Fic:The Perfect Sh!tstorm [On Hold]

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Fic:The Perfect Sh!tstorm [On Hold]

Post by DaJoker » Sun Sep 20, 2009 1:30 pm

This is an outdated version of The Perfect Sh!tstorm, to see the revised edition go >>>HERE<<<

Hey all, this is a casual stab at a post apocalyptic style story, an idea of how I would react in a chaotic situation and happens to be the product of day dreaming in class, hence the beginning of the story. Enjoy.

EDIT: Seeing as I'm putting some effort into this story, I'm withholding copyrights. Though I welcome non-commercial use.
- - -
The classroom smelled of disinfectant, the cold air frigid ad unforgiving after the frying heat outside. English 100, not my favorite class but I have to take it for general ed. Today we were turning in a final draft essay, I was more concerned about finding a job the past couple days and only spent a half-hour on each draft. But then again it was on my writing process, not all that engaging of a subject.

As I walked up to the front of the classroom to turn in the essay a bright light flashed through the windows stunning everyone for a moment it took me a moment to realize what it was before I threw myself onto the ground, knocking over a girl in front of me. The shock wave of the blast hit a split second later, shattering the glass windows.

People were yelling and cursing. I sat up and saw two unlucky saps near the window had been pierced in the side and neck, another in the back. The latter was still yelling for all he was worth. The teacher was just standing at the front of her desk dumbfounded by the scene, some of the students started for the door and soon everyone who could stand stampeded after them. The halls outside were soon a chorus of confusion and chaos.

The girl I had knocked down was in a fetal position on the floor, chanting to herself, "It's not real... It's not real... I'll wake up from this dream in just a minute and I'll... It's not real..."

The guy who had been pierced in the back, the girl, the teacher and I were to only ones left in the nearly abandoned classroom; I got up to help the guy.

"Hey man, let me see that" I said.

He stared at me almost desperately, "Fuck it hurts, your name's Andrew right? Get whatever the- fucking hell! Ugh!"

"Just stop moving around for now okay? It'll only make it worse." There were four glass shards in his back, though luckily for him his sweatshirt seemed to slow them down some and kept the glass from penetrating too much. "Well hey this ain't so bad," I said "Give me five minutes and you'll be okay."

"Easy for you to say. The name's Joe by the wa-agh!"

"Stop moving Joe. Just hold on a minute, I'll be right back."

Past couple years I had become what I called a "prepper," building contingency plans for disasters and such. Part of these plans was to have first aid within reach at all times. I carried around a small first aid kit in my backpack but I didn't have the proper equipment to deal with Joe's case so I left the classroom for my locker around the corner.

Stepping into the tide of people I began to feel everyone's anxiety, people only talked to each other in hushed tones but this atmosphere was accented by people desperately trying to get in contact with other people on their phones.

I passed a group of students listening to a radio announcement, everyone from all walks of life were listening attentively to the talk radio station, I could hear a familiar newscaster saying unknown explosions had knocked out major cities across the country and that attempts at contact were impossible. I stopped and climbed a small tree to get a look at the surrounding area, in the distance the explosions didn't seem all that unknown, there were mushroom clouds to the south in Downtown San Diego and the northwest in the Camp Pendleton Marine Base and L.A. further past that. I could also see the beginnings of wildfires to the north, there were several small columns of black smoke nearer at hand than the mushroom clouds.

I shook my head and thought to myself, well, we're really in the shit now.

In my locker I kept a couple school books, a pair of worn boots and my GHB, Get Home Bag. My bag contained a couple trail necessities, a week of food, water filtration, a large first aid, fire starters, basics. I didn't keep any weapon in there due to Palomar College's dangerous weapons rules but I had a couple rifles cached in a nearby storage park along with some more gear.

While I hurried back with the bag and boots I yelled into the crowd, "Any nurse or medical professional, there is a man in need of medical treatment here!" I just got blank stares from everyone. Strange since there was such a strong nurse education program here...

Back in the classroom only Joe and the panicking girl were left, the teacher must've wandered outside. I went to work on Joe, cutting open his shirt, cleaning the wounds and preparing bandages but realized I needed another set of hands. I gave Joe a couple doses of aspirin and walked over to the girl, still on the floor.

"Hi there," I said, trying to be cheerful, "are you okay?" She just stared at me bleakly. "Wouldn't you like to get up off the dirty ground there?"

The girl offered her had to me and I pulled her up, but seeing the glass sticking out of Joe and others she nearly fell back down again. "Ah, comon now. It's okay, the worst is over for now. Whats your name?"

"Juliana..." she mumbled.

"Well Juliana I need another set of hand over here, can you help me?"

She quickly nodded her head yes.

"Okay, what I want you to do is to take one of these bandages and press it down with firm pressure on the wound when I take out the glass, okay?" She nodded again.

"Okay, now Joe this is going to sting but I need you to hold still okay?" He only was able to mumble a reply around his hand which he was biting down on.

The field surgery took less than ten minutes to remove the glass, sterilize the wound and pack in a clotting agent before applying the bandages. Joe yelled the entire time but managed to keep still before passing out after the third glass shard. All the noise had gotten the attention of people from outside and within a few minutes someone yelled to bring the wounded to me. I sighed to myself but kept patching people up after taking my hand held HAM radio and tuning into a local news station.

"...confirmed reports that the explosions detonated around 3:14 Pacific Time were indeed high yield nuclear explosions. The downtown areas of New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Huston, Dallas, San Diego, Las Vegas have all been hit by these attacks as well as major military bases across the country. It is confirmed there are invading armies crossing the U.S.-Mexico... just a moment...

"Another report from sister stations indicate that Washington has also been hit. Washington D.C. may have been attacked with a nuclear device as well during this week's joint session of congress. The status of elected officials is unknown at this time... we"ll have another report at the top of the hour. To anyone listening, best of luck."

By the time the radio went silent I had three others helping me tend wounds. About twenty people had been brought in, most with lacerations and a few more delicate cases requiring more attention. Luckily a real doctor had shown up an was taking care of those cases while I assisted and the others tended minor injuries.

The news of invaders worried me and I wondered how long it would take for them to reach us

An hour later we had a clearer and much more grim report from the radio. D.C. had indeed been hit along with every major metropolitan center on both coasts. There was a recorded message from the new President Tempor, formerly the Secretary of Defense. He declared the country was in a state of war and all physically able men and women over the age of 22 could be conscripted on sight by any officer or NCO of the U.S. Military and encouraged those who could not fight and "defend freedom" should evacuate into the countryside due to the enemy's "clear disregard for American lives". He then proceeded to dictate a series of mandates, one of which requiring surviving officials destroy all records of gun ownership, that all non-violent criminals be set free a under the supervision of local National Guard units and conscript those fit for duty and requested the immediate mobilization of all civilian relief groups, among others.

I sipped from a cup of coffee from the cafeteria with some of those who hadn't left yet, listening to the radio. I had gotten into contact with my father a few hours prior, seemed to be okay and was going to stop at our house to pick up my family and any supplies they may need before heading out to some family property out in East County. I'd go to join them but someone stole my car in the initial panic. Amazing how many carjackers attended school here. That's how I ended up here with Dr. Worth, Joe, Juliana and the thirty-odd people who had been injured and their friends who had brought them, their transportation had been taken also. And the trains had stopped running.

In the distance I could hear sirens and chaos along with the occasional gunshots. The unnamed enemy wasn't even here yet and people were already killing each other. I wanted to get to my cache but I would just be killed at this point.

I clicked off the radio and asked "So does anyone have a plan?"

Some people shifted uneasily in the silence. No one knew what to do, even Frank our resident ex-Marine just sat there in shock.

"Okay, well I have a few ideas that could get us started. Can everyone let me take the lead for a moment?"

"It's no use, whoever those guys are, Russians, Chinese, Mexicans, they have guns and we don't. All we can do is wait until ours or their military comes by and picks us up."

"Not true." I replied, "I have a small stash of weapons in storage a few blocks from here. If we can get to those we may be able to do something, defend ourselves from the invaders, hitch a ride out east." Some people had perked up at the smell of hope. "What we need to do now is move somewhere more secure and wait until nightfall, any suggestions?"

Dr. Worth raised his hand, "What about the library?"

"Alright good, the third and second stories have only two entryways which we can barricade. Lets have half move the injured up to the second story and the other half look for food in the cafeteria. Doctor can you look after the injured and see to securing things?"

"Ye... yes I suppose I can."

"Alright," I pointed to one of the smaller groups "go with Doctor Worth and help him take the injured up to the third floor. Everyone else come with me to the food court, bring backpacks and bags to fill."

The Court was not as bad as I expected. All the cooked food was gone of course, but a good amount of chips, bottled water and juice was there. Once we inspected the back rooms we found even more boxes of dried goods and canned meat. We filled our bags and our arms with all we could carry and headed back to the library.
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by Rhep » Sun Sep 20, 2009 3:06 pm

Good so far, will there be a part 2 coming soon?

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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by thebigstick » Sun Sep 20, 2009 3:34 pm

nice bugging in, in a college, and foreign invaders what else could you want. hope to keep an eye on this one. -TBS
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by Snapshot7.62 » Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:26 pm

A good start!
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by HossDelgado » Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:56 pm

Very nice start!

You need to write more for us.
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by DaJoker » Mon Nov 02, 2009 3:38 am

The Library is three story building with access points all around the ground floor, the library computer lab and a few classrooms are down there. The second and third stories are bookshelves, study space and a few offices. There is a large external staircase that leads to the second story, one main stair from the second floor to the third and a stairwell that accesses all three levels.

The Doctor had taken his time getting those immobilized up the stairs to the third level, when we got there the others had only started dragging bookshelves and desks to the second story doors. I demonstrated to the work party how to barricade the doors and sent some of those with minor wounds to search the offices for anything useful.

By the time the sun was starting to set, turning the sky a deeper red with all the smoke in the air, we had fairly secured all entrance points. The second story sliding glass doors were barricaded, the door from the first story stairwell locked and we even blocked some of the windows with bookcases. Though we were on the second story, the back of the library bumped up against a hill, a determined person could possibly jump across.

We had an impromptu meeting around the aid station the doctor had set up for the severely wounded.

Joe was up and about distributing food, mostly bottled drinks and bags of chips.

Everyone was fine until, "But... I don't like Cheetos, chips give me really bad acne man" I didn't even look up.

"Whats with this junk anyway?" someone else said.

"Yeah, like, I can deal with this juice but, I want some cooked vegetables, didn't you guys find any veggies over there?"

"Veggies? Really?" This was one of the guys who'd come with me to the court... Mike was his name.

"Yeah, and they're called vegetables, not veggies. I need to eat them regularly or else... well..."

"Oh come on, just say it: You get constipated, right?" This was Juliana.

"And how about some meat? This is hardly a meal-"

"Meat? Really? Why are men like you so barbaric?"

"Oh shut yer trap lady, I'm 6'4" and weigh 275 pounds, do you think some chips n juice are goin to do it for me?"

"Hey!" Joe jumped in here, "We don't have a lot as it is, we should make it last as long as we can."

"Oh fuck you man, I'll bet you're just holding out on the good stuff ain'tcha?"

"Right, I've got a couple burgers and fries stashed in my backpack. No dumbass I'm just trying to be fair to everyone! With what we have now this food won't last three days!"

At this point several arguments broke out about food, water, where we're sleeping, yadda yadda yadda. I looked at Doctor Worth sitting next to me and he looked at me.

You want to say it?

Not really, I'm no good at things like this.

Come on, you're a doctor. Everyone listens to doctors.

To tell the truth I'm a pediatrician. Hell, today was the first time in 3 year I picked up a scalpel.

I kinda sighed and shook my head before standing up. The situation had almost gotten to blows by this time, no one noticed I had stood they were so riled up. Conveniently there was a glass vase on the table next to me, everyone swiveled towards me when they heard the crash against the wall.

"Now that I have you're attention, I'd like to address a few issues. We have dry food but not much. Without going to the Court to cook we won't be having any hot meals for awhile and won't be able to use the cooked food we gathered. To be honest, by tomorrow it won't be safe to be walking around with a pot full of food. There's no one here now besides us I think but that could change. Suggestions?"

One of the girls raised her hand, "We could get a Bunsen burner from the science building. There's a bunch of them and I think one of the storage rooms has fuel."

"Okay that'll work. Any other ideas? No? Okay, whats you're name?"


"Okay, well would anyone like to help Tia with that? Need two people... you... and you. We have another hour of sunlight so can you guys follow Tia? Help her out and grab anything else that may be useful."

"Got it, but define 'useful'..."

"Use you're own judgement man. Can you guys go take care of that now? Dr. Worth, take the keys and lock the stairwell door after them. Just knock and we'll open back up."

"Aye, alright lets go."

"What else is a problem guys?" several hands shot up, I felt like I was in class still. "Yes you in the black shirt."

"Hey man we gotta think about protectin ourselves. Whoever dropped the bomb, is probably going to come knocking right?"

"I've got that covered, after dark I'll be needing 5 volunteers with firearms experience." A dozen hands shot up, mostly guys with a look that made me think of kids before Christmas, "Okay, I'll talk with you guys later. Now... what else guys?"

"We all need to get home to our families..."

I honestly didn't know what to say for a moment, some of the group were staring off into space, some of them staring at me, expecting an answer. Geeze, how did I end up the one with the answers, I'm just trying to get these guys to cooperate...

Joe slowly stood up and said quietly, "No one will be going home for awhile. Unless you live within walking distance, we stand a better chance staying where we are for now-"

"And what then? What will we do if something happens? If... if... if it really is..."

"If it's the end of the country," I said. "Look, its not the country that protects us and lets us prosper. It's ourselves and those around us. As long as we keep together, we'll be able to keep safe." There was a bit of an awkward silence, two guys sitting by themselves still looked doubtful but, the others seemed to have found some comfort.

"Okay... um... we need to continue okay? What else can we scavenge?"

We continued on into the night making plans and introducing ourselves. I probably won't remember half of their names come tomorrow but we'll be together awhile I guess.

The lights were still working but aside from some low-light reading lamps, we kept most of the rest off to avoid attention. Tia and her group came back just before dark. They had the burners, fuel and a toolbox that had apparently belonged to a plumber. We stored everything in one of the office spaces next door to the aid station, it would serve as our meeting room, or something like that. Inventory puts us at around 15 days of cooked food to feed 36 people

A couple of the guys were very amped up about how they could take on anything and that they "would surely protect the girls" in our group. Too bad for them only three were unmarried.

People had started to settle down for the night on what furniture there was left. I yelled for the group that had volunteered earlier to meet me downstairs on the second floor.
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by by-the-throat » Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:08 am

Wolverines baby! 8)

Looking forward to more.
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by DaJoker » Mon Nov 16, 2009 1:51 pm

I had the volunteers follow me downstairs to the second floor. The bookcases and desks that had filled the area had been pushed out to the walls and doors leaving a large space in the middle of the study area red light filtered through the gaps in the barricades and cast long bloody streaks on the floor. I righted a chair and sat down, motioning the rest to do the same. A few went to grab chairs, some sat down and the others stood staring at me passively.

We were fourteen, ten men, three women and myself. The group was varied in age but I was never a good predictor of that, only two of the men showed any gray hair or wrinkles; the rest of the group could be anywhere between 18 and 40.

"Alright," I said in a quiet voice, "this is going to be a small operation. I have a storage unit not far from here holding weapons and supplies. I need a small group to help me move supplies from the unit here to the library, say four or five people. We'll be making a few trips tonight and everyone needs to be aware and able to defend themselves. Also everyone needs to be able to keep a cool head and take orders, I'm not going to make anyone come but if you really want to my word is law once we step out those doors."

The atmosphere had gotten a lot heavier, people were getting drawn in and that's really what I needed, not volunteers. I had the knowledge and self-training, but this para-military act I was putting on was just that, an act. Somehow, someone needs to become a leader, and I sincerely doubt that most people could handle it.

I had actually written all of this little speech down earlier pretty quickly, but it had taken me some time to decide on how I should screen these guys. Ultimately I came down to some pretty simple questions:

"Okay guys, before we get started I need everyone to answer some questions. I only need a few skilled people for this errand. If you're answer is no to any of these questions please go on upstairs and get some sleep. Now, who knows how to handle a firearm?"

Everyone's hands went up, "Who has shot one in the last year?" A couple hands went down. "Go on guys, we'll see you in the morning." The trio that climbed the stairs looked anything less than happy, but you win some you lose some. "Okay, who feels up to carrying a heavy backpack? Say eighty pounds or so?"

The less physically adept volunteers followed the others up the staircase. I was left with six men and one woman. Two of the guys were smart-asses I had noted before in the meeting, one of the older men, a Latino student, a middle aged Asian guy and the remaining girl, another student.

"Okay guys, names, majors or careers and a little about yourself."

- - -

A half-hour later after laying down the ground rules we set off into the dark with a few flashlights. Fred, an old Vietnam veteran, lead on point and showed us how to keep quiet while moving through the streets. We had more people than I'd like but we did need someone to stand watch at the library and watch over the cache between trips.

We had almost ran into another group taking shelter in the college gym and while we could've stopped and chatted, no one knew if they were friendly or not. I'd rather wait on getting into contact with others until I have my rifle. The roads were a mess, the main intersection in front of the college had been choked by a three-way pile up between two SUVs and a bus, the vehicles still burning. The rest of the roads were a mess of minor car accidents, glass and casualties.

Outside a dark gas station we found an attendant, or what was left of him. There was a cardboard sign near the body that said "No more gas!" People must've overreacted in the panic. The convenience store was completely looted, the glass displays looked like they had been broken out of spite and the cash register had been raided, for whatever good paper was going to do that person.

After a quick sweep inside I came out to find one of the guys kneeling over the body, George was his name, searching through his pockets.

"Find anything?" I asked. He jumped and looked at me like a kid caught in a lie.

"He's dead," he held up a wallet, a watch and a set of keys grinning. "This isn't going to do him any good now anyway."

"I can see that man, I'm just wondering what you found. What are the keys to?"

"Well uh.. there is a tag with the Chevron logo on it. Maybe it opens up something?"

"Alright, check around the station and see if you find anything. Take..." the rest of the group had spread out around the gas station, Fred on the roof looking for trouble and the rest sitting by the pumps or the convenience store. I saw one of the aformentioned smart-asses TJ hanging around the store. "Take TJ and look around, see if you can open anything with that."

"Sure man. Hey TJ!" The pair went into the store first.

I called out to Fred, "See anything up there?"

"a lot of smoke, zero movement. The street lights are still on a couple of blocks away but everyone must be holed up right now. a lot of vehicles smashed together, some streets look like they've been blocked off. Which direction are we going in again?"

"Southwest. Can we cross the train tracks?"

"Yeah, those at least are clear."

"Alright keep an eye out and yell if you see anything." I followed George and TJ into the store and turned on my flashlight. They were fumbling around in the back with a discrete door, George trying all the keys and TJ holding up a flashlight. As I reached them they finally got the right key and opened the door.

Inside were boxes upon boxes of food and drinks, the guys let out a holler in celebration and headed straight for the beers.

"Hold up guys!" I yelled through the doorway. "We can get this stuff on a return trip. We've still got a task to do."

"Aw hell man, lighten up," TJ said, "I haven't had a drink since this morning and its right here calling to me." George didn't look so sure.

"TJ you said you've shot before right?" I said quietly while he broke apart a six pack.

"Uh huh."

"Well then you should know that if you drink any alcohol you shouldn't even touch a gun for a full day," he paused halfway to drinking the first beer, "at least, if you don't want to shoot a friend."

He grinned and said, "Well I ain't got no friends here!" and chugged down the can. That really pissed me off beyond reason. Not only was he ignoring me but he was also putting others in danger. How could he be so selfish? Not only that he was an apparent alcoholic. That won't be good for us will it, if we can't count on one person. One person, its just one person. We don't really need him. I'll just tie him up and leave him in here and we'll continue on the better for it. Yeah, simple...

I was vaguely aware of George yelling in my ear to stop, his arms wrapped around me, holding me back from TJ's crumpled form. There were voices outside the door murmuring, asking what happened. I stopped struggling and said, "I'm alright George, let me go now."

He hesitated a moment before letting me go, just a moment. I clapped him on the shoulder in thanks.

I kneeled over TJ's moaning body, shinning a flashlight in his face. "You need to understand something. I've taken everyone here under my protection, doing what I can to help everyone get through this, including you. But if anyone, anyone threatens the safety of the group, directly or indirectly, they will be beaten, thrown out or killed. Just that little bit of alcohol could mean the death of anyone among us. Remember that, all of you remember that," I said a little louder.

I turned to look at the rest of the group, everyone except Fred had gathered just outside the door, listening in. Now for a little bit of democracy.

"This guy needs to be dealt with before we continue, what do you guys propose?"
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by HossDelgado » Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:46 am


Crimson Phoenix wrote:Does that mean they'll be able to link my voting history and buying habits with my credit score and porn preferences? :? The 2020 Census is gonna be weird...
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by DaJoker » Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:03 am

OP note: Ask and ye shall receive :D Though it may cost me my sleep and sanity... inspiration has no schedule though hehe.

The dark figures of the volunteers offered nothing. I could see the moonlight streaming through the windows behind them, lighting up the wrecked store. I could see a reddish haze through the windows, tell tale sign of the wildfires just miles away. The clock was still ticking.

I was just about to turn back around when Jared, the other smart-ass, came forward into the light wordlessly, seemed like he and TJ were buddies of some kind. I stepped aside to let him walk over to TJ, who groaned and reached out a hand to his friend.

Jared said flatly, "I think we should get rid of him." TJ froze and several of the group gasped.

"Why's that?" I asked.

He turned to me, his eyes furrowed, "Because of what you said, he had endangered us right? Someone like that can't be kept among us, he has to go. Am I right?"

I leaned against one of the shelves and bowed my head in thought. True, he did endanger us... he disobeyed an order when I had told everyone that I'm in charge out here. But if I follow through, then what?

"Just leaving him isn't any good." The one girl in our group, Sarah, said. "He knows about the library and he knows what we're going to get, he could find another group, one bigger and unarmed and-"

"Lead them straight to us," I turned to TJ, "Am I right? You would do that wouldn't you?"

TJ broke into a sobbing fit. Some of the group started shifting uneasily. Poor bastard, you shoulda listened.

"Well," I said, "Thats all well and good but we need to get to moving supplies soon. It's already past midnight, lets leave him here and lock the door. We'll come back in the morning and decide what to do with him. Savvy mates?" A couple burst into nervous laughter. "Alright, George, tie him up to one of these posts and lock the door. Leave him a flashlight too. Everyone else get outside and grab your things. We leave in two minutes."

Ten minutes of marching later we arrived at the front door of the storage facility. We had followed the train tracks east and avoided any others by keeping to the gully and practicing noise and light discipline. I could hear the faint sound of sirens in the distance up and down the shallow valley this neighborhood was in, occasionally we heard shots and screams. It had only been a few hours after the attacks and society had started to break down in panic. For all our care though we still faced another problem.

S.D. Storage is a pretty large franchise in San Diego County, with sites all the way from the boarder to here in the northern reaches. I had gotten to know one a few of the workers here pretty well and was on first name terms with him. I was half expecting him to be manning the office desk, but Johnathan wasn't there. Instead the front doors of the small two story office building had been barricaded and a man stood guard up top, half hidden in the darkness.

I motioned for the others to stay in the bushes around the corner and stepped into the open and tried to sound as jovial as possible, "Hi up there!"

The guard jumped up from dozing off and scrambled around for a shotgun. "No trespassers! You're on private property, leave!"

"Whoa, whoa man, hold on. I'm a customer, I have a storage unit here, I just want to get in and get my stuff, then I'll be gone okay?"

"No trespassers! Now get out of here or I'll shoot!" He pumped the shotgun, but I couldn't see any flash of color in the moonlight. Either he was using weird shells or...

"How much ammo do you have for that mate?" He didn't budge, "I mean, there are probably going to be a lot of people trying to get in soon. I'll bet I'm not the first one to come here either am I right? Come on, come on, San Marcos is full of thugs, not to mention all the homeless and immigrants. Plus I'll bet there will be plenty of refugees looking for somewhere safe to stay, no matter what they have to do to get it."

"And your point?" He sounded skeptical.

"In my container I have plenty of ammunition, whatever you need."

"So? It's already on my property, I don't need something I already got."

"Ah, but can you find it?" I started walking closer to the building, "Think about it, all those containers back there could keep you occupied for days, weeks. All the while you'll be using what ammunition you have already. Can you find it before you're overrun?" I gave him a moment to think about it.

"Okay well... just... just wait here okay? No funny stuff."

"Of course, of course my friend."

The guard retreated into the building. George and Sarah came out from shadows, the rest of the group followed gingerly. I half whispered to them, "Hey, hey, what are you guys doing? Get back over there! This is hard enough as it is!"

"Hey! Andrew!" I looked over my shoulder to see Johnathan on the balcony with the guard.

"Johnathan! Man I'm glad to see you!"

"I was wondering when you would turn up man, but not with family in tow, who're these guys?"

"Not family dude, just people I hooked up with, were trying to get my stuff; can you let us in man?"

"Your stuff? Oh you mean like this?" He drew a Colt .45 from his holster, one with a chromed barrel, a tactical flashlight mounted and an extended magazine. That looks like...

"Damnit John!" I yelled, "Cocksucking motherfucker! I told you what would happen if you tried any shit like that! I'll burn this place to the ground!"

His laughter rang out through the dark, "Just kidding bastard! I was jealous so I got one just like yours, cost me an arm and a half but damn it was worth that reaction just now, hahaha!" All the hot air escaped and I doubled over in my own laughter.

"Hah! You stupid bitch! Aye..."

"Well come on in now, I changed the gate PIN to 52349. Just ah... just bring only one of you're friends for now alright?"

"Sure, sure." I turned to the group and they just stared at me in half shock. "It's okay, me and John are on good terms. Umm... Jared, come with me. Fred watch over everyone." I pulled him aside while the rest of the group went to the office front to sit down, "Keep your eyes peeled, we may have attracted attention and I'm not so sure about John."

Jared was the largest and most imposing of the volunteers, he wasn't too bright but he seemed pretty street smart. Probably a gangbanger, former or current I don't know but he hadn't admitted it. But the guy was ripped and would be a big help in getting things out here before we distribute.

I punched in the PIN number on the control box and the electric gate rolled to the side behind a section of fence. We met Johnathan behind the office with a couple empty backpacks in tow.

"All set?" John said.

"Yeah, lets go."

We traded stories of what we've done so far, he apparently had been on the clock at the time with his coworker when everything went to hell. I kinda encouraged him into the preparedness mindset, he had helped me load my container on the first day and naturally asked a few questions. Before I knew it the two of us were trading ideas and going to the range together every couple weekends.

He had bought his own, smaller, container and loaded it up with some preparations just in case. He had use his preparations to board up the office and arm himself and his coworker, Dave. He had a plan set up with his girlfriend for her to come to the storage park and David had made a call to his wife and kid to come there too. All of them had been asleep with David on guard till I had shown up.

"There was no getting out on the highway man, you can see it from here, all of the cars logjammed together. People are either asleep in their cars over there right now or abandoned ship and made for San Marcos University a couple blocks south of here. The radio was saying how everyone should head there, the cops, the Red Cross, FEMA, the National Guard, they're all up there trying to sort out who's in charge."

"Not us though," I replied.

"Hell-fucking-yeah! Me and my own, that's how we'll get through this. Though, you've got a little more baggage than I do," he pointed his thumb over his shoulder to Jared.

"Well, like I said: I feel I have an obligation. You should think about taking some people in John, you'll need the help."

"Help my ass! I barely have enough food stored up to last us three weeks, I'm getting out of here well before that. You should too."

"No car man, and the ones I've seen around are either crashed or yours, here we are. Number 347, home away from home."

I opened the rolling door after opening the simple padlock with one of my keys.

Jared let out a low whistle, the first door revealed the next layer of security, layered storm shutters I had modified to carry 1/4" steel plate instead of the standard aluminum. The lock on this were four heavy duty padlocks, all with their own key. Never can have enough protection, at least thats what me and my father had said.

This was our joint stash, my mum was always a little peeved at having so many firearms in the house, what with her being a bleeding heart liberal and my dad a stone cold conservative. I suggested this spot to store our surpluses since it was on the way to our regular shooting range, of course with the ulterior motive in mind that it was close to my college. Worked out okay in the end, though my best AR is probably with my family on the way to our BOL.

The second door opened and I flicked a switch to the battery powered lights I had strung up. The container was 10'x10' with two rows and a pair of long tables bisecting the room and another pair along the back wall. The row on the left had cardboard boxes of dried food stacked to the ceiling, a pair of small water tanks and a medical cabinet filled with first aid supplies and a few choice prescription drugs. The row on the right had the majority of my ammunition, magazines and MOLLE gear along with a couple ALICE bags packed and ready to go. The near table consisted of a loading press with bullets, brass and powder stacked underneath

The back wall was dominated by a plethora of hunting rifles, carbines, shotguns mounted to the wall and a friend's .50 caliber rifle I had borrowed on loan leaning in the corner.

I turned to Jared and said while walking backwards into the container, "Pick your poison!"

Or at least, that's how I fantasized this room would look if I had a few hundred grand.

In reality it held one, albeit, large gunsafe, a couple stacks of ammo boxes, one half-empty ALICE bag that held my larger HAM radio setup, a single, trash strewn table and 4 tactical LBVs with all the fun stuff. The rest of the container was filled with boxes holding the refuse of a consumerist society and a few supplies for myself. Also, there was only the standard one door.

Jared was still pretty impressed though when I opened the safe. There were 29 long guns and 6 handguns: 9 bolt action and semi automatic .22 rifles, 5 shotguns which were a trio of 870s, a 500 and a a sweet little room sweeping bullpup. As far as rifles go I had a couple SKS rifles, an M1A, 5 mini-14s, a FAL rifle and several sniper bolt-action rifles in 30-06 and .308. In hand guns we had three Colt .45's of varying quality, a pair of Glocks and a .22 target pistol.

I took my Colt 1911 Gold Cup, loaded a 10 round magazine and holstered it, handing Jared a Glock 23 and a holster as well. He checked that it was clear and proceeded to put on the belt holster, he knew firearms alright. I fished around for a few Glock magazines and some ammunition.

"Andrew," John called, "I think you're forgetting something..."

I turned and he had his Colt at the ready looking at me with a sickly smile.

"Yeah, yeah alright. The 700 right? Give me a minute..." He had always been pining for my Remington 700. It was a nice gun and he never had the money to get one, figures now he takes advantage of the situation.

"Oh just one gun? I think you can do better than that Andrew... come on, yours and your friend's life are in the balance here."

Jared was looking at me in panic, John was too far away to rush him obviously so he had us pinned. but I just nodded over to the side a little while I bent over into the safe. I heard him back away a little. The rifle in question was just in the front, but I had different ideas.
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by HossDelgado » Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:53 pm

Sleep and sanity are overrated :D

Consider it a standing MOAR!!! from now on :)
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by DaJoker » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:47 am

Haha, got it. I'll have another bit up before the sun rises!
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by HossDelgado » Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:55 am

DaJoker wrote:Haha, got it. I'll have another bit up before the sun rises!

I love you.

Manlove Thursday; only an hour away :wink:

Hey, i rhymed! Cool
Crimson Phoenix wrote:Does that mean they'll be able to link my voting history and buying habits with my credit score and porn preferences? :? The 2020 Census is gonna be weird...
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by DaJoker » Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:45 am

Well, I'm broke so you need to buy a plane ticket out here. Bring some toys while you at it. :mrgreen:

EDT: I'm putting up a poll at the top should anyone care to give their opinion without comment, though constructive criticism is always welcome.
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by DaJoker » Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:45 am

The tension was killing me, just waiting around.

Andrew had been gone for a good 20 minutes and it was starting to get cold out. The eerie sound of sirens in the distance didn't help calm me down much, now they were occasionally punctuated by low booms and flashes to the south. Whoever was invading was making their way north. Once I heard a formation of Chinooks headed south, that was the only hint that the old American warhorse was still fighting.

Andrew had left me in charge of all these damn kids, but there really wasn't much to do. An empty title while the king is away. Not that I don't like the guy, he's just... too damn young to be ordering me around. But he's the one with the guns, and he's done a pretty good job so far...

There had been a few burst of gunshots in the night but this one was close at hand, it came from inside the park.

Only the gal, Sarah, noticed it apart from me. "You hear that?"

"Yeah," I said. "Sounded like pistol shots and maybe a shotgun. Something must've happened..."

That young buck with the shotgun had fallen out of his chair and ran inside the building when he heard the shots.

Then another shot came, and another.

The boys started noticing now, getting up and shuffling around.

"Whats going on?" George asked.

"Dunno, but it can't be good. Something must've gone wrong, guns are power now, people want to have as much power as possible in all of this mess so..."

One of the other boys, forgot his name ran halfway to the still open gate. "We gotta go help!"

"With what?" Sarah asked, "Sticks and stones?"

"Actually," I turned to the street, "thats not a bad idea." The street was lined with planters and trees, we could find something to use.

"How's the going to work?" More pistol shots rang out and Sarah flinched, "They've got guns!"

"We just need to distract them, come on!"

I lead them to rush the planters, we stuffed our pockets with stones and broke off a couple branches. "Lets go!" I yelled.

We ran into the park following the sound of gunfire, it took a good minute before we reached the row where they were. The John guy was hiding in a container alcove and his buddy was sprawled on the ground halfway down the row. John and Andrew were trading fire, popping out and taking a few pot shots at eachother before hiding behind their cover again, I couldn't see Jared.

"Alright, you guys get up on the roof, wait for my signal and start chucking rocks at John guy with the pistol, alright?"

George asked, "What're you going to do?"

"Help out Andrew, leave that tree branch. Come on, up and over now," I cupped my hands to give them a leg up and threw a backpack full of stones up to them.

"Just stay low and wait for my signal, go!" They disappeared over the edge.

I hefted the branch one of the boys had left me. It was about six feet long and felt like an oversized bat, I broke off part of the thinner part to make it a little more handy at about four feet of good solid wood.

I peaked around the corner, in time to see Andrew fire off a couple shells. I waved to him to let him know I was there, I think he caught sight of me but was forced behind cover again by another burst of shots.

He won't be able to hear me coming up from behind with that gunfire and he'll be concentrated on Andrew too...

I made a quick dash within a few yards of John and took cover behind a column. He didn't see, did he? After another few shotgun blasts sent lead some lead past me John opened fire on Andrew's position again. I smiled to myself, perfect.

I moved up two more storage container doors only one more door away from the target. After checking to see if I had been seen again I looked for the others, they were on the roof of the container row exactly opposite me so I waved to them to move down further past John.

But I guess they misinterpreted me, they started throwing rocks while Andrew hid behind his cover, keeping our gunman occupied.

Oh the plans of mice and men...

John could feel the noose tightening, his friend was shot and out of the fight, he was probably running low on ammo and on top of it all the cavalry had arrived. He started shooting wildly into the dark, apparently unable to see where the rocks were coming from.

His pistol slide locked open.

I charged forward.

- - -

I grabbed the softcase my Remington 700 was stored in and also the carry handle of my bullpup shotgun in one hand, a box of rifle ammunition in the other. I turned back to John and placed the ammo and softcase on the table with the case concealing my shotgun.

"Aww just one gun Andrew? Come on, you and I both know you can do better than that..." he cocked the hammer on his pistol.

"Alright, alright, chill. Another rifle?" I slammed my palms on the table and slide my right hand under the case to the shotgun grip. "A shotgun? What?"

"How bout one of each? Actually," he glanced down at his pistol pointedly, "Make that two each."

"Fine, fine, whatever you want..." I turned halfway back to the safe before kicking over the table and crouching down, bringing the shotgun to bear.

John jumped, he was far from any cover and dove to the right out of my view, wildly popping off a few rounds. By the time I pulled the shotgun trigger I was aiming at blacktop.

I could hear his sneakers running down the row. Wasting no time, I jumped the table and looked around the door corner, only to be greeted by a flurry of shots from John; he had taken cover behind a pillar outside a container door not 20 yards from me, well withing 00 Buck range. I sent him a courtesy shot, blindfiring around the corner.

"Ahh, shit, mother fucker that hurts!" I had nearly forgotten about Jared. He was sitting in the corner holding his hand over a gunshot wound.

"Damn it, Jared!" I yelled, "Get something to stop the bleeding!" I turned back to cover and fired a couple more shells at John.

"With what?!?"

I yelled back without turning around, "There's a first aid kit on the outside of the pack behind you, its got a cross on it. Open it up and press a couple dressings over the wound, got it?"

"Yeah, yeah got it..."

John was firing again, I stepped around cover and returned fire with my remaining shells, forgetting to count. "Shit!" I said under my breath. I slung the shotgun over my shoulder and drew my pistol, stepping backwards back to the safe. There was a shotgun bandoleer hanging from the door with about fifty shells.

When I reached out for the bandoleer I then saw Jared, holding the first aid bag in his hands but he was nearly passed out and on his way to shock.

"Damn it Jared, hold on just a second!" I quickly loaded a few more shells and fired them back at John. I saw his buddy carrying his shotgun, loaded or unloaded it didn't matter, running straight down the row. He caught a few to the chest before I turned back to Jared.

I opened the bag and pulled out a few dressings and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. He weakly reached for the dressings in his stupor while I poured a generous amount of the alcohol on his wound, it was in the upper left shoulder, far from organs but it may have nicked a major vein judging by how much he was bleeding. He cried out when the alcohol touched the wound but he seemed awake now.

"Take these dressings, stuff one in the wound and keep pressure on it with the others." Not exactly the best way to deal with the problem but flying bullets change your priorities. I turned him over a bit to check for an exit wound, luckily or unluckily, he had none.

"Just keep holding it there, yeah just like that." I ran back to my pillar and fired another shell before reloading the entire magazine.

We played this game for another couple minutes, trading shots. I periodically checked on Jared, he seemed to have stopped the bleeding but was still weak. His shirt and pants were stained in blood and I worried if he had lost too much.

I was starting to wonder how much ammunition John had, I saw him wearing a pair of drop leg platforms but still. Then I heard a new sound, thunks of something hitting the metal roll up doors.

John had shifted his fire. I still heard the shots but by the sound of it they were not aimed at me. I poked my head around the corner in time to see Fred running out of the dark with a branch lifted over his head.

He swung at John and knocked the pistol to the ground, "Don't move!"

We took care to disarm and tie up John well and "requisition" his minivan. The women in the office building didn't seem too jived about it, especially the wife of John's buddy who had taken three 00 buckshot to the chest. He had passed out and was breathing irregularly but would live. I gave them some first aid supplies to patch him up, though he probably wouldn't last a week without medical help. I kinda felt sorry for him, he had nothing to do with the fight and I put him down anyway...

We loaded everything we could into the minivan, guns ammunition and all my extra supplies which included a spare LBV, the ALICE bag and a few boxes full of medical supplies sets of Multicam fatigues.

I gave everyone a weapon, ammo and a brief demonstration. The ammo came after the demonstration. After the demonstration and quickly loading supplies I split us up into teams and sent off the van ahead of us to the library. Driving on the roads wouldn't be as bad as walking on foot through them.

Sarah drove with the old man and Jared. I gave each of them a handgun, Jared already had the Glock 23, and lent Fred a Remington 870 and an extra bandoleer while he rode shotgun. Hopefully the Doc could help Jared in time.

I turned to the remaining volunteers. There wasn't enough room in the van to take all of us so splitting up in threes was the best option. It was just me, George and the last guy in our group Kevin. We had the three remaining LBVs which we were loading up with magazines.

But not the sissy 10 rounder magazines, oh no. I had a box of assorted "magazine repair kits" for the SKS rifles, the M1A, the FAL and a surplus supply of AR magazines. My father had a similar stash at home expressly for the AR-15 rifles but we kept an overflow here, he had probably tasked my sister to assemble these in the car on the way to the BOL.

Well we were assembling a few now for each of our rifles. I had given George and Kevin each an SKS rifle with mounted red dot sights and flashlights in addition to 1911 sidearms while I kept my M1A for myself and had my bullpup shotgun strapped to the side of my backpack. The FAL had gone in the minivan, mostly on a whim, but it may be needed soon with all the racket we had caused.

That was actually why we were loading up right now, most people don't have these larger mags and those that do would be military. It could prove to be a valuable cover.

We took about five minutes to load the minivan before we sent them off, and after returning John and his buddy to their group with some medical supplies we had started loading up and putting together magazines.

At about six mags apeice I decided we should head out with what we have.

"Alright guys, stop gawking at the pretty magazines. We need to head out. Put on a set of these fatigues before you put on the vest and then load whatever we have left in backpacks. Be ready to head out soon."

"No rest for the weary eh?" George said.

"Yeah, yeah, check your radios. I'll call you on frequency number 17 in a minute."

"Roger, sir." I couldn't help but smile at that, I'm not an officer, just a paranoid guy that got lucky.

I left one box of shells and the wounded guard's shotgun by the office's back door and walked back to the storage unit. I pulled out my radio, "George, Kev, do you guys read me? Over"

George's voice came through the static, "Yeah got you loud and clear."

I waited a moment.

"Over." I guess I didn't get to rip on him for that.

I switched on the radio again, "Kevin? You're radio working too? Over."

"Yeah, I can hear you Andrew. Where are you? Over." Him too I guess.

"Just coming back. We're going to take the rear exit. Meet me over by the northwest corner of the storage lot. Over."

George replied, "Okay, see you there. Over."

They could play soldier I guess.

I unclipped my portable HAM radio from my vest and called up Fred and the gang. I had told Fred about the radio in the ALICE bag and set it to my portable's frequency.

"This is Andrew, come in. Over." I waited a moment and hailed them again, "This is Andrew, did you guys make it, over?"

There were a few moments before I got a response, "Umm, hello?"

"Hey, this is Andrew. Who am I talking to? Over."

"Oh geeze, Andrew! This is Joe, over."

"How's everyone doing Joe? I assume the van got to the library? Over."

"Yeah, yeah, we have it behind the library. Jared is up with the Doc and I'm unloading the van with a few others right now. We haven't touched the guns, just taken the medical stuff so far. Over."

"Okay Joe, can you keep it that way for me? Just as a safety precaution. Over."

"Will do Andrew. When can we expect you? Over."

I had reached the northwest corner where George and Kevin were waiting, rifles at the ready. "In about a half-hour depending on how smoothly things go. Moniter the radio till we get there in case we need backup. Over."

"Alright, will do. We'll see you then. Over."

I nodded to the guys, "Ready?"

This back corner of the lot was on the edge of the train tracks, we climbed over the fence after cutting the razor wire and dropped into the gravel gulley. We were a little too exposed so I motioned the boys to follow me to the street. We climbed a shorter fence and crossed the street to the dark storefronts across the way, spread out and covering eachother.

We made good time until the third block, across an empty lot from a residential neighborhood. The zing of a bullet whizzing by made us all drop. George was behind a car five yards away from me and Kevin, "Stay over there and stay down!" I yelled.

Kevin said to me, "Damn it Andrew, what do we do man?"
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by DaJoker » Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:38 pm

Putting this story on hold for research purposes. Made a geographical blunder with the last post so I need to hit the pavement a bit.
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Re: The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by DaJoker » Mon Dec 07, 2009 4:07 am

Expect a christmas present boys n girls, it'll be a big one with a nice big bow.
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"Man's true profession is to find the road to himself." Thomas Hobbes
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Re: Fic:The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by DaJoker » Tue Dec 15, 2009 9:29 pm

Just wanted to get this out. Posted on Hotel 23 and I though it was only fair.


I had loaded up my vest with about 20 pounds of equipment before adding magazines. I had flares, a sheath knife, a gun cleaning kit, a trauma kit, some energy bars, a liter of water and a few other choice supplies. I pulled out a small signaling mirror and a piece of gum, an old Hollywood trick but I figure it would work.

Another shot rang out, it pierced through the door just to my right. "Piece of shit car! Get down low!"

We all hunkered down behind what we thought would be cover, pointing ourselves towards the storefront. I drew my knife and stuck the mirror onto the blade with my half-chewed stick of gum.

Then I heard, "How about you boys just drop yer gear and hop on outta here." I could see the moonlight shining off his chromed barrel.

"Kevin," I whispered, "buy me some time." I started edging towards the rear end of the car.

'Uh, we don't mean no harm man," he raised his head to look through the windows of the car, "We just want to get to our frien-" another shot shattered both windows and sailed into the night behind us "Shiit!"

"I'm not gonna ask again." the gunman called out, "I got plenty of rounds and a pot of coffee, I can sit here all night boys. I doubt you can though." He took another shot, this time it was George that yelled.

I reached for my small radio and whispered, "George, I need you to slowly get up and draw his attention. Put your rifle on the hood and start taking off your vest, keep your pistol handy though. Over."

"Will- will do. Over..."

"Andrew," Kevin was saying next to me, "Are we really doing this? I mean, we can talk ourselves out of this right?"

"Can you not see were boned otherwise?" George had started to get up.

"Alright!" He yelled, hesitating before fully standing up. "I'll put my stuff down and then the other guys will alright?" The rifleman didn't reply, I turned back to my rifle and turned off the safety. The sound of a magazine dropping to the ground followed by a cycled round and the rattle of a rifle hitting the hood of a car signaled me to go.

About 80 yards away at 0230. I took a deep breath and rolled out from behind the car, coming to a stop with my rifle supported by my elbows. I lined up the dark space the moonlight had pointed to like a big arrow; one, two, squeeze!

The recoil broke my sight picture momentarily before I was back on and fired another shot through the window.

I was welcomed the second time by a scream from the window, "Ah! Ah fuck! You fuckheads! My hand! You shot my fucking hand!"

"Guys, move in, I'll cover you." Kevin and George moved in with weapons drawn, across the dirt lot and a small road to the front of the building.

George reached the window first and trained his pistol on the gunman inside, "Stay down! Get your hands on your head, now!"

I followed them over after cleaning up after myself. What I found was a young white supremacist dressed in camouflage trying to hold his shirt over the the bloody stumps of his index and middle fingers, he had been shooting from a someone's living room. Kevin had climbed through the window and was keeping his rifle trained on him while George checked around the house.

I climbed in after Kevin, his hands were starting to shake. "I got this Andrew, check him will yah?"

"Sure man, easy though, he's not going to do anything, are you buddy?" I drew my knife and his eyes locked onto it.

With my free hand I frisked him, checking his pockets and up and down his legs and sides. I found a pocket knife and an extra 10-round magazine. His rifle was across the room, I guess kicked away by one of the guys. He had been taking potshots at us with a sporting version of the Mini-30 with a night vision equipped Bariska scope mounted, probably way out of this guy's price range.

"So who'd you kill for this rifle kid?"

He spat at me and didn't reply. Kevin kicked him in the side.

"Cool it Kev." I returned to the rifle, my shot had taken a chunk out of the walnut stock, the action was unhurt but cycled pretty roughly, needs a cleaning probably. Then I heard my radio crackle.

"Andrew, I'm on the second story. We got vehicles coming down the road, big SUVs... Over."

Friends? The car headlights played across the wall through the window. The thug was laughing a little now, "You're fucked now honkey! Haha!"

I gestured to Kevin and he rammed his rifle butt into the guy's head, knocking him out, or killing him, I honestly didn't care. "George, get down here, we're leaving. Over."

"Got it- oh shit..." I looked outside the window and about ten guys armed with rifles and submachineguns were headed from the cars to the front door of the building.

I turned to Kevin, "We're out of here, now. Stash this rifle in your bag," I handed him the Mini-30 and the spare magazine and took position at the house's back door. The door opened to a courtyard and an open hallway out of the courtyard across from us but without cover...

Kevin and George posted up on the other side of the door, "Ready?"

We heard some heavy knocking from outside the door from down a hallway, "Hey JJ! Open up man!"

"I locked the door," George whispered.

"Alright. Follow me." We dashed through the door across the courtyard, and made it halfway down the hall before I heard someone yell behind us.

"JJ is dead! Get your sorry asses in here!" We put on a little more speed.

The hallway opened into a playground with more houses behind it, a kind of communal back yard. There was a pathway bisecting the area I could hear the sound of people running down the curving hallway behind us. "Head right and find somewhere to cover me from!" The guys ran off down the walkway through the small park and I took position around the corner of the hallway.

The footsteps got closer, I turned around the corner and opened fire.

- - -

It wasn't long after we heard the gunshots start that we found a place to hold. Through the trees and the bushes we saw a solid concrete bench to the left of the pathway, "Get behind that Kev!" I ran over to a stair going up to a small second story balcony and scanned the small park.

Trees blocks most of my view but I could see Andrew running down the pathway, loading another magazine and hollering, "Hold your fire!" as he went.

I saw some movement through the trees behind him, "Andrew get down!" The muzzle flashes lighted up the small alleyway park, I could see the entire scene like it was lit up with a strobelight. But in this strange scene Andrew was still a few yards away from cover, completely exposed. I focused on one of the hostiles firing an automatic gun out in front, lined up his chest and put two rounds through him. The others didn't seem to notice and I started to methodically put a pair of bullets in each of them, going right to left

Kevin and Andrew had started shooting sporadically from their position, forcing the thugs back. I had put down three of them when they started running, "Fuck this shit man!"

We waited a few minutes before moving, and ambush or another attack once they got their nerve up. I switched spots with Kevin who got out the night-vision mounted rifle and stood guard over us while we checked the guys we had shot. Five thugs lay dead, one was moaning and rolling around holding his gut. None of them had anything useful besides the guns, apparently pot counts as food. They had an assortment of weapons; two MAC 10s, and Uzi, an AR that had been cut down to about a 6 inch barrel, a couple AK's that had bee similarly... made useless. No wonder none of us had taken any hits, these were all drive-by spray-and-pray guns.

Andrew and I split the guns up between ourselves and we took what ammunition and magazines we could find, which wasn't much. The guns are pretty cool, I'm tinkering around with the Uzi and it's a nice little gun, though there are only two magazines for it. Luckily it uses .45 Auto and we have plenty of that.

We were more careful on our way back, keeping to the shadows and avoiding lighted houses all together. We made it down a few streets without mishap before we reached the edge of the campus, and saw all the squatters.

- - -

They were in the theater, some of the classroom buildings, everywhere. And still people came in.

We followed a group in that had nothing but grocer bags, when they caught sight of use they came up and started badgering us with questions, apparently we look like military, considering the camo and vests we were wearing. Kinda made me feel important, but it was really annoying.

Wheres the rest of you?

Hey Sargent! I wanna sign up! Gimmie a rifle!

Whats going on? Who's in charge here?

Where have you guys been? There are people killing eachother in the streets!

We had to start pushing through people to get to the library, "Wait, wait, wait." Kevin tapped me and Andrew on the shoulders and whispered, "We can't go to the others and bring all these other people, we barely have enough food as it is!"

"Well how do we get rid of them?" I asked.

We all looked at eachother, standing in a tight circle, glanced at our guns, and then looked at Andrew. He rolled his eyes, "Alright, just be careful, don't hit anyone and only a couple shots, got it?" We nodded and turned to the crowd and brought our weapons to bear.

"Get the fuck out of here!" I yelled, and fired a couple shots over their heads into the adjacent building. The crowd turned a stark white, eyes wide and turned tail. Us and our own...

We waited till the crowd all but vanished and continued to the library. The van had been parked in the back in a kind of alleyway formed by the building and the steep back slope, one of the guys from our group was there, sitting down and dozing off with a shotgun across his knees.

"Hey Joe!" Andrew called.

"Holy shit!" Joe jumped up and stopped halfway to aiming the shotgun at us. "Jesus man you scared me!"

"It's alright, thanks for looking after this," Andrew gestured to the van, "Hows your back doing?"

Joe winced a little, "The Doc stitched me up a bit, as long as I don't move too much I'll be fine he said."

"Alright, good. Can you go get the door opened up to the library and get a few more hands down here to help? George and Kev, go clear the first floor, make sure no one's waiting for us and stand guard by the stairwell." We nodded and ducked through a broken window in the back of the first floor.

No one had taken up residence down here, yet. But the rows of desks could've been hiding anyone, it was dowright creepy sweeping through there. George and I stood guard on the stairwell door, he had his Uzi drawn and was fingerfucking it more. The guy wouldn't put that damn thing down!

A few others came down and started moving the guns and ammo upstairs. They all stared at us, the uniform, the combat vest, but most eyes were trained on the guns. Yeah, we've got guns now.

- - -

I set up an impromptu armory on the third story, and also made that my quarters. There was one silent reading room in the northwest corner of the floor, solid brick walls and a soundproof door with a small plate-glass window. I got George to help me bring in a couple spare bookcases and we used them to stack the ammunition and store the guns on.

Aside from the pistols and one or two weapons for the guard, I decided that we didn't need all of the weapons floating around and we should just have one central location for them. Granted I let Fred, George and Kevin hold onto their weapons, they earned it. They were also the most competent with them it seemed and I'd like to have some guys ready to fight at all times.

I should start training the others tomorrow, everyone should know how to use a gun now.

Till then, I'm on guard duty. Couldn't even get to sleep if I tried, what with all the adrenaline from today.

George and Kevin seem to be best of mates now, they suggested that the six of us from our "nighttime errand" as they called it, should all sleep together by the armory. However, it was not as successful as they were making it to be.

Jared was hurt bad and needed blood, which some of the others in the group obliged to give. He's resting now by himself in the aid station.

Fred had found some alcohol and was drinking himself to sleep, he had to shoot some thugs on the way back and that brought up some bad memories for him.

Sarah had barely kept it together on the drive back, too much stress combined with hitting some of the aforementioned thugs, well she's being pretty reserved right now.

We're just fortunate we didn't get hurt is the best I can ask for.
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Re: Fic:The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by EECHAY » Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:02 pm

Nice story, keep it up. Looks like a keeper.
Uh, what was that Marine's MOS? Did he go to the sandbox?
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Re: Fic:The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by thebigstick » Tue Dec 22, 2009 12:40 am

very nice thanks for the Christmas update hope to read some moar either this year or the next. -TBS
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Re: Fic:The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by DaJoker » Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:21 pm

Day 2 - Aftershock


I woke up to the smell of sausage and eggs. On the shelf beside my head there was a paper plate holding a simple cooked breakfast. Where'd that come from?

Groggy, I heard voices behind me across the room.

"...just a little bit of oil. Now wipe it down with the rag... where's that damn boresnake...?"

I turned over, my cramped legs crying out, to see, whats his name, George with two others bent over a table turned away from me.

I sat up stifly, tried to lift myself up with both hands but my left arm crumpled. Oh, right. I was shot. The images came back swiftly: The storage unit. The shootout. My bloodsoaked sweatshirt. Being packed into the back of a van. Slipping in and out of consiousness with only the sound of gunfire and the viloent driving of that girl to keep me awake. Being dragged up the stairs, the mad scramble that pulsed around me. And then the blackness.

God was smiling on me.

I managed to prop myself up against the wall, I was in the aid station I guess. A couple others were sitting or sleeping on other tables around me, bloody bandages taped to their wounds. The tall window at the end of the room cast a red-grey hue of light into the room.

It was snowing outside, beautiful little motes of light floating down, like little angels from the heavens.

"Jared!" I snapped my vision back to George, "Your awake! Aww man have I got a story to tell you!" He walked over, gathering a bundle and carrying it over "This is yours by the way," and he dumped the bundle in my lap, spreading a bunch of metal peices in front of me that vaugely resembled the pistol Andrew had handed me.

"It's a damn good thing you didn't get a chance to fire that, it was so dirty it'd likely blow up in your hand! Hah! Half of these pistols Andrew had were in the same state, but we've fixed em up. How're you feeling man?"

I couldn't find my voice, my mouth felt dry like it was stuffed with cotton. I made a drinking motion and George nodded, "Some water? I'll be right back." He dashed off out of the room.

His two companions stood away from me awkwardly, unsure of what to do. I ignored them, the lost sheep will soon be found, I should find out what was going on though.

I gingerly lifted myself off of the table and walked past the three other injured to the window. It wasn't snow, it was ash. Like the huge wildfires from years ago, coating everything in a grey film. The rooftops across from us were coated in almost a foot of it. You could barely see the edge of the campus, though the high noon sun shone thorugh the smoke.

I heard someone say behind me, "Hey! You should sit down!" I swung around but almost fell from a sudden burst of vertigo, they caught me and lead me back to my bed.

It was Doc.

After sucking down the waterbottle he gave me I asked, "How long have I been out?" The raspiness of my voice surprised me,

"About ten hours," he said, reaching for a fresh bandage.

"What happened? Everyone okay?"

"Well after sending you ahead with the Sarge and whats-her-name, Andrew and the boys walked over here, shooting half the way." He didn't miss a beat, replacing my bandage with a fresh one. I winced when I saw the rough hole that had been sewn shut in my shoulder. "Don't worry about that gunshot, I managed to get out the bullet and patch up most layers of your skin. Just don't try and pick up anything heavy till the wound heals otherwise it'll break open."

"Shit Doc, it looks there like a five year old stitched me together."

He gave me a slight tap on the forehead, "Well some one had to do it, you weren't really in a state to."

I almost laughed, "Whats been happening since?"

Doc kinda sighed and waited till he finished the bandage before answering. "Well, soon as Andrew got back he sealed up a room and kept all of his guns in there, except for giving you guys some. He said he'd show us how to shoot tomorrow but I don't know..." he rambled off a little, or my hearing was going out along with my sense of balance.

"Doc? Can't hear you man..."

"Ah, sorry," he rubbed the stubble that was quickly growning out. For an Asian guy, it seemed he could grow a fine beard. "I guess we've been sending out scavanging parties all morning, they'll be due back for lunch before we firgure out what to do next today."

* * *

The streets looked like something out of a nuclear holocaust, but in fact, it was. Store windows blown out, more cars crashed in the streets; some full of bullet holes and dead bodies. A few yellow streetlights illuminated the scene, fooled into thinking it was nighttime by the grey snow that covered everything and blotted out the sun.

The gas station had remained unchanged, there were a few sets of footprints in the ash leading to and away from the station and several sets of tire tracks.

I motioned to Kevin to stay outside, I saw him vault and climb up to the roof before I went inside.

It was dark, dust and ash was floated up into the air around my footsteps, dim reflections in the unbroken glass displays inside put me on edge, the ghostly shapes looking like other people lying in wait. But there was no one, save the locked storage room and me.

I knocked quietly on the door, "TJ?"

There was no reply.

I unlocked the door with the keys George had given me. As an afterthought, I shouldered the M1A, drew my Colt and turned on the attatched flashlight. With my left hand on the doornob, I carefully swept the room from behind the opening door.

He was there, curled up in the corner with one hand still tied to the shelves. Empty beer cans littered the floor around him.

"TJ! Get up you drunk!"

He stirred a bit but made no other move. I could see a pile of vomit next to his head.

"Oh shit, Kevin! Get down here!" I flipped TJ over with my foot, he was covered in vomit and what looked like blood too. The bruises from yesterday still seemed raw.

"Shit, shit, shit..." I checked for a pulse, it was weak and sporadic, followed no steady rhythm.

I heard Kevin say behind me "Jesus, what the hell happened to him?"

"I dunno, alcohol poisoning? There's only a few cans here though."

Kevin took a knee next to me while I checked for consiousness, no dilation of the eyes, no reation to physical blows, but at least he was breathing, raggedly.

"Give him some water, just sips at a time." I got on the radio to back in the library; "T1 to Mamma Bear, this is T1. Over."

I waited a moment for a reply, Fred's voice came over the radio, "We read you T1, go ahead."

"Mamma Bear, be advised, we have arrived at and secured our target. Found T8 in need of medical assistance, possible alcohol poisoning. Send in the Doc with the Wagon. Over."

"Roger that T1, we'll send em out right now. ETA three minutes, have cargo ready to go, over."

I looked back to Kevin and TJ, "Alright, lets get him out of here to the front of the store. We'll need the room to use the dolly back here. Grab him under the armpits."

I took TJ around the legs and we carried him out to lay on one of the display shelves. I told Kevin to climb up on the roof again while I started carting boxes of food and drink to the front door. I left the first stack just inside the door and lined up more just behind it. There were what looked like 12 cases of dried food and maybe twenty of drinks. I ignored the alcohol for now, we could always come back.

It was after the sixth or seventh stack that I heard George over the radio, "T1 this is T4, I'm in the wagon with the Doc and a volunteer. We're nearly to the station but a group of people is persuing us on foot. Over."

Shit. "Roger that T4, try to lose them in the residential area north of here and come around to the station. Keep me updated. T3, you listening?"

Kevin replied and affirmative.

I grabbed TJ under the armpits and started to drag him oustide. "We may have to jump on top of the van. We're going to hoist up TJ to the roof and wait for the others there. Copy?"

"Yes, sir."

I grabbed three boxes from the stacks inside and unclipped a coil of rope from my LBV. I could hear the van screeching in the distance, sporadic gunshots muted through the falling ash. It took me a few minutes before I had the boxes tied together and TJ lashed on top of them. I was about to throw the rest of the coil up to Kevin when I heard the gunshots.

We both froze, and then: "T1 this is T4, the cowd's gotten bigger! They were waiting for us on the residential streets and we've made several detours away from you. These guys are getting hostile and they look desperate enough to do anything. Shit!" the radio cut out and we heard more gunshots in the distance. "What the hell should we do?!"

I could feel my heart beating in my mouth, the blood rushing to my head, thoughts ran through my mind and my fingers got itchy. I grabbed the radio out of it's pouch.

"George? Get out of there. Whatever you have to do, do it. Don't worry about us, just get back to the library. If you get trapped, get inside a house ASAP. Copy?"

"Roger that sir! Lets get outta here!"

I grabbed the coil of rope again and threw it up to Kevin, he tried to haul up the load himself but ended up slipping to the edge. "Wait for me!"

As I climbed up the ladder on the east side of the station it occured to me, we're not the only ones out here. There's the other survivors, the US military, supposedly, the invaders eventually will be here, but also the rest of my group, some of them are out scavenging.


I called in to the library once I got to the roof on my HAM radio, "Mamma Bear be advised, the wagon is under attack by foot mobiles. Issue a warning to all scavanging parties to be careful of others, keep hidden. Over."

"Roger that, we'll do what we can. Over."

I joined Kevin in pulling the rope, I held it while he hauled the boxes and TJ onto the roof.

"So Andrew, why are we doing this?"

"Best position. We can't move fast with TJ's condition and the station can't be secured. The roof has one way up and hopefully we can make a quick escape." I tipped some more water into TJ's mouth while I said this and checked his vitals again. "Shit! His heart stopped. Kevin, give him CPR, count out fifteen pumps and one pause okay?"

"Got it."

I dug into my first aid kit and opened a sealed CPR mouth protector (check), laid it on TJ's mouth and opened his airway by tilting his head back. Kevin had counted up to 15; I took a deep breath and blew into his mouth, holding his nose shut. We stopped to check his vitals again, no change, and continued.

While we tried to revive him, the background noise of gunfire intensified and moved in our direction. After three minutes TJ was breathing again, but he was still unconcious. The pustules on his face seemed to have grown in the short interval, I discovered they had spread and covered his chest.

Kevin stood up and gaped, "What the hell is this?"

I bagged the mouth guard and pocketed it, "I don't know, the only thing I can think of is the Plague, but I don't think there were any rats in the storeroom. Just give him some space, whatever he has might be contagious..."

The sound of gunfire was even closer now, just around the corner to the west. I signaled to Kevin and we took firing positions, the sound of the van had stopped but the gunfire was still there.

Kevin looked at me, biting his lip, turned back to the street and murmered, "Where are they?"

It was then Doc came running around the corner, hugging a duffelbag to his chest.

I yelled to him, "Doc! Up here!" He glanced up. "Go around the back, there's a ladder to up here."

He didn't reply but ran around underneath us to the ladder. It was then George and another guy came around the corner, George with his SKS and the other guy with my Mossunberg 500. George was backpedaling, fireing around the corner while the other man from the group just kept running.

Kevin yelled, "Over here! Over here!"

George stopped and waved to us, looked behind him and started sprinting to the station. It wasn't long until we saw what he was running from. A huge crowd of people came running around the corner. They almost looked like rioters, until you looked closer and saw the bloodstained clothes and gunshot wounds.

Running through the ash filled streets, they looked like terror victims. It seemed pretty obvious who the intended victims were though.

* * *

It was dark in the kitchen. The house had been empty long before we got there. A couple suitcases still stood by the door, left behind by the previous occupants.

We were searching without light, it would attract attention Ben said. It was hard enough for me to try and read labels with my cracked glasses, but without a flashlight it was near impossible.

I heard someone whisper behind me, "Kate!"

It was Ben. Stupid idiot leaving me all alone in the dark down here and then sneaking up on me.

"What?" I said loudly, making him wince. Sound dicipline my ass.

"Shh, shh, shh! I got a call from the library over the radio, they want everyone to head back. Grab what's left and lets get out of here, alright?"

I sighed. Have to go back to that shithole again?

I emptied the cabinet into my bag and Ben put a peice of beef and some beers into his cooler. We grabbed the other backpacks by the door and got out.

The ash was pretty thick here, Ben was coughing and the wheels on the cart we were pulling got covered in it. Thank god I didn't have to pull it. Danny and Joe were the other guys with us in the search party, they pulled the cart and Ben carried his gun out in front of us, stupid meathead. I trailed behind, the bags I was carrying cut into my hands.

This sucks, I should be home right now, curled up with a good book and a bowl of popcorn in my bed. Instead, this gigantic shitstorm just had to happen and screw up my plans for the entire week.

Stupid Andrew and his gun crazy friends, making me do their dirty work. I need to get outta here... maybe I can take the minivan and get home. Its only a twenty minute drive away.

I bumped into the back of the cart, "What the fuck!? Why'd you guys-"

Danny jumped across the cart to me and grabbed my mouth, "Shh! Do you want to get us killed?"

"Sssole! Gerrof meh!" His hand was too tight on my mouth, it hurt.

"Look!" he whispered.

I hadn't noticed, but in front of us there was a crowd surrounding a storefront, people were screaming and I could hear windows crashing. They had pulled someone out from the building and were beating them, one of the attackers dove onto the poor guy and bit on his hand while pummeling away with his fists. More of them swarmed over him, we heard a scream before it was suddenly cut off.

The attackers went to join the rest of the mob in storming the store. When they left we could see the victim's body, bloody and broken, his head smashed in, brains and bloods leaking onto the street. Danny had let go of my mouth, but I couldn't find anything to say.

Ben waved us to take a right, off this street and away from the mob. He had his gun out and was aiming it at them until we were all around the corner. Danny held me by the shoulders, pushing me over to them.

"Just stay quiet, we'll take the long way to get back," he said.

"Holy shit man..." Joe was squatting on the ground, "Holy shit... did you see what they did to that guy?"

Danny walked to the cart and picked up a bat, "We wont let them do the same." He took a practice swing. He mentioned something earlier about playing baseball... I imagined him in tight pinstripe and matching shirt, I couldn't help but giggle.

"Heh heh, hee... heheheee... haaa!" Danny jumped at me and grabbed my mouth again with his free hand.

"What did I say?" he snarled. My imagination dissolved, his eyes were burning a hole into my face.

I couldn't breath.

Ben clapped him on the shoulder, "C'mon, we gotta get outta here."

Danny turned his head to glare at him, Ben kept his eyes steadily locked with his. I swear, it was like two wolves staring eachother down, my imagination took over again and they both turned into wolfmen. Not something funny.

After a moment Danny broke his eyes away and let go of my mouth. "Lets go," he said.

Joe was sitting on the cart, his shirt off, wrapping a roll of medical tape around his body. Danny asked, "Hows your wounds? You okay?"

Joe only winced and nodded.

After Danny left Ben grabbed my hand, "You alright?"

"Yeah... yeah, lets just get out of here..." I murmered.

He looked up to Joe who was pulling down his shirt over the bandages. "Okay, guys lets get moving."

* * *

The haze was even thicker on the hilltop, it spread in all directions, obscuring everything more than a hundred feet down the sides of the slope. The sun shone through enough to light my way, but I could also see licking flames to the north of us burning through the smoke. The muffled sound of gunshots thumped to the west, the sound of cannons in the distance now closer than ever.

We have to get back soon.

My feet were sore and my mouth was dry. My hands felt like they were glued to my P-11 pistol. The straps of my backpack cut into my shoulders and I'd been fighting an hour long battle to keep the weight of it from pulling me back down the hill.

However I felt though, the others must've felt even worse. Danny and Joe had gone back to pulling up the cart, sometimes picking it up to get it over rocky sections of the trail. Kate was lagging far behind last I saw her.

I had sprinted ahead up the trail to see if everything was clear at the crest of the hill. There was some trash up here, squatters, but nothing else. No one in their right mind would want to be sucking this ash all day I guess. Maybe thats what those rioters were thinking.

I shook my head, no, impossible. They weren't just looking for somewhere to stay, they were on a rampage. We have to get back soon.

A horrible scream echoed out of the smoke behind me. Shit!

I dropped my backpack on the ground and ran back down the hill, there were more screams and someone yelling, "Back off motherfuckers! Back off! I'll fucking brain you!"

I was about fifty feet away when I saw what was happening: A mass of snarling bodies covered someone further down the slope, Danny was swinging his bat at a pair of guys, crouched and waiting to strike. And then Joe came running at me like a bat out of hell, eyes wide with fear.

"What the hell," I murmered.

I really only was aware of flashes of scenes after that, lining up the front sight with one of Danny's attackers, the muzzle flip jumping up again and again and again. The impact of the bullets drilled holes into the attackers, their faces turned to me, mouths curled in an evil, bloody smile.

Click! Shit, magazine, magazine...

My left hand found the spare mag in my pocket, I slipped it out and slammed it home.

One of the attackers was on me, snarling, bloodshot eyes filled with savegery. Open wounds on it's face dripped a pusy substance on my chest. It was trying to get past my hand's grip on its neck and my legs gripping around his torso, beating it's fists on my head in frustration.

I remembered the slide release, and saw my pistol dig under the attacker's jaw.

Then running, nothing but running from the screams behind me. Rushing down the hillside through the haze. I started coughing, I couldn't keep steady.

I was tumbling, tumbling down the hillside, through scrub brush until I landed flat on my back in a cloud of dust.

Gotta get back.

My hands were shakey, I could barely push myself up onto my knees.

My pistol lay beside me, the steel security cable attatched to my belt had pulled it down the hill with me.

Hello beautiful...

I heard wheezing behind me, and heavy footsteps. I calmed myself, took a deep breath and rolled to my right, grabbing my gun and falling into a reclined shooting position.

My sights centered on Joe. He jumped back in surprise.

"Holy shit man, I almost shot you!"

He blinked dumbly at me and turned up the hill, I could see blood dripping down the back of his neck through bloodsoaked hair. "Where's everyone else? We're supposed to go back together."

My throat tightened. I didn't answer, just picked myself up off the ground. My left shoulder and knee hurt a lot, but I could walk atleast. "C'mon, we gotta get back," I heard myself say.

Joe didn't move.

"Hey, c'mon, lets go man!"

He said, "Do those guys need help?"

I looked up the slope, three of the attackers from before were running down the hill, chasing Danny.

"Shit!" I yelled, "Joe run! Get to the library!"

I checked my magazine, nine shots left. I staggered across a clearing in the brush and turned to aim up the hill. Danny was only twenty or so yards away from me, his bat bloody and his eyes wild. When he saw me he veered off the the right. I had a clear shot, but they were too far away.

Twenty-five yards. Still up the hill

Twenty. Leaping through the scrub.

Fifteen. Running into the clearing.

Ten. I sighted on the lead runner and put two shots in the chest and one through his head, the second runner behind him tripped over the body and tumbled into the dust.

The third saw me and ducked behind some scrub outside the clearing. The second attacker tried to get up but his ankle looked to be broken, foot jutting off at an angle. He yelped when he tried to put weight on it, but seeing me he resorted to a swift crawl straight at me.

He was moving too fast, I couldn't get a bead. My first shot missed and dug into the ground. The second shot stained the ash beneath his head a dark red.

I looked up for the last attacker, it had been a teenage girl I think.

I swept the clearing, listening for movement. I heard a crack behind me. I swung around and my gun fired before I thought about it.

"Whoa, whoa whoa! Take it easy man!" It was Danny.

"Quiet!" I said, "There's still one out here!"

He went cold, I saw the knuckles on his bat hand go white.

"Okay," he breathed, "Lets just get out of here, slowly."

"Lead the way I said," checking behind me again.

Danny went first through the shoulder high bushes, bat held high, while I hobbled backwards covering our asses. It was the most stressful ten minutes I've ever had, but somehow we made it out of the bushes to the road behind the campus.

There, in the parking lot just beyond the road came a group of our guys running towards us armed with rifles and shotguns. In the lead was that Marine holding a rifle.

"You guys alright?" He called. We were finally safe.

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Re: Fic:The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by DaJoker » Thu Jan 14, 2010 6:13 pm


"Shit!" Taylor yelled, he swerved the van around a tree back into the street.

The turn threw me against the side of the van and the shotgun went off in my hands, blowing a hole in the ceiling. "Careful damn it!"

I looked at Doc, I had offered him my .45 as a last resort but the guy had only shook his head. Now he was holding onto his duffel bag for dear life, buckled in as tight as possible in the passenger seat, eyes glued to the scene outside.

Outside it was like everyone and their mother were chasing us, trying to kill us. Luckily no one was shooting, yet. But a guy with a shovel had broken one of the back side windows before we had started speeding down these side streets.

Some of these people looked really desperate, covered in bile from some kind of sickness and some with huge wounds. Others appeared perfectly ordinary running to us for help, until you saw their bloodstained mouths and the same firey eyes as the others.

"God damn it, these guys just wont leave us alone!" I grabbed my radio and called up Andrew.

"T1 this is T4, the crowd's gotten bigger! They were waiting for us on the residential streets and we've made several detours away from you. These guys are getting hostile and they look desperate enough to do anything. Shit!"

One of them had grabbed onto the side of the car and was clawing at me with one bloody hand through the hole in the window. I yelled, "Get the fuck off!" He started climbing into the van, breaking the rest of the glass as he went, I shrank back kicking him in the head. "Fuuuck! Get away from me!"

He tried grabbing my leg and tried to bite through my boot. What the fuck?! To hell with this! I drew my pistol and shot the guy in the shoulders twice, and then in the head. He went limp and stayed draped through the window.

I grabbed the radio again, "What the hell should we do?!"

More of them were coming for us now, a huge group that had been outside a home turned to the sound of our van and started sprinting after us. There must be hundreds of them now, what the hell is going on?

"George? Get out of there. Whatever you have to do, do it. Don't worry about us, just get back to the library. If you get trapped, get inside a house ASAP. Copy?"

"Roger that sir!" I yelled to Taylor, "Lets get outta here!"

"What the hell do you think I've been doing? Playing cards asshole? These guys are everywhere and I can't see twenty feet in front of me with all this goddamn ash!"

"Just try to head south, we're going to the gas station."

"Didn't Andrew say-"

"I know what he said!" He turned to look at me, "Eyes on the road! Like it or not we're all out here together. We're going to go get him, now!"

Another person had grabbed onto the side of the van, her hands bleeding on the broken glass in the window. "Get off!" I jabbed her in the face with my shotgun, but when she wouldn't let go I blasted her in the chest instead, the girl flew off the van though another car's window.

"Fuck it, I'm killing em all!" I loaded another shell and stuck my body out the window, sitting on where the window used to be, and lined up the closest runner, a guy in a bath robe running down the sidewalk towards us. The buckshot knocked him writhing onto the ground.

Another one, a woman, was carrying a pair of kitchen knives. In the moment I hesitated she got close enough to jump at the van, I caught her in midflight, stopping her dead in the air. Literally.

None of the mob flowing out of the houses and chasing behind us seemed to take note of this, it only stirred them into a bigger frenzy. Some of them stopped running and resorted to just throwing rocks at me, there were too many and I was too big of a target outside.

I had no sooner slid back inside than a volley of rocks shattered almost all the windows. Taylor swerved and nearly hit a parked car, "Ah, fuck! They hit me in the head!"

"Just keep driving!" I knelt inside the van, I'd have to just take out the closest ones, from in here.

And then we were airborne. Our bags floated into the air around me, the view outside turning, until up was right and down was left. And then the crash, the screeching metal was deafening across the street. I managed to land on my feet only to be thrown forward through the broken window when we finally hit something.

- - -

Sheri cried, "Why won't they just leave us alone!"

The bedroom was dark. We had put out the candles to avoid attention, but they had started pounding on our doors anyway. First the front door, we had barricaded it as best we could but then they came in through the kitchen window.

One of them had jumped onto Heather and bashed her against the walls, it's inhuman scream downing out her's. I wanted to go to her, knock that stupid asshole out, but there were too many of them.

My bedroom was the closest to the stairs, I half dragged Sheri and proped myself against the door. They could pound all they wanted, I wouldn't let my legs go slack.

Sheri didn't have the same grim determination, she was a mess; hiding under the covers of my bed, probably getting her mascara all over my nice sheets.

"Will you shut up!" I hissed. It had been nearly an hour and my legs were burnning. "I don't know how much longer I can hold the door Sheri, I need your help!"

She only shrunk back under the covers, "Sheri! Goddamn it help me!"

But then the pounding slackened off, and a new sound filtered through the door. Gunshots, nearby like last night.

I waiting a moment before cracking open the door. "Whats going on..."

One of them pushed through, it's terrible scream filling my ears.

It was on me, pinning me to the ground, rasing its fists up to pummel me. I shrimped, slid a leg out from under him and knocked him sideways with a scissor kick to the head.

He lay out stunned. I jumped on him, straddling his upper chest and put him in a choke hold with his own arm. But he still resisted, "Knock it off asshole!" I punched him in the temple, I could hear the bones crack as his body went slack.

Oh shit, I didn't hit him too hard did I? Then I looked to my hand, in the light of the doorway I could see blood and a bit of flesh, encrusting my engagement ring. Oh no... I felt the side of his head and felt a small bloody hole, about the size of the dimond on my ring. Oh god, I didn't kill him did I?

The sound of the car crash woke me out of the reviree. Sheri squeaked, but didn't move.

I got up, shaking a bit, and walked to the window. My bedroom faced the front of the house, and through the window around the curtains I could see a huge crowd of people running down the street, towards a pair of red tail lights. I could see yellow flashes through the ash, they were firing into the crowd.

I wanted to yell out to them, have them rescue us. But I was too scared, there was still the crowd of people, screaming, running down the street.

It seemed like an eternity until they all passed. I couldn't wrap my mind around it, why would all these people get so... violent? It looked like the entire neighborhood had decided to riot!

- - -

Consciousness returned in an ugly way. My head was pounding, I could hear yelling and screaming and gunshots, making my ears throb, my eyes felt like daggers stuck into them when I looked into light. And then there was some guy shaking me by the shoulder.

"...wake up! Taylor! Taylor!"

I snapped up with a start, or rather to the side. I was strapped into a car seat, but the car, van, was on it's side. Wasn't I driving a van? Then the vision of the crash came back, that little girl I swerved around, the car that sent us tumbling, the impact, now I remember.

It was Doc shaking me, he was reaching through the broken windsheild and trying to unbuckle me. I waved him away and unclipped the belt myself, falling sideways onto the driver's door, now the floor I guess.

The map I had taped to the steering wheel was hanging down over me now, I saw the red pen marks I had made, the school, our route, the gas station, The gas station! "Damn it, were close! The station is just down this street, just run Doc!"

"Hell no I'm not-"

"Go damn it! You need to get to safety!" I started rumaging in the back for my bag, mine and George's was there with his rifle. From the sound of the gunshots he was outside still using my shotgun.

I grabbed all three and threw them out the windshield and then climbed out after them.

The crowd was still running at us through the ash, how they could see us was beyond me but we were still the object of their affection it seemed. Luckily no new ones were coming from houses down the other end of the street. George was knelt next to the van, pumping shells into the oncoming crowd with little effect.

"Lazy fucker! Gimmie my rifle!" I traded the weapons with him and checked my bandoleer, only ten spare shells left but I have more in my backpack.

I put on my gear and yelled to him, "We're only a little way from the gas station, lets go man!" I started running.

He fired a few more shots and then grabbed his bag and followed. "Where's the doc?" he asked.

I was reloading the shell tube, "Already ahead of us. Looks like me might already be there." I paused for a moment and fired a couple shells at our persurers, a couple stumbled but they all kept coming. I started running again.

George stopped ahead of me and fired some shots before continuing on, yelling at me from behind: "Headshots man, headshots! These fuckers won't go down otherwise!"

"What? You telling me these are zombies?!?"

He had caught up with me and we were running even now. "When was the last time you saw a zombie jump at someone with a pair of knives like a fucking ninja?! Just move it!"

We occasionally paused while running down the street to fire back into the crowd, George seemed to be the only one with any success though.

We both rounded the final corner to the gas station, I heard someone yell, "Over here! Over here!" Andrew and another guy were on the roof. I could see Doc running around the side of the building and I chased after him. George gave some parting shots and then followed me at full tilt, I could hear his labored breathing just behind me over my own.

The ladder to the roof had been covered by some kind of security lock door, but the lock had been blown apart and lay on the ground. Doc was already halfway up and our two guy's on the roof were standing on the corner, shooting down at the crowd. I started climbing taking three rungs at a time.

Doc helped me over the top and we turned to pull up George.

"Oh shit, help me!" he yelled. One of them had grabbed his foot, George wrapped his arms through the ladder rungs and started kicking at the attacker's face.

I walked a little down the side of the building until I had a clear shot at the guy, I aimed for his shoulder, making sure to keep some distance between my shot and George's foot. He glanced over and yelled, "Don't you do it Taylor! If you shoot off my foot you're a dead man!"

I ignored him and gently squeezed the trigger. The shot tore through the muscle and bone of the offending arm, not quite breaking it off but causing the attacker to shreik in pain and fall to the ground.

Doc and I helped George up and then he turned around and saw more of them climbing up the ladder, "Mother fuckers!" He aimed down and started blowing off heads.

I dashed over to the other guys, they were scoring hits but all arms and legs. The person... attacker they shot would just get up and start running with the crowd again, limping in some cases.

"Aim for the head! Its the only way!" I yelled at them. I demonstrated by blowing off the head of one guy running by down below.

The blood spray was gruesome, it painted the concrete a deep red while others just ran over the body. I nearly puked.

Andrew glared at me, "Fucking hell, alright! Shoot em!"

My shotgun and bandoleer were both empty. I dug into my bag and pulled out two boxes of shells, filling my shotgun and bandoleer. The damn things were slippery and I couldn't keep my hands from shaking.

Every time I heard a gunshot I jumped a little bit, I ended up dropping a lot of the shells. Finally I was fully loaded up.

But by then shooting had stopped.

The smell of gunsmoke was in the air, empty magazines littered the rooftop. George was scanning down below for more targets, muttering to himself. The Doc was curled up next to a roof air conditioner, still holding his bag. Andrew and the other guy were gazing down over the edge, I didn't want to look.

There was a guy laying on top of some boxes on the far side. Nothing better to do, I walked over and looked. The sight made me recoil though.

The guy had definitely been from our group, but I hadn't seen him since yesterday. That wasn't the shocking thing though. All of his visible skin was covered in pustules, or boils, or something.

I called out, "Doc? I think you need to come have a look at this."

- - -

I felt like lighting up would be appropriate right now, like in the movies, but I didn't have any cigars on me. Plus, this isn't a goddamn movie!

I took a deep breath and shook my head, banishing the thought, "Check your mags, reload if you've got the ammo."

Fucking dandy. Now I'm killing people by the hundreds to stay alive. I kicked a piece of brass over the side. I have a feeling this will only get worse. I shook my head again. There's things to do.

I walked over to George, "Where's the van?"

He took a swig from his water bottle and answered, "The new guy crashed it. It's on it's side about a half-block away."

"For Christ's sake... Is it drivable?"

"I dunno man, I was too busy shooting. Ask Taylor, he was driving it."

I checked in with the new guy, the only one besides Dr. Worth not wearing fatigues. He was helping the Doctor check on TJ. It was strange, seeing an open duffel filled with first aid equipment and my M500 laying next to eachother in the ash.

By their tone of voice they'd found nothing good, and Taylor didn't know the van's condition either, though I did figure out there wasn't "one unbroken piece of glass" in the entire thing.

I grabbed my HAM radio and called up the Library, "Mamma Bear, this is T1. You read? Over."

A woman's voice came over the radio, "This is Mamma Bear, go ahead. Over."

"Where's the other operator? Over."

"Went out with a search party to help some of our guys, something about getting attacked. We'll fill you in when you get here. Whats going on over there? We've been hearing gunfire going on ten minutes. Over." I could tell this girl was probably bored out of her mind, I couldn't place the voice but it made me think of one of the bleeding heart liberals in the group. I've been getting dirty looks from them since last night.

"We met up with T4's team, all present and accounted for. They had to ditch the wagon and then brought in a large group of hostiles and we dealt with them..." I trailed off a bit when I looked over the edge: Dealt with was a relative term. Slaughter more like it. Why wouldn't they run away?

I shrugged off the thought. "We're going to move to recover the wagon if possible and continue back ASAP. Over."

"Alright, be careful out there. Some of our people have seen these mobs, just don't hurt them. Over."

Kinda late for that. "Got it, thanks for the heads up."

I turned back to the guys, "Alright, George, Kev, we're going to go check out the van in five. Taylor stay with the Doc, and keep an eye out for more of these..." I glanced over the edge, nothing had moved in the bloody scene, a dusting of ash now covered the bodies. Some of them I vaguely recognized, the clothes of classmates that is. Most of the faces were beyond recognition.

I coughed, "Just keep an eye out for hostiles."

Kevin was rummaging through one of the boxes TJ had been laying on, "Hey Andrew!"

I looked up from loading stripper clips into my spent mags, "What?"

"If we're going to be running, lets get some sugar in our system eh?" He held up a pair of soda cans, a big grin on his face.

"Is that Dr. Pepper?" George asked.

Kevin cracked open the can, "Nope, only coke here."

I just rolled my eyes and went back to reloading.
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Re: Fic:The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by thebigstick » Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:08 am

does the story live?

will we ever get moar?

find out on the next installment of the Perfect Sh!tstorm

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Re: Fic:The Perfect Sh!tstorm

Post by DaJoker » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:59 am

No shit for you!

Sadly, my laptop is FUBAR for now. I'll be working from my desktop, but it's going to take awhile longer until the next chapter, unit, part, however the hell I'm dividing this up so it tells the story satisfactorily, gets out.

That and the new semester has started and stats takes up a lot of time...

So wait for me lovers! :wink: :lol: :? :shock: :D

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