Boy Eats Girl

Zombie and/or other Post-Apocalyptic related movies for us to study and know what not to do.

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Boy Eats Girl

Post by kyle » Wed Jul 28, 2004 11:38 am

Some ideas should not be followed through after you sober out.

Samantha agrees: “I think a lot of people are going to like it. I'm having fun doing it. Basically I play a character who is 17 called Jessica. She is very cool, very sweet and innocent but she gets to kick some ass in the end, so it is a great movie.” ... =yyz334484

Buffy the Zombie Slayer?

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Post by ghostface » Wed Jul 28, 2004 12:27 pm

You bastard. I was going to post that when I got back from lunch and you beat me to it.

But yeah, it seems like crap.

Boy Eats Girl will star Irish actress/pop singer Samantha Mumba (The Time Machine). Directed by Stephen Bradley from a screenplay by Derek Landy, it's the tale of a boy who dies on the very night he declares his love to his girlfriend. His mother brings him back to life as a zombie, and soon Dublin is being terrorized by teenage flesh-eaters. The boy himself is torn between saving his girl and trying to eat her. [Source: Variety]
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Post by badseed » Wed Jul 28, 2004 1:11 pm

i dont know - it sounds cute! i wanna see it!

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Post by the lone swordsmen » Wed Jul 28, 2004 1:12 pm

didn't they already make this movie i think it was calld my boyfriends back?
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Post by Jonas » Fri Jul 30, 2004 1:20 pm

This thread should have been about porn
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