The Mercenary

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The Mercenary

Post by Left2live » Fri Sep 08, 2017 7:08 pm

I wrote this a long time ago on a zombie game forum, did not get any major attention but I had a blast writing it, I do hope you will enjoy it!

Before the outbreak I was a lieutenant in a Private Military Sector. I was all over the world fighting for warlords, dictators and different humanitarian organizations.
Thinking of back on it I can see a little irony, fighting for a dictator and a few months after I was defending humanitarians in the same regions against my former employee. I guess I did not have so much honor back then, but the pay was good. I had several cars, some apartments and even a villa. But none of that matters now, the money I had in my Swiss bank account was gone when the outbreaks started, all I had left was my worldly possessions, but the only got me that far. What is a car without gas, or an apartment in a city with human eating creatures all around?

So I did what everyone else did, grabbed my trusted guns, my ammo and some food then entered the streets in search for shelter and supplies.
I saw several civilians trying to do the same, some of them looked like they knew what they were doing and some was complete rookies. Rookies, shooting their guns at everything in terror and just wasting their ammo, when they encountered an infected they just emptied their magazine in the body doing nothing but wasting ammo.
I mean come one man, have you never seen a zombie movie? Destroy the brain or blow up the f*cker!

I remember one family, probably a senator or someone with plenty of cash. There was two males, two females guarded by a team of seven black suited armed bodyguards. They did not pay me any attention and was carefully moving towards a rumored shelter. The bodyguards used their pistols well i can give them that, but they had no silencers or any mean of defending themselves in close combat. They got caught in a large horde thanks to that and I could hear their screams.

Then I did it... I have no idea why I did it. Perhaps it was my subconscious who wanted me to do some good in the end of the world. I started to shoot the infected in the horde, headshot after headshot with my silenced M4A1. The horde thinned out pretty fast, if the bodyguards got some kills or the horde was smaller than it looked I don't know.

Anyhow when the horde was gone the ground was covered in brain tissue, skull pieces, it was just a street of blood and gore. The males and females was still alive somehow, covered in blood and gore, the men were pale and the females was just in shock, of their bodyguards only two were still alive, one would die thanks to a infected who took a chunk of his leg.

After a few minutes when the civilians were back to their senses, the bitten guard taken care of the older man of the four civilians asked me to escort them to the shelter, he sad he would pay me in cash when we got there. I took the offer, I was a bit tempted to just kill them all and take the money but as a mercenary I had my pride no matter how foolish the employer was.
On our way we "invited" others, civilians, one or two police officers and some soldiers from the national guards.

None of them got on the old man’s payroll (just meant more cash for me). Somehow we reached the shelter two hours later. All I could say was "So it was not just a rumor", the old man approached me with a backpack, reached down with his hand and showed me a bankroll or hard cash. I took the money and sad farewell to my company. I was safe in a shelter or well, they called it "an outpost" with plenty of food, ammo and around $50 000.

After that incident I continued my work as a mercenary. There was plenty of rich survivors who wanted things from the area, mostly they wanted their children or something important from their houses. I even accepted a contract from a guy who wanted his old porn collection. Can you understand that? In the end of the world a guy just wanted his old porn collection? Seriously why porn of all things?

I also did some escort jobs, peoples who wanted to get to another outpost for different reasons. Family, friends, merchants and just drifters. I guess you can count me as a drifter, I roam the country, looting, accepting contracts and trying to find a reason for living and not put a bullet in my head. I have no family, no friends or a place to call my own. Sure I can make my own outpost but what’s the point in that, living all alone again. I guess I’m tired of being alone. I probably got a few friends, sometimes they join me in my contracts and we do supply runs together, perhaps I can call them friends?

Well, duty calls, I’m going to escort some merchants to a nearby outpost, my "friends" will join as well. Friends... I guess that’s something to live for?

Anyhow, this was my "zombie apocalypse orgin story" how I a veteran mercenary once again became a mercenary in the end of the world.

Date: 20 July

I joined the defense of an outpost today, the hardest fight I have encountered this far. The infected just swarmed the area and was close to breach into the town several times. But we managed to fend them off, for now, I doubt we can hold this outpost much longer!

My "friends" was by my side the entire battle, we work very well together and I enjoy their company. We decided to form our own mercenary gang instead of just working solo, now we all accept the same contracts and with our combined efforts we got plenty of cash to spend.

How unlikely it might sound coming from me, I actually care more about my "friends" then I care about the money. Money can’t help you in a fight, only the gun in your hand and your partner right next to you. So I actually bought my "friends" a new and better gun as a gift.

Then they invited me to a local bar where we shared a good time and one of them tried to hit on one of the other bar guests. Haha, I have never seen a woman give him such a hard punch right in the guts, perhaps we should recruit her as a mercenary haha.

After today’s events I actually think that they are real "friends" and they are worth living for. I will keep on living, for my friends.

Date: 21 July
I could not sleep, I don't know why, the moaning from the streets, the guard’s guns or just the sound of my neighbors having sex.
I can usually sleep in any situation, but not tonight.

However it does not bother me too much, I’m used to be up for days without sleep but in this environment where one wrong step can result in my death I rather sleep then stay up.
Still I went outside the outpost to raid some stores, apartments and even a hospital. Got some good stuff and some junk, the citizens of the outpost is slowly becoming drug addicts, morphine is cash around here, the nearby hospitals is almost drained of it.
I and my friends are keeping a distance from it, we do not want to join the addicted and fade away in our minds. Still we keep a decent amount of it from our runs and when we get it as payment for our work. The price will just keep rising when the demand is high and the hospital is empty.

We still feel bad for even own morphine to use in trade, none of us was ok with drugs before the apocalypse. But we still need the basic supplies to stay alive, food, water, shelter and ammo for our guns. I actually managed to get several boxes of 5.56 rounds for just one shot of morphine.

We might leave this outpost soon, the pastor in the town is getting more and more radical about who we should let in and who we should reject. Sure we can’t take in a million civilians but who is he to decide who is "worthy" of living in an outpost full of drug addicts.

In other news my merry mercenary gang has increased in numbers, from the beginning it was just me, Jack and Philip but today we got three more, and yes one of them was the girl who punched Philip in the guts yesterday! She is a good fighter and knows a LOT about medicine.

We have been in this outpost for a while but it’s not until these two days I decided to write what’s happening around me. It makes me feel at peace with the chaos around me, I feel like the days are way longer then just 24h. So much is going on and we do so much to earn our living.
"Earn our living" we probably got the biggest cash pile and morphine stack of all in this outpost, but we always give something back. We have been giving away cans with food to the hungry and some clothes to them in need. I have never seen myself as a humatarian but somehow I enjoy seeing their smiles when I hand them a mystery can or a ragged pair of pants.

Sight, I have no idea what to do until we leave this junkie outpost, we won’t do any more contracts, instead I have put the gang to scavenge food, water and other supplies for our trip to another outpost.

The pastor just left, he knocked on my door and came with an offer for me. "Decide Rex, protect the lord’s house and help us keep the trash away or face the consequences"
So I did what anyone would do in their right mind, I smiled towards him then I kicked him in the groin. Damn that felt good! Got in a small fight with two of his followers but they were drugged out of their minds and could barely fight.
I think we have to leave sooner then I thought, the gang is on the move back and all I can do is prepare for the journey ahead.

Date: 22 July

That f*cking priest... I never imagined that he had that many followers in that small church. My gang had just arrived to our holdout in the outpost when we spotted the priest leading a mob towards us.
Armed with a few firearms and tools the mob was walking towards us, we knew we had the advantage with our firearms, but we did not want to use them against some brainwashed civilians!

Cleo acted as our scout on the second floor, she handles that rifle just as good as she could help us treat our wounds. We all recently learned that a small percent of the human race was immune to the virus, that poor guard in the beginning was not immune. When we got that information we somehow got closer to the infected, saving our bullets and just started to smash their skulls.

However, as the priest approaches Shien a young Asian (guy whom joined us together with Cleo) took his precious M60 "I may be small but with this in my hands I look as dangerous as Rambo!” But to tell the truth he just looks like a small guy with a way to big weapon (he might compensate for something) but we never tell him that.

The priest held some sort of a sermon for his followers, giving them all a shot of morphine to "increase their performance". So that was how he controlled them, with drugs, that’s really low, keeping them addicted so they would follow him for more.

The followers who had a firearm started to shoot towards our holdout, our concrete walls protected us from their handguns but was getting eaten away by the assault rifles. They who just had tools or even homemade swords stood behind waiting for their turn to charge.
I heard Cleo fire a few rounds with her rifle, then a few of the drugged followers fell to the ground. Apparently she knew what we had to do, even if we felt bad about it.

Shien started shooting small bursts towards the attackers and created a brief moment of panic among the followers, they ran like ants trying to find cover from the heavy machine gun.
It was a late order but I still sad "Fire at will!" and started to pick my targets, Jack and Philip began as well.

I do not know why no one in the outpost except we and the followers did anything, it was just as if they continued their daily routine. We were shooting, they were shooting and the poor guards had to shoot the increasing number of infected that was drawn towards us due to the shooting.

It might sound like we fought for hours, but it was over after one mere hour, the followers that ran away were the only survivors, they and the priest. The coward made his follower make a human shield to protect him, resulting in him under a pile of bodies. He cursed us, begged us even trying to bribe us to let him live.
I never like to take the life of an unarmed man, but this was not a man anymore, this was a monster whose actions killed twenty-five civilians.

We are now resting in an old apartment, as soon as the priest was dead we took our stuff and left, no one cared except for a few followers that never participated in the fight, mostly females and young kids.

We will never return to that outpost, we did scavenge the two hospitals that still had some morphine and took it all. Yes we took it all, but for a good cause. We knew that it would probably create a living hell in the outpost, but maybe it would help them overcome their addiction and rebuild the outpost and make it safe, as it should be.

We will probably rest here for the night, Jack got hit by a sharp piece of concrete in his arm and I got a flesh wound on my arm. Thanks to Cleo we will be as good as new with a little rest.

Date: 23 July

My arm still hurts like hell but I can still use it. We managed to put a good distance between us and the outpost, if we look back now we won’t see buildings or even the smoke pillars. All we see now is ruins, abandoned buildings, corpses and infected. I could never imagine that it would be this hard to move around in the city: I hope we will find a rural area or a small city so we can rest and feel safe again.

"Feel safe" well we kind of feel safe, we work well together and guard each other’s backs. At night we barricade a small house or apartment. So we kind of feel a little safer than we did in the junkie outpost.

Just walking, doing some minor looting and killing infected turns boring in the long run. But we usually find something useful.
We must look more like drifters then mercenaries. Big rug sacks filled with stuff, a few guns each and military gear.

We don't know where we are heading, all we have to go by is some rumors from scavengers and drifters. They came from an outpost but they had been walking so long they barely remembered where they came from. They just remembered the direction "We came from the north" is what most of them had been saying so we are heading north.

Sometimes we see traces of scavengers or a half eaten corpse so we must be close, right?
Now we just rest for the night once more, hopefully we find the outpost tomorrow so we can get a place of our own once again. I can't wait until I can take of my rug sack and store the items in a safe and not on my back. I think Shien will feel as relieved as I, we can see that he sometimes is struggling to carry all items, his m60 aren’t helping him either except when we fight.
He is tougher then he looks and we know he will make it, but we all have our eyes on him ready to help him.
I can also say that just after three days together we have developed a pretty strong bond. We are friends, coworkers and perhaps even a family. Yes it's early to say family but I get that feeling. Might be something else though, I never really had a family after my parents past and I never really have a girl either. Dating a mercenary is probably not the best decision a girl can make.
But all that is in the past, perhaps this is a good time to try the luck among the ladies again?

Well, this entry have been messy and blurry, i guess the morphine i got for the pain is making me lose the thread in the text. Yes we got some morphine for the pain... But not so much that we will risk to be addicted, THANK YOU CLEO she is one hell of a girl.

Date: 25 July
We found the outpost!
However the residents were not friendly. As soon as they saw us they opened fire, we managed to take cover and yell that we were not infected. In respond they fired towards us once more. We couldn’t do anything except run away from the location, hoping they would not follow us.

We are only 5 and against an outpost we would lose. It was a heavy blow to us, after going so long on infected streets, we found an outpost who were hostile. We don't know what to do now. We will probably move on to another outpost, if we can find any and if it other outposts exist.

Jack is pretty much mad out of his mind, Philip is pisst but he hides it. Shien and Cleo just walk with empty eyes, like the hope of a safe area is just a dream that was crushed.

We have plenty of supplies to stay alive for a while before we need to scavenge for food again. Ammo, clothes and guns are also good, I have never in my life as a mercenary carried two pistols, two rifles, one assault rifle and a SMG. Heavy as hell, but I do not want to drop it. I prefer to kill my targets with my trusted M4A1 but sometimes a rifle can be handy.

We found a deer earlier that we hunted down. We feasted on it and I can’t remember the last time I was this full. Canned food is only fun for a while, so fresh meat was a wonderful treat.

Shien made a joke about a fishing trip with his father, Jack smiled for the first time for today and Cleo was asleep with a piece of meat on her cheek. I can get used to moments like this, but with the world in its current state this is a luxury we can’t get used to. This was the first living animal we had seen for months, we only find cadavers or skeletons. For some reason dogs can be infected, but other animals seems to be immune.

Well, my guard shift is about to end soon and then I can get some sleep. My guess is that we will keep walking tomorrow, guarding our rear and move forward hopefully towards a new outpost where we can stay and make our new base.
I will just take one last slice of deer and then tell Philip to start his shift.

Date: 26 July
We got attacked during the night. It was probably some from the hostile outpost, they were not very good on sneaking up on us. They probably ran into a smaller horde and had to shoot and that gave away their position.

They had no idea that we was lying and waiting for them once they got close. In times like this killing other humans feels so pointless. We are outnumbers thousands to one and we are getting weaker while they are getting stronger. They have no need for food, sleep or natures calls.

What else happened today? Well, we found a new outpost! However, we will probably move on soon. This outpost might be drug free except some weed growing here and there. But the real odd thing is that no one here is older than 20!
They refuse to say where all adults, they called their outpost "The survivours of the young world" yes like the book...

They are friendly and seems to have a working system, I just feel old walking around an outpost with armed fifteen year olds. Philip on the other hand appears to have the time of his life. His 24 years old genes is probably turning him to a child once more.

Cleo and Jack is trading some of our goods, Shien is looking on a variety of swords the teens looted somewhere. I keep imagine Shien in an old Japanese samurai armor slicing zombies to bits. Yes, stereotyphical but funny!

And what am I doing? Well I’m guarding our stuff, so far the teens are keeping their distance from me. I guess I must look like a grumpy old man sitting on tons of gear and guns.
I hope that they know where we can find another outpost, preferably with some adults and friendly attitude.
The team is heading back, Cleo with Jack with several boxes and samurai Shien with guess what. Yes a katana!

Date: 30 July
Finally, after four days of traveling on infected roads, getting assaulted by raiders, looters and attacked by infected we finally found a new outpost.
It’s a pure miracle that all of us survived these four hard days. I think we can thank some of the teenagers who joined our gang from the previous outpost. They may be young but they do know how to fight with blades and their guns (guess videogames can teach you some stuff after all).

This outpost is enormous, at least three times the size of our first outpost with the junkies. And in this enormous outpost we managed to find a HOUSE yes a house, not just an iron shelter or four concrete walls but a real house!

Well, house might be a lie, it's a two floor warehouse in concrete. We will use the first floor as training area and office, the 2nd floor will be our living quater and armory.

Lukas, one of the teenagers who joined us have already put up his workshop, he brought equipment to manufacture ammo. We usually find plenty of powder, bullets and other components, but we never found any machine to put it all together, he will surely help us and others making ammo.

I can also mention the French fries duo. Skinny, a long slim guy with French heritage and his friend Potato. We do know that Skinny's real name is Pierre but we do not know Potato's real name. All we know is that he got that name after he was found in a crate filled with potatoes in the beginning of the apocalypse. So we gave them the name French fries.

It has been a long and difficult journey, we have made a strong bond, fought against man, nature and freak, and we have seen the true horrors of the apocalyptic world. I do hope that we can help others staying alive out there. After all we are mercenaries, guns for hire.

I get a good feeling about this outpost, I get a good feeling from my crew and friends. This is it, this is the age of THE MERCENARY.
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Re: The Mercenary

Post by Halfapint » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:54 pm

Not bad at all, needs some editing, and this is just me personally, I'm not a fan of the Rambo style protagonist. The writing is good, you skip over some things that you could expand upon, and make it a really great story. Over all, I think if you continued writing this story you could come up with some pretty good characters.

ETA: The classified thing bugs the shit outta me. This is his own personal journal why does he care if its classified, and who's it classified from? himself? I'd get rid of that, and either add locations, or just have the days.
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Re: The Mercenary

Post by Left2live » Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:02 am

Always fun to get feedback :)

The Rambo style was made beause I wrote is to be my character in the game and most of the players turn out to be triggerhappy but I will see if dit him a bit. Wanted him to be a harden veteran with several years of combat behind him in a world where most survivours had little or none combat experience. :)

The Classefied tags were also due to the game fctor and i got stuck with it, the main reason he writes it as classefied is because if he ever lost his journal no-one could track him down.

I take your feedback to mind and see what I come up with!

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Re: The Mercenary

Post by DAVE KI » Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:39 pm

Yup,like it.However I agree on the location thing.Maybe even drop a hint about the location. And maybe use a few contractions(but that's my pet peeve).But I like it.
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Re: The Mercenary

Post by teotwaki » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:11 pm

I see a good story outline that could be broken up into sections and expanded. Besides spell checking (subconchest?) also check for the correct tech jargon.

"When writing on any subject, it’s important to have a working knowledge of the terms used by those in the community about which you are writing.

If you are writing about basketball, you will want to acquaint yourself with the rules of basketball. If you are writing about music, you will want to know the nuances of various musical genres and how they differ from one another.

Similarly, if you are writing about firearms, be it as a journalist for a news story or as an independent short story writer, you will want to familiarize yourself with the various terms used to describe firearms."

Such as "...they just emptied their clip in the body"



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Re: The Mercenary

Post by Left2live » Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:33 pm

Hehe yea I know about the clip and magazine issue in the text. when I wrote the part it felt right but I do know the difference :)
And sure I agree im not 100% with the spelling, english is not my native language and I have not really looked through the text since I wrote it about 2 years ago.
But I do like that I get some feedback, most I got on the forum I wrote it on was just basic stuff like "great or good"

I will most likely look it over tomorrow.

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Re: The Mercenary

Post by teotwaki » Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:03 pm

Left2live wrote:Hehe yea I know about the clip and magazine issue in the text. when I wrote the part it felt right but I do know the difference :)
And sure I agree im not 100% with the spelling, english is not my native language and I have not really looked through the text since I wrote it about 2 years ago.
But I do like that I get some feedback, most I got on the forum I wrote it on was just basic stuff like "great or good"

I will most likely look it over tomorrow.
Members of ZS love a good story to read and will be generous with their time when suggesting constructive improvements.

Kudos on writing this story in English!
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Re: The Mercenary

Post by Left2live » Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:03 pm

teotwaki wrote:
Left2live wrote:Hehe yea I know about the clip and magazine issue in the text. when I wrote the part it felt right but I do know the difference :)
And sure I agree im not 100% with the spelling, english is not my native language and I have not really looked through the text since I wrote it about 2 years ago.
But I do like that I get some feedback, most I got on the forum I wrote it on was just basic stuff like "great or good"

I will most likely look it over tomorrow.
Members of ZS love a good story to read and will be generous with their time when suggesting constructive improvements.

Kudos on writing this story in English!

Thank you, in Sweden you learn english when you are fairly young (around 6 years old) it's our second language. Even tho most of the words you use while writing stories or deeper conversations comes from sources outside of school the spelling part is always improved.
I love zombies in all forms, this short story was an atempt to have some fun, be creative and take my mind from my zombie survival guide that finaly hit 51 pages. I have known about ZS since I saw a documentary about zombies while writing the start of my guide as a final school project in 2013. 51 pages aint much but after a few weeks of writing I hit a dead end, then lost interest, forgot about it and so on. Sometimes I added some notes in a notebook that I later added to my guide, but now I spent half a day adding some new stuff and got to page 51 (was 33 pages when I handed it in as a done project 2013)

So I basicly love to write about zombies even if I lack the drive and imagination to write 200+ pages!

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