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Re: Carry/survival handguns

Post by lokifz1 » Wed Jan 21, 2015 8:06 am

Start by going over your training, profession and experience related to the subject matter.

Otherwise you come across as just some random guy on the Internet.
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Re: Carry/survival handguns

Post by Mikeyboy » Wed Jan 21, 2015 4:41 pm


Some of what DocFab said is pretty solid. Maine1 why are you putting out these videos? If they are not only for your personal glory and to say you now on Youtube, but more to promote your business and to get high views for a potential bit of Youtube money? Either way you may want to take a slight step back.

What gear/gun reviewers on youtube do you like and why. I'm not saying copy another youtuber but look at something you enjoyed on youtube that has a similar content. Why did you like that video so much?

Having a static shot of you just talking for 15 minutes is real rough. Think about school or a business meeting, where someone is just talking. Not even writing on a chalkboard, or showing slides....just standing there and talking and talking. Nutnfancy, who is a notorious youtuber for talking about what guns to buy for 45 minutes straight, can get away with it by cutting in and out with other video scenes edited in. You may want to look into some video editing software. Actually there are tons of instructional videos on youtube, on how to make and edit youtube videos. Its not that hard. I know a guy who thru hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail (2,650 miles) filming 10 to 20 minute videos hiking along the trail, editing and posting on youtube all with just an iPhone and two free phones apps. Even if you don't want to go that route, just change the camera angles. Talk a bit, then do a close up on the gun your talking about, then back to you talking, then show me something else.

Also are you telling/ordering me what to do, are you suggesting/selling me on your ideas?

Lastly is the delivery. I will be honest with you, I hate public speaking, but your cadence and pattern is similar to what I would do. The delivery is a bit stiff. ironically your bowie knife video you sounded a bit better, U guess because you were off camera. You will get better over time. Just relax. Don't read from a script, just stick with an outline. Act like your talking with friends, and joke a bit.

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