Are We The Last?

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Sheriff McClelland » Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:09 pm

I like the story line ,,, just hoping the updates are posted a little moar frequently :)
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by DAVE KI » Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:53 pm

Think if I were the main character I would have been checking out the Hummers and loading any I found in running order.But that's me though. Great tale you got going, you keep writing I keep reading. :clap:
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Fersaken » Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:13 am

September 4, 2014

I woke, chest still aching, I had gotten all to comfortable with the struggle it took just to rise to my feet in the morning.

I used some water from a canteen to splash across my face before I made my way to our guests. Upon reaching them they had the same barren look they had the night before, all while still sitting in the same position. I didn't think they had moved all night long until I saw the eaten MRE on my way to the edge of the building.

I looked over the edge, the horde of undead below had almost doubled in size. I gathered some spit from the back of my mouth and spit over the ledge onto some poor sap down below. I stood there starring merely feet from our guests then said, "Shes going to be ok, shes in capable hands." I spit again before I turned and walked away. I had began worrying myself, knowing what lurks out there only made matters worse.

I too began to watch the parallel building and the streets below, where more and more of the undead were gathering. By lunch time they covered the entire street below.

Shortly after lunch I decided crippled or not I would go look for Sarah and the child. I hope they were both still alive, but in this world the odds were against us.

I left most of my belongings behind except for a flash light, machete, and shotgun. Hoping I wouldn't have to use the shotgun out of fear of attracting the horde below.

I walked back into the stair well we used to gain access to the roof top. As I got closer to the ground level the cries of the dead got louder and louder, and the smell became almost unbearable. When I reached the first floor, I peaked through to the street outside. I was in the heart of the horde. I gently closed the door with out a sound, "How are we going to get out of here?" I said out loud. I opened the door again to peek outside hoping to see something which would aid me in my mission that I had not seen through the first glimpse.

Nothing, except the reanimated. As I slowly moved back to shut the door, knowing I would have to find another way, one of the reanimated gripped the door opening it. With the door wide open some of the dead on the street where alerted to my presence, and began making way to the now open door. Quickly I turned around and began ascending the stairwell back to the roof top, the dead close behind. Once to the roof, I shut the roof top access door and shouted to the unnamed parents, "Gather what you can, we need to block this door! THE DEAD ARE COMING!"

They quickly, out of fear if I had to guess, began grabbing anything on the roof top and piled it in front of the door. Within moments we could hear the dead scraping the opposite side of the door.

Sweat pouring from my forehead, ribs aching I stepping back from the door. It wouldn't be long before the dead were able to push their way though the roof top door. I started packing my belongs and Sarah's belongings, should the time come where I had to make a quick escape I wanted to be ready. The mother walked over to me panicking, " What are we going to do, why did you bring them up here? " I ignored her which I think made her more frightened.

These people weren't my responsibility, they were a curse. Until now Sarah and I avoided situations like this, but within moments of helping these people we are both having to fight for our lives.

Ignoring the woman's cries I walked the edge of the roof top, scanning the ground below. The horde was forcing themselves into the building. I could only guess how many where in the building below us. I continued walking around the edge of the roof top, hoping to find something I had missed before, a way out of this situation.

After walking around the building three or four times I gave up. There were only two ways off this roof top, fight the horde of dead, or to make the same leap Sarah had made to save this family.

I didn't know if I was able to make the jump or not in my current shape. I grabbed Sarah's belongings and threw them to the fire escape, then grabbed my belonging and through them as well. They both landed which gave me some confidence, confidence that I might be able to make this jump. Next I threw over the shotgun and any loose items we had worth keeping. The woman still shouting said, "That's your plan?" Still ignoring her, which infuriated her. She grabbed my shoulder spinning me around shouting, "That's your plan, are you..." I lost my cool, cutting her sentence off, "Yes its my plan, the two of you aren't my fucking problem. Any moment those things could break through that door. You can stay and die, or you can follow me. I care not which you choose." She fell silent, then began crying as she fell to her knees.

For the next few hours I stretched, which caused quite a bit of pain. I was hoping to loosen my rib muscles getting ready for the jump I knew I would have to make.

It was 3:43 p.m. when the zombies finally broke through the door. They began pouring out of the door way much like the way maggots pour out of a bloated corpse. I looked up at the sun, closed my eyes, said a small prayer then began to run towards the edge. My pace picked up the closer I got until finally I was at the ledge. I used my left foot to boost myself then nothing but air was under my feet. That was when everything slowed down, I reached for the fire escape railing, grabbing the bottom of the railing with both hands. Then things sped up the weight of my body caused my hands to give way, dropping me to the next level, I landed hard on my back. Looking back, I could see the dad fighting off the zombies so the mother could take the first leap.

She leaped across more gracefully than I had, landing on her feet and unharmed. The father subdued the closest zombie as he began running to the ledge. He to leaped with all of his might, but much like me he missed the rail completely. However his legs caught the railing in front of where i had landed, sending him over the ledge head first, his legs being the only thing to stop him from falling to the pavement below. He waved his hands around, trying, hoping to find anything to grab to balance himself. I jumped up reached out for his hand, which he grabbed and started to pull himself up.

Once safely on the fire escaped the undead now covered the roof top. It was quite the scene, they wanted us so badly the new dead coming from the stairs had no where to go, which where causing the undead near the edges to fall to the pavement. Though this didn't kill them ( except in the event where they landed on their heads ) it crippled them to where even a child could put them down for good.

After catching our breath, I grabbed Sarah's and my backpack then the shotgun, then climbed through the same window Sarah had entered. The parents followed close behind.

It was dimly lit inside the building we had entered, the only light protruding from the two other windows in the room we had entered. I began whispering, "Sarah!" Then pausing a few moments hoping to hear her response, or to alert me of any reanimated corpse which may be lingering. Nothing but silence.

After scanning our entry room, I turned on the flashlight as we entered the hall. Scanning left then right revealed nothing but knocked over boxes, paper strewn across the floor. Complete chaos. Not knowing which way Sarah had gone I decided to go left. Close behind me was the unnamed couple.

We continued careful not to make any noises, every couple of minutes I would whisper Sarah's name again, but never got any response back. At the end of the hall way we came to a stair well. I used the flash light to look up, nothing but smoke the way, then I looked down. I guessed Sarah would have gone down, to avoid the smoke.

We walked slowly down the pitch black stair well, when we came to the next floor I tried to open the door, but something behind it was holding it shut. I knocked lightly on it, then said, "Sarah?" Then sat silently for a moment before continuing down the stair well.

When we came to the next floor, we found the door held wide open by a brick. I looked down the hallway, which was cleaner then the first one we had come to, there was no evidence that Sarah had come this way. I began to fear I would never see her again. Looking back down the stair well I had to make the choice, to search this floor or continue going down. Thinking to myself, all of the what ifs.. What if she had tried to make it to the building we were originally on, saw the horde, then left me for dead.. or worse what if she was now part of that horde. That was when I heard the noise coming from a floor or two down.

I began half running down the stairs, while saying, "Sarah?" in a normal voice. I finally reach the floor the sound had originated from. I stood beside the door, holding the shotgun in one hand and the light in the other and whispered, "Open the door." The male parent reluctantly opened the door. I hurled my body around pointing with the shotgun, nothing. This must have been the cafeteria, as I was scanning the rest of the ransacked room I heard another noise, louder than the first. It sounded like scraping, or the moving of something metal. I slowly made my way to the part of the room the noise was coming from. As I got closer it grew louder. I followed the edge of the wall until it came to a hallway, I could tell the sound was coming from right around the corner.

I peeked around the corner with the light, there is was a "hunter". It was just standing there scraping the metal freezer door with its claws. I pulled myself back around the corner. Sweat pouring from my head. I thought to myself maybe Sarah was in that freezer, I knew in order to find out I would have to kill this fiend. My thoughts were only interrupted when the female parent said in a normal voice, "What did you see?" Instantly the noise stopped, then the sound of its claws tapping on the floor. It had sound us before I had time to react. When it came around the corner the woman screamed and began running. In a few mere leaps the hunter was able to tackle her, and with a quick snap her screams stopped. Instead of devouring her corpse, it turned and leaped toward me and her husband. I fired one round of the shotgun at the beast, which only threw it off balance. It landed, skidding 10 feet across the floor before regaining its balance. I chambered another shell. In the time it took me to chamber another shell the hunter had already disappeared behind one of the cafeteria tables.

Scanning the area with the flashlight revealed no indication of the hunters whereabouts.

We back ourselves into the section of the hallway where the hunter had been beating on the refrigerator door. The handle of the door had been broken sealing the door shut. Shotgun still aimed down the halfway in case the hunter decided to reappear, I tapped on the door and whispered, "Sarah, you in there?" Then we sat in silence. Moments later she responded, "Yeah, but the door is seal shut." Still whispering I said, "Is the little girl in there with you." I could tell she was crying when she said, "No, the hunter got her... Please help me."

The news of his little girl dying, after watching his wife brutally murdered was weighing heaving on his beaten face. He began walking down the hallway, I tried to stop him but he shrugged me off. He grabbed a mop on the floor then broke the head of the mop off and began shouting, "Come out you mother fucker I got something for you." I used this time to try to break the door open using the butt of the shotgun, to no avail. I looked back down the halfway he still had not found the beast, or rather the beast had not found him, though I thought to myself it was waiting for the right time to attack.

Sarah, in the meantime I could tell was becoming more frantic, worried I wouldn't be able to get her out of the freezer. I told her, "Step back," before aiming at the handle and firing off another round from the shotgun. The handle of the freezer flew off into multiple directions, but the door remained intact as it began to slide open. After a few moments Sarah emerged from the freezer, wrapping her arms around me happy that I had come for her.

I handed her her backpack, then motioned her to follow me.

We walked down the hallway then hugged the wall the way we came. As we did we passed the distressed father. Sarah stopped, I shook my head. She knew I was telling her it was pointless. Before we got back to the stairwell I used the flash light to look back one last time, half hoping he would come with us. When I shined the light on him he motioned for us to keep going, right then the hunter leaped from behind one of the cafeteria tables. That is when we began running down the stairs, full speed.

In no time we had made it to the first floor, which was a welcome sight. As soon as we opened the door to the first floor the stair we were almost blinded. After my eyes adjusted to the new found light it revealed the first floor one house large windows, which were now busted. We walked towards the shattered windows, outside only a few restless dead stood lurking, they had not noticed us.

I peaked down the street towards the building we had leaped from, the horde continued trying to enter the building, and the zombies continued pushing one another off the rooftop. In the clear we made a bee line for the forest which could be seen a couple of blocks away. Honestly I don't know how I managed to run those couple of blocks, dodging any of the undead we encountered. By the time we reached the forest I was out of breath. The were a couple of undead which tired to follow us, but were unable to keep up with us as we went deeper into the forest.

Once I felt safe about the distance we had put between us and the ruined town we left behind, I threw down by back pack, then collapsed. Staring at the sky which was turning a light orange. I didn't want to fall asleep, but fear of everything we had experience would take a back seat to my exhaustion.

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Fersaken » Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:14 am

Double Post
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Fersaken » Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:14 am

Double post.

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Spazzy » Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:08 am

Good to see this back on track!
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Sheriff McClelland » Fri Apr 04, 2014 5:24 pm

I'm still on board . Please continue .
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by dank » Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:24 pm

please reanimate this story..... :wink:

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Halfapint » Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:39 pm

Read the first bit like it VERY much. Hope you continue with it. I'm sad I hadn't read this earlier.
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by DAVE KI » Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:24 am

Halfapint wrote:Read the first bit like it VERY much. Hope you continue with it. I'm sad I hadn't read this earlier.
I must concur wholeheartedly, only this is the second time reading it and it is just as good as the first.
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Fersaken » Fri Dec 05, 2014 12:57 pm

September 5, 2014

I woke to rain drops splashing my face. Sarah, on the other hand had already prepared herself for the journey which lay ahead of us.

I packed my belongings, when Sarah handed me my machete back, with a smile. I was overly happy to get it back.

We headed back toward the road which had ran through the city, the same road we had previously spotted the military convoy on. With the ruined town barely visible behind us we continued down the road, sticking to our original plan, follow the convoy until we found somewhere we could call home.

We passed time talking between ourselves, as well as talking about the things we missed the most. Despite what others may think the single item we both missed the most was ice cream.

We walked and walked and walked straight until sunset. Every once in awhile we would see fresh tire tracks on either side of the road, and the occasional group of the dead slaughtered, we knew we were heading in the right direction.

We stopped to make camp. Though the rain had stopped it was pointless to try to start a fire. Sarah unpacked her gear and fell asleep rather quickly. Me, I wasn't able to sleep instead I looked up at the starry night sky and started thinking to myself. Occasionally I would look over at Sarah, who as usual was very close to me, and wonder whats in store for us. Thunder, slept mere feet from her. They had formed a bond, he would protect her, not that she needed protecting.

I had no clue where we were, where we were going, or where we would end up. Food would eventually run out, that I am sure of. Even scavenging supplies, sooner or later the stores and places would all have been ransacked, then what. I guess in today's world there is no point in wondering what the future may hold, all we can do is live day to day.

Time to time I would hear crackles in the surrounding area, in the pitch black of night I couldn't make out a form.

My eyelids began getting heavy, and before long I passed out.

September 6, 2014

I woke up Thunder licking my face, I got up stretched, to my surprise my ribs felt some what better this morning. Hopefully today I wouldn't have to exert any force, giving them more time to heal.

Sarah, was already ready to go. Sitting there with a smile.

"What are you so happy about?" I exclaimed to which she just continued smiling. I threw my belongings together, then started walking. Behind me I could hear Sarah humming. Looking back at her I said again, "Why are you so happy?" She finally gave in and said, "We are both alive despite all of the bad situations we have come across. We have each other, isn't that a reason for being happy?" I replied, "I suppose so, but keep that humming down you'll attract the dead, it is that terrible." She sped up to catch me, slapping me on the arm.

We continued walking. Her humming was contagious, before long I found myself humming as well. She was right we had each other.

Our smiles and humming ceased when we heard gun fire off in the distance. Automatic rifles, and lots of them. We slowed our pace as we continued, listening for any sound out of the ordinary.

The gun fire continue to grow louder.

We reached a clearing, opening to a large lake, across the lake was the convoy. Surrounding the convoy was a horde of the dead. Though the convoy was trying to fend off the dead, the horde out numbered the convoy 20 to 1.

From our vantage point we could hear the screams of the dying members of the convoy.

Sarah and I set up camp at the edge of the lake. For the rest of the day and most of the night the screams of the living as well as the shrills of the undead could be heard. By the time I had fallen asleep the gun shots had completely died off.

September 7, 2014

I awoke at the first hint of the sun revealing itself.

Sitting up looking across the lake, revealed nothing of the night before. To the left of us about half a mile down was an old rent-a-conoe shop. Nudging Sarah to wake her, then packing my belongings.

Once ready we made way to the canoe stand. Once there we took one of the canoes and paddled across the lake.

Half way there the smell of death would hit us both every time the wind would blow. Such a rotten smell.

The closer we got the more death we were able to see. Once we were to the bank, shotgun drawn, we started looking around for anything of use. The trucks were mostly in good shape, I would bet some of them even useable. The dead couldn't be far from us, some are bound to be lingering nearby while others are pursuing the cattle which managed to escape.

Sarah and Thunder stayed close as we traversed through the field of battle. We collected a couple of food items as well as some ammo for the guns we had. We went through some of the trucks, the ones the dead didn't ravage while trying to get to the flesh meal inside. At the front of the convoy, tracks formed where some of the convoy's lucky members had gotten away.

We stood there debating what to do, which way to go. When one of the radios crackled, "Estimated damages, Over." a short break followed when a young man answered, "Sir, 80% of the convoy disabled, 20% still in route, where are our reinforcements, Over." Following another short break, "We had our own issues to deal with, your orders are to continue to the rendezvous point, copy." A moment later, "Copy" followed then silence.

Sarah instantly ran over to the radio, picked it up and shouted into it, "Is anyone there?" Silence followed for a few moments when a voice came over the radio, "Identify yourself." Sarah paused handed me the radio. Radio in hand I sat there a moment, what was I suppose to say. Then the radio crackled again, "Identify yourself." Sarah nudged me, "We have to trust someone at some point." Hesitantly I squeezed the handle on the radio, "My name is, David, I am with a woman named, Sarah. We have been traveling for weeks." The voice returned, "Wait for further instructions."

We sat there for a few moments, but nothing came over the radio. They had abandoned us.

Trying not to let Sarah see how discouraged I was, I attached the radio to my backpack and began walking, looking back at her I said, "They will get back to us." To which she flashed a small smile.

We walked late into the afternoon, we didn't see any fresh tracks of vehicles, or the horde, a good thing I guess.

We found a long time abandoned house, in the middle of no where, right off the road. The roof was long gone, the holes where windows once sat were all but rotten, and only an opening for a front door. We walked to the old house, the interior was in even graver shape. Holes in the floor boards, walls consisted of rotten two by fours. Grass and weeds had grown covering some of the gaping holes. However, as decayed as this home was it would provider shelter for the approaching night.

Using one of the holes in the floor we were able to make a small fire. We were sitting on the rotting floor board next to the fire when Sarah came over cuddling next to me. She fell asleep in with her head on my shoulder. Once I felt confident she was asleep I laid her down on to her back, then covered her with my sleeping bag. I didn't feel much like sleeping, so I walked onto the half still standing porch.

In the darkness all I could see was a feint tree line. Its funny in all of the mess that is today, crickets chirping was as loud as ever. Complete and total freedom is what I was experiencing. I could literally do anything I wanted, good or bad, it didn't matter any longer. Only god could judge me now, but after my experiences, was god even real? Or had he too abandoned us. I grew tired of my constant self conflicts, I decided to retire. I laid down next to Sarah, closed my eyes, and in no time I was able to sleep.

September 8, 2014

This morning was much like any other morning in this foreign world. We backed our belongings and took off walking the same direction as before.

After a few miles of walking we started to notice wild black berries on the side of the road. I stopped as Sarah continued walking, picked a handful of the juicy berries before Sarah realized what I was doing. Then she too began picking them and eating them. It reminded me of when I was a kid, during summer we would walk the canal looking for wild black berry patches and eat them as snacks.

I guess if anything this new world made you respect mother nature even more. Despite how much damage we had done when the Earth was populated, Mother Nature, was still our mother and would provide for us.

After having our fill we continued walking.

By mid noon the sun was showings itself in its entirety. We stopped to have a quick, but filling, lunch. We teased each other a bit back and fourth before we started back on the country road.

Ahead we could see a car pulled over to the side of the road with the drivers door wide open. As we got closer I placed the shotgun into firing position. There was nothing in the car, I popped the trunk only to find the normal items, a spare tire, crowbar, old clothes. The keys were still in the ignition, I tried starting the car, to no avail. I'm not that lucky.

We continued onward.

Once again the houses began becoming more frequent, as well as abandoned cars. I wasn't ready to enter another city. I was scared, the last city nearly took our lives.

Pushing my fears aside, while also trying not to show any hesitation, I continued walking. This town seemed to be a fairly small town, only about 4 city blocks. Looking around no Walmart was able to be found, before the infestation, a town without Walmart could barely even be called a town.

To my surprise this town was relatively unharmed. It had the normal abandoned cars; however most of them were still parked on the shoulder, not in the middle of the street, like the many other places we had been. In fact if it wasn't for the Apocalypse one would simply be thinking everyone was in the diner.

If we hadn't been so lucky finding supplies a lot of these maw, and pop shops would have been great places to look for supplies.

Half way through still no sign of the epidemic. Part of me was relieved, the other part felt as if it were to good to be true.

Time to time Sarah and I would exchange glances. Her expression matched mine, one of fear, but also relief that today we might just catch a break.

The closer we got to exiting the town the more relaxed I became. Instead of holding the shotgun in a ready to fire position, I rested it on my shoulder. Instead of taking a step then listening for any approaching dangers, I began relying mainly on sight to warn me.

Outside of town we found a park, with a small pond in the center, it also had a playground with plastic slides, and swings for children. We made our way to the part of the park which had picnic tables under a covered awning. We removed our packs, sat at one of the tables removed a little food, and ate. We took time before the sunset to admire our surroundings. Not so much that we forgot the world we now lived in, but more because we remembered the world we came from.

Sarah was the first to pull up her sleeping bag on top of one of the tables, she laid on top of it. For a moment I could see it wasn't terrible long ago which she would have done this at a slumber party. I laughed out loud, to which she replied, "What?" I laughed a little more, and again, expect with a firm voice and look on her face, "What is so funny?" I stopped laughing long enough to ask her, "What was your life like before all of this, before the outbreak." She hesitated a little, " I don't know, I had a boyfriend, friends, I played baseball, was going to college." I interrupted her, "What happened to your boyfriend?" "Well," she began, "He was a creep long before any of this happened. He cheated on me, not much more to tell." I was about to talk more when she continued, "I thought the friends I had would be friends for life, but when this happened most of their families, became reclusive, only protecting themselves. What about you?"

"Me?! I was just the normal run of the mill kind of guy. I had friends, a job, and well I liked playing video games, as well as watching movies." I said.

We continued talking about past times until we went well into the night. This is the first time we both opened up about our past.

Sept 7, 2014

I woke up this morning to a gun pointed at my face, with a voice saying, "Good morning beautiful." I reached for my gun when the man said, "Looking for this?"

Still groggy I scanned my surroundings. Sarah nor Thunder were anywhere around.

The man holding the gun took a few steps back, that is when I saw the little boy standing behind his legs. "I don't mean you any harm." I said. The man stood there gun in hand. Then he said, " I've heard that before."

He ordered me up, then ordered me over to one of the beams holding up the awning we were under. He then instructed his son to tie my hands around the beam. Once that was done he walked over to me, checking to ensure the knot his son tied was nice and tight.

"What do you have here." He asked.
I replied, "Food and supplies. Take what you need."
He laughingly said, "Oh now that I have the tied up man's permission.... Relax, I'm not here to hurt you or rob you, my son and I are hungry is all. Once we get some food, we will leave a knife close enough for you to cut your ropes and we will be on our way."
Relieved I responded, "Mr. please cut me loose right now and give me my gun. I promise I won't hurt you. But, if you do not do as I requested you or your son may get hurt. Please trust me."

I heard his son whisper to him, "Dad, please, we have to trust someone."

The man then hesitated, then firmly said, "Boy, that is what got your mother killed, people aren't decent any more. It would be best if your remembered that. You know I won't always be around."

I knew Sarah would not have left me for long. I knew right now she was out there planning a way to rescue me. She wouldn't know I didn't need rescuing, she wouldn't know these two people where more or less desperate. After all that had happened it might not even be hard for her to kill a small child, even one as young as this child was.

Again I tried, "Please sir, I don't want you or your son to get hurt. You could have killed me, and taken everything. You are good people. I implore you to please cut me loose, and give me my gun. After that we can sit and talk, shake hands, do what people do now days. As I said you are welcome to anything we have."

He ignored me. I didn't want to tell him about my friends, but I felt like these two weren't bad people.

"Sir, I know you can hear me. I have a friend out there, you won't believe me, but right now she is thinking of a way to kill you and your son, if she thinks you are a threat to me. Cut me loose and I will call her in, and we can all properly introduce ourselves."

Right about then from the rear of the awning came a deep growling. I looked up to see Thunder bearing his teeth, waiting to attack.

I shouted, "NO, friendly!"

With that Thunder hid his teeth, turned and walked away.

The stranger surprised by what had just happened said, "Yours?"

I replied, "Yeah but that isn't all." I was interrupted by the sound of a gun going off. The man and child quickly took cover behind one of the picnic tables unsure from which direction the shot came.

I then said, "Sir, that was a warning shot, please untie me." I could see he was heavily considering the option now. He looked over at his son, with a look of desperation, then looked at me, "Give me your word, not that it means anything, that you won't hurt my son, do what you will to me." I nodded. He pulled a knife from his boot, then slid the knife over to me.

Once my bindings were removed, I stood up grabbed my gun and my belongings. Then I called Sarah and Thunder in. Meanwhile, my captor remained hidden behind a picnic table, gun in hand, with his son behind him. I think he was confused as to why I hadn't shot them both already.

Sarah finally approached me, "What happened?" I explained the story to her, and explained they weren't bad people.

She went over to her bag removing 4 MRE's, then walked over to the man and child and looked at them, slid the MRE across the floor to them and said, "We aren''t all monsters." The man just looked into her eyes. As soon as she turned her back the man and child shared one of the MRE. Meanwhile I continued to prepare for our departure.

We are close to 100 feet out when the man and his son jogged to catch up with us. "Wait, Wait!" the stranger requested while gasping for air. After catching up he introduced himself, " My name is Josh Steward, and this is my son Andy. We appreciate the food you gave us."

I sat in silence, but Sarah turned to look at him and said, "You are welcome."

For us that was all the conversation that needed to be had. We helped them, and now we were on our way. I could only guess why these two where still following us.

Josh continued, "Its been hard out here, I think we should stick together for a little longer. Would that be a problem?"

Sighing slightly, "We can't be responsible for you, or your son. If you want to travel with us you are more than welcome. Maybe we can all look out each other. But for now we need to keep walking, because of you we got a late start." I could tell he wanted to add more to our conversation, so I picked up the pace to catch up to Sarah.

She said quietly, "You don't have to be an ass to them."

I responded, "The only reason they are still here is because they know we have food."

"You don't know that. Besides he has a child." She said.

"That he does, they are lucky they made it this far." Then I continued, "We don't need them. I don't trust anyone anymore, they will be a liability."

She replied wittingly, "You trusted me."

Without much thought I replied, "A decision I am beginning to regret."

She stopped dead in her tracks as I kept walking. My statement was more a joke but a joke which carried some truth. She wanted to trust these people, I didn't. I looked at her using the reflection of my watch. I could tell by her facial expression I had hurt her feelings, she only resumed pace once Andy caught up with her. I could hear her speaking to him, and a little laughter but couldn't make out what they were saying.

Hours past and I began to feel alone, I managed to hurt the only person who has been with me since this all started. Sometimes I am my own worse enemy.

The sun was beginning to set, we needed to find shelter. I assumed Andy and Josh would be camping with us tonight. One MRE between them would be more then suitable, not to mention I figured Sarah would share hers with the boy if he was still hungry after.

Two more hours past when we came to a KOA campground. I stopped waiting for the others to catch up.

This KOA was much like any other KOA I had ever seen. A large guest center in the front with a parking lot surrounding it. Behind the guest center was a pool surround by a chain link fence. Beyond the pool the campground which had 3 times as many campers parked than any KOA I had ever seen.

"Sarah, Andy you two stay out here with Thunder. Josh come with me." I demanded.

Josh and I took off walking, "What's the plan?" Josh asked. "We clear it out, this is where we are staying tonight." Josh pulled up his gun ready to kill anything which may jump out. I reached for the barrel placing my hand on to of it then moving it down. "Not with that, with your axe. You fire a shot you will alert everything within 2-3 blocks to our location, dead and alive." I said cautiously as I retrieved my machete.

Josh opened the left side of the double glass door for me. Inside it was poorly lit, but I could make out the reception counter straight ahead, vending machines to the left, and a waiting area to the right. Oddly enough the vending machines still had snacks in them. We checked room to room, until we came to the rear door which was wide open. I closed the door, latching the dead bolt. The quest center was clear, nothing dangerous inside. It would be a good spot to stop for the night.

I asked Josh to signal the others to come in. While he did that I took time to shut any doors which were connected to room with windows in them, this would hopefully give us warning to anything that may lurk about while we slept.

I met Sarah, Andy, and Josh in the main entrance room. We each unpacked our belongings and picked our spots on the floor. Before it got to dark Josh managed to break open both vending machines. Resourceful I thought to myself.

Tonight we dined on Fritos, Coke, Mountain dew, twinkies, and snickers. Not an overall healthy dinner, but it would help to preserve the MREs that we had left.

After the others fell asleep I sat watching the glass entrance doors, half expecting something to come through them. To keep my mind off horrors I looked over at Andy and Josh, father and son... I regretted being so mean to Sarah about them. These two are just a father and son trying to hold it together at the end of the world. I am sure they have seen and been through a lot. Maybe I was to hard on them, maybe I should lighten up on them. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe. They did seem to think that we were a god send, maybe we were lucky to find one another.

I fell asleep in the chair, chin resting on my gun.

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Spazzy » Fri Dec 05, 2014 1:45 pm

Overheard at my USN retirement ceremony....
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by DAVE KI » Tue Dec 09, 2014 1:46 am

Great to see this one going again! Awesome update! Here's hoping for MOAR!
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by JeeperCreeper » Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:30 am

Here for the ride, love it so far

Edit: When are they going to bang?? You're telling me in the end of the world that they aren't gonna throw caution to the wind...
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Poppyclips » Thu Jun 18, 2015 1:23 pm

Any chance for MOAR?!?!?!??

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Fersaken » Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:18 pm

Sept 8, 2014

I felt like I had just fallen asleep with the sun poked its head above the tree line. Once my eyes adjusted to the no longer dark room I found Sarah, who was still asleep, and Thunder, whos tail started wagging the moment he saw I was awake, but no sign of Andy or Josh. Their belongings still rested where they had left them the night before. With the shoulder strap for the gun mounted across my shoulder, and machete in hand I walked out through the glass doors.

Looking to the left and right down the road all was quiet as far as I could see. No lingering dead about. All in all it seemed to be the start to a beautiful day.

I made my way around the corner of the welcome center, then continued down the paved drive way leading toward the pool and RV's.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw some commotion close to one of the RV's. I squatted looking in the direction of the commotion. Minutes past, nothing. Something in the back of my mind told me to go check in out. To many times in scary movies does someone think they see something and either don't check it out, which comes back to kill them, or they think it was just their mind playing tricks on them, which comes back to kill them.

Slowly I made my way to said RV. Peering around each one of the campers as I rounded each corner.

No more noises nothing.

I finally reached the RV, and after careful inspection, nothing seemed out of order. I tried to peer through the windows but the blinds were blocking my view inside.

To the side of a camper were one of those walmart tables, the kind with an umbrella, which was placed close to three feet away from the awning which covered the camper door. I moved slowly towards the campers door. I reached for the push button latch when the door started to creep open. I raised the machete anticipating what was waiting for me on the other side of the door. I leaned along the side of the camper as the door became fully open. My heart started racing when the fingers gripped the door. I jumped from my hiding spot, starting to bring the machete down when I heard shouts, "It's me it's me."

I struggled to stop the machete as my eyes became focused on the figure shouting. It was Josh, I couldn't stop the machete fast enough, but I stopped it enough to where it only left a gash across the top of his arm about two inches wide and a quarter of an inch deep. "What are you doing out here?" I said shockingly. "Just getting resources, trying to show you we are resourceful" Josh said as he eyed Andy who was hiding behind his father. "We have found a slew of goodies in these campers, things we will share with you guys." he stated as he wrapped his arm in a piece of a shirt he had cut.

"Sorry, for cutting you and all. I thought you were one of them." I said partly relieved he wasn't one of the dead, "How has scavenging been this morning?"

"Luckily, uneventful. There was one dead guy that needed to be taken care of but other than that nothing. I've already gone through all the RVs in the back. Man, it was a gold mind look at what all we've been able to recover." He said as he pointed to the garbage bag by the table.

Peering inside, were lots of non-perishable foods, batteries, flashlights, ammo, two or thee pistols, clothes, and a few other things they picked up for themselves.

"Nice, but how do you plan to carry all of that?" I questioned.

"Well we will figure that out when you tell us where we are heading." He responded.

I didn't know where we were heading, honestly I was hoping to find a spot I could call home. That would be when I stop.

"Well?" I said scratching my head, "We really aren't heading anywhere. No where is safe. I figured we would just keep walking until I found some place we could call home, someplace safe." I finished. I wanted to say more, but I wasn't sure how they would react.

"I want to go with them daddy!" Andy said quickly. "I know son, thats not up to me. Sarah told us your names. She seems like a nice girl." Josh finished.

"She is a nice girl." I said hoping they would change the subject.

"Are you two... I mean how did you two come to be together? You seem a little older then her.... not that that would matter in these times...." Josh said all jumbled.

I replied, half getting irritated, "No we aren't like that, we just sort of found one another. We should get back to the guest center sort all this out and be on our way."

Josh nodded.

We made it back to the guest center to find everything just the way we left it. We spent about an hour going through the salvaged belongings, "9:32 am " I thought looking at my watch, then stood up and said, "Lets get going."

Sarah and Thunder where quick to follow me to the road, Andy and Josh as usual were a bit further behind, but within sight.

Often I wondered to myself how those two had come to make it this far. They seem very unorganized.

Trees covered both sides of the road, the wildlife could be heard all around us.

For hours I didn't speak, from time to time I would pause looking behind fining Sarah and Andy playing. Andy, seemed like a good kid.

During one of my pauses Josh took a moment to run up to me, "How much further are we going to go today?"

"Until it gets closer to dark, or we find a safe place to rest for the night." I replied while continuing to walk.

We continued walking for miles, Josh, Andy, Sarah, and Thunder maintained their distance behind me.

From time to time the radio would crackle, then fall silent.

It's getting late I thought to myself, we needed a place to stay. It was hard enough to find a safe place to stay for just the two of us, but now I had to find I place to stay for four people. I didn't want this responsibility. I didn't want any of it. I guess what I wanted was for things to go back the way they were, wake up go to work, come home, eat, go to sleep, wake up, do it again. On the weekends I would go out, and come home with a different girl every night. Zero responsibility to anyone other than myself. Heh, how quickly things change.

I looked straight ahead, the wilderness was beautiful. If anything this new world gave one time to admire the truly beautiful aspect of the world. Pines lumbered reaching to the sky, loping hills to the right, to the left a wall of rock. I stopped as the others caught up, taking in the beauty of it all. Though these majestic sights were rarely appreciated before, now, after the world became a very ugly and dangerous place, these type places gave the answer to why keep on going?

The sun was starting to set, I hated traveling at night, but we still haven't found a suitable place to stay.

We continued following the road for a couple of hours after dark until we came to a hotel. A sign sat at the entrance, High Mountain Hotel, looking past the sign was a relatively small hotel, not many rooms, but in very good shape.

I motioned for Andy, and Sarah to remain on the road ( to both provide cover as well as be safe ). Josh, was hesitant about joining me to first clear the office, then the rooms, but he knew it had to be done.

We quietly walked to the office, which consisted of a glass store front connected to the building with the rooms at the back. We walked to the first pane of glass we came too and with the tip of my machete I tapped the glass lightly, then waited. Dead silence. I tapped the glass again this time a little harder, still silent. I whispered to Josh, "Open the door." He slid to the other side of the door then gently opened it.

I walked into the office with the machete raised ready for anything I might encounter.

Josh entered behind me, letting the door shut quietly. We stood there for a moment listening, the only sound to be heard was our breathing. I turned on the flashlight and scanned the surroundings.

The office was more or less two large rooms. Half of the office was a reception area, while the other half was a waiting area. In the waiting area across the back of the wall sat a complimentary coffee pot. I walked over to the pot, coffee was still in the pot but had long gone bad. In the cabinet below the pot I found all sorts of instant coffee and hot chocolate packets. I thought to myself, the little things right.

Meanwhile, Josh was inspecting the reception area. He called me over to him, and whispered, " The guest book is empty, but they have reservations starting April next year." I nodded to him thinking to myself, either they were just opening or they only opened for certain seasons. It didn't matter, all that mattered was that we were here now, and so far I think we were safe.

Right past the reception desk was another door, leading to the rooms. Again I tapped the door, again nothing but silence. Josh slowly opened the door, using the flashlight I peered down a long hallway. One side of the hall way was lined with doors about every ten to fifteen feet. I slowly enter the hallway, one foot at a time until I reached the first door. Josh then slid past me, grabbed the knob, gently turned the knob to find it was locked.

Josh whispered, "Its locked." I shrugged, not knowing what to do, we had to check the rooms. Josh whispered again, " Be right back. " As he slipped passed me going back to the reception desk area.

Minutes passed before he reappeared, thankfully. I hated being in a dark creepy place like this all alone.

Again he grabbed the knob, but before turning he inserted the key. The door gently opened. Inside the room was two made twin beds, a doorway leading to a bath room, a chest of drawers with a T.V. on top of it, a small two seater sofa under a window. All of the rooms belongings looked brand new even under the coat of dust.

It took Josh and I about an hour to check each of the rooms, all in all there were twenty rooms. The only difference between the rooms where the size of the bed or beds in each of them, and some of the rooms held a kitchenette.

Once we felt the building was clear we went back outside to meet Sarah, and Josh.

We went back through the reception area then opened the glass door, I motioned for them to all come inside, even Thunder. Once all where inside I locked the door behind them. We each took our turns picking the rooms we would stay in. Sarah and I picked the first room with the twin beds.

Sarah threw her luggage to the floor then jumped into the bed. Meanwhile, I sat on the sofa, pulling the curtains covering the window to the side to peak outside. Outside looked safe, besides we hadn't seen a dead anything for quite some time on the mountain road. Still, I couldn't help thinking their was a horde of them outside just waiting for me to fall asleep.

After some time I stood at the foot of the bed and fell backwards. It felt so good being on a good like new mattress, I didn't even mind the dust.

That night I dreamed of sleeping in the bed in the motel, I got up to use the bathroom, but peaked out the window to find hundreds of corpses pushing against the glass. When the glass finally gave way I woke screaming. I grabbed the shot gun, went to the window, pulled back the curtains, peace... it was just a dream.

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Bearcat » Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:51 pm

This must be my lucky day! Two restarts to two great stories in one week!
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Sheriff McClelland » Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:18 pm

Bearcat wrote:This must be my lucky day! Two restarts to two great stories in one week!
I was thinking the same :clap:
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Bearcat » Sat Apr 02, 2016 12:03 pm

What made you write again Fersaken?
Meat N' Taters wrote:Death rays, advanced technology or not, no creature wants to be stabbed in their hoo-hoo.
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Fersaken » Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:58 am

Honestly just boredom, I always wanted to finish it, but got busy with work.

I know I have a lot of errors, I've gone back and read it like 4 times and every time I find a new error. I am not sure I am a good writer by any means, but meh.

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Sheriff McClelland » Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:14 am

I'm enjoying it . Please continue :)
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Fersaken » Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:29 pm

Sept 9, 2014

After the nightmare I had I was able to fall asleep until I was awoken by Sarah leaving our hotel room. I could hear her and Andy in the hall way talking, followed by the opening and closing of the door leading to the hallway. I laid there for a minute, starring at the ceiling, before I rolled over, moved the curtains to the side, still no threat revealed itself. However, looking out the window into the morning lit exterior looked completely different.

Throwing on some clothes I stumbled into the hall way, then through the door to the office. Instantly I was hit by the aroma of coffee. Sarah had been busy since waking. She managed to create a small fire outside, and boiled some water. I made a cup of instant coffee, heavy on the sugar, then walked outside of the office.

To my surprise the air was crisp and cold. Winter would be up on us fairly soon. I took a sip of coffee, and resumed my thoughts. We had been wondering around aimlessly, sometimes in the rain, mostly in the heat, but doing so in the winter would prove a fatal decision. Interrupting my own thought process as I took another sip of coffee, then hearing the office door open and close. I looked to see Josh walking towards me with coffee in hand.

"Morning!" Josh said. To which I nodded.

"Sleep well last night?" he questioned, to which again I nodded, taking another sip.

"Whats on the agenda for today? Will we be heading out soon?" he asked.

I stood there taking my time drinking the coffee, carefully thinking about the questions he asked before speaking, "I'm not sure."

I took a few steps forward before saying, "Go get my machete and your axe, lets take a look around here." A couple of minutes later he came out wearing a light jacket and extending his arm to hand me my machete.

Without speaking he followed me out to the road. On the opposite side of the road was a steep embankment dropping down about twenty feet, followed by a sheer drop off of at least one hundred feet. Off in the distance I could see a group of buildings resembling a city. I thought to myself, "it wouldn't take to long to get there" which was interrupted by Josh saying, "You see that out there?" I nodded losing my train of thought before I turned, starting to walk back to the hotel, which in the current lighting looked like a completely different building.

Past the row of rooms sat another large building, we walked towards the building. Once we reached the building we took a moment trying to look through all of the windows, trying to see any dangers that may be lurking inside. I ventured to the back of the building when I found a limestone road leading to several log cabins, the cabins ranged in size, some I thought were two story. Past the first couple rows of cabins there was another row of cabins lining the edge of a large lake. Between two of the cabins was a paddle boat rental business, with several paddle boats still sitting on the shore.

Trying to focus on the task at hand I met Josh back at the front of the building, I informed him of the cabins, to which he grew somewhat excited. I took the butt of my machete, using it to knock on the door, then waiting, listening for any sound of danger. Nothing. Josh grabbed the handle, finding out quickly the door was locked. He removed the key, that we used last night to check all of the rooms, from his pocket. It slid into the door knob, a couple of turns and the door slid open.

Peering inside it was dark and musty only illuminated by the light penetrating the windows. Upon entering the first room was a large open room. A sales counter sat on the left, with all sorts of merchandise, snack foods, cigarettes, beverages lining the shelves, and now no longer cooled coolers. On the right side the wall was lined with all types of racks.

The first rack held several fishing poles, with shelves of tackle items. Above was a sign saying "Fishing Equipment for rent" beneath the text in smaller print was the pricing for renting.

The next rack held numerous long barrel rifles, some with scopes others without. Each rifle was locked in place. Next to this rack was a glass case containing boxes of ammunition, gun cleaning kits, and an assortment of knives ranging from small to large.

Throughout the center of the room was all type of camouflage gear, rain coats, rubber boot racks, gloves, socks, everything someone would need to experience the full effect of a mountain get away.

The back wall contained a door which had a sign above it which read, "Employees only"

To the left of the back door was a rack containing different thickness ropes, different brands of back packs, and an assortment of rock climbing gear. To the right of the door were racks lining the wall from ceiling to floor hold all types of winter equipment, coats, boots, snow shoes, skis, masks, googles, glasses, etc.

Josh finally broke the silence, "Whoo-Hoo!!! We hit the jackpot!" I hated that he was making so much noise, but he was right, and we still had more rooms to check out. I motioned for Josh to open the "employees only door". He removed the excitement from his face, and became very serious. He pulled the door open I slid between the door and the wall, machete in hand. Josh followed me into the room, realizing there were no windows in this room he propped the door open allowing sunlight to partially illuminate the room.

It was another large room, to the left was a double sized garage door, we made our way to the first garage door, opened it to allow more light in.

With the garage door open the entire room was illuminated, ten foot ceilings, metal racks holding inventory for the shop at the front. Along the back wall sat two snowmobiles, and 4 11kw generators. Beside the generators sat an assortment of landscaping tools, post diggers, shovels, rakes, hoes, and many other tools.

To the right of the "employees only door" sat a large fuel tank. I removed the lid to the fuel tank to see the tank was filled to the rim with gas. Hardly enough gas to last all winter but any gas was good gas.

Overwhelmed with excitement and joy, we locked the garage door, as well as the front door, before heading back to the office.

Once to the office Josh and I told Sarah, about what we had found. She instantly reacted much like we had, joy and excitement. Followed by the desire to explore each of the cabins, which of course dampened the mood, but we decided she was right and it was early enough in the day to get most if not all of them cleared.

We left Andy and Thunder, in the office locking the door behind us. I could tell Josh really didn't want to leave his son behind, but we reasoned with him, saying it would be safer in there than out here.

The first cabin we came to unlocked with the key we had found the night before. The cabin held nothing of value, inside was in pristine condition, bed neatly made, no food in the refrigerator, no ash in the fireplace.

We continued checking each of the cabins. Each cabin was much the same, some had more rooms, some were two story, but all in all they were each in the same pristine condition.

Once we cleared the last cabin we started heading back to the office, stopping at each cabin to make sure they were locked tight. Once all cabins were securely locked, we made the short journey back to the office. Though we were all exhausted from the days work, we didn't show it. Andy, overly happy to see us return, much as Josh was happy his son was alright.

We started another fire right outside the office, brought chairs from inside and placed them around the fire, as we each had our fill of MRE's. After dinner I starred into the fire thinking about the day then we began chatting.

I started, " We are extremely lucky to of found this place, it hasn't been touched by the world yet. I think we should stay here as long as possible."

Sarah spoke first, " I've been with you for over a month now, we've been looking for a place, somewhere safe, somewhere to call home. We have everything we need here, at least for the time being, we might even make it through winter with a little bit of work. "

Josh cut her off, " Do you know what winter is going to be like here? This place isn't safe, heck we just walked in off the road. "

Irritated I cut in, " I think if we work as hard as we can to make this place safe until winter comes we will survive. We have fishing gear, hunting gear, everything we need in large amounts to make it. This was a god send, I've made enough choices, not staying places out of fear of safety. This place has been here since before the end happened, and has remained untouched. Not to mention we haven't seen a single walking corpse. "

Josh fell quiet thinking before he said, " Fine. "

I could tell he wasn't sold on the idea of staying here. Trying to convince him of the idea, knowing if they didn't stay Sarah might possibly leave with them if for no other reason other than to protect Andy, I assured, " Josh, this is as good as it gets, tonight I will come up with some ideas I have for securing the area, it might take some time to complete, but if we pull together on this, it will be safe for us all."

Josh then stood up and said aggravatingly, " I can't wait to hear them. " He then walked inside Andy close behind. As the door shut I could hear Andy begging his father to stay. Sarah and I sat outside for a bit longer.

"Thanks for that." Sarah said.

No words were needed I knew what she was thanking me for. Then she continued, "He's scared, Andy is a good kid. If they leave I won't leave with them, but I would like to see them stay. " After she finished she got up and retired to the innards of the motel leaving me outside alone.

I thought to myself, " This has to work. " This was the first time I had come to a place I actually felt we could make safe, a place without the dead, a place we could possibly call home without fear of losing it. Sure, one day some stranger might come across our establishment here, but, who is to say that person would be bad, after all the four of us had found each other, each of us having different motives but none of us bad.

Sarah the girl who lost everything, but then gained everything.

Myself the boy who lost everything, but found comfort knowing this one girl idolized him. He needed her as much as she needed him.

Josh, a man with a son, which was the only reason he continued in this world.

Andy, a child who was going to have to grow up facing the harsh realities of what the world is now.

I stood up poured water on the fire, kicking the coals to make sure it was completely out, then retired to the office, locking the door behind me. I went to our room, laid in bed staring at the ceiling. The ideas started flowing for what we could do to secure this place, the mountainside was covered in pine trees, we could chop some of them down, build a pine tree fort around the entire perimeter including the cabins, eventually we could add guard posts to it. Problem was there was only four of us, one of us a child. For some reason I kept coming back to the pine tree fort.

Visions of what our place could look like ran through my head until sleep caught me off guard.
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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Poppyclips » Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:40 pm

Woohoo!!! Thanks for the update/fiction fix!! :clap:

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Re: Are We The Last?

Post by Fersaken » Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:10 pm

Sept 9, 2014

This morning I woke still having visions of what our home could be. I looked over, Sarah, was still sleeping. I got up threw on some clothes, then went outside and started a small fire. Cooler outside than the day before, but looked like clear skies.

After boiling some water and making a cup of coffee, I grabbed my back pack, machete, and strapped on the shotgun, then started heading down the road toward the city off in the distance. Keeping the city on my left as the road twisted and turned.

I walked for close to two hours before I came to the first line of buildings. The city wasn't as lucky as the resort on the mountainside, there was evidence of long extinguished fires. I continued walking through main street, I found it odd none of the store fronts had been broken into, no shatter glass, no looting. I reach the end of main street which opened into a huge circle with a monument of some war hero mounted in the middle.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure stumbling. Catching my attention I realize this was the first walking corpse I had seen in a few days. I began making my way to the corpse, to put it down, while also keeping my cover.

I was almost close enough to make my move to dispatch it, without it ever noticing I was there, when suddenly an arrow pierced its head. I remained hidden behind my cover, waiting to see if who ever shot that arrow, showed them selves. Minutes pass then I began hearing unclear whispers coming down from the alley way beside me.

"You see that sis? That was all me, told you I could hit it from there, told you!" A boy whispered.

"You always have to brag don't you. I could of made the shot, had you let me." A girl snapped back.

Over the edge of the gate I could see a boy, still wearing a high school letter-man jacket, blue jeans, and brown hair, in his left hand was a large model compound bow, across his back a quiver filler with arrows. The girl was wearing holey blue jeans, and a faded sweater, she had long wavy brown hair, I assumed normally it would be straight, but without the luxury of a working straighter or hair dryer she made due with what she had, across her back was a cross bow, with a filled quiver attached to the underside.

"Grab his legs." Said the boy.

"No, hes not as fresh as the others." exclaimed the girl.

"We can't have rotting corpses within the city, just grab his legs." again said the boy.

The girl stood their for a moment, before hesitantly leaning over grabbing the corpse by the knees, and lifting. As she lifted the legs ripped from the rest of the body, her hands filling with black goo as she and the now detached legs of the ripe corpse fell to the grown. She cursed at the boy who was now laughing.

Once she recovered the boy said, " Wait here. "

The girl stomped as the boy vanished from sight. A moment later I could hear something being pushed down the alley. When the boy came back into my line of vision he was pushing a wheel barrow. He lifted the remains carefully, as he made jokes about not wanting to end up like the girl, and place them into the wheel barrow. Right before he started to push the wheel barrow, the girl stuck her hand into the remains, then slapped the boy in the face.

"Yuck, you bitch, why did you do that?" angrily said the boy.

"Not so funny now dick, is it? " she stated with satisfaction.

I could tell the boy didn't want to end it there, but he forced himself to get back to the task at hand. He grabbed the handles of the wheel barrow, then pushed it down the street. Once they rounded the corner, and once i felt safe of not being caught, I made my way down the street, following the two kids. I got to the corner just in time to see them round another corner. Again cautiously I followed.

I continued following them for about an hour, careful not to get caught, until they came to an open field. I couldn't see what was in the field from my current location.

So far, I hadn't seen anyone else. They had to be alone, after all who would allow two children to run rampant playing Rambo throughout a zombie infested world.

Sitting in the alley right ahead of me was a fire escape, I had to have vision. Without thinking I pushed a rolling dumpster beneath the fire escape, climbed on top of the dumpster, then jumped to the fire escape. I felt like I had made to much noise, so I sat on the fire escape for a couple of minutes. When I felt my location had not been revealed I began climbing the stairs to the roof.

Dejavu, crepted over me. Remember being stuck on the roof, not to long ago, having to jump to yet another fire escape, except this time the fire escape and the interior of the building were my only exits.

I crawled to the ledge, where I could hear the muffled voices of the boy and girl. When I looked over the ledge the opening I had seen was a high school football field, now it was the resting place for the dead. At one field they had piles of corpses, some of the piles still smoldering, at the other end a white cross every couple of feet. I thought to myself, these kids couldn't have done this alone, but there was no evidence that anyone had helped them.

I made my way back to the fire escape, descended down to the alley way below. I sheathed the machete, pulling up the shotgun, as I headed to the end of the alley.

At the end of the alley, I peaked around the corner to see the boy and girl sitting there enjoying what looked like lemonade without ice. Their weapons resting closely behind them. The boy reclining in a lawn chair, the girl combing her hair.

I drew the shotgun then showed myself, "Don't move, stay where you are!" I said firmly.

They were shocked, I saw the boy eye the compound bow, I spoke even more clearly and firmly, " Don't do it. Stay where you are. " As I moved toward them.

I walked to where their weapons where, keeping my gun aimed at them.

Questioningly I asked, "Are you guys here alone?"

They stared as if I was speaking another language.

Again I asked, feeling confident they could cause me no harm I lowered the shotgun, "Are you guys here alone?"

The boy looked at me and spit in my general direction.

"Have it your way, we can sit here all night until you decide to answer. Try to run I'll shoot the one left behind. By the way I know you guys are brother and sister." I threatened.

Finally the girl quietly said, "Take what you want. Just leave us be."

To which I responded, " I'm not here to take anything, I don't want to harm either of you, but I don't want you to hurt me either."

The boy scolded, " Shut up, Tiffany!"

Tiffany retaliated, " He's not here to hurt us! "

I broke the fighting of the two teens saying, "What are you guys doing here?"

Tiffany sighed while the boy became more aggravated at his sister, " This our home, what else would we be doing here."

Unsatisfied with her answer I asked the boy, "Why are you two here alone?"

The girl interjected, "Mike, tell him."

Mike then said hesitantly, "We were out hunting.. " Tiffany cut him off, "more like playing..." Mike spoke over her, "You might have been, anyway, we got lost in the woods for three days. When we finally got our bearings and made it back here, the whole town was gone. At first we thought it was odd no one was outside. When we made it to our house we found our front door kicked in, then a letter on the table." Tiffany chimed in while throwing me a piece of paper,"This is all our parents left." Mike carried on, " Come to find out, the mayor's brother or something was a higher up in some branch of the army, fearing this thing would spread he ordered a mandatory evacuation of the people with in the city. Some people wanted to stay, so the mayor's brother took people by force." They both fell silent for a moment. Which gave me time to read the letter.

Dear children, we are being removed from our homes to an undisclosed location. I wish I knew where you guys where at, I am worried sick about you. The sheriff was granted permission to stay behind to look for you, god I hope he finds you both.... If he doesn't and you find this please, please be careful, we will find a way back to you, I promise. I love you both very much. Be safe. The pen used to write the letter than was drug across the page.

I commented, "I see.. So why the field of dead and the building that caught on fire?."

Tiffany looked at Mike and said, " This field was his idea. The building was an accident. "

Mike interrupted, " This field is to honor those people who got sick, we have nothing better to do with out time, and from time to time they wonder in town. Some of them are even from here." He stood up, only to find my shotgun pointed directly at him before speaking, "Come with me..." I motioned Tiffany to move with him, before I followed keeping the shotgun aimed at one of them at all times.

We made our way to the part of the football fielded covered in white crosses. We walked down one of the rows of white crosses as Mike began to speak, "We burn all of the corpses, whether we know them or not we burn em, that way they can't ever get back up, you know just in case they find a way to come back from an arrow to the cranium." Looking at the crosses some had names written on them in permanent marker, while others had simply John / Jane doe written on them. Mike continued, "There is a white cross for every corpse we burn, if we know them we write their name on the marker, if not they become Jane or John Doe."

"Why do all of this?" I asked.

"Why not? It's the decent thing to do, besides gives us something to do to pass the time waiting for our parents to return." Mike said saddened.

The chances of their parents still being alive were slim to none. But, they still had hope and in this world sometimes hope is the only thing keeping people alive.

When we got back to where I revealed myself I sat with them and told them my name, and my story. I only left out where we were staying and my plans for the fort. These kids had proven more than resourceful, to of stayed alive this long.

I knew people would be missing me, I had to be getting back.

"Alright kids, I promise you won't have any trouble from me, but I have to get going, if I am going to make it back tonight." I informed them.

Both of them asked at the same time, "Can we come with you?"

Again I didn't want this responsibility, besides these kids have been doing well on their own without anyone else helping them. But they were from the area, they knew what winter was like, they would be good hands at the hotel, as well as being able to give us information on the town. Before we left I wanted to hit up the hardware store to see if there was anything worth taking.

"Umm. I suppose so. But you will have to work, and prove helpful to us, no one gets a free ride." I said as I cocked my brow.

Mike began to speak when Tiffany cut him off, "We will work you won't regret it."

We spent the next couple of hours gathering their stuff, making sure they had what they needed. Before we started heading to the hardware store.

"Where we going?" Mike asked.

"To the hardware store." I replied.

"For what?" Mike inquired.

"See what they have." I replied.

"Its fully stocked, but you can't take anything, its stealing." He warned.

I stopped in my tracks, "Look kid, stealing in this world has a whole new meaning. We won't be stealing per say. Tell you what, if the hardware store owner ever comes back, we will pay for the goods, or return the goods we used. Fair enough?" I said. Who knows why I was looking for an approval from a teenager. "How old are you guys anyway?"

"15" said Mike, "16 1/2" said Tiffany.

"Where did you guys learn to shoot with the bows?"

Tiffany quickly said proudly, "Our father has been training us with the bows since we were kids. Yearly they have a tournament, until this happened I was reigning champion for 5 years, Mike couldn't even beat me."

Mike, quick to jump to his defense stated, " I let you win."

Tiffany rolled her eyes, and giggled.

We reached the hardware store, I went to tap on the glass just to be safe when Mike pulled out some keys, unlocked the door then swung the door open. He smirked and looked at me, "We cleared every building in the entire city."

The kid was right, fully stocked, but I didn't have the means to carry much of it back, and if my pine fort vision were to become real we would need to make several trips.

Satisfied with the hardware store, we left, Mike locking the door behind us.

When we got to the last cross road before the trek up the mountain, Tiffany, stopped dead in her tracks. Mike knew something I didn't, I thought he was about to tell me when Tiffany, partially sobbing said, " We can't leave, our parents... what if they come back." Mike walked over to her put his arm around her and said comfortingly, "Lets leave them a note in the house, and later we can build a sign in the center of town.. David, is that alright? We will be right back?" I nodded.

I watched them walk down the street into a big white house. Minutes later they reappeared. When they rejoined me I began walking up the mountain side, I could tell Tiffany was relieved with how her brother had handled the situation.

About two hours later we arrived back at the hotel office. Sarah, and Josh were sitting outside. The look in her eye was enough to let me know she was furious with me. The look only diminished slightly when she saw our two new guests.

The sun was going down quickly, the cool air was filling the shadows. Sarah or Josh had already made a fire, Andy came from inside, excited to see the older kids joining us, he offered them his fresh hot chocolate, to which they gladly accepted and waited for him to make more.

The next couple of hours was spent with us getting to know one another. I had had my feeling of talking for the day I sat back chiming in when needed and listened.

They began asking every ones ages.

Josh stated, "30 and my son Andy is 9"

Sarah claimed, "22"

Followed by Tiffany, "16 1/2"

Then Mike, "15"

After the conversations died off, and Josh and Andy retired to their room, I showed Tiffany and Mike to their room. They insisted they remained together, which I had no problems with. I showed them to one of the rooms, which like ours had twin beds. They thanked me, as I told them the rules, "We don't have many rules here, but at night we leave the front door locked, we don't go outside at night, hopefully that will change but for right now this is the way it is." To my surprise they didn't argue, then I retired to my room to find Sarah waiting on me.

"Why didn't you tell anyone? I"VE BEEN WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU, I THOUGHT YOU LEFT US FOR GOOD. You are such an ASSHOLE." she said more sobbing than yellowing.

I sat down on the bed across from her, "I'm sorry, you're right." Was all I could say.

"Don't you EVER do this to us again. EVER." She said angrily.

I nodded, as I undressed crawling in bed. Happy the conversation with her was over, unhappy the conversation with myself would begin. She was right how could I do that to them, I thought it had to be done, I was wrong. I should of left a note, something to show I care. I continued beating myself up well into the night. I promised myself to never allow myself to do anything like this again.
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