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Re: Doing Time

Post by bodyparts » Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:16 am

thanks groucho

great story so far ! i just finished "old school" for the fourth or fifth time , an excellent story ! thank you very much .love the ending . anyone that has not read it should . looking forward to more of this story . thanks again for your time & effort .

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Re: Doing Time

Post by Barnabus » Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:58 am

The truck stopped so the crew had time to look the place over. The trucks turned around so they were facing the way they came. Trey took Peach, the Swede and a guard named Salvo up behind the house under a darkening sky taking the corners wide to avoid any surprises. The backyard held two sizeable gardens. The convict figured whoever lived here must have grown all their own vegetables.

He smashed the doorknob off the back door.
shouldn't they make sure no one is still there before smashing down doors ? They'll come off as marauders if they happen upon a family hiding from looters.
"If you are prepared for a shambling horde of walking corpses that are trying to eat you alive, you will be prepared for just about anything."

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Re: Doing Time

Post by Groucho » Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:48 pm

Thanks for the comments BreAnna, SheriffMcClelland, Zimmy, teotwaki, Halfapint, and DAVE KI.

bodyparts I'm glad you enjoy Old School.

Barnabus good catch. I made a change. Thanks.
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Re: Doing Time

Post by Groucho » Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:52 pm

The Farm

The Taylors had gathered on the porch to watch the convoy depart with the prison’s first member killed in action. The vehicles followed the directions they had been given. The farm they were searching for was only three miles from the Taylor farm as the crow flies. By road it was twice that distance.

The trucks stopped in front of the mailbox bearing the name “Tilson”. The white two story farm house was surrounded by half a dozen oak trees with a large lawn running down to the road. A functional four rail wood fence bordered all the fields that could be seen from the road and disappeared into the woods to the north. The gravel driveway split, the right arm going to the house and the left going back to the barn and outbuildings. The location would be postcard perfect in almost any season.

“The boys will love it here” Trey said excitedly to his partner.

Joker looked at his cellmate “More redneck bullshit.”

“Come on, haven’t you ever wanted to live on a farm?”

“Sure. When I was five years old.”

“Spoil sport! This has to be better for the boys than living in a cell block.”

“Do you think the zombies will object to you moving into their neighborhood?”

Trey lifted the binoculars to his eyes scanning the farm “Nope, not a zombie to be seen. Besides, this is one heavy duty fence. A Rhino couldn’t get in here. Anyway, city life is over rated these days.”

Joker crossed his arms refusing to discuss the matter further. Three bolts secured the gate which was soon opened for the vehicles. The group parked next to the beat up pick up and a newer sedan. The smaller convict declined to get out of his car at the house. Another guard was posted to keep the sulking thief company. The soldier wasn’t surprised to find the door unlocked. From his experience farm house doors were rarely locked. Only strangers came to the front door of a house like this.

He took this as a sign that nobody was alive inside. A storm door let them into an enclosed porch full of boots and works clothing. The house door opened onto a kitchen with a table large enough to accommodate several farm workers as well as family. A short hall off the kitchen was the entrance to the empty master bedroom.

The cellar door was also off the kitchen. Trey crept down the closed back stairs peering over the sides of the stringers. The field stone walls contained the junk piled in the damp space leaving only a space to walk through and nothing responded to the call he made. Another doorway opened onto the living room. The stairs in the living room led up to three empty bedrooms.

Outside the barn among five dead goons and a handful of empty shotgun hulls lay what was left of the farmer. The ground level of the barn and hayloft were empty. Two rows of cow stalls that lined the lower level were also empty of all but spider webs. A small building attached to the barn was the disused creamery.

The newer red tractor sat in an gravel floored, three sided equipment shed. The plow and other implements sat in the other bays of the building. A locked tool room was located near an unused smoke house. Andrews spoke as the group strolled back to the cars. “There isn’t any pasture so the old fella must have switched over from dairy to just crops. That’s what my uncle did after he had health problems.”

“My great aunt leased her fields out to some other farmers after my great uncle died. I baled hay a couple seasons. That’s tough work” the Swede chimed in.

Trey closed and bolted the gate after everyone else had passed through. Once he was in the passenger seat of the luxury car Joker broke his silence. “You’re right. This would be better for the boys. But I don’t trust that fence and we don’t even know if it goes the whole way around the farm. There isn’t any power source here. How would we cook? “

“All good questions. I at least think we should consider putting in some crops here. We’d lose some to the deer, raccoons and other critters if we aren’t here full time. Most of the goons have been on or near the roads so far and that fence would keep out most of the ones we’ve seen. If we’re not broadcasting our presence the big groups won’t be interested. We have to go look for solar gear anyway. If we find enough we could have a set up here.

“When do go for the solar stuff?”

“We have the tiller and a tractor now. The fields should be planted fairly soon. I guess it’s up to the old man” Trey finished.

“I notice you never call him that when he’s around” Joker needled his friend.

“That’s because he scares me.”

Joker laughed at the thought. Then he asked a serious question. “Would you really have shot Gunderson?”

“Oh, you heard about that.” The bank robber was silent for several minutes. “It didn’t come to that. I was sure I could get through to him. The guys I served with were highly motivated so this was a new experience for me. Almost shooting him has had the same result as doing it if story is spreading. Andrews has sure become all gung ho. The whore that got religion syndrome.”

“You said a lot of words but didn’t answer my question.”

Trey just shrugged with a smile on his face.

The convoy stopped to wait for the gate to open and heard the tiller running. Bobo who now headed the garden crew watched his workers take turns with the machine chewing through the turned and hoed earth inside the walls. The kids all stood nearby watching the machine that was a new experience for most of them. As if the convoy arrival was a signal the rain started to fall again.

The rain continued and work was called off for the day. The ground would need some time to dry before the garden could be worked again. Probably not tomorrow, but maybe the day after according to the two gardeners at the prison.

The quartet sat in the cell with the boys learning how to sharpen their knives. After lunch Joker noticed that Trey had that look on his face. “Who wants to go for a ride?”

The two kids were excited by the thought of getting out of the walls. Joker’s attitude was what else do we have to do? Joker and Alex were in the thief’s dream car while Lucas and Trey rode in the bank robber’s jeep. Nobody ever questioned the two convicts when they pulled up to the gate. The two vehicles twisted and turned on the back roads at slow speeds. The rain had finally slowed to a drizzle but the wildlife was still sitting tight while it was wet.

The crew at the truck stop received the radio transmission and was waiting at the door to the restaurant. The soldier explained that this was just a joyride and everything was fine. The two boys wrinkled their noses going through the door. The smell was rotting meat mixed with bleach. Ann explained the body had been removed and the area bleached but a lot of the odor still remained.

The brothers were soon exploring each room. Tiring of that activity they began running up and down between the tables but at their guardian’s insistence keeping their voices at a speaking volume. Ann explained to the two convicts that the rain had cut the fuel harvesting short. The truck only had half a load. This would be the last trip for this station with the level getting very low in the tanks.

Once the rain slacked off the convicts and kids took guard posts for the boys’ education. Trey explained about just turning your head to look around since movement might attract unwanted attention. “Like deer hunting” Alex asked?

“Exactly like deer hunting” the soldier replied.

“Dad taught us that” Lucas explained to the two surprised men.

Todd was in the truck bed pumping fuel. He began checking the transferred diesel several times while each barrel was filled. He called a halt when water began showing up during his checks. The fuel crew plus four made their way back to the prison.

For one reason or another, mostly weather related, everyone was done for the day on the early side. Trey thought about sneaking the kids back inside but figured “screw it” and they walked in as a group. The boys had a skill session with the punching bag. These sessions were never long and stayed fun since the kids never got bored.

The height was varied so each could try an uppercut before mixing it in with other punches. So far all the training had been punching so the veteran taught them the old reliable kick to the groin. Despite stern looks from his partner Joker insisted on adding sound effects in a falsetto voice making the boys giggle.

At supper the two convicts noticed everyone at the Player’s table was armed. Even Nick had a handgun in the clinic by his bed. Most of the handguns were 9mm except for the 1911 Mr. Pitman was packing in a shoulder holster. Only Joker and Trey were toting rifles as well as side arms. At least one set of eyes were viewing the rest of the room at any given time. The two convicts’ peculiarity for always being armed had become the new normal.

The post meal meeting commenced with the fuel crew announcing the empty tanks at the truck stop. The next run would be to another location. The garden was up in the air until the ground dried. The big news was the tractor being located. The discussion lasted over an hour. Trey discussed the number of trips necessary to move all the equipment even if the tractor itself was driven to its new location which he thought was a bad idea due the noise.

Silence settled over the table at his next question. Where would the fields be plowed at? Even if they plowed all the available ground outside the walls it wouldn’t be enough for the number of people they had to feed. If that was the method used the corn would hide anything or anyone approaching the walls. The warden interrupted pointing his finger at the soldier “You’re leading up to something, I can tell.”

“Well I did have one idea” the bank robber said smiling.

Joker groaned banging his head on the table. Seeing the look on Mr. Pitman’s face Trey spit it out. “We keep the farm the tractor is already on. The equipment is already there saving us time and fuel. Once a crop is put in just a couple people can watch over the place. The barn is empty so that’s all storage space. It’s set up for cows if we want to get one of two for the kids. It’s already fenced in so the goons can’t walk around contaminating everything. The place isn’t far from the Taylor’s farm if we need advice. The two farms would be mutually supporting in an emergency.”

All the faces were turned toward him in silence. “We have to make a decision. The seeds have to be in the ground shortly.”

Again no one spoke. “You know, knee high by the fourth of July”.

“So you want to live outside the walls” the gray haired man asked?

“I wouldn’t say no to the opportunity. And Joker is all for the idea.”

“I can see he’s chomping at the bit.”

“It’ll be great for the kids.”

“You figure on taking the boys out there” Ann asked?

“That’s where we found them.”

Joker raised his head “Those kids are tough. I was an orphan so I know about being a tough kid.”

“That farm should be planted even if nobody lives there” Trey made his last point.

Mr. Pitman ran his hand through his hair before saying “You have a convincing argument. If nobody objects then go ahead. I still don’t like it though.”

The meeting broke up leaving the two new farmers at the table making plans. Trey’s enthusiasm was contagious to the point Joker quit frowning. The brothers as well as the convicts could share rooms. That left two rooms for whoever else might want to stay on the farm. They would talk to Zach before doing anything else. They started a list of everything they needed to start with,

Seed corn would be needed since there was not near enough heirloom seed to plant a field. The vehicles would need both gasoline and diesel. Neither man thought to look at the furnace in the farmhouse. They hadn’t looked in the cupboards either but Trey was sure they would need more food there. They had the jeep and Mercedes but a truck would be a good idea for a farm. The prison was short a truck already since one was wrapped around a tree in the woods.

As the pair was leaving the dining hall they were stopped by Peach asking to stay at the farm. She learned of the arrangement from Ann after the meeting. Her sentiments were “Anything is better than here.” The Swede was waiting patiently inside the pod for his two fellow convicts. “I want to stay at the farm.”

“You’d be welcome” Trey replied.

The Swede volunteered “I didn’t have any place to go before. Now I do. I have a bad feeling about this place. There are too many useless and resentful sheep staying here.”

The bank robber lay awake that night processing all the tasks that lay ahead. The farm would need a power source as well as the prison. Once the fields were planted that was the next priority. He had barely fallen asleep before having his shoulder shaken. Sitting up and rubbing his eyes he focused on Mr. Swan standing next to his cot.

“Someone is at the gate asking for you. The gate man didn’t know where you were so he woke me up. And no I don’t who it is.” The head guard stomped away after delivering his message.

Trey collected his coat and weapons and made his way to the prison gate. The former Marine mechanic greeted him from outside the walls. “I never thought I’d be saying this. But please let me back in.”

The veteran laughed while signaling for the gates to be opened. Jerry drove a dented, green Expedition with a flapping fender and no bumper into the courtyard. A ragged, dirty and hungry family exited the green four wheel drive. Led to the kitchen food was soon cooking. Those not cooking were shown to empty cells and the showers. Jerry was given clean prison issue to replace the blood stiffened clothing he was wearing. Back in his cell Trey quickly fell asleep.
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Re: Doing Time

Post by Groucho » Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:55 pm

In the morning Jerry’s bleary eyed gang lined up for breakfast as the rest of the population was leaving the tables. Trey was finishing his coffee when Jerry joined him with his tray. Nodding his head toward his group at the next table he said “Thanks for taking us in.”

“No thanks necessary. You’re one of our gold members with express check in“ the bank robber smiled.

“We had a hard time out there. Getting home wasn’t too bad. We stayed too long but nobody wanted to leave except me. By the time we hit the road we couldn’t stay on the interstates. After we managed to get past the grid lock we kept running into mobs of those things. On the side roads we couldn’t make any real time. With the detours, looking for gas, scrounging for food and finding a safe place to spend a night. I never thought we’d actually get here. That was the third set of wheels we had since starting out.”

“One other Convict returned. Where did you come from?”

“Outside of Philly. So you’re the man now?”

“Nope. The old man is still upstairs. If you’re staying you should know we had some trouble here. Some people got themselves shot and some got kicked out. The civilians keep trying to take over from the Warden.”

“Seriously” Jerry asked with disbelief?

Trey nodded his answer. “There is a sort of doctor if any of your people are hurt or sick. You were a marine so you’ll be issued a weapon. Keep it on you because these people are kind of funny. You’ll see what I mean. The power is from the generator so we have to go out for fuel, food too for that matter. Mr. Pitman wants a garden started but getting the equipment and the rain has slowed things down.”

“What can I do to help” Jerry inquired?

“We have a farm a ways from here. I don’t know when the tractor was run last.”


“Yep. We’re on nature’s deadline. See Mr. Swann for a weapon and meet us outside.”

With a thumbs up gesture Jerry went looking for the head guard. The Swede, Salvo and two new civilians were waiting for the soldier next to the trucks. Joker was giving the two young brothers a driving lesson from the back seat of the Mercedes complete with sound effects. Trey did the zombie walk in front of the stationary car.

Lucas gave a delighted shriek as his brother yelled “Should we hit him?” Joker sobered up “No. He’s too ugly, go around him. Never hit a Zed if you don’t have to or you’ll end up walking instead of driving.” Alex hearing the serious tone nodded that he understood. The two dogs sat watching the humans puzzled by the noises.

The bank robber slid into the back seat being greeted with the question “Can we come today Trey?”

“Not today guys. We don’t know if the sound will bring the goons running or not.”

Lucas looked disappointed until his brother pulled him out of the car to help Jerry struggling with two tool boxes and his rifle. Lucas proudly carried the Ruger rifle to the truck. Alex’s skinny arms fought to hold up his end of one tool box while the marine carried the other end.

The two boys departed with the dogs just before one of Mr. Swan’s men in the gate box called down. Trey jogged up the stairs then used his binoculars to confirm the guard’s report. A goon was walking up the access road to the gate. A movement by the houses that attracted his attention turned out to be three more of the dead headed towards the prison.

Walking back down the stairs he thought that if the kids yelling and the vehicles idling weren’t enough to attract attention the rottotiller that was just fired up would do the trick. Joining the others he informed his crew “We have company.” Everyone on the crew rushed to the gate to have a look. The soldier looked at the new guys saying “You’re lucky; you get to pop your cherry right here.”

The two men shuffled their feet in response. The taller of the two licked his lips nervously glancing at the gate. “Maybe Anderson’s public relations work was paying off” popped into his mind. “At least they didn’t run away. The gates opened and the trucks moved onto the lane before Joker exited his Mercedes to join his cellmate.

He gave the two recruits his zombie speech while they kept their eyes glued to the approaching goon over his shoulder. Snapping his fingers once to ensure they were hearing his words caused their eyes to swivel to him briefly before returning to the dead man.

Trey almost laughed out loud at his chipper friend telling the noobies “Hey, we do this all the time. No sweat. We’ll take the first two then you guys can finish off the last couple.” Joker led the dead man into the grass off the road before crashing the heel of the axe head into the skull of the plumber from Sandy Lake.

The bank robber dispatched the retired barber from Forestville at the junction of the prison lane and the cross street. He motioned the tall noob forward as one goon face planted over his twice dead companion. The tall man’s strike was off center stripping the hair and skin from the right side of the goon’s skull and audibly broke its shoulder sending the dead man to the ground.

Stretch was on his hands and knees regurgitating his breakfast a mere three feet from the goon. The soldier seized the collar of his coat dragging him out of range of the zed. The second recruit jumped forward unbidden scooping up the dropped ax to bury the sharp edge far into the bare skull.

The struggle to pull the ax free split the skull in two allowing the black remains of the brain to slip out on the grass. The second man promptly lost his breakfast onto his conquered foe. Joker seeing the look on his friend’s face took charge rolling the tall man over.

Water from the small man’s canteen washed the vomit from his face soaking his jacket in the process. Joker pulled on his arm to get the man started up on his feet. “Hold out your hands” he commanded filling the cupped hands with water for Stretch to wash the acrid taste from his mouth. “You got to do this man! You don’t want to end on the road.”

Trey was prodding the remaining goon in the chest keeping it in one spot. The tall man swallowed hard taking the offered axe as the convict stepped aside. The overhand blow collapsed the goon onto the spring grass. The rest of the crew gave an atta boy to the green at the gills rookies before mounting up.

Joker turned off their regular route to the farm driving down a different set of back roads at Trey’s direction. “How do you know where these roads go? Is it some kind of redneck radar” the thief demanded?

Trey shook his head sadly “You city folk! I don’t know exactly where it goes but it’s headed in the right direction. Sooner or later we’ll see something that looks familiar.”

“Gee, thanks. You’re very reassuring.”

“Any time I can set your mind at ease buddy, just ask” the bank robber replied with a smile.

The crew stopped several times to eliminate goons along the road. Other members of the walking dead could be seen too far out in the fields to be a threat. Trey made a head shot on a goon with the suppressed AR at a hundred yards resting his elbows on the roof of the German car to the applause of his group.

Eventually the vehicles drove up to the farm from the opposite direction than they had previously. The soldier set a guard in the top floor of the farmhouse and by the barn that blocked the view from the house. The men discussed the increase in zombie sightings while walking to the machine shed. If the hordes were breaking up those things could turn up anywhere at any time.

Jerry set about checking out the tractor with a very interested Swede looking over his shoulder. Trey took Joker and the rookies on a walk around the perimeter of the cleared ground they would hopefully be plowing today.

One cornfield doglegged to the east out of sight of the buildings. At the back of the field the farm lane passed through a locked gate and continued into the trees. The four held a quick huddle that resulted in Joker staying with Stretch by the gate while Trey took the other noob for a stroll in the woods.

The rain soaked leaves covering the lane made for silent movement if the fallen tree branches were avoided. The lane dropped over the brow of the hill leading down to a small stream. The woodland was hardwoods mixed with patches of briars, crabapple trees and the odd conifer. The creek was easily crossed on the exposed rocks in the streambed. During the summer the small waterway would be reduced to a trickle.

The two man scouting party crossed the stream following the lane down the valley and then back up to high ground. The woods abruptly ended with the lane leading to another locked gate after crossing a short piece of overgrown field. The road beyond the gate ran parallel to the road in front of their house.

Crossing the gate the two men followed the road to their left where it disappeared around a bend a short distance away. The road crossed the valley where glimpses of field could be seen through gaps in the trees. A half mile in the other direction from the gate the view from a knoll was more trees and fields with no buildings in sight. The straight and level road disappeared at a distant bend.

“We’ll take the short cut back” Trey directed his new guy pointing towards the overgrown field.

“Why can’t we use the road back?”

“We already saw that area. There isn’t anything new to learn going that way again. If we have to run or fight it’ll be better if we know the entire area.”

The two men slogged through the field their pant legs soaking up moisture from the grass. Trey finally learned his companion’s name was Holder who was spending his time grumbling about getting wet. Holder used a length of rusty rebar as a walking stick when he wasn’t making swipes at the thicker bunches of grass.

The soldier cautioned the civilian about making noise as they entered the wood line at the end of the field. They advanced across the head of the hollow which was not near as steep as it was further west. Trey surmised the flat ground would extend all the way to the cleared field after crossing the dip.

The bank robber walked around a large root ball of a downed tree unlike Holder who chose to climb over the trunk. The noob cursed loudly at finding himself surround by a dozen destroyed bodies of the dead. He almost laughed at the new guy until a boney hand closed on Holder’s ankle. Backing up the top half of a goon was dragged along still attached to his leg.

Holder whined in fear and disgust kicking at the dead man to free himself. The man screamed out loud as the claw lost its grip and he jumped backward away from the horror crashing into the maple tree behind him. Stunned for a second, he screamed louder breaking into a sprint toward the fence somewhere ahead of him.

Trey stood with his mouth open in surprise watching the terror stricken civilian flee like a startled deer. Catching up the dropped rebar it punctured the skull of the barely reanimated dead man. “There’s no way I’ll catch him” he said to himself hoping Joker would stop the runner. “He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t break his neck running over rough ground like that” noting the fresh blood at head height on the maple’s bark.

The group of zombies had, with one exception, been shot in the head. Poking around in the leaves he found some empty steel casings where the shooter had made his stand. Head shots at can’t miss range as each goon approached him. Knowing his curiosity would remain unsatisfied as to the shooter and the circumstance he continued on toward the fence.

He met Joker coming from the other direction. “What did you do to that guy? He’s totally freaked out.”

Trey explained what happened to the smaller man. Joker laughed saying “You should have seen him clear that fence. The dude looked like a world class gymnast. He flew over the fence. Ole Stretch wasn’t waiting to see what was chasing his buddy. The last I saw they were both running as hard as they could for the house.”

“Yeah, the crew will think we got killed again” the soldier responded. “There must be something wrong with us.”

“Naw. We just got nerves of steel” the thief explained.

“True. Golf and Sunday brunch isn’t much of a training regimen.”

The two convicts crossed the fence meeting their rescue party running down the main field. The group shared a chuckle as the story was told again with Joker’s peculiar brand of drama. The panicked and unarmed crew members weren’t in the vehicles but were finally located in the farmhouse behind locked doors.

Salvo had bounded down the stairs at the sound of the panicky entry into the house. The crew on the porch could hear the prison guard talking calmly to the runners. After some minutes the door unlocked and the shaken noobs emerged onto the porch. Trey was tempted to put the two men on the top floor as guards but decided that would be rewarding their negative behavior.

The bank robber inspected the bleeding wound on the back of Holder’s head. A pad of gauze from his LBE pressed against the wound was used to stop the bleeding. Two aspirin completed the treatment for the injured rookie. “You better let Dr. Doom check it out when we get back. Stitches shouldn’t hurt much” was Joker’s medical opinion said with his maniacal grin.

The crew minus Salvo returned to the tractor shed. The remainder of the boring afternoon was only interrupted by hopeful attempts of getting the diesel to turn over. The bank robber mulled over the idea of asking Zach Taylor for help only to have his thoughts broken by the tractor coming to life roughly before smoothing out and running strong.

The smiling mechanic was congratulated with backslaps and laughter at his feat including that of the sheepish new guys. The Swede managed the attaching of the plow before the crew called a halt for the day. The convoy stopped at the Taylor farm before heading for home. Zach was at the gate intending to drive over to prison’s new farm. An agreement was reached that both farms would ready their respective fields at the same time. This would limit the amount of time the sound could attract the dead.

The drive home was again interrupted by stops to dispatch several zombies wandering next to or on the road. The goons weren’t in a group and didn’t seem to be moving in any common direction until they spotted the convoy. While watching the Swede smash a few skulls Joker made a suggestion “Why don’t you let the new guys shoot a zed.”

The bank robber looked at the thief “I can think of a lot of outcomes and most of them are bad. I’m not handing a rifle to anybody that loses it like those two did. Right now I wouldn’t trust them with a sharp stick.”

“Geez man, tell me how you really feel” Joker commented causing both men to laugh. “Look pal, you’re a wonderful general but a lousy politician. Let me smooze the civilians to get them doing what you want.”

The soldier was silent for several minutes. “Ok. The Warden is the emperor and I’m the general so what does that make you?”

The madly grinning Joker had a ready answer “The chief bullshitter.”

“The chief of Schmooze?”

“The secretary of smooth!”

“I think you better settle for public relations director.”
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Re: Doing Time

Post by BreAnna » Wed Aug 06, 2014 4:56 am

Groucho wrote:“You should have seen him clear that fence. The dude looked like a world class gymnast. He flew over the fence. Ole Stretch wasn’t waiting to see what was chasing him. The last I saw they were both running as hard as they could for the house.”

“Yeah, the crew will think we got killed again” the soldier responded. “There must be something wrong with us.”
Thank you so very much for making my morning a little more bearable!
Wonderful work, as always!
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Re: Doing Time

Post by Sheriff McClelland » Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:40 am

Great start to my day . Thanks for the update !
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Re: Doing Time

Post by airdrop » Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:47 am

Great updates ,really enjoy the story :clap: can't wait for more :words: to fill my hungry brain :mrgreen:

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Re: Doing Time

Post by teotwaki » Wed Aug 06, 2014 12:43 pm

Thanks for two nice and long updates. I am really getting attached to Trey and Joker.
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Re: Doing Time

Post by Halfapint » Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:07 pm

hizzah! Great update thanks for taking the time!!!!
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Re: Doing Time

Post by 91Eunozs » Wed Aug 06, 2014 3:43 pm

Woot! :clap:

Thanks for the entries! Great story line development(s)...the beginnings of self-sufficient living I hope.
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Re: Doing Time

Post by DAVE KI » Wed Aug 06, 2014 4:55 pm

Great update and humorous. All I could think of was "they ran through the briars and they ran through the bushes..."
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Re: Doing Time

Post by Spazzy » Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:49 am

Excellent! Thanks for the hard work and effort! It is much appreciated!
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Re: Doing Time

Post by Zimmy » Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:07 am

Keep it up!
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Re: Doing Time

Post by dank » Fri Aug 08, 2014 5:27 pm

Just caught up, I've been reading your "Old School" story too. You have talent. Thanks for the great reads. :)

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Re: Doing Time

Post by teotwaki » Tue Aug 12, 2014 8:36 pm


This Ol' boar is not bored but he sure is hongry!!
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Re: Doing Time

Post by Groucho » Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:13 pm

My thanks to BreAnna, SheriffMcClelland, airdrop, Halfapint, 91Eunozs, DAVE KI, Spazzy, Zimmy, dank and teotwaki.

Nice to see another fan of Old School dank.
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Re: Doing Time

Post by Groucho » Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:15 pm

Joker called a halt when half a dozen geeks were spotted in a fenced field along the road. Trey watched with interest as the .22 pump rifle and ammo were removed from the Mercedes back seat. The bank robber moved the rear view mirror so he could watch the thief approach the truck the rookies were riding in to begin schmoozing.

The small man was speaking to the occupants then motioned with one hand toward the dead plodding toward the stopped vehicles. Salvo who was the driver remained looking straight ahead smiling slightly. The conversation continued with the driver’s smile growing larger. A hand extended from the truck pointed at the group of cannibals approaching the fence, pointed up in the air and then down the road. Joker lifted the rifle in one hand several times during the exchange making some point.

The soldier figured the rookies were already mentally safe behind the prison walls although physically still on the road. Now the small convict wanted them to go back “out there” which was a hard sell. The other riders were getting out of their vehicles to see what was going on. With the windows open the sound of the fence wire being stretched against the wood posts and fasteners by the dead was clearly heard.

The thief folded his arms as best he could still holding the rifle. The body language was clear that the discussion was over. Salvo put his hand over his mouth probably to keep from laughing out loud. Trey figured the rookies were flatly refusing to dismount and wondered what his partner would do next. To his surprise a door opened and the reluctant passengers exited their safe haven.

The bank robber stepped from the German car with his rifle eyeing the dead reaching over the fence. His movement caught the attention of a large woman with frizzy red hair that amazingly looked like a sister or cousin of Jean Rolly. The red haired thing moved down the fence until opposite the Mercedes. It stood drooling for a moment before raising its remaining arm that was missing a hand. One bare breast protruding from her torn fast food uniform was punctured by the fence barbs as she leaned against it.

Shifting his attention back to the neophyte shooters he saw his partner had selected Holder to shoot first which was a good choice since he was prone to panic. Joker handed the man one round and talked him through loading the weapon’s tubular magazine keeping his focus on the weapon rather than the animated targets.

Holder yanked on the slide attempting to chamber a round until his coach showed him the release. The slide was racked back and then slammed forward. Trey heard more conversation without being able to make out the words. Joker had the noob taking deep breaths to calm him down. The soldier acknowledged his partner’s patience since it pained him just to watch the instructions. He was patient with the boys, but dammit, this was a grown man.

After what seemed an eternity the safety was off and the rifle was raised to fire. The barrel moved so much that it was impossible to determine what was being aimed at. The shooter raised his head from the stock after the unique spat of the small caliber being fired only to see his target unmarked. The procedure began all over again.

Trey leaned against the hood of the car taking a good look around with the binoculars ignoring the happenings behind him although he noticed the shots were being fired more rapidly. The cheer of success made him turn to see a zed with black goo trickling out of its left eye, only being held up by the barb through his chin pulling the top wire dangerously low. Holder’s face held a huge smile from the experience of killing a goon all of twenty feet away. The wire twanged as the barb tore through the long dead flesh spilling the geek onto the grass.

The rifle was being handed to Stretch as Trey walked along the far side of the convoy. He joined the Swede who just as bored with watching the shooters as he was. “How long do you think it will take to plow all the fields”?

The Swede replied after a moment “Five or ten acres a day I’d guess. And we have what? Forty acres? That’s if we don’t have any mechanical problems.”

“That’s a lot more than the two days I was figuring on.”

His thinking was interrupted by a cheer for the successful shooter after only a couple rounds were fired. He glanced over his shoulder to see Joker walking his students up to the fence ax in hand. The thief stood with the outstretched hands almost touching his jacket talking over his shoulder. The chest push was demonstrated followed by a faster thrust at a head, both moving the owners momentarily away from the fence.

The students were corrected so the ax head contacted the breast bone and low enough on the skull not to skid off. The farm crew moved off leaving a pile of corpses next to the fence. Trey made a point of congratulating Joker “I’m impressed. I really didn’t think those two could be made to perform that well.”

“If I had to do that every day I’d end up straggling someone. I just kept repeating to myself that they can’t help being idiots. We’ll have to see how they do against free range goons.”

“So you’re taking them tomorrow too?”

“Yep. It dampened their new found confidence when I told them that.”

“You guys can be the flying squad then. That means running around the fences to wherever the geeks show up.”

The gardeners were checking the soil when the convoy arrived. Mr. Pitman nodded to the convicts without speaking being more interested in the garden. The verdict was with no more rain the tilling could continue tomorrow afternoon. “What about our fields” Joker whispered.

“They’re tilling up sod here. Our ground felt pretty solid to me.”

The young brothers joined their guardians for supper then hurrying to the entertainment area since the first ones there go to pick the video for the evening. The crew reports were made to the old man at the big table. Ann and Peach joined the two friends with the younger woman asking to go with the farm crew the next day. It was agreed to with Ann’s permission. “Who do I get in trade?”

“How about ole Stretch? I personally trained him” the thief said with a winning smile.

“You mean the guy that scalped the zombie and then puked up his breakfast?”

“Hey, he did much better on the way home tonight.”

“Wait a minute’ Trey interrupted. “We’re losing Jerry tomorrow. He should have had a couple days down time but we needed him to get the tractor running.”

“Well crap!”

“How about Anderson” the bank robber suggested. “He’s really into whacking the geeks.”

“I’ll ask him. But you guys better take care of my girl here” Ann looked at the pair of convicts in a threatening manner.

Joker took a step back leaving Trey to placate Ann by promising to look after the young woman like she was his sister. The two women walked away only to be intercepted by the Moreau boys who insisted they watch the video with them. The guardians, at a loss without the boys, decided to change and run laps until after full dark. They cleaned up and read like the old days until the children showed up yawning.

The sound of the Taylor’s tractor firing up greeted the crew exiting the vehicles at the farm the next morning. The two friends had shared a companionable silence on the drive out. The only zeds seen were far out in the fields. Other than a few hellos everyone got to work without conversation.

Joker took his newly trained killers toward the house posting one man at the property corner and the other behind the barn. The small man walked a wide loop between the two positions with Trey’s binoculars around his neck.

The Swede excitedly headed toward the machine shed. Trey held his breath until the tractor engine turned over. The quiet man motioned Salvo up on the machine to lean against the wheel fender. The guard slipped his sling over his head when the Swede stopped to lower the plow so he had both hands to hold on with.

Growing bored after the plow made several passes, Trey took Peach on a stroll along the western perimeter fence. The patch of trees inside the border grew wider the farther north they walked. By the time the fence turned east it was a hundred yards from the edge of the field. It was a good bet that the fence followed the property line on that side.

Salvo switched places on the tractor with Peach at the north end of its pass. The guard and the convict walked back through the plowed earth picking up the largest rocks and pitched them toward the edge of the field. Most of the stones had been dropped by a glacier at the end of the ice age. Farther north east were boulders the size of a house.

Two hours after the plowing began a bored Trey had joined Joker on his loop between guard posts. The smaller man stopped raising the binoculars to his eyes. Pointing he handed the glasses to his partner. After adjusting the device to fit his face he could see a head and torso on the far side of the hill crest in the unfenced hay field across the road. The remainder of the geek came into view as though on a very slow escalator. Holder finally spotted the form and called from the corner of the house pointing toward the field.

Joker waved back acknowledging the late alert. “Unless they come walking down the road the dead should take awhile to get here. With the various fences, creek beds and heavy undergrowth in the woods a lot should lose interest once the noise stops” Trey voiced his opinion of the situation.

“You hope” the thief replied.

The bank robber walked back to the field. He stopped the Swede at the end of a pass to let them know they had their first visitor and to keep their eyes open. The small convict stood at the gate for the hour it took for the goon to arrive. The once handsome high school student wore the tattered sweats of his cross country team. The thin runner’s build was marred by horrendous wounds to the torso visible through tears in the clothing.

The geek was teased away from the gate past Holder’s post to the corner of the property. “Should I kill it” the nervous guard asked?

“Not yet. If we put any of them down here we’ll have to get rid of the bodies. Let’s see if we can lead them away at the end of the day.”

The thief poked around the barn and the tool shed out of boredom making two discoveries. The first was a metal bin tucked in a corner that held several bags of seeds that was missed when the building was cleared. The second was an old pedal powered grinding wheel in the rear of the tool shed.

Checking through the debris in the tool shed he discovered several lengths of 3/8 inch rebar meant to be used on smaller jobs. The thief transported the bar along with a file to the house porch. Holder was enlisted to stand on the bar as Joker went to work with the file.

The soldier wandered up to the porch at one point. “Whatchya doin?”

“Just another brilliant idea of mine.”

“Do tell.”

“Well, look at the goon there. Unless it’s right up against the fence the ax handle will hit the fence before it contacts the head. A miss or bad hit will definitely hit the fence. Hitting the fence is a bad idea.”

“I’m with you so far.”

“This is a zombie spear. I figure to use it through the eye like the little rifles. So I’m thinning the bar into a blade and point” Joker said pointing with his file toward the student who had been joined by two dead comrades.

“That looks like slow going.”

“I’m just roughing it out. I found an old grinding wheel to finish it on.”

“The old treadle type?”


“When are you gonna try it?

“We don’t want to kill them here, right?”

“Down wind or way, way up wind.”

The pair carried the old wheel out of the shed. Trey held the far end while the thief held the blade end to the stone. They switched back and forth taking turns pedaling hard to get the stone spinning at a decent speed. An old can filled with water kept the metal from becoming too hot. When he thought it was done the smaller man made some practice thrusts saying “Better too long than too short.”

The five foot piece of finely rusted rebar was almost as tall as the thief. The blade was a quarter of an inch thick beveled sharply at the tip and six inch long double edges. After experimenting with the weapon Trey gave his opinion “You’ll either need gloves or to wrap this thing with leather boot laces or something.”

When they arrived back at the corner of the fence there were now six goons milling around. One was Joker’s height and almost as round as he was tall. Upon their appearance the human cue ball bounced repeatedly off the fence. The enormous gut vibrating the second and third boards.

“I hate to kill them here, but that one has to go before he springs a board loose.”

The thief smiled in response hefting the spear. His light footed approach to the fence made him appear to be stalking his prey. The metal rod was held shoulder high in his right hand, supported by the left palm closer to the point. The dead attempted to move closer to the small man but their roly poly member’s antics and size kept them well to each side.

Joker stood timing the bounces against the fence then thrust the spear forward as the geek also moved forward. The tip struck the cheek bone sliding up and through the eye into the brain. The elated Joker was slow pulling back on his weapon when the twice dead man collapsed. The top rail of the fence became a fulcrum whipping the rod out of his grip. The spear continued up forcing the geek’s head back. Centrifugal force slid the spear out of the eye making a half revolution to end point down in the ground three feet beyond the fence.
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Re: Doing Time

Post by Groucho » Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:16 pm

“Son of a bitch” the small man yelled rubbing the palms of both hands on his state issued jeans.

“That’s something you don’t see everyday” Trey laughed at his partner. "You should of schmoozed him."

With a maniacal grin Joker shot back "Hey, it worked didn't it?"

"So we only need five more spears just for today."

"That was just a beta test."

The pair waited for the tractor being piloted by Peach under the Swede's direction to return from the far edge of the field. The four agreed to stop plowing for now and the next day disc, harrow and hopefully get this section planted. Then if too many goons showed up they would at least have seeds in the ground.

The Swede dropped the plow at the shed. The disc was connected by a group effort so all of them could do it. The guards were called in and the group assembled at the vehicles. The tractor at the Taylor farm provided a background noise as the route home was planned. The Swede stopped Trey before he was inside the Mercedes. "I was thinking. We could probably skip using the plow since the field is so clean. I'm not sure that we even need to run the harrow. Just run the disc and then the planter. If a row doesn't get covered we could do that by hand. That would save time and fuel."

"That sounds like a plan. Good idea, I wouldn't have thought of it" the bank robber complemented the group's chief farmer.

Joker and Trey were last out of the gate. The dead were approaching as the convoy passed in the opposite direction. The German car bringing up the rear braked at the fence corner so the driver could run up in the field to retrieve his spear. Wiping the blade free of dead man's brains on the grass the convict triumphantly returned with his prize and stowed his invention in the trunk.

The convoy was together again before reaching the Taylor's gate. The vehicles slowed enough to tease the geeks at the gate to stagger after the slow moving vehicles driving up the road. Once they were far enough up the road for the dead to lose interest in the tractor's noise they sped away losing the crowd on the first turn towards home.

The Moreau brothers waited at the gate with the dogs. At supper that night there was a new rowdy bunch of travelers. The kids mostly older than Lucas and Alex ran wild ignoring the stern looks of the long time residents of the facility. Ann had brought the new folks in with her group from the fuel run. "They pulled up looking for gas. There was three trucks of them who were armed and confident. They didn't seem to be looking for trouble and I thought they would be a good addition. I may have been hasty."

"It's too early to tell" the Warden opined. "At least they aren't afraid of their own shadow."

The brothers wandered away to watch a video as each crew gave their report of the day. Joker jogged Trey's arm nodding toward the TV area. One of the new kids was deliberately standing in front of the screen blocking the view with a taunting smile on his face. Alex walked up to him and exchanged words. Both the convicts could imagine the "What are you gonna do about it" conversation even though they couldn't hear the words.

Alex snapped a left jab to the head and a right to the body sending the kid sprawling into the television with both ending up on the floor with a crash. One of the new guys quickly arrived snatching up the offender "There's only one TV here and you try to break it the first day" accompanied by a cuff to the head as he was dragged off. Trey smiled and Joker laughed outright drawing a looks of disapproval from the group who hadn't caught the entire incident. "What" he demanded? The conversation continued with more than a few at the player's table shaking their heads.

When the meeting broke up the brothers watched their guardians walk across the room towards them. Alex was on his feet by the time they arrived. "That kid was messing with us. He wouldn't move."

Trey smiled "You did fine".

Joker nodded his agreement adding "Watch the punches to the head without gloves on. You could hurt your hand. "

"True. But you're probably ok with just a jab. The second punch to the body was good. Was there anything else you could have done" the bank robber asked?

After a moment's thought the older boy said "An upper cut?"

"Absolutely. I'll show you some more moves. Now that kid was down but not out. The adult stopped the fight. He'll feel foolish even if nobody kids him about you being smaller than him and kicking his butt. That's why you need more than one technique. If he comes at you again he'll be prepared for that combination."

The non-traditional family walked outside together. Trey used Joker to demonstrate a few moves. How to slip a punch and come up with a left to the body or an upper cut. "He has a longer reach than you do so you have to go in close. The boys practiced ducking under the adults punches before punching the hands offered as targets.

Next Trey showed the youngsters how most fighters stand to throw a punch and how a foot sweep to the leading leg done perfectly can dump an opponent to the ground. Even if not perfect it will stagger most people leaving them open to a punch or kick. Practice was difficult so they went inside to where the bag hung

The final moves were what to do if your opponent tries to grab you by the shoulder. How to deflect the hand punching in return and break the hold if necessary. Finishing with making a grab or a push into an arm bar. The final advice from Joker was to keep fighting even if you're losing. Make it more trouble than it's worth for anyone to pick on you.

The group retired for a shower and spent the rest of the evening reading and counting. Alex sat patiently while his bother learned what he considered "baby stuff". Trey determined it would be best to separate the two boys in the future in order to make better use of the time available for study.

The next morning after breakfast Trey told his partner that he wanted to take the kids with them to the farm. "They're awful young for that. You know the goons will show up" Joker argued.

"They have a lot to learn and it can't all be done inside these walls. They have to get used to at least seeing those geeks. Besides they can see the planting and stuff. What if something happens to us or if this place has a total meltdown?"

"I see your point. I just wish they were older."

"It's a fact of life now. Like looking for cars before crossing the street used to be."

"Are you taking the dogs too?"

"Not today. They'd be a distraction and we have no idea how they'll react to the dead."

The dogs didn't understand why their playmates were leaving or why they couldn't ride in the car too. The Mercedes pulled through the gate with one child in the front seat and one in the back. The brothers were all wound up not having been in a vehicle in what seemed like forever. Before reaching the farm the boys called out each sighting of the dead out in the fields but became silent when a goon was close to the road. Lucas moved closer to Trey in the back seat but didn't stop looking.

Surprisingly none of the dead were at the fence surrounding the farm. The boys outside the prison walls for the first time since the truck stop required a reminder to only use their inside voices. The Swede let Alex ride on the tractor when he began disking the field. Later when Peach took her turn on the tractor Lucas was sitting on her lap.

Bored with the machinery one of their guardians followed them around as they explored the barn and farmhouse. The barn alone furnished many questions of the "What's this" variety for Trey and Joker to answer. They had just finished circling the field before the first geek arrived at the fence. They sat on the front porch as the thief told them all about the dead. How they looked and acted. What attracted them. Joker walked the boys the length of fence along the road so they could see how easily the dead could be outdistanced.

After lunch out of sight of the dead their attention was diverted by watching the planter being attached to the tractor. The brothers helped Trey and Joker plant the small amount of heirloom seeds they had that once harvested would be used as seed for the next years planting. Stakes clearly separated the heirloom plants from the regular seed. Before the work day ended both boys were asleep in the back seat of the German car.

The fields were disked but the planting had progressed less than half way. The members of the crew took turns following the planters path covering the seeds the machinery missed. Nobody wanted birds or critters eating the uncovered seeds.

Over the course of the day more dead had gathered than the previous day. The guards stayed out of sight inside the house and barn to keep the dead from massing at any one point of the fence. Spread out little pressure was being put on the study wood barrier. By day's end over forty cannibals had been attracted by the noise and activity.

Joker played the decoy leading the geeks to the west corner of the fence and away from the gate. The brothers watched the small convict with awe as he poked the dead with his spear and insulted them in a loud voice making no attempt to actually dispatch one after yesterday's failed attempt. the group at the cars heard him yell "So long suckers" as he ran laughing back to the vehicles.

The Taylor's tractor was still at work like the day before. Once again the convoy led the crowd of dead away from the farm and toward the Taylor's. Today the drive was slower to avoid alerting the geeks gathered at the Taylor's. If the mob was large like they feared it was hoped the party could zip past before the road was locked. The convoy slowed at the drive drawing the increased crowd down the road after them.

Back at the prison after eating the boys went to take the dogs outside having missed them after a long day away. Trey gave his farm report for the day. "We have one more day's work. After that I think we'll be drawing too large a crowd to risk it. In fact tomorrow we won't be taking the Mercedes or the kids."

"Why not Joker" asked distressed?

"We have a back way out but I doubt a car can make it."

"Through the woods?"

"Yep. Your car wouldn't make it across the creek without getting hung up."

Ann interrupted "Ask the new guys. They have big trucks. Maybe you two could go steal some more four by fours when you find the time."

"Trucks take drivers. Even if we get them running we can't herd them back here like cows" Joker explained unnecessarily.

"We aren't allowed out in small groups" Trey looked straight faced at the Warden.

"Perhaps the fuel crew can go thieving with you the day after tomorrow" Mr. Pitman replied equally stone-faced.

Joker looked at Ann with a satisfied smile on his face. The younger woman looked back anything but pleased. Used to running her own crew with Todd she knew the convicts would be calling the tune in any group they were with.

The door banged shut as Peach ran up to the table blurting out "There's trouble with the kids outside" before running back out the door. Trey and Joker were right behind her followed by a stream of residents from the big table.

Bursting through the door leading outside Trey saw two of the new traveler adults laughing at a pile of children in the grass being circled by two excited dogs. The thief and bank robber jogged past the crowd of watching children toward the action.

The pile of combatants began separating as the dogs helped their two friends against these strangers. The lab had gripped one boy by the pants leg pulling him roughly across the grass away from the others.
The boxer began nipping whatever he could reach soon herded two twin girls against the granite wall with growls and bared teeth.

Of the remaining two boys one was yelling due to Lucas, doing what smaller children tend to do, had his teeth locked onto an arm. The victim's pushes and slaps failed to dislodge the small boy. Alex escaped from the hold of the larger adversary of the day before rose to his feet first delivering a flurry of punches and kicks as the other tried to regain his feet. The older brother succeeded in knocking the wind from the older boy with a punch to the belly. The fight was over once he peeled his little brother off the stranger.
The Moreau gang emerged the victors.

The children as a whole were a collection of bloody lips, bloody noses, forming bruises and grass stained clothing. The dazed smaller brother looked like a vampire with a circle of blood around his mouth. The worst injury turned out to be the bitten arm that required a visit to doctor doom. The lab came when he was called but the boxer was reluctant to release his prisoners.

The bearded new comer introduced himself as Leon shaking the convicts' hands and complementing the brothers for being tough fighters. Shepherding his charges away from the scene he scolded them for ganging up on the two brothers. The unspoken message seemed to be if you gang up on someone you should be the winners.

An outside faucet was used to wash away the blood before their guardians checked the brothers for serious injuries. The dogs crowded the boys to reassure themselves that they were unharmed. The convicts told the youngsters they had done well and should be proud of themselves.

"They won't bother you anymore" Joker told them with a warm smile.

"You might even being friends with them now" Trey added.

"But why did they want to act that way" Alex asked?

"They're bigger than you. They were probably the tough bunch where they came from. You showed them you weren't afraid and were just as tough as they were" Joker said from his small man's perspective hinting at his past.

The brothers were quiet that night but were chipper the next morning despite being told they couldn't accompany the convicts that day. After breakfast Trey sought out Leon. "We could use another truck today".

"What's up."

"We're doing some planting and the crowds have been growing. We have a back way out but it'll take a four wheel drive and we're short a vehicle."

"OK. Where and when?"

"After breakfast at the front gate."

"Sounds like a plan" the bearded man replied.

The partners enjoyed a leisurely meal discussing the day ahead. By the time the two convicts arrived at the gate everyone was waiting for them. The new additions to the crew stood apart from the others as the two groups checked each other out.
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Re: Doing Time

Post by teotwaki » Wed Aug 13, 2014 12:21 pm

I can't help but be suspicious of Leon and his crew...... :ohdear:

If I had that nice tractor I might still think about finding a team of horses and a horse drawn plow for the not too distant future
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Re: Doing Time

Post by Sheriff McClelland » Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:12 pm

teotwaki wrote:I can't help but be suspicious of Leon and his crew...... :ohdear:

If I had that nice tractor I might still think about finding a team of horses and a horse drawn plow for the not too distant future
Good observation and alternative power source .
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Re: Doing Time

Post by MaconCJ7 » Wed Aug 13, 2014 6:15 pm

Plowing with a horse isn't as simply as finding a horse and old plow and joining them together. Lots of training involved, both for the horse and the worker. Granted, a stubborn idiot and a strong horse can make a good team with lots of effort, but, it won't be pretty, or efficient. It is something they should look at, and hopefully find an old timer or two that can teach them how to do it.

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Re: Doing Time

Post by Sheriff McClelland » Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:03 pm

The full time farmers living next door may possibly have some experience . But I hear ya . They should look harder for fuel in the ground and drain every abandoned semi for miles before an equine solution is relied on .
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Re: Doing Time

Post by Groucho » Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:58 pm

I covered horse power in another story. Like that area in Missouri, western Pennsylvania has its share of both Amish and Mennonites who I'm sure would survive in some of remote locations I've seen their farms. The Amish in eastern PA would not fare well being so close to larger cities. Twenty eight states have Amish communities with only Ohio having more than PA followed by Indiana. There is also the Western Pennsylvania Draft Horse, Mule and Pony Association. Those people travel around in the spring plowing public gardens and do exhibitions.
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