Washington, Dead City

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Washington, Dead City

Post by redleg13a » Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:45 pm

"GNASH" book one of my new zombie apocalypse series released yesterday from Permuted Press! Then book 2 comes out in March, book 3 in Apr.

Here's the link to GNASH: www.amazon.com/dp/B01ACTBBZQ

Synopsis of the Washington, Dead City series, by book:

"GNASH" is the first book in the series and lays the foundation for the following books. Originally, when I wrote it and self-published, the book was a stand-alone so it functions as both a complete story and a springboard for the follow-ons. The premise is that a terrorist organization assassinates several heads of state at the annual G8 Summit and at the same time, unleashes a cocktail of stolen viruses in the Pentagon which mutates to become a zombie plague. Now, the newly-elevated leaders (not elected, which is important) are forced to make decisions about how to deal with the zombies in America. The book has been described as a political fiction...with kick-ass zombies!

"REND" takes place several years after the events of book one. Too many to wipe out, the zombies in the DC region have been contained behind a massive civil/military construction project known as The Wall (I had never heard of Game of Thrones when I wrote this, so not copying!). During an election debate, the leading candidate promises to reclaim America's heritage and infiltrate back into Washington, Dead City to retrieve the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights among other historical artifacts if he is elected president. Little does anyone know that the Mob has been sneaking behind The Wall for years robbing abandoned banks, museums and homes, as well as disposing of kidnapping victims, leaving them to die at the teeth of the zombie horde. It's the perfect crime with little evidence. The FBI enlists the help of Kestrel, a retired CIA operative (from book one), to train their recovery teams and assist with the operation to recover the historical artifacts. We also discover a sinister truth about a small but powerful group of sentient zombies who control their subjects with an iron fist.

"SEVER" follows immediately after the events of book two. The zombies have discovered a way to escape The Wall undetected by the human satellites and helicopters that keep a constant vigil of the perimeter. Keeping their horde in check to maintain secrecy until they can overwhelm a major US city all at once, they go on a rampage, turning the entire Eastern Seaboard into a war zone. The book follows a National Guard tank company as they fight a delaying action to allow the refugees to flee and the Kestrel as he embarks on a mission of revenge and redemption for his tortured soul.

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