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Post by Ponyboy314 » Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:44 am

Sean pulled into the driveway at around five-twenty in the afternoon, glad that the day was over when at some points, it had seemed as though it never would be. He had been at West Tech Consultants in Flagstaff, Arizona for five years, ever since he was twenty-six. He had worked his way in that short time to Departmental Supervisor, and such had been his pay increase that he and Erin now lived in a nice two-story rather than the two-bedroom apartment they had once occupied.

The days now trudged on for him as they usually did for anyone, and when the only thing that differentiated one day from the next was the number of the day on the calendar, it was enough to make his life seem normal. In most ways, it was. He ate dinner, saw movies, got cozy with the lady friend, and slept in on Saturdays like just about any other man. Most of the time, he was able to not think about what had brought him to this place that was now his home but what was once nothing more but a good place to hide from what might have still been looking for him.

He wasn’t certain if they still were out there, turning over every rock to find him and Erin, but after more than five years, there hadn’t been sight or sound of them. It was entirely possible that they had given up, or that none were now left to seek him in any event. Had he and Erin been wise, he sometimes thought, they might have maintained some contact with another from their past, but it was agreed upon that they would not tell the other where they were going. But still, continuing to search after five years would have constituted a level of persistence that Sean believed that most people lacked.

And thus, Sean Valencourt’s concerns on the day-to-day were like anyone else’s. Paying the mortgage, making sure the neighborhood kids stayed off his yard, and hoping that Erin would be in the mood whenever they had some time. Of course, the terrifying yet incredible circumstances that brought him and Erin Beaumont together and later, to the middle of the Grand Canyon State, came back to him often, but it did not keep him from managing what was perhaps just another normal life.

And so, Sean wondered what he and Erin were going to do about dinner, and if joining his company’s bowling team was worth two months’ worth of his Thursday nights, and that was about it.

Sean walked through the front door and hung his keys up on the key rack. Not bothering with a “honey, I’m home,” he strolled into the living room and stopped in his tracks at what he saw, sitting on the couch.

“Erin,” he muttered.

Erin had covered part of their coffee table with newspapers, upon which were spread a collection of gun parts, which Sean instantly recognized as belonging to an old Walther PPK. Erin was holding the frame in her hand and was vigorously scrubbing the inside with a brush covered in gun oil. She was thoroughly concentrating on what she was doing and hadn’t even noticed that Sean had come home.

Also on the table were other weapons, such as a couple of large Bowie knifes, an old M1911 pistol, and a huge .44 magnum revolver. Leaning against the wall were two shotguns and an old hunting rifle. Their condition told him that she had already finished with those.

“Erin, what is it?”

She stopped and put the Walther’s frame down on the table, looking up at Sean with terrified eyes.

“Erin, you’re freaking the fuck out of me. Talk to me.”

“It’s happening again, Sean. It’s happening again.”

“What’s…oh. How do you know?”

One of the sheets of newspaper, sitting by her on the couch, was thrust into Sean’s hand a few seconds later, and he instantly understood. The same fear that was gnawing at Erin was beginning to work on him as well.

Body of Missing Vacationer Found, Two others Still Missing

Yesterday afternoon, deputies from the Sumner County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Department located the body of Timothy Draper, 23, who had gone missing last week with two companions. The other two vacationers, Ellen Stillman, 23, and Marlon Draper, 17 and the younger brother of Timothy, have yet to be found.

Although most details have yet to be made public, a deputy from the Sumner County Sheriff’s Department, speaking on condition of anonymity, has stated that Timothy Draper’s body appeared to have either been predated or scavenged by wild animals, but he did not make any further comments.

Timothy and Marlon Draper, and Ellen Stillman had chosen to vacation in Sumner County, a popular destination for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities, to celebrate Marlon’s recent graduation from high school. They had been reported as missing…

Sean did not bother to read further. He didn’t have to. He simply let the page fall from his hand as he looked up at Erin and said a single word.


Erin only replied, “Beauregard.”
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Re: Beauregard

Post by Nancy1340 » Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:51 am

Interesting start. Thanks

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Re: Beauregard

Post by Ponyboy314 » Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:55 am

Some Years Earlier...

It was not a terrible day as Sean popped the cruise control back on as he exited the town of Cookeville, Tennessee, where the speed limit had dropped to fifty-five, but with that town now behind him, a push of a button brought him way back up to seventy-five. At this rate, he would certainly make Nashville by late afternoon. Not being in a terrible hurry, and never really keen on driving at night in the middle of nowhere, Nashville would mean a night and a bed, probably a decent dinner, and then, back onto westbound I-40.

His interview had gone extremely well at Inter-Tech the day before, though having come from Oklahoma City, he wouldn’t have minded if they had sprung for airfare. Anyway, it wasn’t a bad day to be driving, and he would be home the next day, perhaps a little on the late side, where he would wait for the call that would take him out of Oklahoma for good and into Maryland. But the very fact that Maryland wasn’t Oklahoma was enough reason to be excited. He had been out of college and working below his ability for a while, and his hitch in the US Marine Corps Reserve, which had paid for his education, had been over for two years. He was now looking towards a solid future away from his home city. It would soon be a different world for him, and try as he might, his thoughts did not drift away from a new city and a larger paycheck for very long.

Indeed, after checking into his hotel in Nashville, Sean planned to throw back a few at the first bar he found. He was definitely in a celebratory mood.

The Tennessee countryside passed him by quickly as he turned up the volume on his stereo and rolled the window down. He bumped his speed up to just past eighty and lit a smoke. His nerve endings tingled as his anticipation of the phone call and the move that would get him the fuck away from Oklahoma gnawed at him. Everything had gone well. It was a good day to be Sean Valencourt.

But a while after, as Sean passed a town called Lebanon, he realized that he really needed a piss, but didn’t feel any need to turn around and head back into town. He waited another handful of minutes before he saw a rest stop. He preferred taking his piss breaks at rest stops, since he didn’t feel pressured to buy anything.

Sean pulled into a nice one, with the usual picnic tables, bathrooms, vending machines, and a large map of the area that talked about something that happened somewhere near there. Sean didn’t look at it, but was pretty sure someone got their asses kicked during the Civil War not far from where he was standing.

He took a piss, flipped it and zipped it, and headed back outside, where he lit another smoke and decided to chill for a bit before getting back on the road. Nashville wasn’t but a half hour away now, and it wasn’t yet three. He was in no rush, so why not, he thought, stop for a second and chill out?

But it was soon apparent that someone else at that rest stop wasn’t having as good a day as he was.

“Fuck!” A female voice emanated from the back parking lot of the rest stop. Sean saw some mother clamp her hands over her son’s ears as they walked back to their car, which amused him somewhat. But he wanted to see what crawled up some bitch’s ass. His guess was either bad news on the phone or car trouble. If he had to place a bet, it would be a phone call with the bad news on the other end.

He was quickly proven wrong.

Sean walked to the back of the buildings and saw that it was, in fact, car trouble. Some woman was under the hood of her beaten-up old car, looking enraged at the pillar of steam that arose from the engine, with more obscenities to follow.

“Mother fucker! Shit, fuck, fire, and cocksucking damnation! This fucking piece of shit! I fucking knew it! Fucking rim-jobbing fuck buckets!”

Apart from what she was yelling, it was the woman herself that really caught his attention.

She looked like she was early-to mid twenties, brunette, and definitely screwable. She had grease stains on the white T-shirt she wore, and a flannel shirt was tied around her waist. She had on old jeans with holes where the knees ought to have been. And there she was, obviously pissed, probably desperate, and alone. And there was Sean, out of the blue, just happening upon this scene. He was fairly certain that more than one porno flick started this way.

“Fucking rim-jobbing fuck buckets? Never heard that one before.”

She instantly backed off of her car and glared right at him.

“Do you mind? I’m really fucking busy right now, unless you’re a mechanic or something.”

“My grandfather was, and I worked in his garage when I was a teenager. Does that count?”

“Beats me. Did you do anything other than sweep the floors and clean the toilets?”

“I’ve been under a hood or two in my life. Mind if I have a look?”

“Go ahead, Mister. But this had better not be one of those things where you can get me back on the road, but not before you take me in the back seat. I’m not in the mood for any bullshit. I’m going to be late and I can’t get through to my friends. This is officially the worst day of my fucking life.”

Sean crushed his smoke and tossed the butt in the nearest trashcan. “Can’t help that your day sucks. All I can do is have a look. No promises that you’re back on the road. And I’ll keep my hands to myself, if that makes you feel better.”

“I'll take what help I can get.”

“So, I can see that this thing looks like a steam bath on wheels. But how was it handling before you pulled in here?” Sean asked.

“Sputtering like a bitch,” she replied. “Then this fucking steam came from under the front, and…shit. I’ll never make it now…and…”

“Hey, one thing at a time here,” Sean said. “When was the last time this thing got serviced for anything?”

She answered, “I’ve had the thing for all of four or five months. Not in that time, I can tell you that. Hey, what’s your name anyway?”

“Sean. You?”


“Okay Erin, looking at this thing, I’m going to guess that you have a jacked-up head gasket.”

“That sounds bad. So, can anything be done about it?”

“If I had a set of tools and shit, we’d pressurize the cooling system and see if your spark plugs had any coolant on them. Probably see if you had any water or coolant in your oil, then we'd know for sure. But without any tools, I can’t really do shit about it. If you can get this towed to a mechanic, you probably don’t want to know what fixing this thing will run you. Lebanon is a few miles east. I'm sure they have a few grease monkeys there. But again, you don't want to know what it'll cost."

“Too fucking much would be my guess, Sean.”

“Well, sorry that I can’t be any real help here. You said that you were trying to call friends of yours to come get you?”

“Yeah, but my cell isn’t getting through. I guess they can’t get a signal or anything where they are, but I’m not even getting to their voice mail.”

“You can use mine, Erin. Mine’s fully charged. That’s about all I can do to help you here.”
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Re: Beauregard

Post by KYZHunters » Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:39 am

Oh, hell yeah. It's PB!
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Re: Beauregard

Post by Ponyboy314 » Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:47 am

Erin, allowing herself a smirk rather than the enraged expression she had constantly been wearing since Sean laid eyes on her, held out her hand.

“Shit, sorry Erin. Mine’s back at the car. I’ll be right back.”

Not waiting for a response, Sean headed back to the car and grabbed his phone from the compartment between the seats. He allowed himself some thoughts in that time that would likely have gotten him slapped if he had vocalized them to Erin, or any member of the female of the species. He did not believe that he would walk away from this little distraction as the big hero and that Erin would immediately fling her clothes to the side to show her gratitude, but his imagination went where it wanted to. But if nothing else, he could spread around a little of the good cheer that he had been feeling since the day before, and that was something.

Sean returned to Erin’s car, phone in hand, and noticed that the steam had more or less faded.

“Here. Let me…okay. All you have to do is dial and push this button right here…”

“Thanks, Sean.”

And dial she did, but after standing for about thirty seconds, her expression began to return to that scowl she had been wearing before.

“Fuck. Going straight to voice mail. I couldn’t even get their voice mails before, but now, they’re not picking up. Fucking dead zone…”

“If you don’t mind me asking, where are they?”

“They’re waiting for me in a cabin a way from here. We were going to spend a few days out in the woods, chilling out, drinking beer, that sort of thing. I guess they’re already there. But I can’t reach them. Shit…what the hell am I going to do now? They don’t know I’m broken down, I can’t fucking walk all the way there…fuck!”

All thoughts of seeing Erin bent over a chair in his living room faded (okay, not all thoughts) as he began to feel as though it was best to get back on the road and find himself a hotel room in Nashville. There wasn’t a damn thing he could do to help her now, and that was that. Undoubtedly, she had other people she could call to come bail her out of this mess. Besides, he let her use his phone. What the hell else could be expected of him?

“Listen Erin, sorry I wasn’t able to do anything. I might end up getting back on the road here in a minute. If you think I can do anything else here, now’s the time to tell me.”

“Shit…sorry I’ve held you up, Sean. I’m sure you have better things to do than sit here and watch me have a meltdown. But do you think that if I had this piece of shit towed back to…what was that place?”


“Lebanon…if I got it back there and found a mechanic, you think there’s any chance that it could get fixed today?”

Though he already knew the answer, Sean checked his watch anyway, just to seem as though he was trying to help.

“Not a chance, Erin. Sorry, but out here in the sticks, they might not even have the parts you need, and it’s a little late in the day for in-out service. I think that they’ll be sitting on it for a day or two at best.”

Erin walked up and kicked the fender of her immobile car. “Shit! What the hell else is going to happen today? My friends are going to freak the fuck out! They’ll probably think I got carjacked and raped or something! What the hell am I going to do about this?” She then reached into her pocket and produced her wallet. She was not thrilled after looking inside. “Figures. There’s no way I can afford this…”

“Well Erin, if I give you a ride into Lebanon, you might be able to call your friends on a landline from there. They could come get you, maybe help you pay for repairs and all that…”

“I doubt that I’d be able to get through to them, Sean. Probably just go right to voice mail again. I think it’s safe to say that I’m fucked here.”

Sean really wanted to be back on the road at that moment. Erin was right: he did have better things to do than sit and watch Erin go berserk. Perhaps she was fucked, but Sean couldn’t just make her problems into his own. And what could he do anyway?

“Well, sorry Erin. Anything else I can do here? Maybe give you a ride into Lebanon and let you take it from there?”

Sean silently hoped that she’d give him a wave off and let him get on with his day. But of course, he wasn’t getting out of it that easy.

“Actually, there’s something you might be able to do, Sean. But…no, I can’t ask that. That’s too much.”

“Say it anyway, Erin.”

“The cabin? The one I was heading to? It’s about forty-five minutes from here. It’s just outside a little one-horse town called…Beauregard. A couple of my friends have stayed out there before, but I’ve never actually been there. I have directions in the glove box. I mean, I’d be a huge favor, and I can’t really do anything in return, but…and I know it’s out of the way. But if you give me a ride there, I can just have them bring me back here after we’re done and we can deal with my car from there. I think it’ll be safe here for a few days.”

Sean immediately hid his thoughts on the matter, keeping his expression calm and neutral. He truly wanted to laugh his ass off at what seemed like a ridiculously unreasonable request. Driving her out into the boondocks to some Blair Witch paradise just because her car was fucked and her friends were in a dead zone and couldn’t get to her? He really wanted to remind her that driving her back to Lebanon was the best option. Well, the best for him, at least. Taking her to this little nothing town called Beauregard was obviously the best option for her.

Now that finally drove away any thought of a carnal return on this time investment of his. Now, Sean just wanted to get back on the road and let Erin deal with this nonsense on her own.
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Re: Beauregard

Post by Shellyann36 » Sat Jan 12, 2013 6:59 am

Sounds good so far! MOAR!
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Re: Beauregard

Post by Ponyboy314 » Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:02 am

In the metaphorical sense, Sean scratched his head for a second. Was this for real? Asking him to take her out of his way to some cabin where her friends were already waiting but couldn’t be reached? He didn’t exactly have a schedule to keep, but he also didn’t want to use up the remainder of his day by chauffeuring around this woman he had just met and couldn’t really help.

“Are you in the habit of getting into cars with strange men, Erin? Like I said, I can take you into Lebanon, but…”

“I don’t think I can afford to fix this thing Sean, and I don’t know if I can even call my friends from there. I’m better off just getting to the cabin and handling things from there. I know that you don’t have any reason to help me, but if you take me there, you can chill out with us for a bit, maybe have a beer…that sort of thing.”

Erin’s expression wasn’t exactly pleading, but she had a point. If he hurried however, he could get her to this cabin outside of some redneck turd-hole named Beauregard, and get back to I-40 and still drink himself silly at a hotel bar in Nashville. No matter what the circumstances however, Sean didn’t feel right about leaving her at this rest stop with no way to get anywhere and no way to call anyone who could help her. True, she could hitch with someone else, but then, Sean was fairly certain that he wasn’t a rapist. He couldn’t account for anyone else who might come along. Attractive though Erin was, it was his helpful, gentlemanly side that prompted him to have a look at her steamfest of a car. Now, it was kicking in again. It was hardly the first time.

“Tell you what, Erin. I’ll take you out there, and we’ll go ahead and chalk this up to my good deed for the day. Actually, I expect I’ll get a week’s worth of good deeds out of this. I’ll pull my car around. Toss whatever you don’t want left behind in the trunk and we’ll get out of here. We don’t want your friends to freak over you not showing and all.”

“I’d sure as shit appreciate that, Sean. I know that it’s weird, giving a complete stranger a ride out to the middle of bum fuck…”

“Nothing wrong with a little weird now and then. Besides, I’m in a good mood today. No reason to keep all the good for myself. That’s just plain selfish.”

Sean brought his car around and Erin loaded her duffel bags, her stereo faceplate, and a few other odds and ends into his trunk. She didn’t seem to be the least bit nervous about getting into a car with a stranger in a day and age in which missing persons, shallow graves in the woods, and terrifying kidnapping and rape stories were regularly in the news. The media delighted in revealing every gory, seedy, and nightmarish detail of such stories to a terrified audience just to keep them up at night and make sure that their listeners, readers, or watchers stayed tuned for the next batch of pre-packaged fear. But none of this seemed to matter to Erin, who loaded her belongings in Sean’s trunk with the calm air of someone engaged in no greater an activity than ordering a pizza.

Sean wondered if he just had a trustworthy face. If he did, no one had ever said so.

After loading, Erin stood, finally looking nervous with folding arms and her head angled slightly downward.

“Sean, I really appreciate this. I think you’re doing a favor for me that I can never pay back.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what. Do a favor like this for someone else someday. What’s the term for that?”

“Pay it forward?”

“Yeah, that.”

“Deal. “

A few seconds later, Sean was behind the wheel and Erin was buckling herself into the passenger seat. Sean hit the ignition and they were quickly on westbound I-40.

“So Erin, where’s this town? This Beauregard?”

Erin opened the printout she had been holding in her hand. “Looks like we’re going to be on I-40 for…another twenty miles or so. Then we’re supposed to exit onto northbound State Highway 109 and just follow that past some town called Gallatin. Another fifteen minutes or so and we should be there. It’s like just south of the Kentucky state line. Just past Beauregard is where the cabin is. We’ll pick this up again when we get to town.”

“Fair enough. So, if it’s okay to ask, where are you coming from? I saw Georgia plates on your car.”

“My friends and I live in a suburb of Atlanta you’ve probably never heard of. A couple of my friends stayed out there in Beauregard to go hunting last year. They thought that a few days out there might do me some good. Well, at least that’s what they said. You know, get out of town, out of the state, take my mind off a few things…get my head straight and all that sort of shit. Of course, as you can see, it’s all off to a really shitty start, since my car’s broken down with a blown head something or other.”

“Sounds like you have some shit going on. Wait, okay…never mind. That’s getting way too personal. No need to spill your guts about that.”

“Yeah well, what about you? It’s a good thing someone as…well, generous as you just happened by while I was cussing up a fuck-storm back there. Where are you coming from, or going? I didn’t bother to look at your plates. I guess I didn’t think to.”

“I’m heading home to Oklahoma City. Just came from a big interview in Columbus, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. Never liked Oklahoma and couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there. Big move, big opportunity, big paycheck…you know, that sort of thing.”

“And this company you interviewed with…they wanted to see you so badly that they didn’t spring for a flight?”

“Yeah, can you believe that?”
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Re: Beauregard

Post by Nancy1340 » Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:53 am

Thanks :clap:

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Re: Beauregard

Post by Ashurah » Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:21 am's PB! Back from the dead! Welcome back!
camlost wrote:
MonsterZero wrote:When did this become a hunting expedition?
There's an unspoken belief among the users of this forum.
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I would assume this applies to dinosaurs.

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Re: Beauregard

Post by Shellyann36 » Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:37 am

Oh yes! Likin it!
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Re: Beauregard

Post by Ponyboy314 » Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:55 am

“So, what exactly do you do, Sean? What kind of opportunity causes a guy to drive from Oklahoma to Maryland and back?”

“I do computer tech. My firm back in Oklahoma City just got hit with some sick layoffs. Two departments lost half their people just this year. I’ve heard some rumors that my department might end up on the chopping block before long. I guy I knew in the Corps e-mailed me about this place in Maryland where he works these days and hooked me up. I expect that I’ll be getting an offer before too much longer.”

“The Corps? Like the Marine Corps?”

“Yeah. I was in the reserves for six years. Paid for college. Not like my parents were in a hurry to float the bill or keep me around, you know? Being a weekend warrior is the only thing that helped me build this life I’m trying to live. Can’t wait to be out there, away from the old life. Sky’s the limit, soon enough.”

“You have a girlfriend, Sean?”

“Not as of two months ago. That, as much as anything else, is what’s convinced me to make some serious changes. Why? You have a boyfriend?”

“Not as of four or five months ago.”

“Four or five months? What did you do? Trade in your last boyfriend for that busted-ass car back there?”

“Long story. No need to bore you with it.”

“Okay. Sore spot. Currently backing off.”

“I appreciate that.”

The exit for Highway 109 north appeared quickly enough. Sean was being quite hospitable to this strange woman in his passenger seat, but he truly wanted to get this over with and get to Nashville for the night. It was making an amusing distraction, but he was waiting on a call from Inter-Tech. He didn’t want to be in a dead zone for long. He made the turn and they continued north.

“So Sean, when we get there, you should hang out with us for a little bit. Like I said earlier, you should chill out and have a beer. I mean, it’s less than you’re owed for doing this for me. I can’t imagine that my friends would mind. But there’s no need for you to just drop me off and go on your merry way. A beer is the least we can do.”

“How sure are you that your friends wouldn’t mind that? They don’t know me. You really think they’ll be as cool as you are with strangers?”

“Sean, this weekend is supposed to be about me getting past some recent bullshit in my life. And they weren’t able to answer when I called them to come get me. Then you swooped in and bailed me out. I think they’d be cool with it, and if any of them decide to be bitches about it, well, I’ll just tell them to fuck themselves.”

“Or I can just split and get back on the road. I’m just doing a favor here, Erin. I’m not looking to impose or cause an argument or anything.”

“Don’t worry about it, Sean. I just don’t want you thinking that I don’t appreciate this. That’s all.”

And of course, certain, unmentionable carnal thoughts seeped back into his mind. But of course, Sean didn’t say a word about them. He was doing a good deed, and that was all.

“Let’s just get you there, Erin.”

For the most part, the rest of the trip to Beauregard was uneventful. There was simply too little for two strangers to speak about, especially if they would part ways not long after reaching her destination. Sean slowed down as they passed through the city of Gallatin, which was much larger than he thought it would be. It looked to be a city of about twenty or thirty thousand people, when he had been expecting some kind of redneck pit, like something right out of The Dukes of Hazzard. But there was no reason to stop, and after a few minutes, the city of Gallatin began to vanish behind him. After another span of miles, Sean caught sight of a road sign, stating that Beauregard was only seven miles away, just past State Highway 52. That allowed Sean to break the increasingly uncomfortable silence, but turned to his right and saw that Erin was asleep.

Sean gave her a gentle poke on the shoulder.

“Erin, wake up. Beauregard is just ahead. We’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Erin woke up and began to shake off her grogginess.

“How long was I out?”

“Not sure. Been a bit since I heard a peep out of you. Gallatin’s behind us.”

“Really? Cool. Sorry I wasn’t much company there. I guess the day just caught up with me. Let me have a look at the directions.”

“Looks like I’ll need to get gas when we get there, or when I leave.”

“You know Sean, since you’re using up gas to get me there, I can have my friends throw in for some gas money for you.”

“Don’t worry. I have money. It’d make me look bad if I was doing this for money now, wouldn’t it? This is just a favor. After I take off, do feel free to tell your friends that I’m awesome. You know, one of those guys who does things for others with no thought of reward? Yeah, tell them that. That’ll make me look good.”

“I think I’ll do that.”
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Re: Beauregard

Post by Scott in AK » Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:51 pm

So I haven't been here sense Friday morning.
Get here today and I see a new story from you ponyboy.
I have not started reading it yet. just wanted to say thanks for the birthday present!!!
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Re: Beauregard

Post by FIDO » Mon Jan 14, 2013 7:46 pm

"I look on the forum and what do I see?....Why a new story is staring back at mind is relatively blown and I ain't afraid to show, show it, show it....ITS PONYBOY AND YOU KNOW IT!!!"

Happy Dance!

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Re: Beauregard

Post by Ponyboy314 » Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:38 pm

The town limits of Beauregard, Tennessee were marked by a crude sign by the roadside and a greened statue, covered in bird shit, of Confederate General PGT Beauregard (Sean assumed that he must have been born near this place, having no idea that the man had actually been from Louisiana). What came into view around the next bend was exactly the kind of stereotype that he had thought Gallatin would be. It looked like a redneck paradise, with rundown buildings containing one amusingly-named business after another, such as Orville’s Auto Care, Mama Jean’s Pancake Shack, and Cletus’s Discount Taxidermy. Sean could see old men in overalls, sitting on porches with a collection of empty Budweiser cans at their feet and entire front yards packed with rusted-out pickups that seemed to go all the way back to before Vietnam. More than one house had a Confederate flag flying from the garage (which Sean took as a bad sign), along with what he regarded as the not-so-coincidental lack of anything resembling a minority resident.

When Sean saw an ancient pickup truck with a bumper sticker reading “American by Birth, Southerner by the Grace of God,” the stereotype was, to him, complete. Beauregard, Tennessee looked like hick central, and Sean found himself thinking that if The Blue Collar Comedy Tour fucked Lynyrd Skynyrd, the locals were what the resulting bastard children would look like. Sean had been a city guy his whole life. He liked chain stores, thirty minute pizza delivery, and businesses that stayed open past seven at night. This whole town seemed to be the antithesis of his very being.

Sean slowed down to a couple of miles an hour below the speed limit. He didn’t want to run into Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane just yet.

“And you said you’ve never been here?” Sean asked.

“Nope. Never.”

“I’ll bet that mutant kid with the banjo from Deliverance is the fucking mayor of this place. This is definitely the Special Olympics version of Gone with the Wind.”

It didn’t take but a few minutes to get through the whole town. According to the sign at the town limits, the population was about six hundred, or at least it was when that sign was put up, which could have been forty years earlier for all Sean knew.

Erin’s directions guided him through a couple of turns on small, bumpy roads that led deeper and deeper into the trees, past a couple of lakes, and finally, on an even smaller road that dead-ended at a fairly nice cabin nestled inside the tree line. It was a two-story with a small collection of cars parked in front. A couple of people, about Sean and Erin’s age, were leaning against them, drinking beers and smoking cigarettes. They tuned and took notice of this unknown car that now approached.

The two men in front of the cabin began visibly gesturing at Sean’s car and speaking to each other, obviously having a discussion of the “who the fuck’s car is that” variety. Sean pulled right up to where the other cars were parked and shut the engine off.

“Well Erin, there you go. Enjoy your weekend and try to relax. Don’t forget to tell your friends about your fucked up car. I’m going to go ahead and get going.”

“I can’t thank you enough, Sean. That was totally huge of you, giving a ride way out here to a total stranger. I don’t feel good about not doing anything for you in return. Like I said earlier, why not just come in and hang out with us for a while? You know, have a beer and all? You’re owed a lot more than that.”

“Are you sure they won’t mind?”

“Don’t worry. I won’t let them mind.”

Sean unbuckled his seat belt and got out, only to find one of the aforementioned young men standing right by his door. He didn’t look pleased in the slightest.

“And just who the fuck are you? I think you got the wrong cabin, Dude. We don’t take party crashers here.”

Sean was hardly intimidated. “Chill out. I know this is a private party, but I was invited. Just ask her.” Sean pointed to the passenger seat. Erin was then in the process of getting out.

“Greg, quit being a prick. This is Sean. He drove me here after my car broke down at a rest stop back on I-40. I said he could hang with us.”

Greg seemed unimpressed with this new guy called Sean, but his attempts to look or sound tough bordered on the comical.

“So then…Sean, can I call you ‘Sean?’ I hope you aren’t thinking that you’re getting a free lunch or some shit around here. Thanks for brining Erin here, but now, I think I hear your mother calling. Hit the fucking road.”

Erin’s anger level spiked noticeably. “Greg, quit that shit! I tried calling but all I got was your fucking voicemails! We owe him, you know? I promised him that he could have a beer and hang out for a while. Now quit the bullshit!”

Greg was still unimpressed. “So, I’ll bet you’re thinking that your good deed for the day is going to get you in Erin’s pants, right? Come on, we’re both guys here…”

Sean never took his eyes off of Greg as he said, “Erin, I think I might just go ahead and hit the road.”
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Re: Beauregard

Post by Braxton » Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:54 pm

How did I miss this?

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Actually I think under some circumstances people sometimes don't even know themselves, but that's a bit existential for this thread. :lol:

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Re: Beauregard

Post by Nancy1340 » Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:35 am

Looks like we're going to have a dust up. :clap:

Very good story. Thanks

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Re: Beauregard

Post by Ponyboy314 » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:17 am

Erin was quite livid. “No, fuck that! Greg, knock it the fuck off! This whole pseudo-macho bullshit routine is getting really fucking old! You really wonder why I turned you down? Jesus Christ!”

Sean, still not flinching from Greg’s attempts at being menacing, simply said, “It’s all fine, Greg. Not trying to be another pimp on the corner here. I’ll just quietly slip away.”

Greg, sensing some kind of alpha-male victory, said, “You’d better.”

By now, the other young man who had been outside with Greg, stepped in. “Greg, chill, Dude. So, your name is Sean? Thanks for driving Erin here. That was totally righteous of you, Bro. You want a beer? We’ve got a shit-ton inside. Come on, chill with us. Sounds like you’re a standup guy. Now then, Greg? Erin’s right. Quit being a prick.”

Sean offered his hand to the unnamed new face. “Sean Valencourt. At your service.”

“Dean. Let’s go. You look like you could use a beer. So could I.”

As Sean passed Greg, he offered a sly wink. Greg was unamused.

A couple of minutes later, a small collection of humanity had gathered on the cabin’s porch, with a couple of ice-filled beer coolers and plenty of cigarette smoke hanging in the air, to which Sean made his own contribution.

Erin gave some introductions around the circle, starting with Dean, who already had shown himself to be an all right sort of guy, being genuinely appreciative of his assistance to Erin. Next was Greg of course, who was staying rather silent throughout the getting-to-know-you period. One other young man, Travis, got an introduction. He seemed okay, but it was obvious that strangers made him nervous. Sean instantly took him for the shy type.

Two young ladies, and obviously the closest friends of Erin, were also on the porch, smoking and drinking their beers with the men. One, a plain Jane named appropriately, Jane, was all smiles and seemed quite relieved that someone had been there to help Erin out when her friends were not. The other was a rather talkative blond girl named Rosalind. It was clear after just a couple of minutes that it was easy to get her talking but quite the chore to get her to stop. She instantly reminded Sean of one of his exes.

Something else that was easy to notice was that, while no one had given their ages, they were all more or less in the same age range. Dean looked the oldest and seemed the most mature among them, and Sean guessed he was probably twenty-six or so. Jane didn’t look a day over twenty-three. Everyone else looked somewhere in between. Sean hadn’t exactly been road-weary when he met Erin earlier that day, but he was suddenly in less of a hurry to get to Nashville. His hotel, whichever one that would be, would still be there if he was a couple of hours late. A beer on a porch in front of a cabin in the woods wasn’t a terrible way to while away an afternoon, even if a little shit hole town to the south was packed with the sort of people he didn’t want to meet up close.

Jane asked, “So Sean, if I can ask this…why did you offer to help Erin? Most people tend to just walk on by when they see that someone needs help. That’s certainly happened to me a bunch of times.”

“Don’t know. Seemed like the thing to do, I guess. Lady looked like she needed help, and I was there…and just like you said, who else would stop and see if anyone else needs help? People don’t seem to like taking on other peoples’ problems. If I was in a jam like her, I would hope that someone would stop and give me a hand. That’s really about all. No ulterior motives here.”

“I wasn’t implying anything, I hope you know.” Jane responded.

“Didn’t think you were. By the way, you guys are a long way from anything of note. What are you doing way out here in Jeff Foxworthy-land?”

Greg answered that, speaking in full-length sentences for the first time since Erin and Dean told him to knock off the tough guy routine.

“Dean and I came out here a couple of times when we were kids. We come back every few years. We did some hunting out this way last year. Lots of deer out here. A few wild pigs and shit like that. Good place to clear your head. You know, we like to get out here, smell the pine trees and all that shit. Get away from it all…you know, basic shit.”

Sean replied, “Pretty remote place for that.”

Dean said, “My mother grew up in Nashville. She was the one who first knew about this place way out here. That’s why my old man brought me out here to hunt and fish when I was a kid. But what about you, Sean? Driving across country alone? You’re a long way from Oklahoma City. Isn’t that where you said you’re from? Oklahoma City?”

“Just going home. Drove all the way out to just outside of Baltimore for a job interview. Now I’m driving back. That’s okay, though. They’re paying my gas and hotel and shit like that.”

Then Rosalind asked, “And they didn’t just book you a flight?”

“You know? I’ve been wondering about that since I was halfway across Vriginia.”
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Re: Beauregard

Post by Shellyann36 » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:20 am

Yep needing some more!
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Re: Beauregard

Post by Ponyboy314 » Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:18 am

As several minutes came and went, Sean began to understand the appeal of coming way out here to where Redneck Lane and Hillbilly Drive intersected. It was rather peaceful and quiet, apart from the sounds of birds and insects in the trees. The cabin’s porch seemed to be a perfect place for throwing back a beer and smoking a cigarette down to the filter. He never got to experience God’s country in quite this fashion, and resolved that if things panned out and he found himself as a Maryland resident fairly soon, to get out of the city once in a while and experience the world beyond the internet and fast food chains.

Sean suddenly remembered that The Blair Witch Project took place in Maryland. At least he already knew that there were forests and cabins out there.

Sean was shaken out of his reverie by another question from Dean.

“So Sean, you ever hunt? You a good marksman or anything like that?”

“Never hunted. Never came up, I guess. I know how to shoot, but I’ve never shot at a deer or anything like that. I learned in the Corps.”

That got Greg’s attention. “As in the Marines?”

“Yeah. I was in the reserves. I got out a couple of years ago.”

“Uh-oh…” said Jane.

Sean replied with, “Uh-oh what?”

Jane said, “Greg and Rosalind where part of the campus anti-war movement back in college.”

Sean was unconcerned. “So, I hope that’s not going to be a problem. I hope we all realize here that anti-war and anti-people who have to fight wars are two different things.”

Rosalind replied, “Don’t worry about that, Sean. We never had any issues with you guys.”

“Speak for yourself,” said Greg.

Erin was quick to say, “Greg, don’t start.”

“Don’t start what? I’m not the one who invited someone who grabbed his ankles for the fucking war machine here to…”

Sean interrupted, “Who paid for your college, Greg?”

“My folks, why?”

“The reserves paid for mine. Let’s not talk about this anymore. I took enough crap on my own campus. I’m just a guy having a beer outside of a cabin. That’s all.”

Greg looked pissed, seeming to expect that all of his friends were about to leap to his defense and show this war-mongering murderer the door, but instead, all he got was a collection of stern looks, especially from Erin.

Sean was quick to shift gears. “So, if we can change topics, how do you all know each other? I mean, Dean, you and Greg apparently grew up together, and Greg went to college with Rosalind, but how did this little gang come together? I’ve never really run with a gang like this, so I’ve never really understood how things like this start.”

Dean answered, “Well, Greg and I went to school together, we met Rosalind in college, and she already knew Travis back there, who still isn’t saying a fucking word, and we met Jane and Erin sometime after. We all just clicked together, I guess. We had another buddy named Keith, but he sort of made himself scarce a few months ago, so we don’t count him."

Sean instantly assumed that Keith was Erin’s ex, and that he was the cause of at least some of the bullshit that Erin needed to get past, but he didn’t say anything about it. It really didn’t seem like his business.

Travis finally spoke as he got up, dangling an empty beer bottle from his fingers.

“Need another. Anyone else while I have the cooler open? Sean? What about you?”

“One and done, Travis. I’m going to be driving soon, and I don’t want too much in me if I’m passing through a place like Beauregard. Cops in places like that just love pulling over outsiders.”

Erin chimed in. “Oh live a little, Sean. Two beers isn’t going to kill you. You can’t get drunk on two beers, can you?”

Sean didn’t really want or need another, and was starting to feel as though this little excursion was playing itself out. Greg wasn’t the hospitable kind, even though the others were, but it seemed to Sean that it was best to get back on the road and let this little gang get back to being a gang.

But he didn’t want to insult his hosts, either.

“If you’re getting one for yourself, then sure.”
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Re: Beauregard

Post by SteveD » Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:22 pm

if all else fails, accelerate!

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Re: Beauregard

Post by DTyra » Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:40 pm

Off to an excellent start PB!
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Re: Beauregard

Post by TDot132 » Tue Jan 15, 2013 7:53 pm

Do like! Please continue!
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Re: Beauregard

Post by Shellyann36 » Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:08 pm

Interesting.. needing MOAR!
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Re: Beauregard

Post by Ponyboy314 » Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:35 am

As Sean Valencourt slowly put away a second beer that he didn’t really want, it became clear that Erin and her friends were intrigued by this stranger who came to Erin’s rescue out of the blue and disrupted his travel plans for no greater reward than a beer and some time out in God’s country. He seemed to walk a different path through life than they did, for one thing. Two of Erin’s friends had protested the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while Sean had been in the Marine Corps Reserves as both of those wars were reaching their apexes. The reserves had put him through college and had managed to propel him into a life that was clearly kicking into high gear. This new man, this Sean Valencourt, was polite, generous, selfless, and it was the wonder to at least some of them, particularly Erin and Dean, that he never had his own little circle of friends like they did, as it seemed that he would be an easy guy to be friends with. Erin silently concluded that in the previous few years, he had simply been too busy for building his own little gang. He had not mentioned whether or not he had gone to the wars in the Middle East, though Erin suspected that he had. After all, her father and uncle had both been in Vietnam, and her father had once told her that anyone who talks a lot about their time in combat was probably making most of it up.

Indeed, they all concluded that Sean was an easy guy to like right out of the gate. Even Greg understood why everyone was so intrigued by him, though Greg was inhospitable for perhaps that very reason.

Inevitably, someone was going to ask if Sean had ever gone to war. After a short while, Jane finally did.

“So Sean, you said you were a marine. Were you in the war?”

Sean simply replied, “Yes I was.”

Erin automatically believed that everything that was about to come out of Sean’s mouth would be brief, vague, and perfectly honest, based on his reply to Jane’s query.

Jane continued, “Which? Afghanistan or Iraq?”


She then asked, “Were you in combat?”


Jane didn’t stop.

“Ever get shot or anything?”


“Ever kill anyone?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Erin was immediately impressed.

Dean slammed the rest of his third beer before getting up for another. “Okay Jane, let’s not berate Sean with questions about…that.”

Enter Greg again. “And you never feel like you got swindled? You never feel like the military just played with your life like a toy and sent you over there just so the oil companies could get a couple of more zeroes in their books?”

“No Greg. I never felt like that. I felt as though I was the one doing the swindling. Like I said, it paid for college. That’s all I have to say about that.”

Greg continued, “Well, that’s something I never could have done.”

“Well then you’re lucky that you didn’t have to do it. Anyway, what do you do, Greg? You’ve heard plenty about me and what I’ve done, and am still doing, but what about you?”

“I do tech support for American Wireless.”

“Well Greg,” Sean replied. “That sounds…interesting.”

“Not really. People calling me with their bullshit problems, problems that can usually be solved if they just fucking look at their user manuals and shit. Day in and day out, that’s the shit I hear. Seems like every customer we have is a fucking moron.”

Sean noticed that Greg didn’t pick up on the glaring sarcasm.

It was a few minutes later that Sean looked down and noticed another open beer bottle at his feet.

“Wait a minute…is that my third beer? When did I open a third beer?”

Rosalind replied, “You put your hand up when I asked who wanted another. I opened it and put it in your hand. That was all.”

Sean said, “Crap. I’m not going to try and drive through Beauregard on three beers. Fuck me…”

Erin offered her solution.

“Why not just hang a little longer, Sean? We’re going to throw some steaks and shit on the grill. If we got some food in you, and gave you some time to shake those beers off, that might help. Then we can get you on the road to Nashville.”

Sean just shook his head. It would be nighttime before he got to a hotel. This whole thing was taking longer than it should have.
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