The Domestics

Zombie and/or other Post-Apocalyptic related movies for us to study and know what not to do.

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The Domestics

Post by Stercutus » Wed Apr 03, 2019 7:48 pm

Oh no, the US Gov has convinced the military to poison the world and kill off most of the people including themselves. The survivors get to forming up gangs and killing each other off right away. Not sure why everyone got so killy and did not pull together. Other than meat there is plenty of food. Lots of gas and running cars too. Women as sex slaves seem to be a major plot point. Although there is no actual sex in the movie. Don't know where all the bodies went.

Most of the people in the movie are too far gone in to crazyville to do much other than try to kill our heroes who are merely trying to get to mama's house. This makes the movie uber-violent and mostly non-sensical.

It's kind of Mad Max with a lot more gangs and a lot less government. Also the car chases are not as good. There are moments when the movie is not that bad. For example the protagonists are not obnoxious and can act. But forget the script and the story. At times it is difficult to tell if they are being ironic or serious.

They do get some win for the proper placement of appropriate firearms, a good soundtrack (along the lines of Fallout) and Lance Reddick. Reddick is one of the few people in the movie who talk in anything other than crazy and grunts.

I say your odds of liking this one or not are about 50/50. Available on APrime.
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Re: The Domestics

Post by JeeperCreeper » Fri Apr 19, 2019 2:41 am

Just watched it. Took two sittings. Not saying it's terrible, I thought it was overall good.

Reminded me of a mixture of "The Road" and "The Warriors" but definitely not "The Road Warrior" lol.

I say it's above average but def not a future classic.

Also, the wife is the worst throughout the movie even if the actress is a babe. I'd have ditched her real quick.
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Re: The Domestics

Post by Evan the Diplomat » Sun May 19, 2019 5:48 pm

Saw it this afternoon while my kids were at a pool party. Silly premise and I agree that Nina was dead weight until the last third of the film.

I thought the interpretation of the post apocalyptic gangs was interesting; not a low rent rip off of road warrior.

Would have liked to have seen more about the Cherries.

Where were they going in the end. Martha's Vinyard?
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