Sudden Death

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by selen » Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:04 am

Please sir can we have some MOAR? :D

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by Halfapint » Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:06 am

selen wrote:Please sir can we have some MOAR? :D
^ AJ we need MOOOOOOAAAARRR..... I noticed myself walking around today mouth agap, eyes glazed over, mumbling and shambling around...... If I don't get a fix soon I'll surely turn to a fully undead creature!
JeeperCreeper wrote:I like huge dicks, Halfapint, so you are OK in my book.... hahaha
Spazzy wrote:Tell ya what... If Zombies attack and the world ends I'll hook tandem toddlers to a plow if it means I'll be able to eat...

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by mariposa » Mon Feb 17, 2014 7:24 am

Halfapint wrote:
selen wrote:Please sir can we have some MOAR? :D
^ AJ we need MOOOOOOAAAARRR..... I noticed myself walking around today mouth agap, eyes glazed over, mumbling and shambling around...... If I don't get a fix soon I'll surely turn to a fully undead creature!
Sounds like a moarphine fix is in order!

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by Azraelsjudgement » Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:40 am

Hah sorry everyone I just bought a house and am moving, unpacking, etc. The next installment is a game changer, is in process, and am working on it today!
"My zombies will never take over the world because I need the humans. The humans are the ones I dislike the most, and they're where the trouble really lies." - George A. Romero

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by Azraelsjudgement » Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:17 pm

Dillon drove the vette at the back of the convoy as they headed towards the bridge and hopefully an easier ride to the Catskills. Starr was next to him with the window cracked making her short blonde hair wave in the wind. He couldn’t help but look at her in the corner of his eye. Her sky blue eyes were beautiful, but hid something dark at the same time. Dillon was getting closer to understanding that darkness, but never pressed, she would open up when she wanted. Starr’s tanned skin stood out from her white tank top and he saw she had barely noticeable tan lines meaning she had spent time topless while at the compound. The thought made Dillon feel flush. Suddenly he noticed the Equinox was stopped and he braked hard to stop from rear ending it.

Starr chuckled “You alright Dillon?”

Dillon cleared his throat “Yah um just tired I guess….”

“Well we have enough to worry about without a car accident. Eyes on the road speed racer.”

Dillon wondered if she knew he was eyeing her “Yah, yah I got it.”

Sal came over the radio “Spike strips and sand bags in front of the bridge. What ya wanna do Alex? Over.”

Alex came on the radio “Dillon and Starr can you drive ahead to check things out. If something goes wrong you can speed outta there. Over.”

Dillon clicked on the radio “Aye, aye, will do. Over.”

Dillon shifted into reverse then sped forward. Sal had stopped the convoy about fifty yards away from the bridge entrance. Dillon parked about five yards from it. He and Starr both put on their vests, checked their rifles, and then Dillon clipped the radio to his belt. They each quickly exited the vehicles checking their surroundings. Dillon took the lead to check out the piled up sandbags first. Approaching cautiously nothing seemed to be amiss. On the other side of the bags were signs of violence, death, and decay, but only one skeleton with a bullet hole through the head. There must have been a hell of a battle won by Zeds. Looks like some people tried a last stand only to be torn apart, and then turned themselves. Dillon checked for any traps, but everything looked good so far. When scanning the tree line he thought a form was just visible, but then it was gone. A Zed or mutant would have come out by now. Dillon shrugged it off grabbing the radio “Looks like whoever was here is long dead. We’ll pull the strips out of the way then you guys go through while we watch your six. Over.”

Alex answered “Alright Sal you guys go first and check out the other side. Over.”

Dillon and Starr cleared the way then stood guard while Sal drove through. The bridge was suspiciously clear, but he drove straight to the other side without incident then radioed the all clear. Alex ordered everyone over while Sal, Charles, and Tibs guarded their side. Alex led the way with the Sofia and Joker driving the other two vehicles behind her. When they got about halfway over Dillon noticed more than a for, but movement coming from the woods now. He held up his rifle as a dirty looking man with a long gray beard came running out of the woods a few hundred yards away yelling “NO!” over and over again. Dillon looked through his scope to check him out and noticed the man had a small electronic device in his hand. He seemed to be pressing it over and over still yelling.

Dillon got on the radio “Hurry across there’s some lunatic over here, seems crazy, taking him down. Over.”

Dillon lined up his shot then fired hitting the man in the thigh. The man went spinning through the air sideways yelling out in pain. Without warning mutants came barreling out of the wood line right at Dillon and Starr “Shit take them down!”

Starr and Dillon opened up fire without mercy. With all the chaos going on the dirty man had gotten back up limping towards the bridge with a deranged look on his face. He had the electronic device in his hand pressing it over and over. Then when he got within a hundred yards all hell broke loose.
The last of the vehicles made it across the bridge when deafening explosions ripped through the air. The ground shook as if an earthquake hit, but that didn’t happen in New York. Alex stumbled out of the RV looking on with horror as blasts shredded apart the bridge like a toy causing it to collapse into the Hudson River. Others jumped out looking on in shock with mouths agape. Large sections of concrete were splashing down into the river as dust filled the air. Then Alex realized that trapped on the other side were Starr and Dillon fighting for their lives. She shook off the shock running to get her M107 and Sal caught on grabbing his Dragunov. The dust created by the explosions made visibility awkward, but not impossible. They lined up their scopes to get a closer look at the scene.

Dillon and Starr were standing behind the vette firing at the horde of mutants barreling out of the tree line. Alex saw one of the biggest ones she has ever seen rumble out of the trees. She lined up a shot and let the .50 caliber round fly through the striking the target in the left eye straight into its animalistic brain turning into useless goo. The monster collapsed to the ground crushing another mutant under its massive muscular form. Sal also let loose a few shots then as quickly as the battle started it was over. Alex was perplexed, that couldn’t have been the bitch’s whole army, could it?

Before she had much time to think about it the radio came on, it was Dillon “Fuck. We’re cut off from you. The dirty weird dude is still lying on the ground breathing. I’m gonna interrogate him….be back…Over.”

“Alright….Over.” Alex responded. There was no immediate answer that came to her, though now that Dillon was out of her reach she felt a twinge of panic being separated from him. It seems she may have been taking him for granted and started to feel sick to her stomach. Alex yelled for Mel to bring her and Sal a map. She had to come up with a plan to get him and Starr back to the group.
Dillon kept his rifle at the ready eyeing the strange man while Starr studied their surroundings. The man was lying on his back mumbling nonsense. He was covered in thick layers of dirt making his age hard to determine and wore filthy rags as clothing. Dillon poked him with the rifle “Hey, who the hell are you…”

The man looked up with wide brown eyes “I did it. I did it mistress! “

Dillon frowned “Mistress? Do you mean the bitch Mary?”

The man looked scared “No, no you mustn’t use her real name! That is sacrilege…no you must pray for forgiveness….”

Dillon was getting annoyed with this lunatic “Fuck that, I’m gonna kill her.”

The man looked angry getting on his knees forgetting his wound “Blasphemer! You will suffer for you insolence. The goddess is here to save us from our impurities and scum like you!” The man spit at Dillon who bashed the butt of his rifle into the man’s skull. He yelped out dropping to the ground with blood oozing from his head. Dillon grabbed him by the scuff of his shirt forcing him back up “Alright douchebag what’s your name and why did you blow the bridge!”

The man smile showing black teeth “I’ve been dubbed the name of Abel. My job was to stop you from crossing…Dillon. I almost failed, but finally that idiot’s charges went off. Mistress will be pleased….I will get a shower and bed with a woman!”

“What? There’s more of you crazy fuckers serving her? How’d you know I would be the last across?” Dillon asked confused.

Abel cackled with a glint of insanity in his eyes “Fool, you’re already many steps behind her. This is her world now mortal! Head south and you will find her! Then she can smite you demon spawn….”

“Well thanks, but it seems you won’t be having that shower and woman after all” the man had a look of horror in his face as Dillon quickly drew his knife gutting the crazy man then dropped him to his knees. In that instant Abel forgot his leg wound holding onto his guts for dear life. Blood flooded out of him as he tried scooping up his intestines “No….she wouldn’t….let this…happ……” then he dropped to the ground in the fetal position where Dillon left him to die.

“Shit Dillon.” Starr said casually.

Dillon was a bit surprised at how easy it was to kill the man. He felt sympathy in a way. The man had clearly lost his mind and was brainwashed, but he almost killed those Dillon cared about most “Fuck him. He almost blew us all up.”

“What now?”

Dillon smirked “I’m thinking Mary wants revenge on me for shooting her. Think it’s time to end this.”


“We’ll have to head south anyways, north is a no go from what we’ve heard. I better report this to the group though.” Dillon radioed back what he learned. Pissed was an understatement for Alex’s response. After some discussion the choices were to find a boat launch with working boats or drive down south to the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge which in a normal world would be a half hour or so. The sane thing to do was head to the next bridge as wandering for boats could be pointless and time consuming. Alex wanted to meet them at the next bridge, but Dillon convinced her to keep heading for her Uncles. The kids and the group as a whole were more important to get to safety then meeting up with them at the next bridge. Of course Dillon left out his plan to hunt Mary down once and for all.
After settling down the two kids and explaining Dillon would meet back with them later Alex had a group meeting. She let everyone know they were heading to their destination without Starr and Dillon. Charles wanted to take a few people to the next bridge, but the fact was the convoy needed them. Dillon and Starr were more than capable of taking care of themselves. Not everyone in the convoy was. Alex called for a short break then headed to the shattered bridge. Looking over at Dillon who was on the other side, she clicked on the radio to their secret channel “Hey”.

Dillon responded “How’s it going over there?”

“Alright. How’s your supplies?”

“Eh, have a few days’ worth of food and water. Haven’t counted the ammunition, but we’ll hit up someplace just to be safe.”

“Good. Dillon just….be careful out there. Your sister needs you….

Dillon knew she wanted to say more “Is she the only one?”

Alex looked out across the abyss separating them wondering how to respond to his inquiry “Of course not…”

Dillon decided not to push the subject “I see…well get everyone to safety. I will be there as soon as I can, stay alive Alex; I’m not there to save your ass anymore.”

Alex wanted to say more, but her pride seemed to outweigh it. She also feared if she did then it may be the last time they spoke, she had to believe he would arrive in person so she could tell
him face to face “I know. I’ll do my best without you….see ya soon Dillon.”

“I know. See ya soon Alex. ”

Alex cleared her throat "Alright, Sal wants a word quick."


Sal got on "No sappy shit. Just watch yourself out there. Don't go balls to the wall, stay stealth mode or whatever. Just get your ass to the mountains, got it?"

"Yes sir, anything for you old man" he partially joked.

"Yah yah, take care....son."

"You too, keep em all alive for me."

"Will do. See ya later, God be with you..."

"See ya soon Sal. Over and Out."

After Alex, Sal, and Charles double checked their routes they got everyone got rounded up and headed away from the demolished bridge. They all kept wondering what the fate of their two comrades would be….
Dillon and Starr headed south to start their journey separate from the group. It felt wrong to be split up like this, but freeing as well. There were no kids to protect, just two adults verses the apocalyptic world. The ride was slow going with all the car accidents and Zeds trying to attack anything that moves. A vette wasn’t the best Zed crusher either. Unfortunately they would have to find a sturdier vehicle now that they were on their own and avoid collisions in the meantime.

The two of them were going over lists of things they needed when their first obstacle appeared. There was a crashed jumbo jet blocking the roadway. It looked like it tried to land on the road failing miserably. There was no way to get passed it. Looking over the map they decided to head east towards a small town that may have supplies to pillage. It was also a nice way round the airplane crash and a larger town not far away that was most likely full of Zeds anyways. Until they had more ammo evasion was key to their survival.

As Dillon drove Starr kept a sharp eye out for any danger. There seemed to be a lot of open farmland making the job easier, but once in a while they would pass dense tree lines. Zeds were far and few in between, but as soon as they heard the car they stopped what they were doing and headed in the last direction they saw it. Mindless drones with a few baser instincts and no smarts, kind of like his schools entire basketball team Dillon chuckled to himself. This prompted Starr to ask what he was trying hold in a laugh about.

“Ah just a bunch of pricks I went to school with. I wouldn’t notice if they were Zeds or not without physical decay.”

Starr smiled “Try working at a bar.”


“When I was in High School my brother and Cousin Jimmy had already been teaching me how to fight and we would workout. I was kinda a bitch to jocks, even broke a nose or two. They dated the cheerleader, but wanted the fantasy of a rebel in bed I guess. Too bad my dad….never mind.”

Dillon swallowed hard “What?”

Starr sighed “My dad…no he was no dad, more like my tormentor. He made me hate being touched…he was scum…so was my mom though. Took years of therapy to be at least somewhat normal. My first boyfriend wasn’t until I was twenty one, sweet guy, but too normal to deal with me. Last I heard before everything went down he was married with his first child on the way….”

Dillon could fill in the blanks now. Thoughts of meeting her father just to kill him quickly flooded his thoughts, but the man was most likely long dead “Damn, I was an ass in school, but no real reason….looks like you came out alright though.”

Starr shrugged “Heh, well don’t know bout that, but I sure as hell learned to take care of myself no thanks to my parents. I owe everything to my brother.”

“From what you said sounds like he’s a great guy” he said sincerely.

“Thank you” Starr said affectionately.

“For what?”

“For saying sounds like 'he is' instead of 'was' a great guy….I really hope he made it somehow…”

Dillon slowed down to a complete stop and held her hand “Sounds like if anyone could, it’d be him.”

Starr smiled solemnly with a tear escaping down her cheek “I know someone else who could pull it off…” then she leaned in kissing him passionately and he didn’t resist ….
"My zombies will never take over the world because I need the humans. The humans are the ones I dislike the most, and they're where the trouble really lies." - George A. Romero

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by Halfapint » Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:44 pm

post apocalyptic player... GO DILLON GO!
JeeperCreeper wrote:I like huge dicks, Halfapint, so you are OK in my book.... hahaha
Spazzy wrote:Tell ya what... If Zombies attack and the world ends I'll hook tandem toddlers to a plow if it means I'll be able to eat...

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by mariposa » Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:40 pm

No, Dillon, no! Smite the shebeast Mary and go back to Alex!

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by Azraelsjudgement » Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:38 am

Dillon braked not far from an entrance of a tiny town. On the way there the landscape was mostly nature and sporadic abandoned homes that was void of life, but full of ghosts real or imagined. The main entrance to town was even more dramatic. What Dillon had only seen in movies was now standing before him. On each side of the entrance was large crucifix entrenched in the ground. Each of them had a nude person, man and woman, attached to it. Their legs had been gnawed on and they were now Zeds struggling to break free of their spikes and bloodied bindings. The corpses didn’t look that old so it was recent enough Dillon’s blood ran cold at the thought of what may await them beyond. What was worse, atop each crucifix was a pole that had a chain affixed to each side. Hanging from the chain was a large wooden sign painted black then a painted design in white in the middle. The design was a cross with a large V enveloping it.

“Uh Dillon this doesn’t look friendly” Starr’s voice was more shaken then she meant it to be.

“What was the first clue? The crucified people or the weird sign?”

“Take your pick.”

“I have a feeling the sign has something to do with Mary and the crucified people is her work. We need to check this out.”

“I was afraid you were gonna say that.”

Dillon slowly drove through the entrance trying not to look at the gore on each side. He pulled into what seemed to be the main street of town. There were poorly kempt, blood stained sidewalks with a variety of small businesses and run down houses lined up on each side. The place seemed abandoned of the living and the dead. There was garbage and leaves slowly blowing over the empty streets leaving Dillon to wonder what waited in the shadows. Many business and house doors were wide open as if people ran for their lives leaving their homes behind. However, there was one building that seemed boarded up tight. It was the gun and ammo store smack in the middle of the right side of the road.

Dillon pulled up putting on his vest, pack, and making sure his rifle was ready to go. Starr followed suit. Dillon got out first checking their surroundings; there was still no sign of anything. He walked around to Starr’s side of the car as she got out. Holding up his hand for her to stay put he approached the store always paying attention to anything appearing in his peripheral vision. Still no one appeared. The down stair windows of the store were boarded up with signs of scratching, gore, and even some bullet holes in them. There were slits for weapons to fire out of as well. Dillon was worried about getting shot through them so he knocked on the window “Anyone order pizza in there.”

Starr gave him a stern look for that out of place joke, but he just shrugged. There came no reply or any sounds of movement what so ever. He waved his hand over one of the windows, but nothing happened. Letting his weapon hang down he pulled out his knife to start prying the boards off. After what seemed like forever standing out exposed in the deserted town Dillon finally got the outside of the window clear. There were of course boards on the other side, but he stood on a bench kicking them in creating echoing bangs throughout the streets. Still nothing was coming for them.

Dillon turned on his rifle light to check inside before jumping in. The place was organized, but a bit dirty. There were rifles and ammo boxes at each window along with more weapons with ammo laid out in an orderly fashion across the store counter. There were piles of spent shell casings swept up in all the corners of the store. Someone went to war in here, but Dillon wondered where all the bodies outside were. Behind the counter was an open doorway, he waved Starr inside then proceeded to check the back room.

In the middle was a stack of crates and a few stool. MREs and other survival food wrappings were on top of the crates and there was a huge pile in the corner of the room too. Against the far right wall was an old wood latter nailed into the wall to the second floor. The opening was closed up and would need to be pushed up leaving Dillon vulnerable. He had Starr take position at the bottom ready to pump the floor full of holes. Dillon climbed to the top then threw the lid up making a loud crashing sound as it flipped down full force. Bringing up his rifle as quickly as possible he panned the room. It didn’t contain anyone, but had a desk, empty crates, and more food wrappings haphazardly strewn about.

Dillon pulled himself up leaving one more door to check. It seemed to be a metal one, but was cracked open. The odor emanating from the room was awful, but didn’t smell like Zeds. This smell seemed much worse. Starr positioned herself on top of the ladder so she could fire her weapon or quickly escape back down. Dillon took a deep breath in his sleeve then pushed the door open quickly sickened by what he saw…
Alex drove the RV while Mel played with the two kids. Melody seemed to have lost her spunk with Dillon gone. Jordan wanted to go rescue him and Alex could relate. Something in the back of her head kept saying Dillon wasn’t going to have an easy time getting to the next bridge. So many things can go wrong’ car breaks down, large hordes, accidents, mutants, and worst of all psychotic humans. As leader though she did her best to seem un-phased and focus on the task at hand. They had about 60-75 miles to go to reach her Uncle Mort if she remembered correctly.
Sal had never been there, but said he had an idea of its location. Her memory of Uncle Mort’s place was pretty good. It was a rather large estate for the mountains and exploring as a child there was a rather large cave that upon thinking about it seemed too perfect to be naturally made. That must be where his toys were hidden. As for the estate there were camo tarps and netting that could be dropped down from all sides of the roof. She also remembered it had a thick and high stonewall with two large metal gates on the left and right side surrounding the place. Something told her there was more than stone in the walls.

While her uncle was military he made a lot of money in stocks and business deals, but claimed to not have much left. It was probably sunk into his survival bunker or mountain retreat as he would refer to it. There were only two ways to the estate. A one way road that was more of a trail and the other was a basic steep dirt road. She wasn’t sure if the RVs would make it, but one problem at a time. Mort also had all trees that were too close outside the wall cleared out, but left many trees inside alone: they made perfect cover against an invading force in Alex’s opinion. She could only imagine what tricks he had up his sleeve to survive wars, natural disasters or a zombie plague. At least he better have many tricks.
Sal came on the radio “time for our designated stop. Over.”

Alex picked up the radio sighing “Fine. Fifteen then we move out everyone. Over.”

Everyone was getting out of their vehicles stretching. Sal was eating some kind of bar while he and Charles looked over a road map. She watched Tibs go into the forest alone, which was odd because they had working bathrooms. Before she could follow and ask him Jordan came running out of the RV jumping into her arms followed by Mel carrying Melody. They brought the kids to the middle of the group to be free for a bit. Zack and Joker were already climbing on top of the RVs to keep a vigilant watch over everyone just to be safe. Alex stood their forgetting about her problems watching them play, looking happier to be outside. Then Paige who was feeding Ariel walked over to her “How you doing Alex?”

Alex watched Jordan run from Mel who was trying to tickle him laughing when he was caught “Oh Fine, yah know. How are the patients?”

“Eh, Ted will be up long before Glen, but they should make full recoveries. I’m sure Ted will have some aches in his shoulder for the rest of his life, but nothing too bad.” Alex nodded then

Paige went back to her original question “Now again how are you really?”

Alex looked at her annoyed “You already asked me.”

“Yah, but you’re full o’ shit.”

Alex tilted her head back pretending to look up into the sky, but was really trying to avoid eye contact “I don’t know. It was my decision to take a break from him, it was my decision to pair him with Starr, and it was my decision to leave him guarding the bridge entrance. It’s my fault he is split up from me. I miss him already. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

“Yah, yah it is. Just because you’re some badass leader doesn’t mean you hafta be a robot. We don’t need you going psycho one day when your emotions boil over. It’s okay to be sad and shit…”

“I know. I know.” Alex looked over at Paige “I fucked it all up and now he’s alone with Starr. They will probably meet up with us again as a loving couple or some shit, but you know what? I would rather them come back in love and him forget about me then die out there. At least he has Starr to watch his back…that much I can be grateful for….she is the second toughest woman in the group…no offense to anyone else…”

“None taken… ya know Alex this world takes its toll on all of us. Just know if you need someone to talk to I am here…”

“Thanks Paige. I’m gonna go spend time with my son before we take off” Alex started walking away “…oh yah think she’s ready to be burped.”

“Ah shit, thanks and your welcome!”
Mort sat at his desk with a simple lantern to light up the room. There were some ominous clouds in the sky killing the natural sunlight he enjoyed. He scratched his Santa Claus like beard and massaged his worn out knee looking through reports, the world was a mess and he was feeling too damn old to deal with it all. Besides worrying about everyone at his complex, his niece Alex, and the virus that is trying to make mankind extinct he awaited a report on another threat from his staff. Well calling them his staff was more of a joke. His son Chris, Mort’s best friend John Smith from Vietnam, and John’s Daughter Dr. Aurora Smith who was a brilliant biologist really ran the place. Being he owned the property and was a former Colonel made him uncomfortably the de-facto leader, but he spent most of his time on the radio intelligence gathering from the other side of the world. It was an obsession really.

Mort’s main objective was to find Dr. Vladilen Ryzhkov a Soviet defector and eccentric genius that use to work with the Department of Defense. The crazy bastard had to have caused this. The man wanted to jump start evolution with a virus, but failed miserably ten years ago. While the virus didn’t cause re-animations Aurora had determined what was happening now was a mutated version of that virus, but how it was combined with nano technology was definitely not anything she knew existed. Dr. Ryzhkov has been off the grid since he was shut down for good. The last possible reported sighting was in Ukraine six years ago. Tracking him down by radio in the world filled with dead was no easy task, but he had to be alive to see his creation at work….A knock at Mort’s door brought him out of his fog “Yah come on in guys.”

His son Chris popped his head in “Ready?”

“Yah yah whatcha got?”

Chris came in looking like a blonde hair blue eyed Hollywood action hero followed by John who looked like a bald weight lifter that father time caught up with. Chris held a folder of papers “Dad doesn’t look good for us.”

John continued “That’s an understatement, we’ve learned more about what’s going on in the United States. A General by the name of Alexander Harding seems to be cutting himself out a small empire on the east coast.”

Mort folded his hands on the desk as his interest peaked “Yes… I know him. One of those short jacked up guys that bully people so he feels taller or some shit. He’s responsible for some major fuck ups in Iraq and Afghanistan, but thanks to friends in high places always managed to pass the blame on to someone else. A real prick….go on.”

“Well he claims to be building a New America, some grand vision of his and get this; anyone from Canada to Mexico has been decreed as part of his army. How he claims Canada and Mexico is beyond me, but worst of all those that do not willingly join will be branded terrorists. The punishment will be execution on site…either join or die essentially. His story for how he got this power is a joke. A Senator by the name of Emily Grant became the President after, well, massive die offs of the executive and legislative branches. She was President for mere minutes where she declared martial law making General Harding the lead then just as quickly she disappeared, presumed dead.”

Mort stood up looking out a window “Sounds like a blatant power play to try and get troops under his command legitimately. Looks like a marvelous new world he wants to create…what else.”
“He sent a communication….directed at you Mort….”

Mort turned around with a smirk “Not surprised. My reputation is well known and many suspect I was building my own unauthorized military base here in the Catskills.”

John laughed “You were…kinda. Anyways he’s uh sending a small squad to make diplomatic contact and expects you to join him….”

“Well he must know I will refuse. He just wants his troops to see me as some uncooperative terrorist. I guess we better get to our defenses and put everyone on yellow alert.”

“Dad do we really have to use Star Trek themes?”

Mort smirked “Shit I get to have some fun” Chris rolled his eyes as he grew to hate the show thanks to his Dad watching it over and over again. “Chris, son I need you to take a Huey right away and try to find your cousin Alex. I have outlined possible routes she may take to get here. I think we may need all the people we can get….plus if she meets up with any of these New America people…. I fear for her life….dismissed.”

Once they left and closed the door Mort looked out his window. The beautiful oak trees and carefully planted brush around the property contained camouflaged men of all flavors keeping watch, ready to kill at the first sign of trouble. Mort always had a contingency plan for large scale devastation and now it was coming to fruition, but The Zeds and General Harding greatly outnumbered his forces. They however didn’t have his people’s spirit and determination though. That he was most certainly sure of….
Dillon tried not to puke as he looked at a sickly man covered in his own piss, shit, and vomit. The man had an IV hooked up, but it was long empty. Bottles of water and straws lay strewn about his body. It looks like the man was severely dehydrated along with needing many hearty meals. The guy was almost a skeleton with skin, his shallow breathing was the only sign he was still alive. Dillon called Starr in who did turn around to puke then quickly composed herself.

Dillon grabbed a bottled of water wetting the man’s lips. His eye lids opened revealing bloodshot dark eyes. The man’s tongue stuck out as he spread the water along his lips to moisten them “…who…are…” he asked in the sickliest sounding voice Dillon had ever heard.

“I’m Dillon this is Starr. We stumbled upon your town, empty of anyone or anything. Who are you?”

The man was struggling to talk so Dillon dribbled more water on his lips “Lloyd….store…owner….last of the…town…..all dead or crazy…..demonic.b.b.bitch….came ….fought….got sick and weak…..dying…..kill me please.”

Dillon looked down at Lloyd sympathetically “I promise, but can you tell me anything else?”

“Cult….dangerous….kill don’t…don’t try….to reason….with them…kill da fuc…fuckers. Take anything. Please no more…suffer.”

Dillon remorsefully punctured his carotid artery ending the man’s suffering for good. He quickly exited with Starr slamming the door shut “We take any weapons and ammo then burn the place down. Seems like anyone who can fight Mary off deserves a proper funeral, why not a pyre?”

After they loaded up an assortment of weapons and ammo it wasn’t as much as Dillon first thought as many ammo boxes were not full or were empty altogether. It would have to do though. They set the place on fire then slowly kept driving down the road looking around the ghost town. Any doorways they could see into looked destroyed inside and most likely pointless to search. Just as they were about to leave town a robed figure walked out in front of the car and stood there. Dillon couldn’t see who it was as the hood cloaked their whole face “Stay here and get in the driver’s seat for a quick getaway.”

“I’m not gonna leave you here “she said annoyed.

“Fuck no you’re not. I just wanna be able to run to the passenger side, dingle.”

She rolled her eyes “Ok be careful.”

Dillon winked at her then got out with his rifle at the ready. Slowly approaching the person in the white robe Dillon took careful glances at the surroundings waiting for an ambush. Everything seemed to be quiet. He stood in front of the stranger “Well?”

The person slowly lifted the hood of their robe revealing a frail, pale skinned girl probably in her twenties. She had dark hair with a pixie like haircut and green eyes. The creepiest thing was her happy smile “Hello strangers. Welcome to Sunrise an outpost of Mary, a soldier of the second coming. You may not pass unless you swear loyalty to her.”
Dillon looked at her like she was on crack “Uh what? I thought Mary was the head honcho?”

The girl looked at him confused then giggled “No. She is but an archangel to bring in the new age. Christ was male, that’s silly.”

Dillon was getting weirded out “Well, where is Mary?”

“She is everywhere, all seeing.”

Dillon pinched the bridge of his nose “No I mean physically where is she? I wish to meet with her.”

The girl was still smiling “No one meets her, she finds you when you are ready to meet her.”

Dillon was getting frustrated “Lets change topics. What’s up with the entrance to the town? Why are people crucified?”

The girl looked at Dillon like he was stupid “That’s the punishment for defying Mary or blasphemy against the Lord. The gun dealer, his brother, and wife were demonically possessed. Thank you for finishing off the gun dealer, we lost many people to him….”

Dillon surmised they must have been so scared of him they didn’t even realize he was dying in there. Now they think Dillon finished him off, interesting he thought “Are you the leader of your um congregation?”

She laughed at him again “No I am but the greeter. Do you wish to meet our leader? He is much wiser and may let you join us for defeating the gun man.”

Dillon smiled “Yes, yes I would actually.”

She seemed excited “Ok you must walk there as we live amongst Gods creations not humans. Don’t worry we will be safe. Satan’s army of the dead has been destroyed here.”

“Alright let me grab my gear then lead the way….”
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Re: Sudden Death

Post by mariposa » Wed Feb 26, 2014 6:59 pm

Watch the leader be Manny as a mutant.

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by Nancy1340 » Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:25 pm

Thank you. Very good story.

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by mariposa » Tue Mar 04, 2014 10:46 pm

That was a very interesting update. I look forward to hearing more about our fictional friends soon.

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by bad_karma00 » Fri Mar 07, 2014 7:14 pm

Well, I finally caught up. Sorry for my own lack of 'motivation' but it's been a rough go lately, and I haven't been around. Story is still great as it ever was. I'm glad to see you've kept it real, with losses to the group even as they get additions. No idea where you're going with the mutant/Mary thing, but it's damn intriguing to say the least.

Great work, and thanks for that hard work, too.

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by Azraelsjudgement » Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:40 am

Thanks everyone. Sorry to hear that BK. Hope all is well or better now.


Sal eyed the road carefully, always looking for danger even with a single eye. The other empty socket still hurt at times, but he was getting used to it. He felt much older than he ever has especially sitting in a car all the time. He mused that once they got to the Colonel’s place that he would retire, but it was more likely he would be busier than ever. His thoughts quickly went back to Dillon, wondering if he trained him well enough to survive out there. The boy had become like his son, he even made rash and at times risky decisions like Sal did at that age. Maybe somewhere along the genetic tree they were even related. Even though shit hit the fan the relationships Sal has formed since are the best he’s ever had.

“Hey old man you paying attention” Charles joked noticing the glazed over look Sal got sometimes.

Sal grunted “Yah. Looks like we picked a good route, the Zed population is almost zilch.”

“Jesus Christ knock on wood dumbass.”

“Shit you’re right” then knocked on Charles’ head.

Charles eyed him “Funny old timer. Your jokes are as old as you are.”

Sal smiled nice and big “As long as they amuse me that’s all that matters.”

Charles rolled his eye “Keep smiling like that ill think ya have a thing for me.”

“Sorry not my type. I prefer men who can use guns.” Sal teased.

“Guns, guns, guns. They’re just not personal enough for me. Hate em.”

“I know, I know.”

“Nah bow and arrows the way to go ladies” Tibs interjected.

Charles shook his head “Humph. Thanks for helping with the vehicle upkeeps, but you’re still a dumbass. Bow and arrows are too slow and run out too easy. Metal blades where it’s at. Just keep em sharp then slice n dice.”

“Yah what if they break or get stuck?” Tibs questioned sounding insulted.

“Yah got fists dontcha?”

Sal disagreed “No guns first then have a blade for back up. Guns keep you at a safe distance, especially from diseased corpses.”

Charles looked at him like he was stupid” Seriously? Guns draw attention. Blades are stealth and don’t make a racket.”

“Hey arrows are quiet and can be shot at a distance” Tibs countered both of them.

Sal scratched his chin “Tibs arrows are..well…out dated.”

“Yah but guns make you lazy” Charles chimed in.

“What?! Guns take skill, I mean hell you can barely use a shotgun.”


“Fuck you both. Making arrows, bows, and being able to fire them at a target is waaaaaay harder!”

“Shut up Tibs!” they both said in unison.

Just when they were about to go to blows the radio chimed in, it was Alex “Holy shit. I hear a Helicopter coming from somewhere, closing in. Over.”
All men shut up instantly finally hearing it in the distance. Charles braked to a stop as they all quickly looked out the windows…..
Dillon and Starr walked side by side with the greeter in the lead. No matter how many times he tried to learn what her real name was she insisted it was just ‘the greeter’. At first she tried to convince them they didn’t need their weapons as they were safe from Zeds, but that was the least of their worries. Finally after they pretended to be too scared of Zeds to leave their weapons the girl let them bring their equipment. She really was mindless.

The trail they were on seemed to have been a worn bike trail. It was void of any life, not even birds wanted to be around this weird cult. That is what they clearly were, a cult brainwashed to believe Mary was an archangel, what worried Dillon was if Mary wasn’t in charge who could be more fucked up than her? After about a half an hour of walking Dillon could see a clearing up ahead with tents and poorly built shacks, but there was a large white farmhouse that was in the center of everything.

The greeter stopped “Wait here while I announce your arrival.” Then she walked away.

Dillon looked at Starr “Well guess we better be ready for anything.

“I’m focusing on my weapon in that case.”

“I bet the leader lives in the big house with young girls or boys…or both.”

Starr snarled a bit “Then he dies.”

Dillon just nodded as he saw the greeter come back with a tall gangly looking middle aged man in a brown robe carrying a staff. The greeter approached them with the new guy “This is Head Acolyte Noah. He will fill you in while our Leader finishes his meditations.”

“Alright. Lead the way.”

Noah led them to the front porch of the farmhouse. Everyone in the encampment seemed to be busy. People were busy making clothes, tending to farm animals and even crops further away in the distance. The odd thing was that no one seemed younger than the greeter running around. Where were the children? Once they got on the screened in porch they all sat in old wooden rocking chairs. Dillon felt like he had stepped into some twilight zone episode. It was like a whole different world here. There seemed to be no protective barriers and everyone seemed relaxed. The allure of not living in fear certainly could be a way to draw people into a cult.

“Welcome to our community. Seems like you both are surviving the awakening real well.”

Dillon looked at Starr confused then back at Noah “The awakening?”

The man just kept smiling “Yes. That’s what we call it here. Mankind had become too sinful and destructive to God’s beautiful world so he allowed Satan to bring his army onto earth to slay all the sinners. Now man is free to be awakened to follow our true path.”

“Oh is that what happened. What’s the path then?” Starr said sarcastically, but Noah clearly didn’t catch on.

“Yes it is what happened, but it’s not proper for me to explain the path. So tell me of your journeys.”

“Well nothing out of the ordinary. Just been staying alive and moving place to place. I found Starr eventually and we’ve just been uh surviving. How’d you all survive?”

“Well we were lost at the beginning. The gunman you killed for us quickly put down the turned sinners and organized us. Eventually though we were becoming overwhelmed with lack of food and clean water. Then one day the ONE showed up to save us. He said if we devoted ourselves to God’s will we’d be saved. So we did. The gunman showed his true colors though rejecting the ONE by allying with the devil instead. Ever since we’ve been protected from Satan’s army and are free to live without fear. The gunman rejected us and well is of no worry now.”

“The one?” Dillon inquired.

“Yes the ONE is God’s word on earth. Some say he is Jesus and others think he’s the Archangel Michael, but either way he rescued us. Our job is merely to find new people to join us. The more people that follow God’s will the faster the earth will be wiped clean of Satan. So we are eager to find more people as you can tell.”

Dillon’s head hurt at the absurdity, but if these people were desperate to be saved then it’s no wonder they were converted so easily. Not to mention if this ‘one’ is more powerful than Mary he could convince them of divine power pretty easily “So the greeter said an Archangel Mary also exists?”

Noah smiled “Yes she’s responsible for the main protection of our area. She is the guiding force that keeps Satan’s minions at bay.”

“Awesome” Dillon replied hiding his annoyance “so what now?”

“Well you will meet our leader to see if you are sinners or lost souls.”

“What if he determines we’re sinners?”

“You can confess your sins and pledge your soul to Mary, if you refuse then you…well…get crucified.”

Dillon felt uncomfortable at that remark “Seems harsh?”

“At first look, but it’s the only way for some to see the light. Beg for forgiveness as they feel their life extinguishing. It’s not just the dead who work for Satan; he taints the living, but the less human souls he has the weaker he gets….”

“Is Satan on earth?” Dillon asked curious.

“No just his demons and condemned souls. They are everywhere, one even managed to harm our Mary….that demon will be made to suffer for his crimes. She will defeat him eventually….”

Oh shit Dillon realized he was the demo they wanted. Public enemy number two “Well I’m sure she will vanquish him.”

Noah bowed his head “Of course it’s God’s will.”

“Alright so we’re ready to meet the leader whenever he is.”

Noah smiled at them and nodded “I was anxious my first session with him too. One moment” then got up poking his head in the front door “Okay he’s just about ready…”
The helicopter turned out to be something called a Chinook Sal had said over the radio. Lena knew they carried troops so that was a good sign…she hoped. It flew far over top of them, but didn’t give a sign they were seen. It just flew on by the direction Alex said her uncle lived, but doubt he had one of those. It was momentary excitement anyways. Anytime they weren’t driving was better in her view. Then Lena realized Joker was having trouble keeping the car steady and they were falling back too far from the group “What’s the matter lug head?”

“Pshhhh. Don’t know. Thinks we gotsa flat tire. Betta radio for em ta hole up.”

Lena went to grab the radio, but it was gone “What the hell. Where is it?”

“Should be in the middle console” Zack answered.

Lena searched the console, the glove compartment, under the seats “Uh what the hell? Anyone take it out of the car?”

The two men shook their heads in innocence. Finally Joker had to stop. Since they couldn’t radio he hit the horn, but nothing happened. Now the other vehicles were out sight “Piece o shit. Alright yous two watch my azz while I change dis tire, sure dey notice us soona o lata.”

Zack and Lena took up position on each end of the SUV as Joker got out the spare tire, jack, and tire iron. Just as he knelt down and started twisting the first lug nut sounds of brush getting trampled haphazardly alerted everyone trouble was on the way. Joker froze waiting to see what happened. Soon enough the first line of Zeds came shambling out. Lena yelled at him “Change that fucking thing. We got this!”

Joker’s hands started shaking as he quickly tried to undo the lug nuts. Lena and Zack backed up closer to him firing their rifles. After Joker got the lug nuts loose he started jacking up the car when Lena yelled out in frustration. There were two Zeds she was holding back by shoving her rifle in their mouths. She side kicked one in the knee knocked it sideways into the other, unfortunately they took her rifle with them. Lena quickly drew her sidearm as a Zed closed in. She quickly leveled the gun at its forehead squeezing the trigger. The head exploded all over her face giving her a bloody mask of death.

Zack heard Lena change firearms, but couldn’t check on her as his hands were full. There were so many he already had to use the butt of his rifle to give himself some space. It was now covered in pieces of Zed. Zack was much better than Lena at exchanging mags which helped him immensely. Then Just as the tide was turning in their favor a mutant came jumping from the trees. Zack heard the branch break quickly firing up into the air. The mutants chest was shredded apart killing the thing, but its limp body fell right on Zack.

“SHIT!” Joker yelled out seeing Zack go down. The monster’s corpse had him pinned, but Zack managed to pull his sidearm out still shooting Zeds while restrained. Joker had just got the tire off the ground, but grabbed the tire iron going to Zack’s rescue. The Zed’s skulls were no match for metal bar along with Jokers adrenaline. Two Zeds were coming down on him. He held one by the throat while bashing the other one in the skull. After a few sickening crunches it dropped then he put the next one down.

Lena was pushing back the wave on her side when her gun clicked empty and she reached for a mag to find none “shit” she said out loud to herself. She pulled out her bowie knife puncturing Zed skulls. If too many got close she kicked them backward, the horde was finally thinning out. Meanwhile Joker was pulling Zack out while he kept firing his weapon and Joker handing him new mags. Eventually he was pulled free shakily getting back to his feet, nothing seemed to be broken.

Zack was just getting his bearings when a large rock came flying out of the trees slamming into his chest. With the wind knocked out of him he dropped to his knees. Joker was confused when a large form with a robe and ghastly clown mask swiftly appeared right in front of him. Without warning Joker found himself soaring through the air. His direction took him over the car and down an embankment on the opposite side of the road then was knocked out cold on the rocky ground.

Lena heard gunfire in the distance realizing help may not be here as soon as they expected then she heard the ruckus behind her. She turned around to see the new arrival. Seeing Joker gone and Zack down trying to breathe again Lena charged in ignoring her fear of clowns. While she was much stronger than the average woman it didn’t matter. When the large man grabbed her wrist she was helpless to pull out of his grasp. She quickly stomped down on their foot, but nothing happened besides a deep cackling from behind the mask. She was lifted up by her wrist so that her feet were off the ground. The feeling of helplessness and fear jolted through her body. The person before her lifted up his mask and the bald white face of a man with sharpened teeth smiled back at her, it was Manny or what use to be anyways………
Alex was driving along when Sofia braked hard in front of her. She did the same sending the kids and Mel flying to the front yelping out in surprise as they crashed against the floor. Alex quickly called an all-out “What the Fuck” over the radio.

Sal came on “We need to stop. Tibs noticed Joker isn’t behind you anymore.”

Alex checked “Fuck. Sorry wasn’t paying attention. How come they haven’t radioed?”

“Not sure we better…..oh SHIT! AMBUSH!”

Alex didn’t need to hear Sal yell that out as she saw robbed figures appear suddenly. They were lying down camouflaged meaning they were real people in green robes. They brought up bolt action rifles immediately firing at the line of vehicles. Alex jumped on the kids while yelling at them to stay down. Immediately after she did that there were bullets flying throughout the area punching holes in the vehicles and shattering windows. Alex yelled for Mel to cover them and threw on her vest. She grabbed a rifle while kicking the door open leaping onto the ground and staying low. The gunmen were standing up clearly not concerned with their own lives. Alex started picking them off. Soon she heard other weapons from her people firing back.

After she took down the people in front of her she got up to sneak around to the other side. Just as she turned the corner of the motorhome a skinny guy with a shotgun was running right at her. He was close enough she swung the butt of her rifle through the air slamming him in the throat. His windpipe was crushed and he slammed into the ground. Alex went to move forward when a shot fired slamming into the middle of her vest sending shockwaves throughout her nervous system. She recovered quickly firing back putting a hole through a woman’s face. She poked her head around the corner with a lineup of targets that seemed to be getting shot at from the window of the other mobile home. Alex started gunning the people down, easy pickings.The battle was quickly over. An ambush caught them by surprise, but their attackers showed no skill, they threw away their lives. After making sure Mel and the kids were ok Sal was over to her “How we looking Sal?”

“Tibs took a bullet in the side, Charles is cut up from shattered glass, and I’m fine. Ariel is fine. Sofia stood her ground firing from the window of their motorhome. Her vest took a pounding and she suffered a few serious wounds Paige is taking care of it while Sarah handles everyone else. We did lose one person though…Ted covered up Glen and died doing it…..”
“Shit. Ted, dammit….ok I’m gonna check the bodies to make sure they’re all dead. You check on the vehicles.”

Sal nodded as Alex headed out into the grassy field first. She had her silenced Glock out putting bullets into heads to make sure they were down. Next she checked the tree line. There were some people still alive, but seriously wounded because they were protected by trees. Alex ended their misery. Halfway down there was a young man with a gut shot, but was trying to hold his skin flaps together “You’re dead. Deal with it. Who are you people?”

The man looked up at her with tears in his eyes and pain in his voice “The ONE didn’t protect us… could he let….you win?”

Alex didn’t know what the hell he was talking about “Look does the name Mary mean anything to you?”

He looked at her “Of course. She’s the Archangel across….across… the bridge. What about her?”

“She didn’t set this up?”

“No….Archangel Manuel did….he said you were out of ammo…..that Satan abandoned you….but we were…li…….”

The life quickly faded from the man’s eyes as blood gushed out of his body. Alex had no idea what he was rambling about the name Manuel meant something to her. There ended up being twenty five people all dressed in robes with boots and bolt action rifles. They barely even had much ammo to say so. Then Alex realized they were meant to fail which meant….”Shit. Sal!!”
Dillon and Starr were led to a large pearl white room with a large brick fireplace. They had to give up their gear, but were allowed to keep their side arms. The room had no furniture, but a small table that people would have to kneel down to use. The walls had crosses and cheap religious artwork hanging up. There were candles in holders mounted around the room all lit sending out the smell of cinnamon wafting through the room. Noah stood by the table “Sorry our leader dislikes chairs so hope you don’t mind kneeling on a mat.”

Dillon shook his head “No problem.”

Noah smiled “It has been nice meeting you. Good luck.” Then he left the room closing the double doors behind him.

Dillon looked at Starr “Interesting to say the least.”

“Do you think they know who we really are?” Starr questioned.

Dillon shrugged “If they do then they’re great actors. Ya know I really expected this guy to be living more lavishly then kneeling on floors.”

“I don’t know. Either way this place is weird as shit.” Dillon nodded in agreement. He had no idea what to expect from this leader, but no one can draw faster than Starr so he was confident they were not here to die. As he looked around for any sign of what’s to come the doors started to open and who walked in greatly surprised him. It was a bald pre-teen in a flamboyant purple gown. “Welcome” the boy said with a big smile.

Dillon looked at Starr who looked back both confused “Thanks.” They said in unison. A child was the one who is leading a cult. It was hard for Dillon to believe then he realized he was still technically a teenager and an apocalyptic warrior, why not?

“Please sit down with me” the boy said gently.

They did as he requested “What should we call you?” Dillon asked.

The boy looked at him “Whatever your heart says I should be named or ‘leader’ is fine if you’re not ready to open up just yet. In public only refer to me as leader though. When you come up with a name do not share it with anyone but me.”

“Ok leader. How did you become the uh well leader here?”

“How does anyone become a leader?”

Starr jumped in “Many different ways.”

“Ah, but a true leader just does what he thinks is right and people follow willingly. One cannot be forced to follow a leader that is a tyrant.”

“Fair enough. Then tell me, are you from the town nearby?”

“No, I am a disciple. They made me their leader as they were scared and lost souls. I taught them about the Awakening. Now they are happy and taken care of. Would you like to join us?”

Dillon raised an eyebrow “That was blunt. Can I askwhere are all the children?”

“Ah do not fret they are here and well taken care of. We do not call them children though. They are learning souls. They stay in the house to be educated.”

More like being brainwashed Dillon thought to himself “Ah sounds efficient.”

“Yes, so I feel like you are good people so what do you say?”

Dillon didn’t want to act too eager. “Well, sounds interesting, but would we be blessed with meeting the Archangel or the One?”

“Of course. Only they can make you an official part of the community after initiation.”

Starr nodded for Dillon to agree. This was their way in without massacring these poor delusional people “What’s the first thing we need to do?” Dillon asked acting innocent.
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Re: Sudden Death

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Yahoo.... MOAR story.... but If you don't start posting regular updates again. I will be forced to do what I did with TB and threatened Zen with.... I will find you, I will kidnap you, and I will make you put the lotion on the sk..... wait sorry. I will make you write MOAR story MOAR faster!
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Re: Sudden Death

Post by mariposa » Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:57 pm

Great update!

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by Spazzy » Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:37 am

Halfapint wrote:Yahoo.... MOAR story.... but If you don't start posting regular updates again. I will be forced to do what I did with TB and threatened Zen with.... I will find you, I will kidnap you, and I will make you put the lotion on the sk..... wait sorry. I will make you write MOAR story MOAR faster!

It posts more story or else it gets the hose again? :rofl:
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Re: Sudden Death

Post by Azraelsjudgement » Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:53 pm

Does it have to be a hole in the ground? How bout a luxury sweet, that will help me write faster :lol:

Lena looked into the blood red eyes of Manny who was now a beast, but she knew the man that made her sneer in contempt was still in there. He seemed to be looking into her soul trying to decide what to do with her. The fact that right this second her fate was in the hands of a maniac who now had power to back up his sick mind sent shudders of fear throughout her body. Lena was so scared her lungs stopped in trepidation of the unknown. Then a glint of hope caught the corner of Lena’s eye and she forced herself not to look. Zack was back on his feet.

Zack got his breath back slowly getting up as to not alert the hulking beast in front of him. Lena looked petrified and Zack could not fail her here. Planting his feet he launched through the air with a shoulder block into the tender part in back of the mutant’s knee. It howled in pain dropping Lena on her backside. Zack rolled out of the way just before Manny was about to topple backward onto him. He quickly grabbed Lena lifting her up then starting running while dragging her along. It didn’t take long before she started to realize she was free finally moving on her own.

Manny roared at them pulling his mask back down charging after them. Zack looked back to see a mutant clown in hot pursuit. No one knows what fear is until they have a deranged clown with fangs and claws trying to run them down. Zack could see Manny was effortlessly gaining on them so he did what he would expect Dillon to do “Lena keep running….” Before she could reply he pulled his sidearm quickly slamming on the proverbial brakes as she kept going. She wanted to stop, but was overwhelmed with fear of what Manny would do to her. Cowardly, maybe, but smart considering the dark fantasies no one could see in his mind.

Zack fired two shots into Manny, but the beast still plowed into him wedging the gun sideways crushed between the two bodies. The impact sent them tumbling across the hot asphalt both leaving skin behind. Manny recovered first tearing the gun from Zack’s hand sending it flying off into the waist high grass. Zack felt himself being lifted off the ground where Manny growled into his face “Foolish boy. You’re fucked now.”

Zack felt his whole body get swung high into the air by the arm then slammed into the ground onto his left shoulder. Pain shot through his body as he felt bones crack and break. That kind of pain was unimaginable to him until now. He staved off shock as Manny reached for him again. Failing to fight off Manny’s grip he used his right hand to draw his bowie knife. When Manny lifted him up again Zack thrust the knife into the mutant’s neck. Immediately he was dropped to the ground landing on his feet. Manny gurgled out a scream as blood filled his throat. He dropped to his knees with a look of rage in his eyes. Flinging off the mask he snarled then sluggishly got back on his feet clearly out for revenge. Fighting off death he went to charge Zack who was already backing up. Without warning a loud rifle shot exploded through the air blowing Manny’s jaw clean off. The beast stopped dead in its track not quite realizing what just happened. Zack expecting to die was shocked looking back to see Alex drop her long rifle running to him with her sidearm out. The large mutant’s tongue hung helplessly exposed now. His eyes rolled into the back of his skull then collapsed without any movement.

Alex made it to Zack who was favoring his right shoulder “Zack you…ok? Where’s Joker?”

Zack grimaced in pain “I’ll live, but my shoulder is fucked. Joker is back in the grass somewhere, status unknown.”

Alex nodded as Charles with Sal, Tibs, and Lena in the vehicle came driving up. Lena immediately jumped out “Shit, Zack are you alright?”

“No….” then passed out from the pain he was trying to hide.”
Dillon sat Indian style nude across from Starr who was doing the same thing. Their first test was to suppress their animalistic urges. Everyone here was chaste, forbidden from pleasures of the flesh. To say Dillon was struggling was an understatement. Starr was a beautifully toned woman with perky breasts that looked like they were specially sculpted for her body. She could tell he was struggling to by the smirk on her face. Dillon had to constantly think about puppies, Zeds, and anything else to keep his mind from her or what he wanted to do to her. While Dillon felt guilty for those thoughts as his mind drifted to Alex on and off he couldn’t help it. Starr was more than a best friend to him, but not a lover either. Confusion overwhelmed him and this was not helping in the least. It also didn’t help they were in a plain white room with nothing else to look at, but one another. They were forbidden from talking or moving. They were told to control their breathing, their mind, and their deep seeded urges that create impure thoughts. The whole thing was ridiculous, but to get to Mary it had to be done. They didn’t even say how long this test lasted, but it felt like an eternity.

Meanwhile Starr while amused by Dillon’s look of helplessness wasn’t as calm as she appeared either. Dillon was in great shape covered in scars that accentuated the ripples of muscle. She couldn’t help but think of leaving scars on his back….. The look in his eyes was still enough to keep her amused and more relaxed then him at least. She could only think these people must be wound up tight or sneak off when no one is paying attention. Chasteness was an archaic way of thinking. The test was probably designed by the perverted old men who got to leer at her as she was escorted here. She tried to focus on her brother and making up scenarios where he was alive and well. Something told her he figured out a way to survive the army of Zeds, but even so she would probably never see him again.

After many hours of resisting their urges, Noah finally opened the door with two robes “Put these on, you have passed.” They did as they were told then lead outside where people were eating “please sit down and eat. This will be the last time you eat for a week.”

“Uh why?” Dillon asked.

Noah smiled “Part of the test. You will be put through trials without food, just water. Spirit over body” then walked away. They sat down to bread, fruit, and a porridge like substance.

“Dillon that doesn’t sound fun” Starr said concerned

“Saying the last test was?” he said in jest.

“I didn’t mind stud. You seemed a bit overwhelmed though” she teased.

Dillon raised an eyebrow “Well you’re kinda attractive so…”

Starr hit him playfully “Kinda? Whoop your ass.”

He laughed “I bet you could.”

“Damn right. Watch yourself…..seriously though, a week without food is gonna make us weak. If we meet Mary worn out and barely lifting our arms…were dead.”

Dillon looked around to make sure no one was listening “Well guess we’ll have to cheat then.”

“How’re we doing that?”

Dillon smiled “I’ll figure something out.”

Starr rolled her eyes then looked down at her food “Well least this stuff will stick to our ribs as the old folk say.”

“Bon Appétit.”
Mort’s men spotted the Chinook long before it arrived. They were forced to land down the mountain and made their way up with vehicles lying around. Captain Theodore Coulson was being led to his office to speak about joining the New America movement. John and Aurora sat on each side of him all sitting in silence patiently waiting. While Mort and John displayed a confident demeanor Aurora was not use to these types of meetings visibly perspiring and fidgeting. She needed to get use to these situations though.

There was a knock at the door and the Captain was shown in. Mort stood up to shake his hand “Welcome Captain. Please have a seat.”

“Thank you sir” his voice was official and displayed an arrogant tone.

“What brings you to our little mountain top?” Mort questioned pretending to be ignorant of the man’s purpose.

“Well sir if you haven’t heard General Harding is now in charge of the United States. He has been tasked by new President Emily Grant to take control of North America into a unified front to clear out the infected and put down new upstart governments.”

Mort leaned back in his chair “Well Captain that still doesn’t explain why you’re here?”

The man nodded “Yes, well sir everyone is expected to join the military under General Harding to take back the continent. No one is allowed to operate outside his authority under Marshall Law.”

Mort smirked “What if we don’t?”

Coulson didn’t flinch “You will be labeled an outlaw and your camp terminated.”

John eyed the young fellow “Sounds like a Dictatorship to me.”

Coulson finally showed a hint of annoyance “No sir, everything is in according with law.”

Aurora’s shaky voice interrupted “That’s ludicrous. You can’t just go around killing people who don’t agree with your interpretation of the law. What gives you all the right?”

“The President, Constitution, and the Laws of Nature mam.”

Aurora stood up leaning over the desk “No one knows this President, the constitution does not authorize military control, and the laws of nature are about who adapts the best, not whose biggest!”

“Well then you better adapt to our new President and how we interpret the constitution or be phased out of existence…mam.”

“Smug prick” then sat back down with her arms crossed.

“Well I think what my daughter is saying is our answer is no.”

The Captain glared at them “I need the official answer from Mort.”

Mort leaned back scratching his chin leaving the man in suspense “Let me ask you Captain how long did you serve in the military before the dead rose?”

“Well I was recruited after actually, trained by Harding himself. I’m his nephew; he married my aunt Janice Coulson.”

“Your uncle was never smart” Mort smiled picking up a radio “Now.”

The Captain looked at him less confident now “What…what was that about?”

Mort stood up smiling with a pistol out “Oh I just captured your men and have myself a new Chinook, thanks for that one. I also have a hostage the General may be less inclined to bomb into kingdom come.”

Coulson held his hands up “I’m here as a diplomat…y-you can’t do this” he said meekly.

“Sorry, but we have no treaties that say otherwise. You come here threatening us then reveal you’re family on top of that? Arrogant little prick…bet you couldn’t even take down Aurora here who is a scientist, not military. John, take this piss-ant away.”

Coulson protested loudly voiding his bladder as John dragged him away to a holding cell. Mort looked out his window as Aurora spoke “Well that was easy.”

“The boy is an untrained silver spoon fed child. Harding married into a rich family. I could tell the boy was acting military, not real military. Hopefully we won’t get bombed to hell now, even so…is the backup plan ready to be initiated?”

“Yes it is.”

“Good. Make sure everyone is prepared…”
Zack woke up with Mel sleeping on his right shoulder. His head felt woozy, but the pain wasn’t as bad now. Then he realized he felt a little too happy, drugged he figured. Realizing Mel was sleeping on him caused quite the confusion. While he crushed on her bad she was much younger than him at least in terms of how old they are now. In seven or eight years it would be more acceptable, but right now no matter how old she looked he knew her real age. That didn’t seem to stop her from trying though. Finally she stirred awake “How you feeling?”

“Better. How's Joker?”

“Fine. Just a huge egg on his head.”

Then he noticed a few holes in the side of the RV “What happened to you guys?”

Mel yawned “An ambush. We lost Ted and Sofia is in rough shape, but should make it especially once we get to Alex’s uncle.”

“Good. So what’s up? How come I’m not in the medical RV?”

“Oh full house. Alex knows enough to take care of you, but Tibs and Sofia were taking up space with their more serious wounds.”

“Shit my injury seems pretty serious to me” he half kidded.

“I bet. Handled yourself pretty damn good out there I hear.”

“Yah I guess.”

Mel kissed him on the cheek suddenly. Zack blushed taken by surprise “What’s that for?”

Charles insisted on driving despite all the lacerations on his right side. Sal knew better than to baby him. At least Sal was spared any injuries for once. He liked Ted though, but hadn’t really gotten to know him that much. Another dead survivor, it was becoming less sad and more normal now. He mused that was the real sad part. People’s death used to affect people strongly, but it was becoming less so now. Just a part of this new world, anyone can die at any moment.

What was really on Sal’s mind was what just happened. How were Manny and his ambush set up so perfectly? Then there’s the Equinox. The horn not working is too much of a coincidence along with the flat tire. Something was wrong, very wrong with the whole picture. Sal kept going back to Tibs. The man assisted on vehicle maintenance and is the one who called a halt to the caravan of vehicles. How was he getting information out and taking orders? Then it dawned on Sal that Tibs always insisted on patrolling outside their perimeter when parked, he even took all his bathroom breaks out of sight, not using the RVs. The man seemed so genuine and fun to talk to though. How could that be such a good act? He fit in with Charles and Sal so well too. It didn’t make any sense. He would need to be questioned. Sal didn’t want to warn Tibs of his suspicions over the radio though. The man was injured so hopefully he wouldn’t do anything stupid before they next break.

After discussing it with Charles it all made sense besides the why. He didn’t appear to be some weirdo or mutant. Just a regular guy, Charles was perturbed at the reasoning especially being tortured and having his whole group killed, but it’s the only thing that seemed to fit. Charles agreed on holding off until the next stop. No need to give the man a heads up and doing something drastic. This was going to be a long wait….
Tibs laid on the bed next to Glen who was out cold with pain killers. As he got to know these people he kept feeling worse at his betrayal, but had no choice. These people only saw those on the side of the road when they helped his old group. What they didn’t see were the two kids hiding in the bushes that were currently Mary’s slaves used as collateral to make Tibs obedient. The kids weren’t his biologically, but they had become so after he rescued them when things first went to hell.

Tibs was always anti-social. The mountain man they called him. He didn’t even have electricity at his cabin in the woods. When things went to hell he was waiting outside a courthouse reading a book. The local town bureaucrats’ wanted to force him to modernize his home for his own safety they insisted. More like to control him. Then when people dropped dead then came back Tibs ran for his old Dodge truck at the time. Before he made it he saw two young kids that were running from a dead policeman. Tibs happily smashed his face in then forced the kids in his truck. They were eleven year old twins, boy and girl. Tibs brought them home, but their parents were dead and undead. They had been with him ever since. They were even good at using bows and making their own arrows. They had become a real asset to the group before they were captured. He could still see the fear in their eyes as he was tortured. They screamed and cried with each cut on his skin. They were forced to watch the others have their jaws removed. They were living in terror now. Leaving them for this mission was gut wrenching and what was worse is that these people were good to him and each other. Conflicted was an understatement. No matter what decision he made innocent people were going to die.

Manny’s last order if the mission failed was to kill the children then he could return to collect his own kids. Ariel was in this vehicle, but the other two weren’t. He was contemplating making a half assed attempt so he would be killed, but anything short of success meant the end for Dania and Daniel. That was made quite clear to him. Success or failure determined their fate. Tibs wished he died with the rest of his group…….
"My zombies will never take over the world because I need the humans. The humans are the ones I dislike the most, and they're where the trouble really lies." - George A. Romero

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by Halfapint » Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:57 pm

interesting twist there..... Keep'em coming.... OR.... well lets not discuss the or.
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Re: Sudden Death

Post by mariposa » Sat Mar 22, 2014 5:30 pm

I thought something was up with Tibs when he ran so willingly into the woods during their last battle. He needs to come clean with the group. Maybe hearing Manny is dead will stop him from harming the kids in Alex's group.

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by MSTA57 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 9:08 am

Thank you for such an awesome story so far

One of the best zombie ones I have read in a long time

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by Halfapint » Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:18 am

The slow pace of this story makes me sad..... It's a very good story and I hate to constantly ask for MOAR but.... I must know what happens next.....

I'll be forced to do what I did to tinderbox and abduct him, put him in my basement and shower him with cold water till the MOAR flowed through him.... I threatened Redsky and Zengunfighter with the same... And you see.. you see they post LOTS of MOAR.... so don't make me do the bad things. I don't like to do them, but the voices say MOAR STORY and............ I do what the voices say.

So MOAR.... Please?
JeeperCreeper wrote:I like huge dicks, Halfapint, so you are OK in my book.... hahaha
Spazzy wrote:Tell ya what... If Zombies attack and the world ends I'll hook tandem toddlers to a plow if it means I'll be able to eat...

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by mariposa » Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:36 pm

I think we need MOARphine, please.

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by MSTA57 » Wed Apr 02, 2014 9:05 pm

Please do continue.
I'm really enjoying this story

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Re: Sudden Death

Post by mariposa » Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:53 pm

I hope this story is continued! I'd hate to see our fictional friends left in the middle of Cultland.

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