Into the Night - Netflix Series

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Into the Night - Netflix Series

Post by Stercutus » Mon May 04, 2020 4:39 pm

Into the Night is a foreign language dubbed TV series from Netflix. The premise borrows heavily from The Langoliers. The Sun's magnetic field has gone haywire and is killing everyone on the planet and the only way to avoid this is to stay in darkness or go in to deep underground shielded bunkers. Season 1 follows around a small group of passengers on a commercial jetliner that gets hijacked by an Italian Army Officer who is aware of the disaster.

The plane only has a handful of passengers and the writers go to great lengths contriving everyone to represent a certain facet of society. Instead of working together to survive they then get in to moronic contrived conflicts with each other. Did I mention that the whole series is overly contrived? It is. The series is a bit thin on story and heavy on the manufactured drama.
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Re: Into the Night - Netflix Series

Post by Sun Yeti » Tue May 05, 2020 3:35 pm

I agree with some of your criticisms, and yet I binged it in one sitting last weekend :)

It's true there is a lot of interpersonal drama, but I don't think it was that far off for a group of total strangers from very different cultures and backgrounds who are suddenly forced to work together to solve huge challenges under high stress, without rest, while processing grief and loss.

I thought the premise was pretty interesting, and really helped drive the plot. If you are on the 'day side' of the planet, you die. Full stop. It's a simple premise with complicated implications. How long can you stay ahead of the dawn line? How long can you keep your pilot(s) flying, keep refueling, keep finding food, keep fixing mechanical issues before it all catches up with you? And what moral lapses will you accept in the service of doing all of those things?
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Re: Into the Night - Netflix Series

Post by RoneKiln » Fri Jul 03, 2020 6:45 pm

I enjoyed it and I hope they make a second season.

I also felt there was a little bit of contrived drama while simultaneously thinking people in that scenario would be even more dramatic and crazy than the show portrayed. I have no idea how much maintenance a jet really needs, but I bet it's a lot, and I felt the writers made a good faith effort to acknowledge that issue.
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