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Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:40 am
by Halfapint
I love this story more and more with each post! Keep'em comin!!!

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Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 7:01 am
by Spazzy
Very cool, inviting more trouble inside in an attempt to be the good guys :mrgreen:

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Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 12:42 pm
by 91Eunozs
Thanks for the updates! Lovin' the interplay and developments...

You're getting to be as bad as ZGF on the cliff hangers though! :lol:

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Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:31 pm
by Nancy1340
Very good! Thank you.

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Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 6:34 pm
Andrews went from trouble to cocky, hope he don't end up zombie poop as a result. That was a very good update.Thanks much.

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Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:04 pm
by airdrop
I guess it is true, college can't make stupid people smart :lol: great read

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Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2014 9:19 am
by Sheriff McClelland
Looks like Jean's gonna be an assset to our little group .

Thanks for the volume . Good stuff sir !

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Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:42 am
by 91Eunozs
Sheriff McClelland wrote:Looks like Jean's gonna be an asset to our little group ...

Was that intended to be in blue text (sarcasm)?

Maybe I missed something but I see Jean as nothing more than a whole lot of ass pain, and very likely a lot of trouble down the road. My impression was of an extremely self-centered busy body with a huge chip on her shoulder...

I'm sure Groucho's masterful development of her character will reveal all in due time as this story unfolds.

No pressure Groucho! :lol:

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Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:47 am
by Halfapint
91Eunozs wrote:No pressure Groucho! :lol:
BAH! We must keep up the pressure!!!!!! MOOOOOOOOAAAARRRR

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Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:53 am
by Sheriff McClelland
91Eunozs wrote:
Sheriff McClelland wrote:Looks like Jean's gonna be an asset to our little group ...

Was that intended to be in blue text (sarcasm)?
Using 3- (s) 's was my weak attempt at sarcasm , yes .

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Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 12:23 am
by Zimmy
Sounds like the cook and the redhead need supply run duty for a couple of trips.

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Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 12:46 pm
by bodyparts
an awesome story !! thank you !!

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Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 4:03 am
by Groucho
Halfapint, Spazzy, 91Eunozs, Nancy 1340, DAVE KI, airdrop, SheriffMcClelland,Zimmy and bodyparts thanks for the motivation.

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Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 4:05 am
by Groucho
Restoring the Juice

The room didn’t go black despite the voices wailing at the power failure. The windows high in the wall still let in enough light to move around. Urging the others to eat Trey attacked his tray with a will. Finished with his meal he called for the attention of the room. “There is a backup generator so everyone just stay calm and don’t move around.”

His small flashlight from the interior pocket of the leather jacket revealed the boy’s plan of using the darkness to hide the untouched vegetables on their trays.

“If you guys don’t eat your green stuff you’ll never be taller than Joker.”

“And you won’t be any smarter than Trey” the small man fired back with his own barb.

Spoons scraped the trays accompanied by boyish giggles. The empty trays were stacked by the kitchen and the group of four went in search of Mr. Pitman. Each man held a child by the hand in the deeper gloom of the hallway.

“Why don’t we use the flashlight?” Alex inquired.

“We save the batteries for when we really need the light. We know what’s in the hall so we shouldn’t run into anything. If you didn’t know the area you can use one foot to check ahead of you before putting weight on that foot. Keep a hand in front of your face too” Was the answer provided by the experienced thief. “Here, just touch the wall lightly with your fingertips so you walk in a straight line.”

The bank robber could hear people down the hall to their front. The light from a six volt flash lighted the wall for a second before going out. The sound of somebody whacking the cheap, unreliable six volt with the palm of their hand floated up the hallway. The abuse was rewarded with a steady stream of light focused on the wall.

The soft footed group reached a distance of ten feet from the flashlight’s wielder without discovery. Trey’s light hit the two figures by the wall “Hey, you from the power company? Our lights are out!” startling both the Warden and Mr. Swan. The comment was followed by the laughter of two small boys.

The warden would have torn into the two convicts except for the presence of the boys. And it was kind of funny. “The genny isn’t coming on” the gray hair man stated as he repeatedly pushed the button in the wall panel.

Joker took over the conversation “Probably just the reset button. The machinery’s in the basement under your office, right?”

“Yes, it is. How did you know that?”

“Word gets around.”

Mr. Swan located another crappy six volt lantern in a locked cubby hole in the wall. The group made their way to a locked double door on the floor below the Warden’s office. With a turn of the key they were on a suspended grated walkway. It appeared that this is where the prison’s worn out hardware came to die.

Fifty gallons drums lined one wall. A path was cleared through broken containers with wire hanging out on one side and stacks of dusty pipe, sinks and commodes on the other. The overall smell was of oil. Mr. Swan led the way to the generator at the rear of the room. “The old genny was replaced about five years ago” Mr. Pitman added helpfully.

Joker found a shop rag that wasn’t as oil soaked as the others scattered around. “Did you pay extra for the dust?” the small man asked wiping off the access doors. “It’s a Gillette. I’ve seen them around but never used one”. The thief was humming as he stuck his head through the open access panel. The light he was using moved to the left and then the right as he looked the engine over. The generator came to life.

Mr. Swan climbed the stairway to flick the light switch that had been neglected when the party entered.
The few dim bulbs in the room slowly lit up chasing some of the shadows away. Joker had the group pass by one at a time to see where the reset button was located before he closed the access doors.

Conversation was difficult with the generator running so the group retired to the hall. “How much fuel is in the tanks?” Joker inquired?

“Four thousand gallons give or take” the Warden replied back in his element. “This is 150 KW unit and uses about 8 gallons an hour on half power. Without the laundry running full time half power should be good. That gives us about three weeks.”

“It’s kind of chilly yet to shut it down at night but the water heaters shouldn’t freeze. The problem is the kitchen needs power all day unless we go to one hot meal a day. Doing one meal we could run it eight hours a day for two months” Mr. Swan chimed in.

Trey was staring blankly at the wall rubbing the back of his hand against his chin. “We can stretch it out if the truck stop tanks are holding fuel. Then there are the fuel pumps at the bus yard and the county yard too. But that won’t last forever. So we’re looking at solar power or wind generators. You all know how we can go days with no sun in the winter. Wind generators have to be well above the turbulence caused by buildings. Move the generator away from the walls here and we lose juice.”

The group looked at each other until Mr. Pitman made a decision “Let’s see about collecting diesel to begin with then check out the solar.” The group returned to the dining facility where the gray haired man announced an all hands meeting would take place after breakfast in the morning. The group leaders wandered over to the Warden’s table to find out what was going on. Most weren’t surprised at what had happened. Ann gave Mr. Pitman an “I told you so” look before leaving.

The meeting the next morning went over like a lead balloon. Apparently the majority of those present never imagined the electric power would go out for good. Even worse news was that sizable parties would be going out for fuel and looking for alternate power sources. A garden detail would still be needed to get the ground ready for planting. Everyone would have to pitch in.

It was Trey’s turn to stay with the kids and work with the garden crew. He drew a map for Joker showing the closest truck stops down on I-80. Trey’s father had liked to stop at one or the other for chili. Usually on the way home from their hunting trips in the Allegheny national Forrest further north east. He couldn’t help but remember as a youngster watching his father put crackers, cheese and sour cream in the bowl making something other than chili out of it.

The bank robber stood with a shovel in his hands as he watched Joker along with Ann, Nick and Todd drive out the gate. His two boys along with some of the other children played tag which the dogs gleefully joined in. With a sigh he began turning the sod over.

The work required no thought and his mind drifted to this and that. How were his brother and men making out? Were the guys were putting up the solar panels stored in the garage? He should make a trip back if for no other reason than to learn the fine points of solar installation. The bank robber stopped for a breather and realized he was far ahead of the others in the crew. Some of them had never had a shovel in their hands before yesterday.

During the lunch break he found the Warden and talked him into looking for a rototiller. The noise would be unfortunate but the current working party wouldn’t have the ground ready until July at the rate they were going. Turning the sod would make the tilling easier for the machine anyway. Trey returned to the garden as the work began again with a full quarter of the crew not returning after lunch. Reaching the end of his allotted section he selected a hoe which he sharpened with a file from the machine shop and began chopping the chunks of earth into a more manageable size.

The veteran finished his hoeing before the shovelers had reached the far end of the garden. The children returned outside from their post lunch DVD and had a “there’s nothing to do” look on their faces. He organized some foot races, sit ups and pushups under the guise of fun. His hand served as a target while the youngsters learned to throw a punch. The dogs were delighted as the children took their turns throwing balls for the animals to return.

The activities were interrupted by the red truck speeding up to the gate with its horn blowing. Once through the gate it drove over by the door closest to the clinic. Ann jumped out and ran up the hall as everyone gathered around. Nick lay in the bed of the truck white faced and obviously in pain. Todd pulled Trey to the side as Dr. Doom wheeled her gurney down the sidewalk.

Ann joined the pair as well as Mr. Pitman attracted by the commotion. Under strict instructions from the Doc hands slid Nick onto the gurney and he was whisked away to the clinic.

“We got jumped by a mob of the dead” Todd started the story.

“It happened at the truck place that was by the Emlenton exit. We drove up the back way slow and once we were close Joker and Nick went through the woods and watched it for awhile. They came back and said nothing was moving” Ann added.

“We drove into the lot and Joker made us wait some more but nothing happened. Joker said he’d stick the tanks and was picking the lock of the building where the trucks fuel. We were watching him instead of looking around like we should have been” Todd admitted looking at the ground.

“Nick was looking at the diesel pumps when one of those things stepped right next to him. He yelled then turned to run and tripped over the cement island the pumps sit on. Todd took out the dead guy while I pulled the truck over. By the time we got him in the truck the dead were everywhere” Ann finished.

“The last time we saw Joker he was kneeling by the door. We were cut off from the other truck so it’s still sitting there. Force of habit I put the keys in my pocket. We screwed up” was Todd’s final comment.

“How big was the mob” Trey asked?

Ann looked at Todd before saying “At least sixty or seventy”.

“Probably from the interstate. Something interesting drew them up the ramp and they were hanging around” the bank robber surmised.

“We tried to lead them back to the four lane but only about half followed us. We got off out of sight at the next exit. It took awhile to find out way back. We’re sorry” Ann ended the tale.

“Joker will be ok. He makes his living not getting caught. He can hotwire the truck if he gets a chance so don’t sweat the keys. Doing this kind of stuff sooner or later everybody screws up. He’ll more than likely come back the way he drove out there. I’ll take a truck and see if I can find him.”

Mr. Pitman touched Trey’s arm “Two trucks. Get a couple others to go with you”.

Ann argued about going back out but the Warden shot her down. She agreed to watch the boys until the Trey returned. It didn’t take long after word spread about what happened for the Swede find Trey. Saying he was in the mood for a drive was the quiet man’s way of volunteering.

Bobo was with his family at a table waiting for supper when the Joker’s partner found him. “I want your husband to come out and play” he addressed the big man’s wife.

“The dwarf got himself in a bind again from what I hear” the big man interrupted.

With a smile Trey replied “He had a little help this time. He’s probably waiting helplessly for you to ride to the rescue. You’ll be his hero.”

“Ha! That’ll be the day. I’ll come along just to have him owe me.”

While Trey was eating Shaun who had been along on the first food convoy stopped by his table. “I haven’t been out in awhile. I’d like to come along since I’m sick of looking at these walls.” The veteran had his men for the trip and began gathering food and blankets for an overnight stay. The orphan brothers took the news of the trip better than expected and they both liked Ann.

The sun was setting as the trucks departed on their mission. The convict drove fast trying to make the most of the fading light. “We have to come in from the back. There is no telling what’s out on the interstate. He could be waiting in the building if he got the lock picked in time.”

“If the truck is missing then he got away.” Bobo helped Trey talk out the situation.

“If he hadn’t got the lock in time he would have slipped around the building and made for the woods once he saw he was cut off from the others. We haven’t shot unless we had to so once the goons lost sight of him he would have changed direction. I’m betting he would have headed west rather than cross the road” the veteran said getting it straight in his mind.

“We'll stop a couple miles away at a place I know and I’ll go for a stroll. It’s not much of a plan but that’s all I got.”

The pair drove in silence making several turns and then slowing down for a couple more as night descended. Trey stopped to quickly don his goggles. Memories flooded back of all the times he had done this. The jitters that came before impending action arrived.

The enemies had previously had the power to do evil things to them if captured but being eaten was a new threat. The soldier pushed the thought from his mind as the trucks crept slowly down the road. Spotting the turnoff he had the other truck wait and drove a quarter of a mile back to the end of the muddy road.

The truck avoided the ruts and mud puddles as it was turned to face out. The driver jogged out to the road and piloted the second truck. The trucks ended up parked close enough together that no goons could get between them.

Trey issued his final instructions to the remaining trio. No lights, no noise and somebody awake at all times. If a crowd shows up go ahead and leave but lay on the horn so I’ll know. My radio will be off unless I call you. If we’re not back by late tomorrow head back home before dark. Unable to think of anything to add and with no questions being asked he departed.

Slowly making his way back to the black top his eyes adjusted to the darkness. It wasn’t pitch black out and shapes could be discerned out in the open. The convict eased down the middle of the road listening as well as watching for movement. The fenced field to the right had been grazed with no cover remaining. To the left the grass that hadn’t been flattened by the winter snow stood up especially around the shrubs and small trees in the long unused field.

After walking for fifteen minutes mature hardwood trees replaced the fields on both sides of the road. The bank robber stood and listened for a few moments. Once he had the goggles flipped down and powered up he stood for a few more moments. He proceeded at an even slower pace than before frequently checking his back trail.

At last he could make out the truck stop. Every step forward revealed a bit more of the buildings and parking lots. His slow pace was reduced to step, pause, listen and repeat. Reaching the corner of the wood the entire lot was in view. The only things in sight were a body lying by the pump island and Joker’s truck.

“Crap” Trey thought. “If Joker had hid out nearby he would have taken the truck once the goons were gone.” Checking by the building’s door he found his partner’s lock pick kit scattered on the door step. Each slim tool was placed in the case and then eased into a pocket. Just in case he tried the door knob without success.

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Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 4:06 am
by Groucho
“He was kneeling; he heard Nick yell, looked to his left at the sound and saw the goons. They had to come from the back of the lot to cut him off from the truck. So he must have moved to his right.” The convict walked back toward the road he came in on cutting the pie on the building corner he had just passed.

Trey risked a light for a quick look in the window after raising his goggles. Seeing nothing he used the night vision checking the corner and walked onto the grass between the building and the trees. Moving slowly he spotted a small broken branch. “The thief must have been doing mach three when he crashed into the wood line” he thought with a smile.

“Joker had to have heard the other truck drive away. He wouldn’t go far since he knew we’d come back for him. He’s out of sight and even if he went straight he’d hit the open field so he must have turned west.” Pushing through the small limbs he moved slow looking carefully before each step. The disturbed spot he found must be where his friend paused to look around to see if he was being followed.

Six feet further on he ran across a deer trail. Trey turned west on the trail betting the small convict would follow the trail since the walking would be quieter and had at least a small field of view. The small green spring leaves everywhere would limit what could be seen in any other direction.

Like most pathways used by deer the trail was seldom clear for travel. The trail went under fallen trees forcing the bank robber down on his knees. Other spots wove through stands of wild grapevines and across dry run off streams. Ruffed Grouse like the grapevines but now was no time for their heart stopping takeoffs. Even on the trail at least a few sticks cracked under his boots or he rustled a vine in passing. Last year’s dried leaves would crunch under a misplaced foot. If he spooked his friend the soldier knew he’d be combing bullets out of his hair.

Trey found a bare log next to the trail to sit on carefully avoiding the remaining bark. He turned off his goggles to save the juice. The convict pulled his canteen from its belt pouch for a drink when he heard the noise cloth makes being rubbed against tree bark off in the direction he had been walking.

Returning the canteen to its place on his belt he was about to rise when he heard something moving through the brush on the south side of the trail. Goggles in place Trey moved down the deer run paralleled by the noise moving in the same direction. Picking up his pace he pulled ahead of what he expected to be a goon.

After a limb cracked under his boot a small dog appeared twenty yards away barking at the noise he made. The animal then turned toward the brush barking in that direction. A figure holding a club moved into sight keeping one hand on the tree hissing at the dog. The convict moved to within five yards of the person and the dog’s barking became frenzied

“If you try to hit me with that stick I’ll split your head” the bank robber whispered. He lunged catching the dog by the scruff of the neck. The mutt briefly cried and tried to twist and bite the hand holding it before hanging limply. “Hold out your hands, you can have the dog back but keep him quiet. There’s a goon coming.”

Trey pushed the figure holding both animal and club back against the tree. Scanning back and forth looking for the source of the noise he backed away holding the ax ready for a blow. The cannibal emerged from the brush meeting the soldier’s ax with its forehead before sprawling motionless on the forest floor. “I got him” he whispered to his silent companion.

The figure by the tree pointed to one side replying in a shaky female voice “There’s a guy in the bushes there. He showed up right at dark. He was moving so slow I thought he was one of those things and I hit him in the head. The guy talks sometimes so he’s still alive.”

Trey followed the pointed finger poking the prone man in the leg with the head of the ax. Squatting on his heels to examine the patient’s wound he exclaimed “Joker!

“You know him?”

“He’s why I’m here. His group got jumped and he got separated.”

The soldier raised his head listening. “More goons are coming.”

“So how can you see in the dark?”

“Night vision, like the army uses. Quiet now please, I have to greet our guests.” The younger convict backed to his original position and waited. The next walking corpse entered the small clearing tripping over first body. The skull only cracked on the second blow due to the cushioning effect of the loamy earth under the trees. A third cannibal passed by in the dark misjudging the direction of the noise.

Back at Joker’s side he checked the pupils for response then began washing the blood from the smaller man’s head. Like most head wounds the bleeding had been extensive. From what he could tell the skull wasn’t dented. In lieu of stitches he applied butterfly bandages pulling the wound together. The final touch was to pull his coat from the pack and cover his partner with it.

The girl had set the small dog on the ground and was taking a coat from her backpack. Trey thought about how his leathers might be bite proof but he would be chilly by morning. The dog pawed at his leg for attention so the bank robber picked it up rubbing behind the ears. “What’s your name?”


“OK peach, what’s your dog’s name?”

“She isn’t mine. I found her in an old lady’s car. I call her Spud.”

“I’m Trey and that’s my friend Joker. Looks like he has a concussion. We won’t be going anywhere until daylight so get some sleep if you want.”

“Tell me about your group.”

“A hundred, maybe a hundred fifty people in the prison up the road a ways. The convicts were released but the Warden’s still in charge. Most of the people there were travelers he took in. We have a veterinarian who pretends she is a doctor. The lights still work courtesy of a big generator.”

“That sounds nice.”

“He’ll give you a bed and food if you don’t cause trouble”.

“Kids?” she asked.

“Quite a few. My partner here and I look after two brothers who lost their parents.

“Oh, you’re gay?”

Trey coughed to cover his laughter imagining Joker’s response at that question. “Ah, not that kind of partner. We go get things the Warden needs.”

The dog curled up on the bank robber’s lap and slept. Soon the girl seated at the base of the large oak tree slept also from the way her head hung forward. The soldier powered down the goggles flipping them up. The girl and Joker both mumbled a little during the night. It wasn’t much different than sitting in an ambush on a rocky hillside in the dark except the ground was softer.

The sky began to lighten before bank robber used his radio. He directed one truck across the fields to the wood line. They drove parallel along the wood line until he could hear the engine. He used the last of the water in the canteen wiping Joker’s face but the small man was still out. Directed by radio Bobo arrived to carry Joker out to the truck.

The two truck convoy took their time driving home to keep from bouncing Joker around. The four rescuers plus two arrived back at the prison gate before breakfast. Bobo backed the truck up to what was now the emergency entrance. Trey sprinted up the hall but met Dr Doom coming out of the office with her gurney. By the time Joker was being wheeled up the hall the group was joined by Mr. Pitman.

The bank robber allowed himself to be taken to the dining hall for a much needed cup of coffee. The heated cab of the truck helped but the coffee removed the last of the chill from his bones. He barely finished updating the Warden when the boys stuck their heads in the door to see if they were back. With the youngsters worry about Joker relieved they insisted on taking the dogs out.

Mr. Pitman tagged along as the dogs excited with the activity next door were released. Trey noticed Peach looked lost so he invited her along. The three dogs barked at each other the entire walk to the hall door. Spud joined the activities outside after smelling and being smelled.

Peach appeared to be in her middle teens and was reluctant to talk about herself. The convict and Warden discussed the plans for the day. “We really need to check those fuel tanks at the truck stop.”

“I know” the Warden agreed “It can wait a day.”

“We’re running out of days of leisure. We need the gardens ready to plant, regular fuel runs and go looking for solar equipment. We don’t know how long anything is going to take or what we might run into” the bank robber argued.

Mr. Pitman sighed “OK, but you aren’t going. Maybe some of the others can come up with a less exciting way of doing business than you and your buddy. You two are a lightning rod for trouble.”

Trey grinned at the grey haired man “You sound like my Dad. What we need out there is a mature experienced man like yourself. You could show us how it’s done.”

“I can show you that from here. From now on all trips on the outside will be in force. Two trucks aren’t enough so from now on no less than four will go. Some of the guards will go since they can all shoot. And we start training some of the others to shoot.”

“Well, we haven’t done much shooting out there. I’ve been worried about attracting the goons but using the .22s shouldn’t be too bad, but only as a last resort. You need a supervisor for the garden crews. They work so slowly and half don’t come back from lunch. The kitchen staff should be rotated since some of them are becoming territorial. Let them work in the garden, watch the kids or go to the laundry one day a week. “

Mr. Pitman nodded as the youngsters and dogs ran up. The humans were clamoring for food. The dogs couldn’t be taken to the clinic so leashed they joined the food line. Trey forbade feeding the dogs from the table because it’s gross. The bank robber relented and allowed anything leftover to go to the mutts when they were finished eating.

The entertainment started once the meal was finished. Mr. Pitman asked the adults to stay and requested the kitchen crew to join everyone else. The boss was all business walking back to the table from filling his coffee cup. “Listen up everyone. We’re making some changes. The groups we send out for supplies will have to be larger. Each party has had its share of problem so far. Lately this has included injuries to our personnel.”

“The new groups will contain at least eight members in three vehicles minimum. We are now on generator power so fuel will need to be brought back here. Diesel fuel will not last indefinitely so alternate sources of power need to be explored. Solar and wind power to be exact.”

“The work in the gardens is not going well. This is the food you will be eating this winter. If you think our situation will end any day now I’d like to know your source. The garden crews act as though we have all summer to get ready to plant. Some of you go to lunch and never return. This is unsatisfactory. Those of you who want to eat our food and then sit around with your feed up will either begin helping or load up you cars and leave.”

“A group will go out looking for either a rototiller or a small tractor with a plow. Again, fuel won’t last forever so it can’t all be done mechanically. I had hoped to avoid this option due to the noise possibly attracting the dead.”

“That means twenty four volunteers for convoy duty. Some people have their own firearms. If you have not been armed on a convoy you will report to the class Mr. Swan will be instructing. For those not possessing a firearm Mr. McFaren and Mr. Kracken have provided spare weapons. Volunteers please see me.”

The work of the kitchen staff is very much appreciated. However, for the sake of fairness, there will be a weekly rotation of workers through the kitchen.

“Thank you for your attention and are there any questions?”

“Why can’t the guards and convicts go?” A man in a tired looking three piece suit asked.

The grey haired man growled “Stupid question already covered. Everyone contributes. Were you asleep?”

The empty suit looked annoyed and locked eyes with Mr. Pitman. The Warden stalked over to the suit’s table leaning close to his face “You’re not in your corner office sipping a low fat mocha latte and taking credit for someone else’s work. I asked a question and expect an answer.”

The suit backed down “No, I wasn’t sleeping.”

“Then don’t waste everyone’s time.”

Addressing the group again he closed the meeting “Check the posted lists at the morning meal.”

Trey checked with their Doc on Joker’s condition who merely shrugged. He sat by the unconscious Joker’s bed chatting with Nick in the other bed his leg cast resting on a pillow. Both men grew bored so the soldier made a trip to the library. The only books close to being medical in nature were first aid texts. These were limited to breathing, bleeding and broken bones.

He fetched a several biographies of famous men for Nick and the first aid books for himself to review. The clinic office contained little except Gray’s Anatomy and the Physician’s Desk reference. Nothing that would be of help to Joker. One line mentioned that a moderate concussion could result in unconsciousness for up to several days.

The bank robber joined the boys for supper. They returned to the clinic with a meal for Nick. The two youngsters and dogs provided a welcome distraction for Nick. An hour after their arrival the smaller convict groaned. Not opening his eyes he whispered “thirsty”. Trey filled the bedside glass from a pitcher, inserted a straw and let his friend suck briefly on the straw before drifting off again.

Nick played cards with the boys. Then he let them read to him from the kid’s book selections near the TV. Soon all three were yawning. The boys were pleased at being able to stay the night at the clinic with Trey and Joker.

Two cots from the library were set up in the clinic. The brothers shared a cot and were asleep early. Exhausted from a sleepless night in the woods Trey had trouble falling asleep. He didn’t know if Nick or the boxer dog snored the loudest.

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MOAR! I love moar! Awesome update, as usual :clap:

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Fantastic good sir! Thanks for the update!

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The only thing to say about this is - Please oh please give moar. You have a great story going here.

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Very good. Thank you.

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Weekend update time yet ? :wink:

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Thanks for the comments to BreAnna, Halfapint,dank, Nancy 1340, SheriffMcClelland and Maldon007.

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Getting Stuff

The convict woke to a croaking noise that after looking around the room determined was coming from his partner. Supplying a glass and straw he watched the older con suck on the straw, rest, then use the straw again. Letting the straw slip from between his lips Joker asked in a more naturally sounding voice “What happened?”

“You were hit in the head. You guys got jumped by some goons. Nick broke his leg. You got cut off and ran for the woods. The others brought Nick home and we went back out after you. A teenage girl thought you were one of the dead so she clunked you in the head. We brought you back here.”

“All I remember is starting to work on the lock.”

“You dropped your picks by the door but I brought them back.”

Joker was silent like he was thinking. “You have a concussion. It’ll all come back to you but it might take a day or two. Just relax and don’t worry about it” Trey informed his partner in his best bedside manner. Then he realized Joker had slipped away again.

After breakfast Trey watched Ann, Todd, two of the guards and four civilians ready for their trip. The two with the most experience laid down the law to the others about what to do and not do. The entire group looked unhappy. The bank robber decided they lacked confidence.

He checked the firearms class Mr. Swann was teaching. The rimfire rifles from the gun store were being passed around. The different types of actions were going to make familiarization difficult. The head guard nodded at Trey but didn’t appear to need any assistance.

The soldier checked in on Joker. His partner was sleeping now instead of unconscious. Nick said he didn’t need anything. The next stop was the generator room. With a pair of pliers and a screw driver from the tool room for the caps he began checking the barrels. Some of the barrels had held diesel before so he moved them to the bottom of the stairs. A few were dry and lacking any smell could be new despite the condition on the outside.

The remainder was uncertain as to contents except two with an inch or two of oily water in the bottom. The hard work of getting the barrels up the stairs began. The first few were easy. Trey rolled them on the side, step by step, using his legs to hold them in place while he got a new grip. At the top he tilted each drum on its rim and rolled it out both doors to the parking lot beside the Mr. Pitman’s Expedition.

As the work progressed he was taking a break at the top of the stairway and again in the parking lot. He stood looking at the half of the barrels still to be moved when a voice startled him.

“What’s all the racket down here?” Bobo called out.

“It’s a new workout I heard about” the bank robber replied.

“Oh yeah?”

“Sure, it’s very popular with the citizens.”

“I bet!”

“Cardio and resistance training combined.”

“I better leave you alone then” the big man suggested.

“Shut up and get your big ass down here.”

The big man looked around upon reaching the bottom of the stairs. “These little things? I could carry one on each shoulder.”


“I wouldn’t want to embarrass you” the big man said hefting a barrel with both arms and walking it up the stairs.

“You’re a fine human being.”

The pair took an end to each barrel in order to carry it up, filling the space at the top of the stairs then started rolling the drums out to the parking lot. The last two had their filler caps removed and turned on end for the water to drain out. Nineteen dirty and dented barrels sat in the lot. Trey hoped none of them leaked.

“It’s about time I got some work out of the two of you” the Warden said from the door. “Joker’s awake and asking for food.”

“The kitchen is over that way somewhere Sir” Bobo pointed helpfully

Shaking his head the gray haired man went back inside mumbling about respect. The pair looked at each other and smiled.

“I called him Sir!”

“Let’s go see Joker so he can tell you how grateful he is.”

“I’m up for that.”

Joker paused in the process of raising a spoonful of powdered eggs to look at the two filthy convicts stinking of diesel who entered the room. Peach sitting next to him wrinkled her nose. Before anyone could say a word Dr. Doom stormed into the room.

“Don’t bring that filth into my hospital. Get out! GET OUT!”

Joker looked from the woman to his friends and back again. Trey held up his hands as a pacifying gesture as they backed out of the room. With a shrug Trey led the way toward lunch. They were given plenty of room at their table by both the brothers and the big man’s family.

Feeling unappreciated they moved the dump truck back to the barrels and spent part of the afternoon loading it. Trey chocked the rear gate open far enough for a barrel to be slipped up through. The barrels were rolled to the end of the bed. Then they climbed into the bed set them all on their ends. Since the bed would hold more drums than they had some were left on their sides so they wouldn’t be sliding around. The empty drums would probably make enough noise as it was.

One drum would hold something more than three hundred and fifty pounds when it was full. Even four guys would have a hard time getting a full barrel up in the truck. Then there was the matter of getting the diesel out of the ground tanks.

The pair explored the entire generator room looking for a hand pump but with no luck. They started going through the smaller buildings on the grounds. A surprising number were totally empty and others were full of old dusty office furniture. One was jammed full of fire extinguishers.

They started on the shops next. The carpenter’s shop was a bust. The two convicts had higher hopes for the machine shop but were disappointed. The plumbing shop was more of a small storage area jammed full with supplies. One of their finds was several lengths of pipe that might do for smashing skulls but most were just PVC. The boxes contained valves, fittings, putty and solder.

A box on one of the bottom shelves hidden by stacks of PVC pipe held a boxed transfer pump. According to the enclosed instructions it was rated for gasoline as well as diesel fuel and medium weight oils. The rotary pump would put out ten gallons a minute. The two happy convicts had pretty much given up hope. They still needed to find a couple three quarter inch hoses but that should be easy.

The two men showered and traded their filthy clothing for clean prison issue. They were the last in line for the evening meal. Sitting at the Warden’s table they heard the last half of Ann and Todd’s report.
All three truck stops had diesel in the tanks but none were full. One stop required luring the dead away before they could be checked. The bad news was that only three barrels were found that could be used to hold fuel.

Mr. Pitman pointed to the bank robber. “Nineteen barrels are loaded on the big truck. With some effort we found a hand pump too” Trey said putting a hand on Bobo’s shoulder. “We still need some hose for it.”

“Check the laundry” the gray haired man stated.

“So we can go for fuel tomorrow” Ann asked?

“I don’t see why not.”

“How was your crew today” the soldier asked?

“So nervous they were ready to jump out of their skins” Todd laughed. “I’m not sure we could have kept them from shooting if any of the dead showed up.”

Mr. Swan spoke up “The class went ok today. A couple have fired a gun before but most haven’t. I’m sure it improved morale though. Your buddy Andrews kept telling everyone how slow these things were and how easily he killed one with an axe.”

“Everyone has come back alive so far. As long as we don’t take chances” the warden paused to look at Trey “we should do alright.” Trey’s response that he was the “absolute soul of caution” set the entire table laughing.

Mr. Pitman continued “Tomorrow we make a fuel run. That will bring in over a thousand gallons. Unless we find more barrels a crew goes out for fuel every other day. On alternate days a search will be made for additional barrels and fuel sources.”

“Beginning the next day a second crew will go looking for garden related items. A tiller, tractor and plow, seeds, hand tools and all that sort of thing. Once the planting is good to go we’ll worry about solar gizmos.” With that the meeting adjourned.

Trey found the kids with Joker. On their own they had delivered a meal to Nick and Joker. The two men learned of the plans for two crews going out during the visit.

“I can’t get left here. I’m going along” Joker said with determination.

“We don’t need a babysitter” was Alex’s opinion.

Nick added his two cents “Except Joker walks like a drunken man.”

The small man glared at his temporary roommate. “It’s not my decision” the bank robber informed his friend. “The old man will rely on the Doctor’s opinion.”

Leaving Joker to stew he took the boys to the laundry searching for a couple hoses. The hose was attached to a spicket in the back of the room. He showed the two kids how to clear the water out of the hose then let them coil it up. A storage closet held several old hoses with permanent kinks in them. Picking out the best one he severed it eight foot from the end.

The boys happy to be helping carried the short hose out to the dump truck. Everything was secured in the cab ready for the next morning. The soldier spent the next hour working with the boys on how to stand while throwing a punch. He made sure the brothers were punching through their targets.

Calling a halt for the day they trooped back to the pod. Ready for bed he had the brothers read to each other for an hour then turned the lights out. Once they were sleeping he slipped out of the pod. He ran the reluctant jeep to make sure it would turn over.

At the laundry the convict located an old laundry bag. Late enough that most of the residents were in bed he wasn’t interrupted searching the food pallets. The final act was to fill the bag with kidney beans before hanging it in the hall from an exposed beam with old wire scrounged from the electric shop.

In the morning after taking the dogs out and checking on Joker, Trey showed the brothers the punching bag he had hung. After breakfast the two boys hurriedly left to enjoy the new diversion, with the caution to take their gloves, hanging in the air as the door shut.

The trucks were pulling out as he sprinted with his gear toward the jeep. Trey shadowed the trucks for no other reason than to see if they noticed. A lot of drivers never looked in the rear view mirror before all this happened. Now folks had a lot on their minds. The dump truck was between the two pickups.

The jeep closed up to the others as they slowed near the truck stop. Ann walked forward to check out the fuel stop. Trey walked up to the rear pickup and banged of the bumper with his fist. The men, who turned out to be a guard and a citizen, totally freaked out. They were trying to turn and look behind them while grabbing weapons.

Arriving at the window he greeted them “Hi guys!”

“Man you scared the shit out of me!” the citizen Trey didn’t know almost screamed at him.

“Asshole” added the guard. “I could have shot you.”

“I was just making a point guys. I was behind you the whole way here and you never looked back.” The citizen looked at the bank robber opening and closing his mouth at a loss for words. Shifting his attention to Mr. Swan’s man he said “You can’t shoot me without a round in the chamber can you?”

The guard looked embarrassed “We aren’t supposed to chamber a round unless there’s trouble.”

“The rules are different now. I promise the ACLU won’t sue you and Mr. Swan won’t dock your pay if you chamber a round before you pull out the gate. Even better it’s probably a good idea to step out of your vehicle when stopped to keep an eye out” Trey suggested.

“Now?” the citizen asked uncertainly.

Nodding the convict said “The vehicle’s stopped so now would be good. You both watch your one hundred and eighty degrees. You’re in the rear so you can see more than those in the middle. If you see a threat yell contact. If you see something but you don’t know what it is yell alert. If the vehicles aren’t running you won’t have to yell.”

“ If you see a flock of birds fly out of the bushes keep your eyes on that area to see what scared them. If you see just one area of bushes moving but not the others keep an eye on it. The dead aren’t sneaky, they only have one speed so use your ears. The goons may have heard the trucks and are following sound but haven’t seen you. Keep an eye on them and pass the word.”

The two men stared at the convict who asked “Does that make sense?” Both men nodded.

Ann had returned and walked back to see what was going on. “What are you doing here?”

Trey smiled “I have to work too hard when I stay back there.”

“It’s clear at the Truck stop so let’s go.”

The vehicles advanced to the empty truck stop. Ann placed her guards where they had the best view of the surroundings. Todd nodded to Trey with a puzzled look as he joined Ann at the tank access. The bank robber hauled the hand pump up onto the truck using his pliers and screw driver to remove the barrel caps. The smaller breather cap only needed the end of the plier handle to unscrew it.