the Bigger Monster (Short)

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the Bigger Monster (Short)

Post by RingWraithsAnonymous » Sun Oct 06, 2019 3:55 pm

I've got a few chapters of a new story finally written, which I should post very soon. If I don't post within a week at most, make fun of me and pester in the comments section.

One more quick thing before I leave y'all to it. If I end up writing more shorts, I'm debating between one of two ways of doing it. First, I just keep on like I have been, posting new shorts as new topics. However, I was considering the possibility of renaming the Watcher to the Watcher and Other Shorts or a Collection of Shorts. I'd repost Dead Memories along with this one on that thread, and then just update the title each time I add a new one. (Example: if I went with this idea and added one tomorrow it might look like this: the Watcher and Other Shorts (10/7/19)). I figured I'd see what my readers thought about this idea before I made any decisions on it.

For now though, a short:


the Bigger Monster

I was downstairs in the cabin, sitting on the couch next to Katherine. The two youngest of the Dawes children were playing a board game on the rug. Tobias had just celebrated his tenth birthday, and was lording it over his younger sister that he was double digits, never mind the fact Jill was only a year and a half younger than he was. There was a gentle snow outside, but the gas heater was keeping the living room quite warm. Once again I was so thankful we'd found this place. Run off of solar power and had an almost full propane tank when we'd found it a few months prior during the chaos. We found the owner locked in the closet with a large bite on his arm. Almost got Sean when he went to kill it.

"So... what do you think?" My girlfriend asked me.

"About what?" I replied, looking over at the pretty woman next to me.

"I don't know, whatever I guess."

"I think I'm glad we found this place when we did." I told her, "And I'm glad we have such good people here with us."

"Me too. Speaking of people though, it's a good thing this cabin is as big as it is. Even with some of us sleeping in the shop building, it's a bit crowded in here."

"I know... worst part for me is lack of privacy." I told her.

The front door opened and quickly shut. Katherine and I turned our heads to look, and saw Mike standing in the entry, caked in snow. He set his backpack on the ground and leaned his rifle against the wall before taking off his snow laden gear.

"I'm home oh Leader of ours!" he announced.

"Please, just call me Jack." I told him, "Anything else is weird. Also, what the hell happen to you Mike?"

"Had a run in with the Smiths."

"They didn't track you, did they?" I asked, concerned.

"No, no, I'm fine." he told me, "I went almost a mile down one of the Blue Creek's forks. Good thing I was wearing my rubber boots huh? Besides, even if they went down the right fork looking for me, I left a few false trails anyway just in case."

"Thank God. Good job using your head." I commended. I didn't have to tell him how fucked we'd be if the Smith family found where we were. Zombies aside, they were our biggest threat, and since zombies seem to freeze just like water when it gets below 32, the Smiths were at the moment the only threat.

"You find anything useful out in the waste?"

"Oh hell yeah. Got that alternator Sean wanted for the truck. Found some more ammo. A couple of hunting and fishing books I thought might be useful. Just wasn't able to get any of the pain killers Addison wanted. Smiths found me before I got the chance to check out the pharmacy up there in town."

"Did you get the-" Katherine started to ask.

"Yes yes, don't worry. I got what you requested." he told her with a wink, "I'll get it to you later sometime."

I knew what it was. A big part of me hoped she tested positive, but at the same time another part of me hoped she tested negative. Not because I didn't want it to be, but because I wasn't sure if I was prepared for it to be this soon.

"I win!" Jill shouted in triumph."

"Of course you did! You cheat!" Tobias spat, "And I'm telling mom!"

Jill chased after him as he made a break for it upstairs, calling for his mother.

Mike chuckled, "Never thought I'd live long enough to see something like that again."

"Yeah..." I said, "Me either. Good thing we found this place, huh?"

"Damn straight... I'm gonna go take a nap up in the attic. Gotta say, getting that hammock hung up up there was a great idea. Way better than a cot." he told us, grabbing his rifle.

"I'm sure." I replied.

"Hope you sleep well." Katherine told him.

"You too," he said as he headed up the stairs. He stopped at the first step of the staircase, realizing his error, "'You too'? What the hell, can't even talk right these days." he told us before continuing on up.

I sat with my girlfriend and chatted for a while, before eventually someone else entered the living room.

"Is anyone in the downstairs bathroom?" Anne asked.

"No, it's free as far as I know." Katherine told her.

"Upstairs one occupied I assume?" I asked.

"Yeah. David's in there taking a shower... and I'm pretty sure Angela's in there with him." the girl of seventeen said, rolling her eyes.

"Ah, one of those deals." Katherine said.

"Not like there's anywhere else they can be guaranteed to be alone." I reasoned.

"First off I'm not sure that I wanted to know that, and second, thanks for letting me know the bathrooms clear." she said, walking down the hall.

Katherine and I picked up right where we left off after that, finishing a conversation about old times and moving on to one about the future. Soon our talk was interrupted once more by someone entering the living room.

It was one of the Dawes kids, Sam, who was the oldest of the three at sixteen.

"Hey Sam." I said, "How's it going."

"Good." he said curtly, before going down the hall and entering the bathroom.

"Wait..." I said after a few seconds, "Did Anne ever come out?"

"Maybe they wanted some privacy." Katherine suggested.

I chuckled, "Maybe... maybe all of his flirting got her to change her mind?"

I wasn't able to convince myself of it though. Something had seemed odd... and I wasn't sure what. Maybe I just never thought Anne would cave.

There was a loud noise from the bathroom, and it sounded like-

There was another, and there was no doubt in my mind.

It was a shriek.

I lept off the couch, and grabbed my aluminum baseball bat on my way to the hall.

"Jack, what are you-"

I ignored Katherine, as my temper was beginning to boil at the possibilities of what might be or what might not be happening. I stormed down the hall, and raised the bat. As I got up to the door, I beat on it a few times with the metal cylinder in my hands.

There was a crash, then the door flung open and Anne fell out of the room and down on the ground next to me, her mouth gagged and her hands bound in duct tape. The gag was loose, not fully tied, and she managed to get it out of her mouth before I had time to act.

"The fuck is wrong you sicko!" She screamed at him.

Sam was standing there in front of the mirror, wide eyed, staring at me, a roll of duct tape in hand.

"What were you about to do?" I questioned, though I knew damn well what he had been planning.

Instead of answering, he threw the duct tape at me. I swatted it away with the bat, and rushed him, preparing to swing. He grabbed the standing mirror and shoved it before I got to him. As it crashed into me I fell to the ground as the glass shattered, the mirror landed on my back. He ran past me and I got up, charging after him. I ran past Anne and into the living room. Sean was walking down the stairs and noticed me.

"What in the hell is going on here?" He asked.

I ignored him. The only thing on my mind was Sam. He got to the door and tried to unlock it. I walloped him right in the back with the ballbat, and he collapsed on his stomach, the wind taken out of him. I kicked him, rolling him on his back. He tried to grab my foot with his hand, but I stomped on it, causing him to shout in pain. I then brought the full force of my bat onto first his left knee-

"Stop it Jack!" Katherine yelled at me!

-then his right, causing him to scream in agony.

"What the fuck man?!" Sean shouted, running over toward me.

"How did you think this was going to end motherfucker?!?!?!" I bellowed. I unlocked the door, and grabbed Sam by his hair, dragging him outside into the snow. I slammed the door shut behind me.

"Please!" he pleaded, "Dear God please don't!" he moaned, trying to get a hold of something with his hands as I drug him behind me.

Sean came bursting out the door, "What the hell's going on! Have you lost your marbles?!"

"He tried to rape her." I told him, seething with anger. "He tried to rape her, and now he has to pay."

Sean swallowed heavily, "His dad's gonna try to kill you, you know that, right?"

"Do you think I care?" I told him as I continued to drag a pleading and sobbing Sam away from the cabin's porch.

By that point people began coming outside. First Katherine, then Mike and Anne. David and Angela. Sam's dad Mathias, his wife Dawn, and Tobias and Jill. Henry and Craig came out of the shop. The whole group was there, all fourteen of us, if you included Sam and I. HIs siblings were sobbing. Tobias had done his best to cover both his eyes and ears, and Jill had curled up into a ball next to her mothers foot.

"Just what in FUCK are you doing to my boy?!?!?!" Mathias demanded, storming over with balled fists.

"What needs to be done."

He got up in my face, just inches away, his chest puffed out and his fists at his sides, "He didn't do a damn thing!!! I swear to God-"

"What?!?!?!" I roared, spit flying in his face. "You'll kill me?!?!?! I think not!!! He tried to rape-!!!"

"He'd never do such a thing!" Dawn sobbed, "Never!"

Mathias shoved me down and spat on me, drawing a pistol from his waistband.

Time slowed down. I realized that I was outside in jeans, socks, and a t-shirt while the others had on at least boots and long sleeves. The snow was freezing. I still had a grip on my bat. Mathias was enraged, the barrel of the .45 pointed at my chest.

Immediately three other guns came up.

"Drop it." Sean said, pointing a revolver at him. "I said drop it!"

Mathias, seeing that he was outnumbered, dropped the firearm and turned around. He tried to walk over to his wife but collapsed, sobbing.

"He couldn't..." he choked... "He'd never... not my boy..."

"Your son's a psychopath!!!" Anne shouted.

I got up and brushed the snow off my shoulders. I then turned to Sam, who was trying desperately to crawl away.

"You don't have to do this!" Angela said, "We could-"

"We could what?!?!?!" I demanded, "What bitch?!?!?! What the fuck could we do?!?!?! We can't be allowing this behavior!!!!!" I barked, "We've gone over this!!! The only penalty is death!!! No exceptions..."

"Do it." Anne told me.

"I can't watch..." Angela said, turning around.

"Don't you dare go inside!" I shouted, "You need to see this, or you'll never get it!"

"I'm with her." Henry said, stroking his beard slowly, "There are other things that can be done. It looks like you already fucked him up pretty good."

"We could kick him out. We could exile him." Craig suggested quietly. Yeah, right, his legs were too fucked up to let him even stand but he could be exiled and walk away.

"No!" I said, "Like it or not, this has to be done. An example must be made... You can't break the rules! The rules are what keep us alive! Keep us from being killed or raped or eaten by the Smiths!" I was exaggerating, as I didn't know for sure if they raped or ate people, but given their temperament I wouldn't be surprised. I knew for sure they killed though. My own brother's grave and the others out back were enough to prove that. "If he goes, if we dump him somewhere, they could find us! You know as well as I do they're worse than animals, and they outnumber us two to one! You want to be murdered?" I asked, pointing at Craig, "You want to be raped?" I asked, pointing at Angela, "You want you kids to be eaten?!" I shouted at Dawn and Mathias.

None of them objected.

I hated this. This was the worst part of leadership. As much as I hated it, it had to be done. I turned my head, staring down at Sam. The pitiful bastard was trying to crawl away, and had managed to put ten feet between us. I walked over, driving my bat into his shoulders, stopping him. He bounced his face off the ground, his nose spurting blood.

"Whyyyyyyyyyyy?!" he moaned.

I didn't answer. He knew all too well why. I then beat him like a drum until I saw bones sticking out of his back and his skull was caved in. He'd screamed and shouted and wailed the first half, but his silence hadn't been enough for me. The snow around his mouth was spattered dark red with blood. My front was flecked with blood from my knees to my face. I was nearly out of breath, the adrenaline starting to wear off. My baseball bat was caked in his blood. I turned to look at the others.

Katherine was crying.
Sean was looking up at the sky, swallowing.
Anne was staring at his corpse, pissed.
Mike's mouth was hung open slightly, and he looked frozen.
The Dawes family was wailing.
David and Angela were holding each other, each one trying to hold back tears.
Henry was sitting on a tree stump, his face buried in his hands.
Craig had thrown up his breakfast.

And everyone had a the look of horror that one only had when an intense brutality had occurred.

"You're a monster!" Dawn wailed, throwing a rock at me.

I dodged it easily. She just sat there, continuing to cry. Everyone slowly left.

Craig and Henry went back behind the cabin.
David and Angela went back inside.
Then the Dawes family.
Then Mike.
Then Anne.
Then Sean.

I collapsed to the ground next to the bloody and bludgeoned corpse, exhausted and emotionally spent.

Katherine walked over to me and stood over me, still crying.

"Sometimes," she choked, "I'm not sure if the Smith's are the bigger monsters... or if you are."

"It had to be done." I defended.

"Yes it did, but you went too far. You stood there and beat a dead body for five fucking minutes Jack! FIVE FUCKING MINUTES!!!!!" she wailed.

"It had to be done." I repeated, holding back tears.

"It always 'had to be done' didn't it!!!" she screamed, before leaving me alone in the cold.

It is now that I begin to sob. If Katherine of all people thinks that I'm...

She's right. I very well might be
the Bigger Monster....
This broadcast has been interrupted by your usually scheduled programming.

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Re: the Bigger Monster (Short)

Post by idahobob » Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:58 am

Whoa! Now that was intense! :ooh:
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Re: the Bigger Monster (Short)

Post by 91Eunozs » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:13 pm


This tale is set in a world gone crazy, with different rules and of course punishment, but don’t think I could stand aside and let my son be beaten to death in front of me; consequences be damned.

I love it when something I read makes me think about what I’d do in that circumstance...

Nice work!
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