Sudden Death

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Sudden Death

Post by Azraelsjudgement » Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:49 am

Welcome Readers. I do not call myself a writer, but more of a story teller who does this for fun. Feel free to send my PMs for corrections. Thanks

Dillon woke up for school like any other day. He stretched out letting his muscles wake up and rubbed his eyes clear of the crud in them. He was starting to feel better about life because in only a few more months and he would graduate from High School. He had no real plans after he was done with school, but figured anything else was better. Dillon grew up just outside Albany, New York in small town USA. The town had yards full of well-manicured lawns, farmlands, lots of trees, and bored policemen. Hell the place did not even have a fast food restaurant. Dillon was nothing special in school, an average student, not into athletics, pretty much a loner. He always despised the clicks and stereotypes that permeated High School, avoiding them at all cost. One day in 9th grade a star athlete pushed him into a locker. They both ended up with bloody noses and in the principal’s office. The jocks never really bothered with him after that, moving onto weak prey. Dillon had a few close friends to do things with whenever the need for human companionship was needed, which was rarely. Today was going to be another day in paradise Dillon mumbled to himself.

Dillon dragged himself to the bathroom flicking on the light that was much too bright this early and turned the shower on. As the old pipes rattled a bit the water shot out and quickly warmed up. Dillon was in and out in no time, and then brushing his teeth he tried to remember his schedule for today. The only thing he was really looking forward to was his study date with Beth, which was really just a friend with benefits rendezvous. Beth was cool, but average looking by cultural standards. She was kind of emo with a pink stripe in her black hair, had too many piercings for Dillon to count, and all the right curves that women were supposed to have. When they got together they usually just smoked some low grade pot, had great sex, bitched about school, and then went their separate ways. It helped them both get through the monotony of their lives, though Dillon still wished for more with her.

Dillon threw on some loose fitting black jeans held up by a leather belt; he certainly was not like those gangsta wannabes with their boxers showing. He never got the allure of showing off your underwear only taking them off for the opposite sex. Today was supposed to be cool and damp out so he decided to throw on his black hoody. He finished by brushing down his dark hair which was getting so shaggy it was covering up the piercings on top of his left ear, he would probably buzz it down soon. Dillon headed to the kitchen and as usual both his parents had already left for work. His little sister Melody was probably at Day Care. Melody was an “oops” his mom said announcing over three years ago she was pregnant. Dillon adored his little sister though; she was a cute little blonde girl with chipmunk cheeks, and a pretty quick learner. Hopefully she got along with the world better than he did. Dillon made some black coffee and grabbed some strawberry pop tarts then his back pack as he headed out the door. The broken screen door slammed behind him and he could feel the chill in the air. Dillon sipped at his coffee letting the nectar of the Gods flow caffeine through him so he could wake up. He sat outside on the cold wooden steps of his porch and waited for his friend Ike to pick him up in his beat up old Dodge pickup. As he waited some slutty looking freshmen girls walked by with their caked on makeup giggling trying not to look at him. He was not sure or caring if it had anything to do with him. Eventually he could hear Ike’s Dodge with its busted exhaust coming down the road and Dillon got up to the curb ready to hop in. The shit stained looking truck pulled up and the creaky door flew open to reveal a cowboy wannabe, boots and hat included.

“Hey Dill, let’s get the rodeo going.”

Dillon just rolled his eyes; Ike was a red neck and thought he lived in Texas “Yah, yah.” How they became friends Dillon could not figure out. Ike was more outgoing, listened to country, dated blonde bimbos, and was an outdoorsman who hunted. Dillon was introverted, listened to rock, barely dated anyone, and did not spend much time outdoors or shooting anything. Their relationship worked though.

“Hey Dillon remember Cassie?”

“The one you were taking out last night?”

“I popped her cherry like a bull horning a matador.”

Man Ike was such a tool sometimes Dillon thought to himself “What the fuck Ike, that was a stupid way of explaining it, but congrats I guess. How many girls sense middle school now?”

“Ah I don’t know cowboy, not enough, but man she is already texting me. Can you believe that shit?”

“Ike I can, good luck with that.” He always had broken hearts following in his wake.

“How is Beth?”

“She is fine…..why?”

“Just wondering is all….”

“Dude we are just friends, nothing more.” Dillon said a bit irritated.

“Fine, fine, so would you mind if I went a round with her?” Ike said while revving his engine at a stop sign.

“I don't own her; she can do what she wants. I mean if she will lower her standards then go ahead” Dillon smirked, Ike was predictable.

Ike laughed “Hah fuck you man, nah just trying to push your buttons, but you always have a joke ready don’t you.”

“Pretty much.”

Before anything else could be said the scene in front of them changed drastically. The school bus driving in front of them suddenly accelerated left and smashed into a small two door car in the oncoming lane, slamming it into a brick apartment building. Before Dillon could say anything Ike’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. Ike started convulsing and foaming at the mouth causing the truck to swerve towards a telephone pole. Dillon’s short and depressing life flashed before his eyes and then his world went dark.

Dillon woke back up dazed and confused. He did not know where he was at first, but then he remembered the brief chaos before he was knocked out. His head was throbbing and he could feel warm blood streaming down the back of his head and neck so he figured he was not out long. He was also confused that no one had helped him yet. As his senses starting coming back, he realized he could hear car alarms and blood curdling screams sounding like they were off in the distance, but as his ears cleared up he realized it was right around him. Dillon slowly looked over and realized Ike was not there and noticed the windshield was smashed outward, Ike was ejected. Dillon had no airbag, but he was buckled in. He could feel the bruises from the seat belt across his shoulder and chest. He slowly undid his buckle and brushed broken glass off of him. His vision was refocusing and he looked out into hell. The school bus had smashed a car into the side of a brick building punching a hole in the wall; he could see blood all over the inside of the school bus windows. Dillon looked around and saw people fighting one another, then on closer inspection some of the people were actually biting people, Dillon starting panicking and tried to open the door, but it was stuck. He scooted to Ike’s side and with some resistance managed to open the door enough to slip out. He immediately felt dizzy and dropped to his knees. He almost blacked out again; he saw a tire iron under Ike’s seat and grabbed it out of fear.

He looked across the street and saw a postal worker chewing on a man’s face; Dillon figured he must be dreaming. Just in case though he braced himself against the truck and made his way to a standing position and he immediately wished he did not. The scene before him was unreal. There were bodies on the street some had their insides ripped out and there was blood, flesh, and organs splattered all over the sidewalk, sides of buildings, inside cars and road. A shotgun blast made Dillon duck even though it was down the road more. He saw some guy standing over an unmoving body. Then the postman stood up and turned slowly towards Dillon. The hairs on the back of Dillon’s neck stood up and he could feel himself shaking, not understanding what was going on. The postman was missing a chunk of his neck, had grayish looking skin with dark veins protruding through. The man’s eyes were the most shocking, besides looking like he got punched in both of them; they were bloodshot and had thin streaks of blood running down the corners down his face. Dillon also noticed some boils on the man’s face and neck that had burst with some kind of black puss leaking out. The postman was making his way moving awkwardly towards him. Dillon could not help himself and vomited up his pop tarts and coffee, but quickly looked at the postman who was still coming at him.

“Dude, fuck off or I am going to beat the shit out of you.” He said with a shaky voice that did not come out as threatening as he hoped.

The thing just kind of made a low growling noise and snarled its stained red teeth and held out its arms like it wants some kind of hug from hell. Dillon was still a bit wobbly, but braced himself for the attack. When the postman got close it lunged at him and at the same time Dillon swung the tire iron right into his face. He could feel the impact vibrate through his arms and felt bones breaking in the man’s face. The postman stumbled back a bit without a sound and then came right back for more. The postman grabbed Dillon’s arm and Dillon started cussing up a storm, it was like a vice grip had latched onto him. The postman lunged at him; Dillon took the pointed end of tire iron and shoved it into the guy’s mouth as he feverishly started trying to bite the metal, not caring his teeth were cracking apart. The foul breath making Dillon nauseas now, he knew he had to keep his composure even with blood red eyes staring right into his. Dillon was using all his strength to keep the guy off and felt the tire iron start to penetrate the back of the guy’s throat sending a stream of blood out of his mouth; he did not seem to care in the slightest. Dillon’s arm was throbbing and felt like it was going to break soon; he needed to do something, fast. Dillon braced one of his feet against the truck and with all his strength pushed his whole body forward. He and the postman both tumbled to the ground. The impact was enough to end the postman’s attack for good.

Dillon slowly got up a bit dizzy and pulled the tire iron out, it was covered in gore. After he got the hand off his arm, it was throbbing and probably extremely bruised. He wiped the tire iron off on the postman’s clothes. He looked around realizing he had more company coming his way. There was a young girl that look like the postman had, but with her intestines hanging out, a man in a business suit missing an arm, and a very large woman in a bathrobe seemingly with no injuries, but had red stains on her mouth. He looked around then quickly moved to the front of the truck and saw Ike with his head smashed from a direct hit into the telephone pole. He was probably dead on impact, but for some reason Dillon recalled him foaming at the mouth before the crash, he was wondering if that was real? And if so what the hell happened? Dillon felt a twinge of sadness for his friend, but a lot more fear for himself. He made his way quickly down the street trying to dodge some of the fucked up people trying to reach out for him. As Dillon ran up the road he could see store front windows smashed up, car accidents, and even a few fires starting up. When an old man reached to grab him into a death grip Dillon simply swung the tire iron and could feel the man’s wrist shatter. Dillon did not wait to see the man unfazed by this and kept running. There were of course screams and people dying all around him or already dead. He saw a girl from school screaming to him for help, but she must not have realized her stomach was already ripped open. He felt guilty about not stopping for the all of the ones under attack, but he was scared shitless right now.

Dillon had no idea what to do he was just trying to stay out of reach of people with blood running from their eyes. Then Dillon heard a car screeching to a halt and looked up to see a police cruiser park in the intersection. Two cops got out with assault rifles. One appeared to be a young busty and lean brunette and the other a well-built balding gray haired man. They started to fire at the people who have went crazy as he neared the older guy pointed his gun at Dillon who quickly dropped to his knees and ducked.

“Dammit kid, hurry up!”

Dillon nodded and ran behind the cop “What the hell is going on!”

“Shit kid, do I look like some god dam genius, can you use a gun?”

“Um, uh Kind of?”

The cop quickly pulled out a 9MM handgun and two magazines “Here fucking help us!”

Dillon slid the tire iron into his built and grabbed the gun as a few dozen of the people were coming at them awkwardly and snarling their teeth. Some had visible wounds or severe damage; others look unhurt, but were still fucked up anyways. Dillon checked the gun and then took aim at a middle aged woman who had part of her face ripped off and pulled the trigger, the shot went wide and shattered the window of a café behind her. The woman staggered closer and Dillon lined up again; he fired and hit her in the chest.

“The head kid, the head!” The female cop screamed at him.

Dillon was shaking as the woman got within a few feet and this time Dillon fire and left a hole in her forehead; she dropped with a smack against curb of the sidewalk spilling parts of her brain onto the street. Dillon felt puke come up, but he swallowed it and took aim at a young male dragging his busted leg along. Dillon took a deep breath and fired, the bullet struck him in the eye, blood erupted from the socket and he dropped. Dillon looked around and saw they were losing, then he heard the old guy’s gun click empty. He looked over at him and the guy charged the closest thing and started bashing it in the head with the butt of his rifle sending blood and gore splashing as he fragmented the skull. Though now he had five surrounding him, Dillon spun all the way around and hit one in the neck, but after a few shots finally got it in the head. The cop smashed another ones skull in, but then a very large man grabbed him and bit his hand. The cop screamed in agony as two of his fingers were ripped off his hand sending out a geyser of blood. The big man was now chewing it hungrily. Dillon froze at the grim scene ahead.

Suddenly he felt a hand grab his shoulder and he closed his eyes waiting to be next person to get a chunk taken out of em “Hey kid, get the fuck in the car, time is up!” He looked at the female cop whose emerald green eyes looked at him; he could see the fear in them.

The male cop was now being dragged down to the ground, cussing up and down at the people. I think he told them he would finish them off in hell. Dillon quickly ran and jumped into the passenger side of the car. He closed the door just as one of the screwed up people got there and it started banging on the window sending blood streaking down it. The female cop got in the car, shutting the door quickly, and slammed the car into drive. She hit the gas and the car flew forward hitting a few people and Dillon could hear the thuds as they bounced off the sides. These people were walking at the car and the cop hit one head on and Dillon will never forget the feeling of crushing a human body under a car, it made him squeamish.

“FUCK lady, what is going on here!” Dillon half shrieked out.

“Kid I aint no lady and second some kind of fucked up disease came out of nowhere killing a massive amount of people. Then they came back and started attacking other people, and then those people died and came back. They are….well….fuck kid….zombies I guess.”

Dillon shook his head “Ok first I am no kid and second I must still be knocked out in a car accident, this sounds like something my screwed up mind made up.”

“I wish you were, I 'm afraid not though.”

“OW” Dillon yelled as the cop reached over and pinched him. “Ok, ok. What's your name and where we going again?”

“Officer Alexandra Dayne, just call me Alex and we are going to Sunshine Day Care to get my son James.”

“Oh shit, my sister Melody is there! We need to hurry!”

“Calm down…whats your name?”

“Dillon…Dillon Stryker”

Alex did not know what to make of the guy she had with her, he was definitely still a teenager, handsome, but had some kind of fetish for wearing black and had a bunch of piercings in his left ear. He needed a haircut, but looked tough enough. She would make the best of it though. “Interesting name, Ok Dillon, where are your parents?”

“They work in Albany and take a bus….they oh shit how far has this disease spread.”

Alex gave him a solemn look “The whole world….the whole dam world.”

Dillon started feeling sick “The military must be on this right?”

“Dillon, listen to me the sickness hit the entire world we do not know how many in the military have survived and with no warning they were not mobilized for such an operation. Survival for anyone was dumb luck of not getting infected or being near someone when they died and came back. I do not have the answers, but first things first.”

“What about your partner back there…?”

“Fuck, that was Ted, he was corrupt as they come, and we stopped to save his girlfriend instead of his wife the scumbag. I told him it was a lost cause, but he always knew what was best, now he is dead. Just stick close to me Dillon and we'll try and get through this alive.”

Alex was going as fast as she was able to with the accidents and zombies in the way. She was starting to sweat with nervousness as a couple of close calls threatened to end their ride early. Dillon noticed she had to be in her early twenties and was hot. Her dark hair was just below shoulder length and seemed to shine. He realized this was no time to check out women and the fear crept back into him. Just then they got into view of the Day Care and it was not pretty. There was a huge pile up of cars and one was on fire near the entrance. Dillon could see a soccer mom with half her face missing in an SUV, she was stuck belted in, reaching out for them. Alex pulled up on the lawn and braked, jumping out leaving the car running. Dillon followed suit, Alex shot down two zombies milling about.

“Ok Dillon listen up. We are taking the right side of the double doors, I 'm taking point here. You follow close behind and keep your gun at the ready. Stick with me and watch our six. I have a flashlight on my rifle, I can see all the window blinds are down and I see no lights on. Just stick close, understand?”

“Got it.” That was all Dillon could say as he tried not to shit his pants.

With that Alex opened the door and peered inside. Right away her heart dropped, the next set of doors were glass and had zombie children pressed against it and once they saw her they started pushing on it, but there was a dead guy in full camo with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head blocking them from opening it easily. Alex’s guess was he saw his child as a zombie and lost it.

“Uh Alex, what…what now?” Dillon whimpered.

“We help these kids rest in peace, if you're not up to it then go back outside.” She sounded stern and confident, but hoped he would stay though.

“I can't let you do this alone and if Melody is one of them, then it is my duty to help her rest.” Dillon thought to himself that if she was dead then he was going to climb the tallest mountain and try to kill God himself, if he did exist.

Alex lined up her sights on a kid about three in a Marvel superhero outfit; he did not show signs of injury. She fired and the glass shattered and the kid fell. Some more zombie children tried coming at them, but all kept falling down over the bottom edge of the door or one another. Their motor skills seemed worse than children who were alive. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Alex and Dillon released about eight children from their diseased bodies. Once no more came, Dillon and Alex both vomited with tears down their cheeks. Neither one would ever forget this day. None of the kids was Alex’s son or Dillon’s sister so they moved into the building.
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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

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Alex’s light illuminated a large play area where there were overturned tables and chairs. Once badly colored pictures were now covered in blood. Dillon looked around, but the scene they were encountering made his heart drop, he had no faith his sister was still alive. There was a young blonde woman lying in a fetal position with small bite marks everywhere and it looked like one finally got her throat, bleeding her out. Alex went over and stomped on the woman’s skulls with her boot heel.
Dillon froze “What the hell are you doing!” He yelled out!”

“Weren’t you listening, I told you the dead kill people and then those people eventually get up. Fucking listen to me! We need to destroy the brain of anyone hurt by the dead. I am not sure if it is just bites or if scratches and other bodily fluid contact can cause an infection so better safe than sorry Dillon.” She was agitated now, her son could be dead, and she hated explaining herself to a teenager though it was not long ago she was one.

“Sorry….I forgot…it is just…never mind…sorry” Dillon whispered now.

They could hear thumping coming from somewhere now. The play area was connected by two hallways, one right and one left. Alex pointed her rifle down each one and could see some blood trails and most of the door closed. Alex remembered down the right hallway were the babies and the bathrooms. She could feel the pit of her stomach drop at the thought of the infants and their condition.

“Watch our six Dillon and stay close. We go right first.”

“Yes mam” a frightened Dillon responded.

Alex was nervous having an untrained teenager watching her back, but she was more scared to be alone right now. Being a single mom, a cop, and coming from a military family made her tough, but she wished she could run for her life right now. Her son Jordan had to be alive because if he was not then she would probably end up like the guy in the entrance. She slowly made her way down to the first door and held up her hand for Dillon to stop. He did not see her and ran right into her scaring both of them.

“Shit, sorry Alex.”

“Dammit when I hold up my hand it means stop.”

“I was watching our six.”

Alex shook her head “That does not mean stare behind us, just keep aware of me and our six.”

Dillon felt stupid “Ok”.

Alex knocked on the door and got an immediate thump and some scratching could be heard. It seemed bigger than a kid though. She waved Dillon back and this time got it. She tried the door knob and it was unlocked, but she did not just open it she kicked it in and with a loud thud and a crash she clearly knocked someone backward. She went in with her gun raised and there was a chubby man who was clearly dead, he definitely did not work here, she quickly shot a hole in his head before he could get up from the crib he fell on. Alex gulped and noticed some blood stains and cribs overturned. She could see torn flesh ripped open, but there was not much left of the infants anymore. She noticed two cribs still standing and she feared this too. She looked in them and there were zombie babies unable to do much of anything. She shot each one and then sunk to the floor dropping her gun and crying her eyes out. Dillon walked in and saw the carnage. He ran to Alex.

He got on one knee and tried to talk in a calm manner “Hey it's okay, you did what you had to. Nothing could have prevented this; come on there still may be people alive in here.”

Without warning she grabbed him and cried on his shoulder, he barely was able to keep himself from falling over “I know, this is just cruel. None of these babies deserved this; they are innocent in all this. Whatever caused this they had nothing to fucking do with it.”

Dillon just rubbed her back and was not sure of what to say next, he just tried and just sooth her until she could get composed again which took less than a minute then she just clicked it off and went back into super cop mode.

“Thanks, let’s go.” Is all she said to him.

They got back up and he followed her out. She checked both bathrooms, but they were empty. The next room was locked and Alex knocked, but got no response. She kicked the door in and swept the area and saw a window open to the back playground. She took a look and saw two women on the ground shredded apart. The older woman was Mrs. Wentworth, the head of the Daycare and she had reanimated, but could not move anything but her head. The other one was Ms. Claire and looked like she had her brains scooped out along with her guts. Then Alex realized they probably tried to run and actually abandoned the children! Fucking bitches! Alex was seething now and kind of glad they met an untimely death. She shut the window slowly trying to not make a sound. With all the carnage going on the sun was still shining brightly, but the air was still cold and had the stench of death and smoke floating on it. It all still seemed surreal to her. She headed back out and noticed Dillon was starting to have a more confident body language and looking vigilant, maybe she could rub off on the kid after all. She waved him to follow her and he did. The room at the end was where the kids ate, that door was cracked she noticed. It was a bigger room so she waved Dillon over, she hand signaled for him to go right and she will go left. She kicked the door in and they both took their area. Dillon was starting to get a hang of what she wanted of him and was starting to feel better especially after Alex broke down and actually needed his comfort. Dillon surveyed the room and it was just a bunch of small tables and plastic chairs. There was nowhere to hide in here and Alex yelled clear and he followed suit.

“Ok good job Dillon, now we have another hall way to check out. That is where the office and classrooms are.” Alex’s voice was a bit shaky hoping her son was okay.

They slowly made their way toward the hallway and could hear something banging on the outside door now, that problem would have to wait. Alex crept up to the first class room on the left and knocked on the door. There was an immediate response; something was banging and clawing on it, but much lower down. She kicked in the door and heard someone little go flying into a desk. Immediately something fell on her foot and felt a small pinch on her boot. She looked down to see a little girl with pigtails and a Dora outfit biting her boot without much luck. She kicked it off and shot it in the head. She turned her attention to the a little boy tangled in a desk snapping his little baby teeth at her, she had a tear roll down her cheek and put one through his skull ending his miserable existence. Dillon stood in the doorway and was wondering which one of them would crack first, the toll of this was going to come back at them sooner or later. He was not sure if he could have done this without Alex even if he did have weapons of his own.

Alex took a deep breath and lead him to the next classroom, the rest were clear. The only thing left was the office. They each took a side and she knocked.

“Go away! Leave us alone please!” a shrill and panicked female voice said on the other side.

“Lilly this is Officer Dayne, I am here to help you.” She tried the door, but it was locked “Can you let me in?”

“Are…are you sick?”

“No Lilly, if I was I would not try to endanger you.”

“Ok” She sniffled.

The door unlocked and a young slender girl in her mid-twenties opened the door. Her eyes were puffy and she had snot coming down from her nose. She had very long blonde hair and blue eyes; she was wearing a long flowery dress which had blood stains on it.

“Lilly please tell me you have Jordan in there” She was pleading more than asking.

Lilly nodded yes “I saved a few of the kids, but some of them….and a man attacked everyone. I was only able to save four children.

Alex burst in and immediately a little voice yelled out “Mommy!” a little boy came running over and Alex scooped him up and held him close kissing him like crazy. She started crying and a huge weight seemed to be off her shoulders.

Dillon walked in and saw Melody sleeping in the corner sucking her thumb “Phew thank God, uh hi Lilly I am Melody’s older brother Dillon.”

Lilly nodded and he walked over to her, he noticed two other kids between around the age of three sitting down with juice boxes looking a bit scared. One asked where his mommy is and Dillon just said she is not here yet. Dillon picked up Melody and her eyes popped open “Diln!” her squeaky voice was all excited. She could not say Dillon yet and it came out as Diln right now. She was all smiles and that made Dillon smile for the first time sense him and Ike were in the truck together. The reunion was short lived as a crash could be heard from the front of the building. Alex immediately ran to the office door closing it and locking it.

“Dammit, they are inside.”

“Momma no swearing” Jordan scolded her; Dillon surmised he was going on four years old.

She smiled “Sorry honey.”

Lilly’s face went white “What now….”

Alex went into command mode “Simple we go out the window assuming it's all clear.”

Dillon lifted up the blinds “Just one wandering on the side of the building, but for how long I am not sure.”

Lilly shook her head “No…no we should stay here and wait for help.” She was starting to panic now.

Alex grabbed her arm “Lilly, listen to me. There is no help coming, I am it. You either come with us or stay here and die. That is your situation right now, but if you come with us you do as I say.”

Lilly pushed away “No you are crazy, you two can go with Melody and Jordan. I am staying here with Jenny and Mark, we will wait here.” She was starting to sound delusional now.

“Lilly you can stay here, but the other two are coming with us and I will knock your tiny ass around this room if you try and stop me!” Alex’s voice was getting much louder now.

Lilly started crying and backed into a corner and sat down “Fine, the hell with all of you. I am waiting here. The military will be here in no time while you all die out there.” She was actually starting to believe her delusion. Dillon just shook his head and Alex turned away from her.

They had gained attention though and the first zombie hit the door making everyone jump and the kids to cry, except for Melody who just gave mean face to the door. Alex calmed down the other three and told them we had to leave out the window. The two on the floor rubbed their eyes and asked for their moms. Alex spoke softly and said we would go try and find them, they both nodded. Dillon Pulled up a blind when the zombie outside was not paying attention to the building anymore and he carefully opened the window. Alex quietly got out and took out her flashlight. She snuck up on the zombie and bashed it’s skull in until it stopped moving. She looked around and did not seem to bring attention to herself. She went back to the window and Dillon passed out the four kids who all seemed apprehensive now. Jordan whispered asking if the bad people were going to get them, but his mom assured him not while she was around. They could not carry the kids because of their guns so they had the kids huddle up in between them holding one another’s hands. Luckily while Melody was the youngest she was pretty advanced for her age. They got to the corner and Alex peeked around it and saw around five of the dead milling about now. They were blocking the path to the cruiser.

She whispered back to Dillon “I am going to clear them out, keep the kids huddled together here and watch them.”

Dillon just nodded and she brought her rifle up. They immediately all turned to her and strode in her direction. They were all young adults dressed in nice clothes that were now torn and covered in blood and gore. The one did not even have a jaw any more, just his tongue hanging down which made Alex gag. She took aim and took each one down, six bullets for five headshots. Dillon rounded up the kids and went around the corner, but before Dillon could stop her little Jenny took off screaming that she saw her Mommy’s car. Dillon looked frozen in place not wanting to leave the other three and Alex ran after the girl, but it was too late. A hand reached out from under the van she was running to and dragged her underneath. She let out a shrill scream and was crying. Alex dragged her backwards, but it was too late. Her leg was spurting blood and it was coming out too fast, a main artery had been severed. Alex cried and told the little girl she was sorry. She looked at Dillon who hid the other three’s eyes. Alex first shot the zombie crawling underneath the car and then took little Jenny to the other side of the van and shot her in the side of the head after she had passed out. She removed her police shirt and covered the little girls face. It was a little cool for just a tank top, but she could not leave the little girl exposed.

Alex walked back to a teary eyed Dillon and told him they had to get out of here quickly. By now they had drawn more attention and could see a few zombies trying to make their way back out of the daycare doorway and a group of a dozen or so were coming down the road from where they drove from. Alex quickly ushered the kids to the back seat while Dillon shot a few of the zombies coming out of the day care. She screamed to Dillon all set and he ran and jumped into the passenger seat. Alex floored the car and they took off into the unknown.
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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

Post by Murphman » Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:15 pm

good start. The instantaneous infection part is a little confusing, though.
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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

Post by Azraelsjudgement » Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:13 pm

Murphman wrote:good start. The instantaneous infection part is a little confusing, though.
Hmmm well I can move up the timetable for the characters to learn some information to get a better idea of what happened. At this point they have no idea what is going on or why people died.
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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

Post by Nancy1340 » Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:23 pm

Good start AJ. We've had other quick starts where the author went back later and filled in the question of how it all started. Didn't confuse me at all. Worked well.

Thank you

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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

Post by Groucho » Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:44 pm

A unique start.
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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

Post by Azraelsjudgement » Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:19 am

Shorter Entry to tell Alex's experience. Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it, and feel free to correct me on anything you see. Especially sense I have caught myself switching to first person and fixed it on edit.


After their escape from the Day Care it was only a few miles until they were out of the main part of town and driving past farmlands. They had no idea where they were going, but away from population centers to catch their breath. The kids kept asking where Jenny was, but all Alex told them is that she was in Heaven. That seemed to satisfy them for now. Alex kept trying her radio, but no one else responded. The radio stations in the car were a mix of emergency broadcast messages that revealed nothing helpful, dead air, or music with no interruptions. When they got to part of the road where they could see far in each direction Alex pulled over and got out. Dillon told the kids to lie down and that they would be right back. Dillon stepped out and Alex was standing in front of the car staring at nothing. He walked up and stood next to her.

Dillon took off his sweat shirt and handed it to Alex “Here I like the cold anyways and well uh you seem cold” He was doing his best not to look at her 'nippons'.

She took it smiling knowing exactly what the young man was trying to avoid looking at “Thanks. I guess chivalry still does exist.” It came out more flirtatious then she expected.

Dillon blushed and was down to just his plain cotton t-shirt “Sooo Alex what’s next?” he was feeling self-conscious now.

She got the sweatshirt on and shrugged her shoulders “Hell if I know. We should stop at one of these houses and see if anything is on television, there still should be electricity as long as an accident did not knock it out.”

Dillon nodded “What about ammo?”

Alex sighed “I have one mag left and six rounds left in the current mag loaded in the rifle. We still have two 9mms and four mags for them. Then we have the one tactical shotgun and about 30 shells. We'll need to raid a gun store because that is very little now. I would say head back to the police station, but it was a small town we did not have much to begin with.”

Then it dawned on Dillon “Oh shit, hey my friend Beth lives in a trailer on someone’s farmland a few miles from here! Can we go check it out and the people who own the property have a nice house.” Dillon was excited and hoped Beth skipped school today like she had planned.

Alex nodded “Sure might as well, you can drive.” She needed to sit back and think.

Alex got back in the car, leaned her head back and tried to concentrate when things first went to hell. It was close to 7:30 and she was filling out paper work. Ted was sleeping in his chair. The town clerk walked in, Mary, she said good morning and then suddenly dropped to the ground like she was having a seizure. Alex could only turn her over onto her side as she started foaming at the mouth. All Ted said was “that is fucking gross”, she immediately radioed the local rescue squad and they said they had people all around their building that needed help and they would get back to me. Alex was shocked at the time wondering what the hell they were talking about. Next thing they knew they heard a loud crash, a small explosion, and then the power went out. The generator was also out as it was supposed to be serviced this week for repairs. They still had small window slits up high on the wall to lighten up the room though. Alex looked at Mary again and her eyes started to bleed and this caused Alex and Ted to jump back, they were thinking some kind of fucked up kind of Abola disease at the time. Then Mary was just dead. Alex was going to try and revive her, but Ted held her back because of infectious disease angle, even though he copped a feel of her tits she is grateful now.

Next Alex radioed the units on patrol. Only one answered and said there were accidents everywhere and he saw another cruiser crushed by a county truck and was going to check it out. That was the last she heard from any other of the local police. Ted got out two of the hand me down M-16s given to the local police department that were given to them when the bigger departments got new gear. They had never been used, but kept well taken care of in case they did not get anything for a while and needed them someday. At first Alex thought Ted was overreacting, but good thing he did. Next thing they knew Mary was getting back up. At some point when they were arming up she had turned greyish and her veins got darker. She had some boils on her neck now too. Her eyes though they were bloodshot and still bleeding. When Mary got up awkwardly and made a low gurgling noise like she was choking on blood Alex remembered that her and Ted were frozen in place staring at the dead woman getting up. That was until she started to come at them, Mary kind of stumbled while coming at them kind of like she was relearning how to walk. Alex was going to go to her until she noticed she was snarling at them and snapping her teeth. Ted yelled for Mary to get the hell down, but she ignored his commands. Next thing Alex knew they were both pointing their rifles at her yelling out commands. Then after she was getting too close for comfort Ted shot her in the leg. Mary went down with a thud not even trying to break her fall, but then got back up with no screams of agony and came at them again. This time Ted shot her in the shoulder and she stayed up and showed no signs of pain. Then he shot her in the neck and she collapsed straight down, but her eyes were still following their movements. She was paralyzed. Ted put on rubber gloves and checked her vitals, but there were none. Yet her head still seemed to be alive.

They left Mary there and Alex felt guilty for not shooting her in the head now, she would lay there and rot, her eyes constantly looking for fresh meat. Her and Ted headed out of the station if you could even call it that. Outside was chaos. People were screaming for help. They immediately starting shooting attackers, but they were unfazed, it was not until Alex took a head shot did they realize they were fighting zombies, that word still sounded farfetched. They took them down and tried to help the wounded. Some of the wounded though started to have seizures too and then they turned just like Mary had. Chaos broke out again as they attacked everyone around them. Then a crowd of zombies came around the corner and as soon as they saw Alex, Ted and the rest of the living wounded they started moving a bit faster. Two seemed to start jogging at them. Ted shot both of those then grabbed Alex dragging her to the cruiser as she screamed they had wounded to help. Ted told her they were already dead and forced her into the car. He was extremely strong and Alex could not resist, she had the bruises to prove she tried.

Ted’s cellphone rang and it was his girlfriend on Main Street saying a school bus and a truck had crashed near her clothing store and people were going nuts. That is when Ted took off and his instincts about the wounded were right on. On the way to Main Street, Alex got a State Trooper on the radio. He was freaking out he said his brother is in the military and got a hold of him. He said his brother told him to abandon his post and get to his family, that the world had been hit with some kind of sudden plague. The Trooper said no place was safe and if people got infected through bites and probably other body fluid contact they had to be killed whether they had died yet or not, to just kill them. He repeated the whole world, not just the United States was hit with this and God Bless. After that he would not return communication again. Alex begged Ted to go straight to her son's daycare, but he insisted that his girlfriend's was right on the street coming up and he also said it was their duty to check out the school bus. She knew he was full of it, but then Ted slammed the brakes at the intersection giving her little choice.That is when Alex met up with Dillon. She still could not believe he went from looking like a terrified kid to a confident man who was only slightly fearful in such a short time, she was impressed.

Though Alex could not help but wonder if she was missing anything in her memories that could give a clue to what happened. Why did some perfectly healthy people just up and die suddenly? It did not make any sense and on top of that how could the whole world be lost in chaos at the same time? Was it terrorists, God, Aliens, a government project gone awry? This thinking was making her head hurt now, especially seeing all the bodies that were ripped apart in front of her and the bodies she had to put down…She shook the memories out the best she could, after they rested at this farmhouse and tried to rescue this Beth girl she was going to have to get a hold of her Uncle Mort or just go and see him, he was a retired Colonel living in the Catskill Mountains not too far away. If anyone was alive he was.
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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

Post by Mission_Survivor » Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:31 pm

Very grim daycare scene. :ohdear:

Enjoying the story so far (not the dead babies part though). How about "The Young & the Infected" as a working title :lol: Since the main char's are young and pitched against zombies...

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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

Post by Okelly » Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:35 pm

thanks for writing, Ive enjoyed reading this. now I need to get back to my own writing LOL
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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

Post by Azraelsjudgement » Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:23 pm

Hah Mission_Survivor I actually like that title. It kind of sounds like one Screwed up Soap Opera. The Daycare scene was tough, but I wanted to show how grim the world had become in a short amount of time. okelly I would hate to be the one that slows down your writing, get to work!

Here is a longer piece as I have a College paper that will keep me busy for a few days. Enjoy! Let me know if I missed something on edit.

“Hey Alex we are almost there, she lives just up ahead” Dillon tried to leave her alone in her thoughts for the ride. Alex kept rubbing her forehead like she was trying to ‘will’ herself to think of something.

Alex rejoined the present moment “Ok”. She looked back at the kids. Jordan and Mark were sleeping. Melody peeked one of her eyes open at Alex and smiled at her, then closed it again.

Dillon pulled into Beth’s unpaved driveway full of potholes trying carefully not to wake the kids up as the shocks were tested. He could see Beth down the driveway sitting on her porch wrapped in her ugly purple robe. She was smoking a joint and now standing up looking confused, but not scared. This was odd considering dead people are attacking living people. Beth just stood there with her arms crossed with the joint still in her mouth. Even in normal times she would not toss it. She was too rebellious.

Dillon pulled up and got out. The look on Beth’s face was priceless. Now she dropped the joint in a look of befuddlement “Uh Dillon. Did you steal a police cruiser and run people over, there is blood on it?" Then Alex got out still with her police issued pants and Dillon’s hoody, which Beth recognized right away “Ok and you kidnapped a cop? Seriously Dillon, what the fuck?”
Dillon approached her “Beth, um don’t you know what is going on?”

Beth was getting frustrated “What in the hell are you talking about? You need to explain why you are at my house with a fucking cop car and a cop for that matter!”

Alex looked on slightly amused at the situation. Dillon made a calm down motion with his hand “Beth the world has gone to shit. You have not seen any strange people wandering around? People killing each other?”

Beth furrowed her eyebrows “Is this a joke? In this town? I mean I saw a small airplane look like it crashed in the distance.”

Dillon approached her closer now, getting frustrated “Beth people are dying all over the world, I just saw dead toddlers for Christ sake! Is anyone around?”

Beth was getting nervous now. Dillon never raised his voice to her before “Well no. The landlords are away in Florida and my Dad is probably passed out drunk at one of his girlfriend’s houses.”

Alex interrupted “Ok we need to get inside right now. We'll explain it more, but is your electricity still on?”

Beth gave her a dirty look “It's on.”

Of course Beth’s looks of confusion was not over as Alex pulled the three little kids from the back of the car and ushered them towards the trailer. Then Dillon pulled out a rifle and shotgun causing Beth to just shake her head and go inside. After Alex took Jordan to the bathroom, Alex and Dillon took turns explaining what was going on. Beth seemed to think they had lost their marbles, but having the three toddlers, a rifle, a cop, and bloody police car did help the cause a bit. Beth finally had enough and turned the television onto a local news network. Immediately her jaw dropped. There was a field reporter on the ground behind a police barricade somewhere outside Albany. The cops were firing at people indiscriminately. The reporter was explaining the cops are making a last stand here to fight the plague. Then they saw one get close and fell on a cop ripping a chunk from his neck before another cop blasted the man in the head. The people they were shooting at looked very sick and psychotic. Soon the cops, reporter, and camera man ran from the scene as they became overwhelmed. The studio came back on the screen.

The reporter was a handsome man, but his clothes looked disheveled and very nervous “Welcome back, um as you see things are getting out of control. As far as we know we are the only news station on air locally. There are a group of State Troopers holed up here to protect us for now. They want us to release some, um information. Everyone not infected please find a safe place to hide, do not approach anyone that looks sick or has been bitten. It also believed, but not confirmed the puss from the boils can infect you if it enters an open wound or gets inside your body in anyways. No one has reported infection from blood to body contact. If you have no choice, but to engage the sick…(the reporter whispered to someone off air, asking if this is right. Then he continued) you have to destroy their brain….do not attempt to give medical care.” Suddenly there were gunshots and screams from somewhere in the building. The anchor stood up and started cussing up and down asking what is happening. A Trooper came running and screamed to get to the roof. People were running and soon no one was on the set. Beth’s hands were shaking and she turned off the television.

Alex and Dillon were even shocked by what they saw. Beth sat down and looked very pale now. Dillon sat down next to her and held her hand “Beth you still with us?”

She nodded “Yah…oh my God. What do we do now?” she looked at him scared to death now.

Alex said “Well first we feed and change these guys…oh shit.”

“What?” Dillon asked confused.

“We need diapers and food for the kids.”

“Um the landlords, have an army of kids, I'm sure we can get something from their house. They are just down the road another half mile.” Beth interjected.

“Thanks” Alex responded with a smile. She could tell Beth was not pleased with her presence. She could tell Beth and Dillon were a bit more than friends. She thought she felt a bit jealous, but put it out of her mind. She figured life and death situations can cause people to feel closer than normal.

After a quick discussion it was decided they would relocate to the house. Beth left a note for her Dad just in case he came back home. Though deep down she did not hold out much hope he would be back. The kids were getting restless now and Alex managed to get them situated into the back of the cruiser again. They would need to get some car seats for the kids too. Dillon decided on the shot gun and to drive with Beth in her run down green Plymouth Neon. Alex seemed odd when he told her he was riding with Beth. Behind him he did not see Beth smirk at Alex either.

As they pulled out Beth decided to probe for some information “So Dillon you just happened to run into the hottest cop on the planet and lend her your sweatshirt eh?”

Dillon blushed and smirked “She saved my ass that's all that I care about. Plus lending clothing when a girl is cold is the gentlemen thing to do right?”

Beth rolled her eyes “Please, it is the 21st century. Tell her to get her own dam shirt next time.”

Dillon raised his eyebrow “Jealous?”

Beth snorted “Please. Plus we are just friends anyways. Do what and who you want.”

Dillon just shook his head and left it at that. Beth was always a difficult person. He had tried to make it official with her, which he never told Ike. She had turned the idea down each time saying she liked to keep her options open. Why he put up with it he had no idea. Well maybe he was thinking with the wrong part of his body.

When they pulled up to the house Alex was wowed. It was a huge sea green Victorian house, with white trim. It looked like it had a small castle tower on one side. It was three stories tall. Beth said they had an army of kids; this must be the dam barracks she thought to herself. The house was twice as long as an average house, easy. Alex told the kids to stay put, not that they could get out from the back of a police car. So far they were being better than expected under the circumstances. She doubted that was going to last much longer though. Alex got out and Dillon and Beth were waiting by the neon looking around.

“Beth does anyone take care of this place when they are away?”

“Well yah, they are wealthy. They have a bunch of Mexican help.” Beth responded giving Alex an attitude. Alex was trying not to smack the girl.

“Alright Beth you get in my car, while Dillon and I clear the house. This um may take a while. Just honk the horn if you feel like you are in danger.”

“Fine, whatever.” Beth gave Dillon a kiss and then smirked at Alex making her way to the car.

Alex shook her head. Dillon look confused. Alex could not believe that people were dying and this dumb girl was doing everything, but pissing on Dillon to mark her territory. Alex remembered why she hated High School.

Alex switched to a full mag on her rifle and Dillon made sure the shotgun was fully loaded. They walked up onto the covered porch each taking one side of the door and Alex knocked. Immediately there was thump nearby. She tried the door, but it was locked. She could tell the door was custom made from a thick, heavy wood. She was not even going to bother to attempt kicking it in. She walked to the window and heard something slam against that now. She got closer to take a look and suddenly it shattered outward. An arm grabbed her through it and was ignoring the fact it was being shredded by the broken glass. Alex let out a scream and Dillon rushed over to her. He started slamming the back of the shotgun into the wrist until he felt it shatter the bones. It went limp and Alex back up. A head of a middle aged Hispanic woman with bloody eyes poked out and Alex put a bullet in her head.

“Shit Alex you alright?”

“Shit, I guess, remind me to stay clear of windows next time. That was too close.”

Alex cleared out the broken glass with the front of the rifle. The curtains were making it hard to see inside, but the breeze kept fluttering them up to at least tell there was no one else around. She climbed through the window and immediately swept the area and then called Dillon in next. She went over into a narrow entryway and unlocked the front door for a quick escape if need be. The inside of the house was ugly from her point of view. They kept the theme Victorian; it just was not her style. She felt like she was in a time warp. There was blood leading down the hall way into a room ahead. The door was closed and she was sure she heard movement. She motioned for Dillon to follow as she scanned the room on the other side of the entry way. She knocked on the door at the end of the hallway, but nothing hit against it. She was sure she heard movement though. The door was locked, this one she could kick in.

Alex kicked in the door and went in sweeping the room while Dillon followed. It was too late to realize her error though. The room had stairs the led up into two hallways with bannisters. Above them a now dead young Hispanic male saw them and launched over the top of the railing landing right on Dillon as he came in. With a large thud the zombie and Dillon slammed into the floor. Dillon let out a scream and as the back of his head slammed into the floor. Dillon struggled to stay awake as he could feel a blackout spell coming on. He also knew the shotgun went flying from his hands. He heard Alex cussing, but then another zombie, this time a Hispanic teenage girl toppled over the railing and Alex had to leap out of the way slamming her shoulder into an oak table that seemed out of place. The pain shot down her arm, but she held onto her rifle.

Dillon was now trying to keep himself awake. He had the zombie held up by the throat; the blood on his eyes was now dry and not running anymore. He was chomping his jaws trying to bite Dillon with his blood stained teeth. Dillon’s ribs were definitely bruised and his spine felt banged up. The zombie was a bit worse off it had definitely broken some ribs from the fall because Dillon could see them through the bloody gaping hole in its side. While Dillon was fighting it off one of the boils burst on its neck and black goo went flying. Dillon did his best to avoid it and felt some of it hit his wrist. He was starting to panic now. Just then he heard gun fire and then finally the top of the zombie’s head blew off covering him in gore. He threw the body off him and started tearing up.

“Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit. Alex one of the boils burst on me.” He managed to get out in a panicked voice.

Alex ran to him “Let me see, where?”

He showed her his wrist and she started tearing off the bottom of her tank top. She wiped it off “Dillon, I think you're okay. Theres no skin broken underneath where it was. We will just keep an eye on you. If you feel sick just let me know.” She cupped his face in her hand “You will be fine though.”

Dillon looked into her emerald green eyes and could not help, but trust what she said. She smiled at him and then they both got up. He looked down and noticed his shirt was covered in gore and ripped. He took it off revealing his toned body causing Alex to notice a warm feeling inside herself. She told herself to chill out.

Dillon smirked “What?”

Alex blushed “Oh I'm sure Beth is going to love it if we do not find a shirt for you before we go back outside.”

Dillon laughed at the absurdity of everything and Alex laughed along with him. They were not sure if they were going insane or not over everything going on. It took about an hour to clear the whole house. They decided to close everything up, but one of the living rooms, one of the downstairs bathrooms, and the kitchen to keep everyone in the same area. The house was too big to have people and little kids wandering around. After Dillon cleaned himself off with baby wipes they got lucky and the father of the house was about Dillon’s size. They had found him a black long sleeve shirt and an expensive black leather jacket. They found everything the kids would need from diapers, food, toys, even clothes that should fit them all. When Alex found a picture of the family it seemed like a happy and attractive blonde haired blue eyed couple with seven kids that looked like them. From a newborn to a pre-teen it appeared assuming it was a current photo. Before going back out, Dillon and Alex dragged the dead woman out back. Then they got back to the entrance and moved a heavy bookshelf in front of the busted window.

“Well don’t you look like a stud with your nice leather jacket” Alex teased.

Dillon laughed “Thanks, I think I've earned it. Though I feel like we're stealing.”

Alex shrugged “Well we need to survive, I would call this an apocalyptic event, have to find things we need. Well I tell you what. I can pretend we found a few blocks of heroine on the premises and we are confiscating all this for evidence. Feel better now?”

Dillon shook his head “Funny, does that mean I am deputized?”

Alex laughed “I guess so.”

Dillon pretended to make a big sigh of relief “Good because before I had a gun with more than five bullets in the magazine. That is illegal in New York for a civilian.”

Alex rolled her eyes “Politicians are idiots, wonder how many of them are tucked away safe in tax payer funded bunkers while we all rot out here?”

Dillon smirked “If it's more than zero then too many.”

Alex laughed “Ok let’s get everyone inside.”

They went back out and Beth got out of the car asking what the hell took so long. Then she noticed Dillon’s change in clothes and rolled her eyes. They took the kids inside and changed Melody and Mark, then fed the kids. Mark and Melody wanted to know where their moms were. They finally had to tell the kids they did not know. Mark cried and Alex carried him around trying to sooth him and he finally calmed down. Melody took it more in stride looking like she was thinking hard and then started to play with a ball on the floor. Jordan was almost four and was coloring on what looked to be an expensive Victorian style table just minding his own business. Beth was heating up some cans of soup for the adults to share. Dillon was playing with Melody on the floor when his pocket started to vibrate.

“What the hell?” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his smart phone which was now cracked in many places. He had forgotten about it. He looked at the number and it said ‘MOM’ on the screen.

He quickly answered it “Mom?”

The reception was poor “Oh my*****Dill****I finally got through. Listen honey I ca**** talk long *******. Your Dad and I escaped a bus accident, bu*******trapped in a *******station. They are going to get******soon. We are not goi****** make it. We love you! We cannot*****ld of the Day Care.”

His Mom was crying “Mom, I have Melody we are both fine! We both Love you.” Dillon's eyes were tearing up now.

She sounded ecstatic “They're both alive Bill! Your Dad says please be sa******* and *****” Then there was a loud crash and screaming, the line went dead.

Dillon dropped to floor and let his phone fall too. He had tears flowing down his eyes. Melody crawled over and climbed up on him then gave him a hug. He held her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Diln okay?”

He lied “Yah sis, I am okay.”

Alex sat down next to him with Mark still laying his head on her shoulder “Your Mom? I am guessing things are not okay.” She said with some empathy.

Dillon shook his head no “They're….they're gone.” He held his sister tighter while Alex squeezed his shoulder for support. They sat like that until Beth announced the food was ready.

After the soup was ready and they passed around bottles of water Dillon explained in more detail about the phone call to both girls out of earshot of the kids. It created a somber mood as they picked at their food. They had been so worried about their own little bubble trying to stay alive they keep forgetting about their loved ones who are most likely dead. Dillon finally changed the subject and told Alex about an out of the way old gun store. It was run by some crazy old man not too far away. They decided that would be there next target for tomorrow. Beth then got a bit excited and said her landlords had a brand new Silver Mercedes Benz GL-Class SUV in the garage out back. They all easily decided they would ditch the NEON for the SUV. Alex was not ready to part with the Police cruiser yet, especially sense the car itself was a symbol of civilization to her. They would take two vehicles for now.

Alex colored with Jordan for a while and then decided to search the house for a detailed map of the area and anything else useful. There was a lot to explore, plus she needed a break from Beth and her attitude problem. Beth and Dillon kept the kids occupied with an assortment of toys. They decided against ones that made noise though, just in case. The kids cheered them up a bit; they kind of envied them because they were oblivious to the dangers of what is happening right now. It got later into the evening when there was a sudden loud frantic banging on the front door. Everyone jumped and then froze. Everyone, but Alex of course; she was somewhere else in the house. Dillon finally got up and grabbed the shotgun. He approached the door cautiously. Taking a deep breath he looked through the peep hole. He was disturbed by what he saw....
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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

Post by GotMak » Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:28 pm

ARGHHH! Cliffhangers!
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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

Post by Nancy1340 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:19 pm

Very good. Thank you.

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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

Post by Okelly » Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:14 am

enjoyed it.. cliff hangar and all.. LOL thanks for the entry looking forward to more
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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

Post by Spazzy » Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:35 pm

Pretty good start, run with it.
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Re: Instant Death & the Undead

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On the other side of the door were four armed men. One Dillon recognized as Beth’s Dad Jared carrying a double barrel shotgun. He was missing a chunk of his ear which was caked over in blood. He was a large man over six feet tall, with an unkempt greying beard and a big beer belly. Behind him was Gus carrying a hunting rifle. He is a scrawny gapped tooth red neck. He was wearing a trucker hat and a red flannel jacket. This guy was known for being an alcoholic and beating his wife. He was always getting away with it too. The third guy Dillon knew all too well. They called him Bear because he was about the size of one, not to mention as hairy as one. He was carrying an old revolver and wearing full hunters camo. He was frequently in jail for fighting in the local bars and was known for harassing teenage girls. The fourth guy Dillon did not recognize. He was short and bald, but very muscular. He was at least ten years younger than the other three. He was wearing a brown leather jacket, jeans, and leather chaps. He only seemed to be carrying a machete covered in blood.

“Beth!” Jared was yelling at the door now.

Beth came running “Daddy!”

“Open up hun before those things get here.”

Beth went to open the door and Dillon grabbed her by the arm “Whoa, hold on a second. I know that is your dad out there, but there are three other guys out there I do not want anywhere near these kids.”

Beth ripped her arm from Dillon’s grip “Fuck you Dillon it's my Dad!”

“Your Dad looks bit! We can't let them in! At least wait until Alex gets back here.”

“Dammit let us in!” Jared sounded angry now.

Dillon looked at the doorway for a split second and the next thing he knew he was taking a knee to the groin. He fell into the wall dropping the shotgun then he fell onto the floor with a thud. Beth quickly opened the door. Dillon was cursing as the four men walked in; Dillon went to grab his shotgun.

“Just leave it there boy” Dillon looked up at Jared’s shotgun and held his hands up. “Trying ta stop me from seeing my lil girl Dillon? Thats not very friendly of you.”

“Nothing personal, but you keep some pretty shitty company.” Dillon said still grimacing in pain. He cannot believe Beth just did that. She was showing her true colors towards him now. He was not a fan of her.

Bear walked up to him and growled “Shut your mouth boy before I smash it off your face.”

Dillon coughed "Dam what dead animal did you eat today Bear." His breath was awful.

Bear raised his fist “Ok enough Bear! Now get up Dillon.” Jared ordered.

Dillon got up and was not feeling very well about his situation right now. He had three little kids to protect from these animals and Alex has not shown up yet. His mind was going over scenarios, but he was coming up empty. Dillon could see that the stranger in back of the group was eying him, sizing him up. The man’s eyes seemed to lack any emotion.

Gus whistled “What a sweet place to hole up in. I sure bet we could find a big mansion err sumtin though.”

Bear shoved Dillon into the living room where the kids were “Well well what do we have here. Hey Jared there are three kids in here.”The kids looked scared now and Jordan was pressed up against the edge of the doorway to the kitchen. Jared, Gus and the stranger came in “Beth who are these kids?” Jared asked.

“Dad didn’t you see the cop car outside?” Beth asked.

Gus sounded shaken “Cops!?”

“Dammit Beth no we came through the woods, your note said nothing about cops!”

Beth smirked “A cop dad and it's just some dumb chick anyways.”

The stranger smiled with an evil glint in his eyes “A woman eh? This could be a nice stay after all. Round up these kids”

Bear approached the kids and Dillon charged him. He swung his fist connecting with his Bear’s jaw, but Bear smiled showing off his black gums and picked Dillon up off the ground. With ease Bear threw Dillon into a stone fireplace. Dillon’s hip slammed into the stone making him grunt in pain as he bounced off of it. Dillon struggled to get back up. When he did he had a machete pointed at his throat “Calm down boy, we are not a bunch of child molesters. We just want to make sure you and the cop behave. Cause any more trouble and you will be looking at your guts on the floor.”

Dillon was burning with anger “You harm those kids you'll have to gut me!”

“Dillon chill the fuck out they are not going to hurt anyone!” Beth yelled at him.

Jared sounded disappointed “Dammit Beth with all the boyfriends you bring over you were rescued by this fag. Hell where is that Ike guy, now that is a man’s man.”

Beth looked like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Dillon gave her a look of pain now. “What's he talking about Beth?”

Beth sighed “Sorry, Ike was going to try and bring it up today. We have been hooking up for a few weeks now. Like I said I wanted to keep my options open Dillon.”

Dillon shook his head “Wow, my friend? Really? why don’t you and your redneck clan just leave already.”

“Daddy we should go, there is no reason for this. Let’s just go” Beth pleaded.

The stranger spoke up “Girl your Daddy ain't the one in charge, I am.”

Beth looked at her Dad confused “Who the hells this guy Dad?”

Jared looked serious now “Do not worry about it. Just call him boss.”

Beth was kind of scared now. She had never seen her Dad not be the leader of him and his friends. The stranger spoke back up “Bear grab these kids now. Enough fucking around.”

Bear walked over and grabbed Jordan’s arm who tried resisting. The last thing Bear expected though was a Glock-17 pressed against the base of his skull “Let go of my son shithead or else that pea sized brain of yours will be shot out the front of what you call a face.” Bear froze and released Jordan who immediately ran behind his mom. The other two kids were still huddled together in a corner, with tears streaming down their faces. “Now the rest of you drop your weapons.” Alex’s voice was calm and collected.

Bear’s face had gone pale; Gus and Jared looked at the stranger now. “You got balls lady.”

Alex scoffed “Balls are soft and weak, now vaginas they can take a pounding.”

The man smiled “Touche’. Well just calm your pretty face down. Do you think even if you shot him you would be able to take down the rest of us quick enough?” The stranger seemed very calm, which unnerved Alex a bit.”

Alex grinned “Probably not, but I will make sure you are the second one to die.”

The stranger grinned back “Alright, boys do not mess with a momma, lower the guns.”

“Dillon take their guns and grab yours.” Dillon gathered their weapons and tossed them on the couch and pumped the shotgun. “Now you guys are not welcome here and I suggest you move along before you leave here with more holes then you showed up with.” Alex said with a hint of hatred in her voice.

“Ok its cool lady, we are going” Gus stuttered. The three men made their way to the front door with Dillon watching them. Alex pushed Bear forward keep the gun ready to fire at a seconds notice. The other three got out onto the porch, but the stranger was still smiling at her. Alex slowly, but safely got Bear to the front and they all stood there looking at her.

Jared spoke up “Come on Beth.”

Alex sighed “Ok Beth, you are a bitch, but you can stay with us if you want.”

Beth glared at her “Fuck you cunt. I am going with my Dad, Dillon you should come with us. You barely know this chick.”

Dillon laughed “You must be out of your mind Beth. I barely know her and already can tell she is a better person to be around then your whore ass.” Jared was scowling at him now.

Beth went onto the porch with her Dad and snarled at him “Fuck you then Dillon, Ike was much better in bed anyways. I can find better even now.”

Alex had enough “If I see any of you on this property I will shoot you on sight, you have 30 seconds to get moving” then Alex slammed the door in their faces and locked it. She watched as they all ran to Beth’s Neon and took off.

“Shit sorry Alex, Beth surprised me with a knee between the legs” Dillon said embarrassed.

“Hey it’s handled; don't beat yourself up over it. We just need to be careful about who we trust. We will have to keep a watch tonight and head out early tomorrow. This place is too big to be defended by two people.” Alex felt a bit guilty herself for not being there to stop Beth in the first place. She is lucky that she got the drop on them. That short guy worried her though. She has not lived in the area long, but she did not recognize him.

Dillon nodded and went back into the living room to comfort the kids. Melody and Mark were blubbering about the scary men. Dillon eventually convinced them that the scary men were gone and that they would be safe. Mark seemed broken up that Beth was gone who he was bonding with before the chaos of moments ago. Jordan was asking his mom questions about the men and what they were doing. He admonished Alex again for swearing at the men. She apologized and tried to explain that the men arescared too. She explained that the men were misbehaving and taking it out on others. She assured him she chased them away and hopefully they learned their lesson. Jordan nodded and said he was hungry. It was time to change and feed the kids.

Alex noticed Dillon was limping around “Hey, you alright?”

“Well besides my head, back, ribs, groin, and hips I am doing swell.”

Alex smiled “I guess you have taken quite the beating today. I will check you out later.”

“What you do not check me out all the time?” Dillon teased.

Alex shook her head “Men.”

After they took care of the kids Alex looked through cupboards for her and Dillon. It looked like the family canned and jarred their own food when they could. She also found some beef or venison jerky it looked like. They ended up just eating the jerky and warming up some green beans. They set up a table in the living room so they could see into the front yard while they ate.

“Alex I do not ever recall seeing you around here, you did not grow up here did you?” Dillon said trying to create conversation.

She finished swallowing her food “Nope, I grew up all over. My dad was in the military so we moved around a lot. We did get to settle down for a bit in Florida when I was a teenager. My Dad had retired and wanted to live in a warm environment. Then when I went off onto my own I moved to Albany after my dad passed. this is where my family is originally from. I decided to moved here, to your town, a few months ago hoping for a better environment for Jordan to grow up in.”

Dillon nodded “Why did you become a cop?”

“Well I was going to follow in the family tradition to join the military, but had a bump in the road, a baby bump to be exact.” She smiled over at Jordan coloring.

“He was not planned then?”

“Well no, I got pregnant just before High School was over. I couldn't bear the thought of leaving him for tours or dragging him around the world like I was. I would not have traded him for any other life though. Instead I decided to go to college for criminal justice and then became a Police Officer. I mean I was already well trained by my dad, uncles, and older cousins to be in the military. Becoming a cop was not much of an obstacle for me.”

Dillon could sense her confidence “Well you can tell me to shut up if you want, but where is his Dad?”

Alex had a pained look on her face “No its fine, single Moms get the question asked often. His name was Eric, he was a nice guy. He was a year older than me and we had already dated for a year when I got pregnant. My family was furious with us. They were even madder when I said I was not joining the military. Eric felt guilty and did something stupid. He joined the military to appease my family and thought it was his duty to take my place. He did not even consult me. See the thing is what I loved about Eric is that he was not the military type. He was just a fun loving guy that wanted to be an architect.” Alex took a deep breath “When he went onto his first tour, which was Afghanistan, he wanted to get married. I was so furious with him though I rejected his proposal. I told him we would get married when he was out of the military….the problem was he never came back from his tour….” Alex fought back tears.

Dillon felt bad he had asked now “Wow, I am sorry Alex…”

She managed a slight smile “No its fine. It feels good to let it out once in a while. I am just mad at myself; I could not even suck it up and make him happy before he left.”

Dillon frowned “Well you should not be mad at yourself for how you felt at the time. I mean it is easy to second guess things after the fact, but you felt how you did at the time and you cannot fault yourself for it now. Marriage is a big decision with or without children.” Dillon placed his hand on hers “We all assume….we all assume we will see our loved ones again, sometimes it just does not happen. Life does not always work out, hell right now life is really not working out.”

Alex smirked “Are you sure you are still in High School?” She was pretty impressed with him so far. He was starting to catch onto how to back her up and also knew what to say when she needed a comforting hand.

Dillon shrugged “I guess I'm just advanced for my age.”

Alex raised her eyebrow “What's your age anyways?”

“I am eighteen, how about you?”

“Going on twenty two.”

Dillon felt little now “Dam, you look younger than that.”

Alex faked a frown “Younger? Twenty two is not young?”

Dillon started to stammer “Well, I mean…You just seemed closer…”

Alex cut him off and laughed “Dillon relax, I am messing with you. I knew what you meant”

Dillon felt awkward now “Oh, well yah I knew that.” He felt like a dope.

Alex giggled “Sure you did. Well when we are done why don’t we relocate to the top of that tower. I think it will give us a decent vantage point just in case those scumbags come back.”

Alex and Dillon chit chatted some more, mostly about Dillon's comparably more boring life while finishing up their food. Then they got all the kids to the third floor of the tower where they had windows all around them in every direction. They put down blankets for everyone to rest. Alex had Dillon undress from the waist up causing them to both blush a bit. Alex could not help but notice his body and he could not help, but notice her soft touch. She checked him over and he was bruising up on both ribs and his right hip. Alex thought he may have a cracked rib too, but could not be sure. She felt bad for him, he was going all out for them and his body was proof. She found an ice pack in a first aid kit and decided he should put it on his hip, which seemed to take a big hit on the fireplace. Being that Dillon was a night owl by nature he would take the first shift to keep watch. Alex curled up with all the kids and they managed to get to sleep. Dillon looked at them all and it all felt surreal. Here he was hiding from the dead and now the living with a beautiful woman four years older than him and three little kids they had to protect. His parents were already dead and likely most people he knew were too. He could only imagine what the future held for them all.It was close to two in the morning when Dillon spotted flames out in the driveway, but they seemed like they were floating. He quickly yelled for Alex who immediately jumped up and ran to him. Before he could say anything they heard a gun go off and a shatter of the back windshield of the car. Then they both watched the flames go flying through the air and land with a crash on the back of the police cruiser. Alex pulled up the window and grabbed the M-16. She started shooting at where she thought the gun fire came from. She saw someone retreat from the tree line. Then saw movement retreat across the road into some brush. She fired a few times at them and heard someone yell out in pain. She scanned around, but saw nothing else. The police cruiser was catching fire, there was no saving it.

Alex was pissed off now “Molotov cocktails, the psychopaths. Dillon stay here.”

Alex grabbed the shotgun and her gun belt with the Glock and headed downstairs. She went out the back way and while staying low ran into the tree line. She slowly made her way to where she was parallel from the now burning Police Cruiser. She felt a loss watching it go up in flames. She crept at an angle from it trying to avoid the light as much as possible. There was no sign of the shooter. She got to the edge of the road and she saw two figures. She heard a man’s voice whimpering that he got shot in the butt and a gruff voice telling him to suck it up. She switched to the Glock and held still. One of the morons finally turned a flashlight on and pointed it at a man’s rear-end. She took aim at the wounded man and fired. He yelped and then collapsed. She was sure she hit him with a mortal wound. The other figure came charging out of the brush. It was Bear, he was growling in anger. She got off three shots to his midsection and shoulder, but he slammed into her anyways.

She went flying backward losing her gun “You dumb bitch!” Bear hollered at her. Bear was bleeding pretty badly and his strength was slowly being sapped from him. He walked over to Alex and grabbed her by the hair. He dragged her into a clearing and slammed her down. He knelt down over her thighs and tried to undo her duty belt “I am going to teach you a lesson whore!” Alex was starting to panic as her legs could not be moved at all. Bear was bleeding heavily, but he still seemed more than able to tear her apart. She call smell is acrid breath, no way was she going out like this. Alex started to fight back and targeted his wounds. Blood flowed faster as he screamed out in pain. He was losing his will and out of desperation picked up a large rock to smash her head in with. When he had it over his head she felt helpless. Then there was a gunshot and the top of Bear’s head blew off. He fell flat on Alex who grunted at the dead weight. Strenuously Dillon managed to get Bear’s body off her.

Dillon helped her up “Come on we need to get back quickly in case any more of these dickheads are out there.”

Alex nodded, they ran back inside and upstairs. The kids thankfully followed Dillon’s orders and stayed put.

Alex was pissed off “You should'nt have come for me Dillon. The kids come first, but thanks I guess.”

“Sorry, but Jordan was scared you were'nt coming back so I came and got you. Luckily I did, you looked like you were in trouble.”

Alex put her hands on her hips “I had him right where I wanted him…” she knew she was lying, but pride stopped her from admitting it.

Dillon rolled his eyes “Sure you did. Enough people I care about died today; I do not need you to die too!”

Alex noticed he used the word care, but let it go “Ok, I'm sorry Dillon. I really am. It's my watch now. Why don't you get some sleep, we need to pack up and head to the gun store tomorrow.”

Dillon nodded more tired now then furious. He laid down falling right to sleep. With the long day and the injuries he needed rest. Alex kept a sharp eye out for anymore unwelcomed visitors. She was angrier at herself then Dillon. She knew she would be dead if he did not come to help her. She was mad that to get that help it left the kids vulnerable. They have survived on mostly luck today. She wished her Dad was still alive to help her get through this madness.
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Dillon was confused, he found himself back at the Daycare. He was holding Melody and little Jenny was holding onto his free hand. He was looking around and the scene was as chaotic as he remembered. Where were the dead though? Where were Alex, Jordan, and Mark for that matter? He peaked around the corner and there were his parents. His dad was clean cut in a business suit and his mom had her hair long and curly. She was wearing a nice black pant suit. He yelled to them and they looked at him smiling. They waved him to hurry and pointed at an army of the undead, hundreds of them coming over a hill now. He ran to them with the two girls. His mom reached out and grabbed Melody. Dillon looked around for a vehicle and then Melody shrieked. When he turned his head back to his parents they had changed. They were dead now with both their guts ripped out. His mom was ripping out Melody’s throat and he watched as the blood spurted out of her neck. Then he felt a sharp pain in his calf and screamed in agony. He looked down and Little Jenny was dead and ripped a chunk of his leg out with razor sharp teeth. He stumbled backward and his mom threw Melody against a brick wall causing a sickening smack. He crawled backward from his parents and little Jenny; he was scared out of his mind….

Dillon felt himself being shaken “Dillon wake up, come on, you're having a nightmare.”

Dillon’s eyes opened and adjusted to see Alex’s concerned look. He was confused for a moment then remembered where he was. Then he noticed Alex had taken his sweatshirt off that was covered in Bear’s blood and just had her torn tank top on showing off her lower stomach. It looked smooth and was nicely toned. Then he realized Alex was looking at him weird “Uh hey Alex….errr morning.”

Alex gave him a quizzical look “Jeesh you were sweating, mumbling, and had a pained look on your face. I figured whatever was happening it was worse than being awake.”

Dillon blinked a few times “Good call on that.” Then Dillon realized how much his body hurt when he tried to sit up and winced in pain “OW.”

“I think you should take a hot bath before we hit the road, but first we have some zombie killing to do. While you were sleeping we gathered a little group, probably followed the gun fire. I got to watch them tear apart Bear, I guess as long as the body is still warm….”

Dillon made a gaging noise “Ok too early to hear that.”

“Sorry, I also found out the other guy I shot was not completely dead; I could hear him scream when the dead came. I found out it was Gus because he is wandering around out there now.”

Dillon shrugged “Good riddance I guess. I thought I should feel more guilty for killing Bear, but then I think what he was about to do…”

Alex sat next to him “Yah killing living people is…is well unnatural, but necessary sometimes. We are survivors now and not all survivors are like us as we have learned. You saved my life Dillon and Jordan’s mom by default. Just focus on that.” She patted him on the shoulder and stood up.

Dillon nodded and slowly, but painfully stood up “So what's the game plan?”

Alex had a serious look now “Well I count eight zombies. Of course we will need to do a ground patrol to make sure there aren't anymore. In our haste last night we left my Glock and the shotgun outside. We need to recover those. I still have half a mag for the M16 and we have your Glock and two more mags for that. We have two slugs in the double barrel, three shots left in the revolver, and one shot in the hunting rifle. I think eventually we need to practice hand to hand combat, but we are not prepared for it, plus you are in no shape for it either. I also need to find another shirt. I hate to copy you, but I think I eventually need a leather jacket too. Leather should protect us from being bit.”

Dillon’s eyes kept looking down at her lower stomach “uh wha..I mean yah I think you are right.” He was admonishing himself; he needed to be on his game. This was ridiculous he job is to kill zombies, get guns, and protect kids. Dam biology, he needed to focus.

Alex arched her eyebrow “You okay?” he seemed distracted to her.

Dillon cracked his neck “Yah let’s get these kids up, changed, and fed. Then we can figure out how to watch them and kill the undead.”

Alex nodded “Alright.”

Alex checked out the house quick to make sure nothing got inside before having Dillon bring the kids down. It all checked out. Jordan had wet himself, but luckily they found clothes to fit him. They changed the other two and Melody left a nasty surprise that made Dillon gag. Of course Melody thought it was hilarious. Feeding time caused some food flinging which left a bit of a mess on everyone and the kitchen.

After Dillon wiped Melody’s face she looked at Dillon innocently “Diln? Momma?”

Dillon sighed “No just us now kiddo. Momma and Dadda are taking care of Jenny in Heaven. Just me and Alex now.”

She looked at him like she was thinking hard “Ok, I luv Diln and Axe.”

Dillon smiled “Close enough love you too kiddo.” Dillon wondered that if he did not have these kids to watch out for if he may have been tempted to just put a bullet in his brain instead of dealing with the madness around him. Then he got a knot in his stomach thinking about the people who probably have. Dillon shook the thoughts from his head and tried to tidy up the kids with poor results. After the mess they made Alex figured they should just bath them first. Once in a while they could hear a zombie hit against the outside wall, but so far have not found a way to get in. Alex managed to find an old flannel shirt of the Dads that was not too big on her; she still had to roll up the sleeves quite a bit. The mother must have been about five foot tall, nothing of hers fit Alex.

They fixed a bubble bath for the kids and after some goofing off got them all cleaned up. Of course Dillon had managed to get a lot more water on himself then Alex did. She joked she was a professional. Then on cue Melody dumped a cup of water on her and Dillon poked fun at her for speaking too soon. She just gave him “the look”. They dried and got the kids dressed, but then reality came back into their lives. A kitchen window was shattered inward. Alex ran to the window and there was some old dead farmer in overalls trying to get inside to presumably eat them. Alex sighed and found a hammer in one of the drawers. The old farmer was stuck half way in the window. Alex approached him and swung the hammer down. It cracked against his skull, but he was still moving. She hammered at him a few more times than the hammer went straight in with a loud crunch. Alex pulled the hammer back out and it made a mushy sucking sound causing Alex to become nauseous. Alex pushed him back outside with a broom. The other zombies now were coming to see what the noise was. Alex screamed to Dillon to shut the kids in the bathroom. She grabbed the 9mm and gave Dillon the M16 to guard the windows. She ran to the front door and upon seeing everything was clear went outside. She could see the burned up police cruiser though it had not burnt out all the way, but enough to make it a loss. The zombies were wandering at the side of the house now and going toward the kitchen window. A plump older woman got to it and the rifle barked destroying her face, she collapsed in a heap. Alex cautiously approached what was once Gus. What had become of him had his face torn apart with his cheek flaps hanging off his face. Next to him was a short, plump teenage girl with no noticeable injuries, just boils on her neck. She fired twice at close range and they both dropped.

The last four zombies turned toward her making just slight gurgling noises. Their arms were reaching towards her and they all had major wounds on them. One was of a young man in camo with his arm shredded apart. Alex wondered what the hell happened to him. She slowly took aim at each one and put them down. She called for Dillon all clear and that she was going to patrol the area. She also needed to recover the other guns. Dillon had to calm down the kids. They keep getting jostled between peace and violence at a moment’s notice. He wondered how that was going to affect them from here on out. Alex came back with the guns they lost and did not see any more threats. They were each going to get cleaned up. Alex went first while Dillon watched over the house and kids. Alex got undressed and turned the water to hot. After she soaped up and washed her hair she sat down in the tub and bawled her eyes out. She finally had a moment to herself and just let it all go. Everything was flooding through her mind now, seeing everyone dying especially the babies, the dead walking, almost losing her son, the stress of trying to keep others alive, and almost being killed by a giant hairy red neck herself. She was not sure how long she was like that when Dillon knocked asking her if she was alright. She cleared her throat and said she would be out in a minute. She dried off and combed her hair out the best she could. She got redressed and left the bathroom going right to Dillon and hugged him. He was taken aback and just held her for a minute with butterflies in his stomach. He could tell she just needed it and said nothing. Then she told him to get cleaned up, he decided on just a shower so they could get out of here as soon as possible. The hot water felt like magic against his broken body. His tense muscles were relaxing and his wounds seem to hurt less just by letting the water flow over them. He enjoyed every second of it, until the water started turning cold.He finished up quickly and got redressed.

When he got out Alex smiled at him “Better?”

Dillon nodded “It was frickin magical.”

“Good. Well I found the keys to the SUV last night; I will bring it around front. There are boxes and milk crates in the kitchen closet. Just start packing all the food, diapers, clothes, and anything else you can find. I will check over the garage quick to see if there is anything we can use.”

They set to their tasks and Alex headed out back to the detached garage. She guessed they wanted to preserve the look of the house and hid the modern looking garage out back. She unlocked the side door and turned on the light. It was well kept and clean for a garage. The Mercedes was a beautiful silver SUV and she could tell it had not been driven much. She looked in the car and saw two car seats in there already. She was biased towards Jordan a bit, but he was the biggest and would have to go without a car seat for now. She hit the button to unlock it and opened the back. She did not see anything in the car and just put the third row seats down. She decided to look around the garage to see what she could scrounge up; it was a decent haul. She found some things she wanted to bring with them. She took two aluminum baseball bats, a hand axe, some hand tools, an emergency roadside kit, a first aid kit, flashlights, a crank radio, two cans of fix-a-flat, and all kinds of road maps. She loaded it all up and opened the garage. The car started up no problem and read 5287 miles on the odometer. She pulled it out front and Dillon had already started piling up stuff on the porch. Alex backed up the car and they piled everything in. They got the kids in and took one last look at the house.

“Alright to the gun store Dillon, you're driving because I have no idea where we're going.”

“Okay and just so you know we will be going to the edge of the town, but will turn off before entering.”

Alex nodded “Well alright, do what ya gotta do. We need the ammo, if we run out we will be screwed.”

“That's an understatement.”

“I guess it is. Ok let’s get outta here.”

They hopped in the car and drove away. The countryside looked peaceful, like nothing was wrong with world. They passed Beth’s place and it looked vacant. Dillon wondered what their plans were. They got back to the main road with no issues. That is when the world started to look broken again. There was a fresh car accident Dillon had not seen before. A Honda civic rolled over onto its roof, it looked like it flipped quite a few times. Dillon turned towards town and tried not to think of what happened. There were still car accidents and abandoned cars he had seen on the drive yesterday. There was no one coming to tow them away, they would just sit there and rust. That thought scared Dillon at how society was gone. No tow services, hospitals, police, firefighters, food deliveries, nothing they were used to from civilization. Alex was just staring out the window at everything. They passed a minivan smashed into a pole. There was a dead soccer mom still strapped in reaching for them as they passed. They saw a group of four zombies wandering down the road and drove around them. The zombies changed direction and started walking the way the direction they drove in. Alex wondered out loud if they just kept following sounds hoping to feed. Dillon just said probably. They could see smoke billowing up from the town ahead. Around them there were houses with wide open front doors; one yard had a body of a young woman lying face down. It looked like she was shot in the back of the head. As they got close enough to see the town they could see fires were burning out of control. They did see a van flying through the middle of town then disappear. What Alex would call a horde of zombies, more then she could count anyway were wandering towards where the van drove by. She saw three leaving a burning building. Their skin was blackened and melting away. They seem unfazed by it. Alex’s eyes watered and then Dillon suddenly turned the car and gunned it away from town down a side road heading towards a wooded area. Alex composed herself and was checking out the surrounding area as they drove by.

They entered the tree line and were now surrounded by forest. She could see driveways, but no the houses really. They were all hidden back further. The landscape went back to being peaceful and seemingly untouched by the dead. Dillon turned again onto a dirt road Alex did not even see coming up. She asked him why a gun store would be located out of the way like this. He laughed and explained the guy did not like people much and it was just a side business of sorts. Dillon explained that the man had set up here after the Vietnam War and no one bothered him much as long as he followed all the gun laws when selling. Dillon said he heard he did not just deal in legal wares though. Alex raised her eyebrow at this.

Dillon pulled into a dirt driveway and Alex saw an old wooded two story house in need of repairs. She doubted it would pass building codes. She noticed the only windows were up on the second floor, the first floor just had what looked like an out of place steel door. It made her uneasy. There was a nice hand crafted sign that read Sal’s and a smaller crudely made sign below it that said “Guns & Shit”. Sal, now she remembered the name. When she first came to this town Ted told her to leave an old man named Sal alone. She was told he ran a gun store, she figured it was the nice one in town. Dillon parked the car and told Alex to stay put. She still had on her police issue pants and gun belt. He was worried it would spook old Sal. Dillon got out unarmed and held up his hands just in case the old coot was alive. Dillon noticed the only noise were the tree limbs swaying in the wind. He looked around and saw no movement. The window shutters upstairs were closed. He started to approach the door when a voice yelled out that was far enough. Dillon knew it came from the tree line, but saw no one.

“Get back in your car and get the hell off my property.”

Dillon kept his head lifted up “I can't do that!”

The man sounded confused “What are yah a retard?”

Dillon shook his head “No, have you seen what has happened to the world out there? I have kids here and we need ammunition. If we leave we will probably die anyways so shoot me if you want Sal!” Dillon was waiting for a gunshot to go off.

“Well kid, you are either brave, stupid, or crazy.”

Dillon smirked “Probably all of the above.”

Suddenly a man appeared out of the wood line. Dillon had no idea how he popped up out of nowhere, but there he was in full camo gear with black face paint. Dillon had never seen Sal before, but when he removed his camouflaged Boonie hat he reminded Dillon of the old guy Frank from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. The only difference was Sal seemed better built and was still alive. He had a large rifle held up on his shoulder now “Well boy spit it out. Who are you, how many kids ya got and who is the chick?”

“I'm Dillon Stryker I grew up around here. In the car is Alex, her son, my little sister, and a little boy named Mark. We escaped from town and running low on ammo. We were hoping to acquire some goods. Have you seen what is going on?”

Sal eyed him “Shit kid, hard to miss dead people walking around eating the living. I have a few of my neighbors piled out back already. I bet I know more than you do and have not even left my property.” Sal sighed “Alright get everyone out of the car and we will talk.”

Dillon waved Alex out of the car “Just so you know Alex is what is left of the police force.”

Sal laughed “Kid there ain't no police force left. Grab your weapons so I see what ya got”

Sal walked away grumbling under his breath. Dillon helped Alex get the kids out of the car and led them to the front door. He carried Melody who was still half asleep in one arm and the M16 in the other hand. Alex just brought the tactical shotgun and Glocks as the other guns they took from the dumb rednecks were poorly taken care of anyways. Sal pulled out a set of keys and undid four locks on the door. He turned to us “Do not touch anything” then walked in side. Alex shrugged her shoulders and we all went in.

The inside was actually very nice and clean. There was a four sided glass counter full of guns in the middle of the room and more guns hanging on the wall. There were shelves of ammunition and accessories all neatly placed and organized. There were also a couple of safes and then two doorways on the right side. One was shut and padlocked the other was an open entryway to a stairwell.

“Cool” Jordan looked around amazed.

Sal’s eyebrow arched “Dam right its cool little one. Don't touch anything.”

Jordan frowned “Oooo bad word.”

Sal actually chuckled “I'm going to get in trouble a lot I see.”

Alex smiled, at first she was a little freaked out by the guy, but now she was getting a good vibe from him. She has been around old vets before and he seemed a bit secluded out here, but not as crazy as he made himself out to be. She was sure his lifestyle had to do with having been in Vietnam. He led them to a small table in a corner with four chairs and they all sat down. Alex recognized he was carrying around a Dragunov sniper rifle that looked very used and it had a modern scope on it. She also saw his sidearm was a 1911 pistol.

“Well before we get down to business why don’t you tell me how the hell you survived yesterday?”

Alex and Dillon took turns telling the story and afterward Sal had a grim expression on his face “Jesus H. Christ. I have seen dead children before, but having them get back up….sounds like you guys had a hell of a day. I hate to say it things are going to get worse. I have a HAM radio and there are already some crazies on the air. Between the deadheads, crazy and desperate humans, not to mention all the wreckage out on the landscape living is not going to be so easy. I guess you have figured, but this thing that hit was all over including throughout the military and government ranks. No one has any idea who is left and who is in charge.”

Alex and Dillon nodded. “Have you heard anything about what caused this?” Alex asked.

Sal looked at both of them like he was thinking of what to say “Yah I've heard…some things. Even before yesterday…”

Alex and Dillon looked at one another confused “What” they said in unison.

Sal rubbed his grey stubbly chin “Well I have a friend who was much higher up in the military then I was. I mean I was a grunt this guy was an officer. He sent me a newspaper clipping almost six months ago.” Sal moved his face closer to them “There was a brain surgeon in Boston by the name of….Myzinski or something like that. He was about to perform major brain surgery on a patient, he had just cut into him when the patient died right on the table. Now they had just started and the guy up and died for seemingly no reason. After some tests and an autopsy the surgeon was reported as saying nanobots were found on the patient’s brain stem. That is not the strangest thing though.”

Dillon frowned and adjusted Melody to his other shoulder “What the hell could be stranger than that?” this he had to hear.

Sal sat back again “The surgeon and his wife disappeared the next day. Then the guy who did the autopsy, shit he died in what was ruled a suicide.”

Alex looked at him confused “Well then why was none of this big news? It all sounds suspicious?”

Sal looked at her straight in the eye “The reporter who reported what little of that story quit his job and moved away. I could not track what happened to him. No one else picked up the story after that, well unless you count that guy with the radio show. Looks like he got at least one conspiracy right.”

Dillon crossed his arms. This sounded farfetched to him “Ok so what was it? What are we being invaded by aliens?” he half joked.

Sal gave him a slight snarl “Don't be dumb kid. We're talking nanotechnology here. The only thing I cannot figure out is how or if that even could cause the dead to rise….it just seems like too much of a coincidence though.”

Alex was watching the boys run around and thinking hard about this “This sounds like a Hollywood movie theme to me. What does that one guy dying make you jump to think what has happened is connected?”

“Simple. Over the last six months five prominent brain specialists and their families have disappeared and a top secret CDC base was activated and fully staffed.”

Now Dillon was getting interested “How'd you know that?”

Sal smiled “My military friend. Though he didn't tell me where the base was, but just telling me what he did risked his safety. He told me to be on the lookout for any warning signs, though he had no clue what those signs might be.” Sal laughed in kind of a disbelieving way “The problem is there were no warning signs. Whatever happened was instantaneous. “

“Yah no shit” Dillon said exasperated “I've the head wound to prove it.”

“How'd you think the dead were created though? Are they controlled and created by these machines?” Alex asked.

Sal smirked “Nah I doubt it. The CDC was involved I doubt they know much about nanobots. My uneducated opinion is that the nanobots were just a delivery agent.”

Dillon’s head hurt “A delivery agent?”

“Yah kid, I did some research and there are a lot of different thoughts and ideas about nanobots. It is kind of like they were machines used to release a bio weapon all simultaneously. Look at the chaos around the world. No time to prepare or mobilize to stop it.”

Dillon frowned “Who'd do that and who has the technology?”

Sal shrugged “Sh…da..fu…grrr…not use to having kids around. I have no idea Dillon. As far as anyone knew no one has this capability. No country seemed to be spared so if it was a government then they screwed it up. Hell if it was anyone it looks like they screwed it up….unless some doomsday cult or save the Earth and kill all people types got a hold of it. I have no idea. Your guess is as good as mine.”

“Why weren’t we all affected though?” Alex questioned. To her it seemed like if these things were releasing a bio weapon then either it should have gotten to everyone or no one.

Sal pondered her question “Not sure. Maybe only some people were infected and their job was to spread it. Maybe we all are infected and have ticking time bombs in our brains. Maybe many of them malfunctioned. I am just a grunt with a friend who slipped me some information and I read some stuff online. I do not have all the answer or many answers really. It is just speculation for now.”

Alex rubbed her temples “Well hell there is nothing we can do about all that unless one of us here is a super genius. Let’s just hope the base still exists and is figuring this sh…stuff out.” She looked over at Jordan waiting to yell at her, but she caught herself. “Right now we need to stay alive and need weapons and ammo for that.”

“Yah no sweat kiddo, you are right.” Sal looked at the kids now “Why don’t you guys stay here for a while, get your heads straight. Let these little ones have a moment’s peace. I'll hook you guys up; forget the stuff in the show room here. I have better stuff in the back….”
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Re: Sudden Death

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I like Sal................ :P

Very good story. Thank you very much.

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Re: Sudden Death

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Nancy1340 wrote:I like Sal................ :P

Very good story. Thank you very much.
Thanks for reading. As for Sal I needed an older figure to whip these younger characters into shape!
"My zombies will never take over the world because I need the humans. The humans are the ones I dislike the most, and they're where the trouble really lies." - George A. Romero

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Re: Sudden Death

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Azraelsjudgement wrote:
Nancy1340 wrote:I like Sal................ :P

Thanks for reading. As for Sal I needed an older figure to whip these younger characters into shape!
You know that's right, very good story :clap:

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Re: Sudden Death

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Every teenage guys fantasy?

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Re: Sudden Death

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Manliest wrote:Every teenage guys fantasy?
Hah I am 30, it could be.The ages are meant to poke at social norms among other things.
"My zombies will never take over the world because I need the humans. The humans are the ones I dislike the most, and they're where the trouble really lies." - George A. Romero

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Re: Sudden Death

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Yah I am evil


Sal undid the padlock on the downstairs door and opened it up. A light popped on automatically flooding the room with bright lighting. After Dillon’s eyes adjusted and he could see crates neatly organized to make walkways in between them. The room was stark white and also had black shelving on the walls with boxes stacked on them “Whoa, what is in all these?” Dillon said extremely curious.

Sal smiled “The tools to stay alive.”

Alex had to ask “Sal, I don't mean to go cop mode on you, but what do you have here and who were you selling them too? I mean how did you not get caught?”

Sal laughed “I knew you were going to ask that. Well first of all not all of this is illegal weaponry, but after I got spooked six months ago I stocked up on some things that most people do not have. While yes I admit I did deal in some illegal weapons from time to time it was only to my close connections with fellow veterans. I wasn't dealing to gangs or anything like that. Ted watched out for me, especially being he was one of my customers.”

Alex nodded “Well Ted did a good job because I never heard anything about illegal weapons in town. I guess now I am glad you have all this. So what do ya got?”

“I thought you would never ask, follow me.”

Sal started walking around and opening crates. Dillon and especially Alex were giddy over what he had. Alex knew what everything was, but Dillon only had vague ideas. Sal had fully automatic AK-47s, Dragunov sniper rifles, MP5 Sub-machine guns, Glock-17s with silencers, M16A3s which he explained where like the M16A2s, but with the option of automatic fire. He also had AR-15s, M1911s, and other civilian guns. He had plenty of ammo for everything 7.62×39mm, 7.62×54mmR, 9mm, .45 caliber, 5.56×45mm, .50 caliber, and other common rounds. Alex took notice she had not seen a gun that took that .50 caliber yet. What Sal presented next made Alex’s jaw drop. He had boxes of M67 fragmentation grenades, claymores, and pressure sensitive land mines. He assured her that he has only had these for three months and has never sold them to anyone. The next box was full of RPG-29s which Alex knew could penetrate M1 Abrams. He said he only had 25 reloads for them though. He also had all kinds of military gear, MREs, and freeze dried food that he said they could go through later. Then Sal got a twinkle in his eye.There was a crate all alone in a corner and Sal walked them over “Now this I only have one of. I was going to save it for myself, but I am too in love with my Dragunov to leave her for another gun. Alex, something I see in you tells me you should practice with this one.” Sal opened the lid and revealed a Scoped M107 .50 Caliber Long Range Sniper Rifle.

Alex started jumping around like she just got the world’s greatest Christmas present “OH MY GOD! Sal I have always wanted one of these, even as a teenager!”

Dillon looked at her funny “Hell I just wanted a decent car and you wanted a big ass gun?”

Alex shrugged “Hey a girl wants what a girl wants.” Then she winked at him.

Dillon blushed a bit “Well now you have one.” Dillon laughed to himself wondering what kind of crazy woman he had joined up with.

Sal interrupted “Ok you see what I have got, but why don’t we get you guys settled in here. I will show you upstairs it is more comfortable and the kids can touch stuff up there….”

“Thanks Sal” then Alex hugged and kissed him on the cheek.

Sal blushed a bit “Well now I haven't had a pretty girl kiss me in a looong time.”

Alex turned bright red and then Melody woke up thirsty scrunching her nose at the bright lights. Sal brought them all upstairs. Alex noticed Sal also kept this place spotless. They walked into a brief entry way with coat hooks and a rubber mat for shoes. It led right to a large living room with a well-used black leather couch and two matching recliners. One of the recliners had duct tape patching it up. He also still had an old giant box TV. Dillon asked him and he growled that it worked fine what the hell did he need a fancy flat screen for. He also had book shelves filled with military books. There was a sliding glass door that led out to an overhanging balcony that had a beat up old charcoal grill on it. Next Sal had a large black and white fixture kitchen and Alex noticed he had two microwaves. The oven door looked like it had never been opened. She assumed that meant Sal preferred grilling and nuking to prepare his food. Alex asked him about the electricity being on and he said he was working on going off-grid. Apparently Sal had done a lot of tree clearing so he could use solar power which covered most of the roof and also had a backup fuel efficient generator in a building out back. He was still connected to the grid, but the power was out anyways.

Dillon looked around and noticed no military medals or memorabilia up. He decided it was best not to ask about it for now. Sal showed them the bathroom which had a standard toilet, sink, and standup shower with a glass door. He did not show them his bedroom, but had a spare room with a Queen sized bed in it. It just had a dresser and an empty closet. Sal was definitely not a pack rat. He said Alex and the three kids could probably fit in the bed and Dillon could take the couch. Then he added unless they wanted to sleep in the same bed together. Alex and Dillon froze and both managed to stammer out no. Sal chuckled as he got a kick out of embarrassing the two kids.

Dillon and Alex hauled in all their stuff and got the kids fed and changed. Every time one of the kids spilled or dropped something Sal cringed. Alex discovered he never had kids and has not been around any in decades. He had a haunted look on his face, but she let it go. She got the kids into the bed for their naps and after some fussing and crying they finally all drifted off. Sal went and got cleaned up. He came back wearing old style jeans and a faded NY Giants T-shirt. Dillon got a better look at him now. Sal looked to be pushing towards seventy. While he was around six foot and still well built, Dillon could see lose skin on his arms now. He figured Sal used to be even bigger and more intimidating in his younger days. Sal suggested the three adults sit down at the table and get to know one another better.

Sal opened the fridge and took out three green bottles “All I have is Rolling Rock I suggest you drink it happily after these past two days” He set them down in front of Alex and Dillon “Now officer you're not going to arrest me for supplying alcohol to a minor are you?” trying to sound serious.

Dillon rolled his eyes and Alex laughed “I think he's earned it. I will let it slide.” She smiled at Dillon.

Dillon shook his head and took a drink “Like this is my first beer, I am eighteen not twelve when I did have my first one. I was grounded for a month.”

Alex responded “Dam I think we had our first beers about the same time. I mean the same year not age. I was sixteen and I was at my first unsupervised high school party. I took a sip and spit it out vowing to never drink again. Of course I do.” She then took a big gulp from her bottle. “That hits the spot Sal, not my kind, but damn good right now.”

Sal smirked “Yah I have an odd fondness for this brand. Though scotch is my poison of choice.”

Dillon shrugged “Beer is beer. I take what I can get.”

“Yah when you're too young to buy it for yourself” Alex teased him.

“That’s it I am turning you in for witnessing a minor drink alcohol and doing nothing” Dillon teased back.

“Don't make me take out my cuffs Dillon” she playfully threatened.

“Hey maybe that is my thing.” He gave a sly wink.

“Hey do you two need some privacy?” Sal joked.

Alex and Dillon realized the playful banter they had going and got a little red in the cheeks. They both said no and then Alex changed the subject. She asked Sal about how safe the structure was. Sal got a kick out of the question because he purposely made the place look a bit run down. He told them the downstairs is actually all cement walls and that the front door is not coming down without some heavy firepower. The deadheads cannot get in. Sal suggested the new group stay here for now. After all he was alone here and could use the company, not to mention the help. After they agreed he said they should patrol in twos every day, three times a day, and kill any deadheads that come near with the silenced Glocks. If they get overwhelmed for any reason they retreat inside and kill from above. Sal also had them agree to let him train them on the weapons before they started toting them around. He decided on a schedule. He was going to patrol with Alex in the morning then have her train with the M16A3 and the M107. Dillon would watch over the kids during this time. Then Alex and Dillon would patrol in the noon time and Sal would watch the kids. He was not thrilled, but he figured they needed to know how to patrol together as well. The afternoon Sal would train Dillon on the AK47 and the MP5 then patrol with him just before sundown. He figured if Dillon could learn to handle the MP5 then a Glock would be a piece of cake. Of course Alex would take care of the kids during this time. Sal also checked on Dillon’s ribs and determined they were probably just bruised. He suggested taking pain medication regularly so it was easier for Dillon to breath and move. Sal made them bologna and cheese sandwiches to eat while they polished off their second beers.

He started asking them how they were coping with what is going on and what they had seen so far. Dillon explained his nightmare and occasional tears and Alex the same along with her breakdown. Sal said those were good signs. He explained that they cannot hide from the horrors they have seen. It was not healthy to hold it in. The mind is trying to cope and explained post-traumatic stress disorder. Alex confided her oldest cousin was suffering from it and was on a lot of medication. Sal also suggested the little kids cannot be kept cooped up all the time it was not healthy for them. They would have to figure a way for them to get outside and keep safe. It was something he would work on. Suddenly Jordan came running out. He was crying that he had a bad dream about the bad people taking his mom away. Alex picked him up and held him trying to sooth him. Dillon walked over and told him that he is not going to let anything happen to his mom. He assured Jordan the bad men would have to get through him first. Dillon started strutting around and posing like a tough guy. Jordan got a kick out of it and forgot about being scared. He then wanted to be held by Dillon who obliged. They eventually got out some toy trucks and started playing with them.

Alex sat back and smiled. Sal walked over “Sure he's only eighteen?”

Alex nodded “Thats what I said.” She kept seeing him as someone older and more mature. She thought he has more than earned it.

“Well I guess after yesterday he has seen and done quite a bit for someone his age.”

Alex sighed “Yah too much if you ask me. Without him I doubt I'd be alive right now.”

“Aye and I doubt he would be alive without you.” Sal could see how they looked at each other.

“Yah” Alex’s mind started drifting off thinking about recent events.

“It looks like you found a better partner than Ted” Sal joked.

Alex snorted “Yah Dillon may not be tactically sound, but he has a better personality and does not sexually harass me.”

“Good ole Ted. Well why don’t you go check on the other little ones Alex. I will take a look around the property quick” she nodded in response.

The next day Sal got the two young guns started. Alex was a natural with the M16 and Sal thought she should carry it around with her at all times now. He decided to instead have her spend more time on hand to hand combat and using the M107. She was not good at all on her first attempts with the sniper rifle and was frustrated cussing up and down. Sal assured her becoming a sniper was an art form, but she had the ability. Sal had them skip the second patrol until Dillon also went on one with him, they would do the second one starting the next day. Dillon had trouble controlling the MP5, but adjusted to the Ak-47 quite well. He was still going to need more practice before Sal though he should carry it around all the time. Dillon was still two to three weeks away from being able to learn hand to hand combat. He needed to heal from his recent injuries which disappointed him. Alex retired her police pants and flannel shirt for BDUs Sal had close to her size. He supplied clothing on special orders and his friends had ordered some for their family members that they never picked up before the world went to hell. Alex and Dillon both had two sets of woodland and urban BDUs to wear now. They also had parkas to go with each set, combat gloves, and combat boots. Sal had other gear that they had to go through; he had not opened every crate yet. Alex volunteered to spend a little time each day going through it all. Sal thought in one week after they had some practice two of them should head into town to see what is going on and see if they could figure out where to get some leather clothing. With all the noise they made with their new weapons they attracted the dead and got to practice taking them down fast and efficiently. Dillon and Alex wanted to get out the baseball bats, but Sal said until they learn more about the boils they need to keep their distance. They realized the wisdom in this and instead would carry around tactical knives for last resort weapons.

For the next week Sal had them training non-stop and Dillon graduated to keeping the AK with him at all times. He had a ways to go to use the MP5 and Alex was coming along well with the M107. They were always exhausted and went right to bed at sun down. The week was mostly quiet on the zombie front. They wandered into their patrol territory from time to time. The biggest group was ten. Alex and Dillon were on patrol and efficiently took them out working in tandem. Sal was impressed as he watched them from the window. During the week Sal also changed his very first diaper which was Mark and it was a pretty messy one, the old weary Vet puked. Alex and Dillon almost died laughing. Sal said something about rather crawling through a Vietnamese swamp with 100 screaming commies coming at him then do that again. Dillon will never let him live it down. Sal decided they had all been too busy and exhausted the past week so they were taking a day off to just hang out, relax, and plan an excursion into town. Alex was happy as her shoulder was pretty sore from weapons fire and Sal did not baby her in hand to hand combat training.

Dillon was reading a book on military tactics Sal gave him and Alex sat down interrupting him after putting the kids down for their nap “Dillon I know we haven't had much time to talk lately, but I haven't thanked you yet for bringing us here. Sal and all his help are invaluable.”

Dillon sat his book down “No problem just lucky I knew about him is all. He is a cool guy, but dam he enjoys running us ragged though.”

Alex laughed “Yah he does. I kind of feel like I am in the military now. “

“Before all this happened I had no idea what to do with my life and now I'm here training to kill dead people that come back to life. all just crazy. If life stayed normal I would probably still be a brooding high schooler and have never even met you. Hell if I did you might've arrested me for something stupid by now.” he joked.

Alex giggled “Yah dam teenagers. It is odd though to think of how life has drastically changed and all bets are off. I still keep thinking we will go back to town and everything will be normal again…..”

“Yah unfortunately not. You know whats also sad?” Dillon questioned.


“Have you noticed the kids can sleep through the gunfire now? They are getting use to it….” Dillon said sadly.

Alex leaned back depressed at the notion “Yah I have noticed. Jordan even wants to know when he gets a real gun now. At least Mark has warmed up to us more; I still wish we knew his last name. I suppose we can check the Daycare if its still standing.”

Dillon got the shivers. He never wanted to go back to that place and hoped it burnt to the ground “Wow thinking about having to go back there gives me nightmares. I suppose we should at least try and track down any family he had so he knows who he is when he gets older. Melody seems to accept mom and dad are not coming back. Sad thing is she will not remember them as she gets older.” Dillon then sounded disgusted “Assuming we survive long enough to get older anyways.”

Alex hit him in the arm “Hey do not think like that!” she yelled at him. She wanted to see her son grow up even if it was in whatever the hell this world was now.

Dillon was a bit shocked “Sorry, I'm just being realistic here.”

“Just stop.” Alex stood up and Dillon did too.

“Calm down Alex. All I am saying is that the world is extremely dangerous and unforgiving we need to be mentally prepared for anything to happen. It sucks, but thats the reality of it.” Dillon said more determined.

Alex walked away “Just shut the fuck up.” She stormed downstairs.

Dillon was left standing there feeling guilty, but he still felt like what he said was right. He did not expect her to react like that. Just then Melody wandered out of the bedroom. “Axe an Diln woke me up.”

Dillon picked her up “Sorry kiddo.” He then walked around with her head on his shoulder until she fell back asleep. He looked out over the balcony into the back yard. He tried to remember what it was like to just be a kid again. He listened to Melody breathing as she slept. He felt aged and while he was more confident he did miss what he thought was a dull life. He would do anything to have his parents back and for his sister to be safe. The past week has been like one long training day. He was going to spend more time playing with the kids today and try and teach them the basics that they would be learning in daycare. He would worry about Alex later.

On the way down the stairs Alex ran into Sal “Whoa you look pissed young lady. What’s eating you?” he questioned her.

Alex gave him an evil look “Just a fight with Dillon, not a big deal.”

Sal scratched his chin “Looks like a big deal.”

Alex leaned against the cold wall “I don't know he just said things about the grim reality of our situation and it is just not what I needed to hear right now.”

“Well men say stupid shit sometimes. I am sure he will be apologizing in no time. We always do, well except me and look at me now. I lived alone in the woods my whole life. Dillon seems a bit smarter than me” He kidded trying to lighten up her mood.

Alex smirked “Yah you guys are quite frustrating to deal with. We need another chick in this place.”

Sal shrugged “Sorry women usually run from my place not to it”

Alex laughed “Oh Sal what am I going to do with you. I'm trying to be mad not laugh.”

“Sorry what can I say, I have a charming personality.”

Alex rolled her eyes “Okay I am going to go through inventory. I've got most of it done.”

Sal nodded “Thanks.”

Alex was walking away “Anything for you Sal.”

Later on Sal was in charge of making dinner. He decided on Burgers, mashed potatoes, and canned peas. They still had a decent amount of food. Sal said he was going to stock up on the first sign of trouble, but with no signs he was caught with his pants down as he said. The kids were running low on a few food items and diapers though. That would have to be taken care of very soon. They were also working on potty training Melody and Mark. They wanted to pilfer a training toilet from town. The kids were not too keen on balancing on the adult toilet making it harder to train them.

Dillon and Alex did not speak for a little while, he kept playing with kids and Alex was cleaning up behind Sal as he prepared dinner. Just before they sat down to dinner though, Dillon finally went to Alex and apologized. This made her and Sal laugh confusing Dillon to no end. She just told him everything was good and apologized for storming off. Dillon was just happy the awkward silence was over. Over dinner Sal laid out a map of the town and decided that he and Alex would be the ones going being they were better trained. Dillon felt a bit disappointed, but understanding. He just wanted to prove himself to Sal and use his training. They decided on taking Sal’s old green dodge pickup. The mission was just going to be observational unless they saw any survivors that could be safely rescued. They doubted anyone would be alive in town though. They were going to park the truck a half mile from the main road and then walk into town. They were going to go tomorrow after sun up.

After dinner they got the kids down and Sal handed out shots of scotch and held his glass up “To the living.”

Alex countered “To us.”

Dillon finally added “To the loved ones we lost.”

They cheered and drank down their shot. This is when Alex brought up her uncle in the Catskill Mountains wondering if he was still alive. Sal then asked her what her last name was and when she did he jumped up “Holy mother of God! You’re the Colonels Niece!

Alex was lost “What?”

Sal was getting excited “The Colonel is my military contact! I have been trying to reach him on my radio sense this shit went down, but not a peep from him.”

Alex was shocked “Wow this is…well wild. I have not talked to him in a few years, but if he is alive he could really help us more than I thought. If he knows what is going on….and who is still out there…shit we need to try and get to him eventually.”

Sal was still excited “Dam right we do! Now there is a man who knows his shit. We cannot just rush to him though. We have no idea what is going on out there right now. I will keep trying to reach him. We will need to devise a long term plan.” Sal started pacing now “We cannot just cart these kids off into the unknown. He is not far away, but there could be thousands of the dead between us and him, not to mention the crazies I have heard broadcasting….”

Dillon was a bit annoyed “How come you never let us hear what is going on?”

Sal stopped “Well, you can if you want. I will set up the radio out here for all of us. Sorry just not use to sharing my personal items is all.”

Dillon just shrugged “No big deal.”

“Well we can do that tomorrow. We should get to bed. Early day tomorrow, we need to be sharp.”

Sal went to his room muttering excitedly about having the Colonels niece under his roof. Alex chuckled “Sal what a character. I guess we should get to sleep too.”

Dillon nodded “Yah might as well. Just promise me you will be careful tomorrow. I won't be there to save your ass” he joked.

She smiled and rolled her eyes “Oh what will I ever do without super Stryker.”

Dillon rubbed his chin “Hey that has a nice ring to it.” Then he got more serious “Really though, be careful out there.”

Alex approached him and gave him a hug “I will, you can't get rid of me that easy” then without thinking she gave him a peck on the lips then quickly backed up “Uh well goodnight Dillon” she realized what she just did and was scared about what it meant. She wondered if her feelings were real. Was it a result of him being the only younger person around or maybe it was because of the life and death situations they have been in together? Dillon was four years younger than her, but did it matter now? He was a good guy who had already proven his worth as a man and someone she could count on. She was confused and needed to get to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a rough day.

Dillon was a bit stunned and finally responded “Umm yah…goodnight…sleep well...” and she shut the bedroom door. Dillon laid down on the couch, but had trouble sleeping trying to figure out what that was about. Even in the apocalypse women were hard to figure out he mused. Of course there is the possibility he just sucks at reading them. He eventually drifted off to sleep dreaming again about his parents….

The next day Dillon was jostled awake “Get up sleeping beauty” Sal said sarcastically.

“I am up” Dillon moaned. He could just see the sun was coming up and it was raining pretty heavy outside. Sal handed him coffee “Sal if you were prettier I would kiss you right now.”

“Awww and here I thought I was already pretty.” Dillon just shook his head and started on his coffee.

Alex already had the kids up and was taking care of them. Even they looked tired. Alex blushed when Dillon made eye contact with her and said good morning. He helped her finish up with the kids so she and Sal could get ready. Even with the rain they wanted to go out and see what is happening. Being Dillon was going to be alone Sal told him to keep his weapons close by and keep an eye out. He was not to leave the house unless it was burning down. He did tell him about the underground passage in the gun room just in case he needed to escape. It was behind a shelving unit and came out in the woods. Sal said goodbye to all the kids and then went to gear up. Alex was hugging and kissing Jordan. He had tears coming down his face and she was explaining to him she would be back before the end of the day. He was scared because Dillon was not going to be around to stop the bad men from getting her. She said Uncle Sal would. He was only partially convinced, but finally settled down. She said bye to Mark and Melody then walked over to Dillon.

“Hey take care of them. We will be back in no time I'm sure.”

Dillon gave a confident smile “Yah do not worry I got this.”

“I know you do. Hey we should probably talk when I get back. We cannot ignore certain things anymore.” She figured the sooner the better to figure things out between them.

Dillon’s heart started racing. He was not sure where the talk was going to head “Yah sure, good idea.”

They hugged and she said bye smiling at him. Then she went to gear up leaving Dillon alone to guard the place. After about ten minutes Dillon heard Sal undoing all the locks on the door. He said they were leaving and headed out. He heard Sal lock back up. Dillon went to play with the kids when unexpectedly he heard four gunshots go off. He yelled for the kids to stay put. He grabbed his AK and ran to the front window. He looked out and saw Sal hiding in the back of the pickup truck bleeding from his arm. Then Dillon’s’ heart sank. Alex was lying down on the ground face first. The rain was flowing over her poncho and she was not moving.

Dillon screamed “ALEX!!!!!” she did not even budge to the sound of his voice though. Suddenly a gun shot rang out and hit the top of the window sill. Dillon dove to the ground with tears streaming down his face. Whoever was out there was going to die.
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Re: Sudden Death

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If I may, I have a respectful and appreciative suggestion; you might try using contractions when writing dialogue. In informal speech, most folks don't say "can not" or similar, they go with "can't" and "don't".

That's all I got. Ive got another five hours of work if you feel like posting again. :lol:

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Re: Sudden Death

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Manliest wrote:If I may, I have a respectful and appreciative suggestion; you might try using contractions when writing dialogue. In informal speech, most folks don't say "can not" or similar, they go with "can't" and "don't".

That's all I got. Ive got another five hours of work if you feel like posting again. :lol:
Hah I will "un"clean that up soon. I blame my current college Professors lol. Does this count as a post?

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"My zombies will never take over the world because I need the humans. The humans are the ones I dislike the most, and they're where the trouble really lies." - George A. Romero

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