Ammo Weights

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Ammo Weights

Post by SharpDog » Sat Dec 22, 2012 5:12 pm

I got this from a post by swgfanforlife over on survivalist boards, it's been very useful for me in deciding between all my SHTF guns and calibers: ... p?t=159381" onclick=";return false;
"I don't know if this has ever been posted here before but they were talking about it on another forum I read and thought someone here might find it useful.

This chart breaks down how many shells equal a pound for each caliber.

Interesting tidbits: AK-47 ammo weighs about 1 pound for every 27 rounds where as .22 ammo is 133 rounds per lb.
So basically you could carry 100 rounds of AK ammo which is around 3.6lbs or 500 rounds of .22 at 3.7 lbs. lol maybe the .22 survival gun enthusiasts are on to something. "

Pistol Calibers

Rounds per pound: 47.06
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 2.13

9mm Luger
Hornady 115gr JHP/XTP
Rounds per pound: 38.10
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 2.63

.38 Special
Rounds per pound: 34.78
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 2.88

Remington UMC 125gr SJHP
Rounds per pound: 30.77
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 3.25

Handload 158gr JHP
Rounds per pound: 28.07
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 3.56

Rounds per pound: 28.07
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 3.56

200gr Hornady XTP HP
Rounds per pound: 22
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 4.57

240gr LSWC Bullet
Rounds per pound: 19.7
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 5.07

230gr Winchester Ball
Rounds per pound: 21.33
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 4.69


.22 LR
Remington Golden 36gr PHP
Rounds per pound: 133.33
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 0.75

(milsurp) British Radway Green SS109 63gr
Rounds per pound: 37.21
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 2.69

30-30 Winchester (a.k.a. .30WCF)
Winchester Silvertip 170gr flat nose
Rounds per pound: 20.28
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 4.92

75gr Hornady V-max Handloads
Rounds per pound: 22.22
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 4.5

.308 Winchester
Remington UMC 150gr FMJ
Rounds per pound: 19.05
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 5.25

.308 Winchester
168gr BTHP Match Bullet
Rounds per pound: 18.67
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 5.35

7mm Remington Magnum
Winchester 175gr Power Point
Rounds per pound:14.68
Weight per 100 rounds(lbs):6.81

Wolf Steel Case 122gr FMJ
Rounds per pound:27.59
Weight per 100 rounds(lbs):3.63

Shotgun Calibers

12GA 2 3/4" Slug
Federal HI-Shok Slug
Rounds per pound: 10.53
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 9.50

12GA 2 3/4" #4 Shot
Remington Express 4BK
Rounds per pound: 9.30
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 10.75

12GA 2 3/4" #7 1/2 Shot
Federal #7 1/2 Shot
Rounds per pound: 10.53
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 9.75

12GA 2 3/4"00 Buckshot
Federal Express 9 Pellet
Rounds per pound: 9.76
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 10.25

12GA 3" Slug
Federal 3" Rifled Slug
Rounds per pound: 8.89
Weight per 100 rounds (lbs): 11.25

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Re: Ammo Weights

Post by Kutter_0311 » Sat Dec 22, 2012 5:53 pm

I know this has been brought up before, and it's an important consideration. I wish 5.45 was on that list.

As cool and light as the 'poison bullet' 5.45/5.56 is, I need a .30 cal for deer in WI, so 7.62x39 is my rifle round of choice.
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Re: Ammo Weights

Post by Skull_Hide » Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:42 pm

Needs 54R.
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Re: Ammo Weights

Post by zombieresponder » Tue Dec 25, 2012 4:43 pm

Skull_Hide wrote:Needs 54R.
Heavy ball is 5.36 lbs per 100. I don't think I have any light ball, otherwise I'd weigh that too. I'd guess it to be around a half pound lighter per 100 though.

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Re: Ammo Weights

Post by maine1 » Tue Dec 25, 2012 6:46 pm

counds like some could use a scale. The one i got from (IIRC) is handy as hell for making and balancing knives, as well as paring the weight of various items down.

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