Trail Gun Revisited

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Which of these two for large critter defense?

.44 magnum revolver with 6" barrel
10mm Glock model 40 (M.O.S.) with 6" barrel
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Re: Trail Gun Revisited

Post by rednekrampager » Wed Aug 05, 2015 11:02 pm

quazi wrote:Still waiting on the Glock 40. :?
rednekrampager wrote:My trail gun is the same one I CCW , a Glock 29 chambered in 10mm. I use a Hornady 155 gn XTP & a healthy dose of Power Pistol gets me what I'm looking for in velocity & accuracy. Another plus is I can carry a 15 rnd mag for a reload if I need one. I've killed plenty of big ass wild hogs with it that I have a lot of confidence in it .
If I was broke enough that I had to be super practical a Glock 29 would probably be the one pistol I would keep. Setting sentimental reasons aside if I was only allowed to own one firearm it would be my Glock 29. (If I was forced to choose I would actually keep the .30-06 I inherited from my grandpa,for sentimental reasons.)
True enough, if I were to be limited to only one rifle it would be a 30-06.
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Re: Trail Gun Revisited

Post by ironhead7544 » Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:35 am

Both would be just fine with the right ammo.

I like the S&W M69 for this role.

Probably easier to find 44 Magnum ammo than the 10mm, at least around here.

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