under the handles of the duffle you can see a small fleece throw. Works for a pillow, or a blanket, :words:.

Food I keep in my car isn't anything extravagant. Two days ration bar (one days calories if active) and a days ration of canned food. I usually keep two 500ml water in the bag, I used one this winter and never remembered to replace it. I usually have a Powerade in this kit, and keep one under the drivers seat. I was able to swap out all of the canned goods today, I'll need to pick up some bottled water and swap out the Powerade this week.

Some of the clothing I keep in the kit.
Tshirt, underwear, cotton socks, thermal socks, wool thermal socks, wool sweater, winter hat, winter gloves, work gloves.
I never packed pants in this kit because this kit isn't designed for a situation where I wouldn't have pants on, but I think I might add some. I'll think about it a little more, and maybe pick some up from a thrift store in the coming weeks. Oh, almost missed the glasses case with a pair of safety glasses, always good to have a spare.

I also keep these high visibility tops in case of an emergency roadside stop. Right to left: mesh construction style tshirt (I used to have a construction vest, which I liked more, because it could be put over a jacket or adjusted to any size for passengers. But my sister borrowed it and I never got it back, I'll have to replace that), florescent yellow shirt (an old work shirt, beneficial if I needed to work on the car but didn't want to get dirty), and a florescent yellow sweater (this is a heavy sweater, very warm, and highly visible, thrift store find).

A few signal items, glow stick in a travel toothbrush tube, road flare (should replace) and a headlamp to clip onto a ball cap.

Toiletries, nothing exciting here.

Tools, I feel like I should drop these, I'm not much for working under the hood. I've just always felt that I should have tools in a kit designed for a car.
Vice grips, adjustable wrench, fishing pliers, tire valve, hacksaw blade knife, lighter (wrapped in fishing line, hook taped to) and duct tape

a couple of nick-nacks;
window bug net, open the door, goes over the top of the door, and roll the window down.
2 x 1 watt solar panels and various adapters to hook them up.

I keep two different sized peanut butter jars in this kit (I pack stuff inside to save on space). These work for melting snow, holding food, or ultimately, as a latrine.

One last thing in this bag I didn't picture, is a novel. I imagine the worst part of being stuck in a car assuming I can make myself warm and comfortable, is boredom, so I keep a novel to read.

While this kit may seem to be missing things, hold judgement until the end of the weekend, when I can take pictures of things I keep in my glove box, arm rest, and in the back of the vehicle. This bag doesn't need to be all inclusive, just add sustainment to the things I keep elsewhere in the vehicle.

Re: BullOnParade's Car Kit

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:26 pm
by angelofwar
"This bag doesn't need to be all inclusive, just add sustainment to the things I keep elsewhere in the vehicle."

Ditto...Your "Car Kit" (or any kit, for that matter), should take a tiered approach, as outlined o nthe Army Ranger Handbook.

Lvl-1: On your Immediate Person
Lvl-2: On your LBV
Lvl-3: In your ruck

You can apply the same tiered approach, just rename these, and add or subtract "tiers" as needed.

EDC: Knife, Phone, and Flashlight (I can't have too much on my person, due to being active military)

EDC Bag (that I take to work): Extra Knife/Light, water p-tabs, emergency blanket, FAK, compass, Duct Tape, Lighter, scissors, extra lights/batteries, spare tobacco

Vehicle EDC: Crow Bar, Pistol, Vehicle FAK, fire extinguisher, road flares, Inova 24/7 (for signalling/warning), vehicle triangle, 3 gallons of water, Power Pack, scanner, and inverter.

Vehicle "Oh Shit" Kit: Jumper Cables, Fix-A-Flat, Tow Rope, Heavy Duty Survival Blanket, SOL Tarp, Folding Stove, 2-man tent, FAK, Food, several bottles of water, gloves, goggles, headlamp, leatherman, small axe, USGI E-Tool.

Vehicle "Tool" Kit: Tire Patches/plug kit, basic tools (sockets, adjustable wrench, screw drivers), hose clamps, electric tape, spare fuses and bulbs.

And my BOB rides in my car as well...550 cord, hammock, tarp, clothes, fixed blade knife, meds, toiletries, em blanket, poncho, knife sharpener, water p-tabs, lighter.

Oh, and I just built a vehicle "survival kit" that rides along as well, for when I go on my MBO's, in case I forgot anything, I have the basics in it as well...includes SOL Tarp, Spare Batteries, knife, em blanket, lighter, GMRS radios, HH Scanner, Strobe Light, knife, I can't think right now...LOL!

Will try to post updated pic's...I've expounded a little bit, but have greatly re-vamped my vehicle kits, now that I have a legit BOV (94 Suburban, 4WD, 3rd row seating removed). I traded a Buck Night-hawk for a hitch and haul carrier, so now I can carry 20 gallons of gas if need, on the back. Regardless, I can carry enough gas to get me to my primary BOL, before things get too hairy.

All in all though, your ahead of 98% of the population...actually, your get-up is probably more reasonable than mine...LOL! But, I do get out in the boonies a lot, and I like practicing my skills, so I tend to over-due it sometimes...but, it's paid off more than once. I've been stuck on the side of an interstate for hours in a blizzard with sucks...every little thing you pack fo those unexpected situations, is one step closer to maintaining your sanity and comfort, and survival.

Re: BullOnParade's Car Kit

Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 4:26 pm
by BullOnParade
Here's a few pictures of the gear I keep in the vehicle.

Battery booster, spare boots, jerry can, stadium blanket, football, FAK (modest, but substantial). The yellow thing at the bottom is a folding snow shovel, which can be propped open like a "slippery when wet" sign, as a road signal behind a stopped vehicle. There's also a gallon of windshield washer fluid behind the jerry can.
The battery booster is cool, but it isn't taking a charge anymore. I suspect it might be caused by the charging cable, or maybe the booster is finished. Either way, I need to add a set of booster cables to augment the flawed piece of kit.

This is the stuff in my glove box.
Green bag is copies of car documents (don't keep originals in the car), little black bang is universal cellphone cable, small FAK (booboos, OTC meds), Old cellphone and 12V charger, hands free ear bud for old cellphone, and a dedicated micro USB cable. Only current phone I couldn't charge is an iPhone 5.

A little cubby above my glove box holds my daily use sunglasses, a windproof lighter, and AA flashlight. I used to have a spare set of batteries here, but I used them over the winter. I'll have to replace those and add a second set to the bag in the back so I don't get caught without a spare set again. I should also buy another one of those visor clips for the sunglasses, I used to use one, it broke and I never replaced it.

And lastly, the things from my arm rest. Hand sanitizer, roll of quarters, can opener, spare (darker tint) sunglasses, and scissors that come apart. The 1911 mag got put in here a few years back, after a few range sessions where I would keep forgetting a magazine for this gun. I've taken the mag out, I've long since bought extra magazines for a gun I almost never shoot.

Please pardon the pictures at odd angles, photo bucket isn't linking properly :?

Re: BullOnParade's Car Kit

Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 4:30 pm
by Boondock
I like that shovel.

Re: BullOnParade's Car Kit

Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 4:36 pm
by bacpacjac
I really like your set-up, Bull. Thanks for sharing!

Re: BullOnParade's Car Kit

Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 5:01 pm
by BullOnParade
Boondock wrote:I like that shovel.
I will admit, it is awesome, I've used it several times to dig out around my car before clearing it off, which really limits the amount of snow that can get into your boots/shoes. When I first got it (as a christmas gift) I thought it was pretty gimmicky, but I wouldn't get rid of it at this point.
bacpacjac wrote:I really like your set-up, Bull. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks Jac, I find the best way to find flaws in my kits is to lay it out and itemize things. If I don't catch the things I'm missing myself, I know someone here will point it out for me.

Re: BullOnParade's Car Kit

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 7:40 am
by 74 or more
I say definitely add a pair of pants and a spare set of shoes if possible. I don't know what you do for a living but changing out of dress clothes when you need to can be an awesome luxury to have. I keep a full change of "out door" clothes including my hiking shoes in my car kit.

Re: BullOnParade's Car Kit

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:44 am
by angelofwar
Fix-A-Flat, Tire Plugs, Small Cheap Compressor. Did I miss cordage? I'd maybe throw in a little more fire given your location, and a hight quality Mylar/Emergency Blanket. Given the cold, I'd switch to Lithium AA's for your spares. 15-20 year service life, don't leak, and work much better in extreme conditions.

Re: BullOnParade's Car Kit

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:12 pm
by angelofwar
You've inspired me Bullsonparade...decided to take update pics of my BOV set-up...may find some useful items there to include in your kit: ... start=1608

Re: BullOnParade's Car Kit

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2014 8:50 am
by gallowglas
The highly reflective shirt is a great idea! That way if I stop to help or have my own trouble I can be seen. In fact I still need to get my glo sticks purchased.