Heads up about a really good read that's finally out

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Heads up about a really good read that's finally out

Post by froglegs888 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:10 pm

Hey all...Just wanted to share some good news...

Book 2 of the Fade to Grey series is finally out. It's called Darkness Ascending, and I picked it up on Amazon last night. If you haven't read Fade to Grey yet, it's well worth it, and from what I can tell after spending half the night reading, Darkness Ascending rocks!

My quick 2 cents...

1 Both of these are...um.......I guess I'd call them not your typical "cut and paste" undead fiction. Really well thought out plots that keep you guessing and interested.

2 Great characters that you can relate to.

3 They're full length books (my Kindle shows DA at 728 pages based on my type size) FTG is about the same.

4 Action scenes are very well done...

5 I guess this sort of relates to #1 again, but I've read a lot of Z fiction, and after a while they seem to start running together--know what I mean?,,,same mega heros, same storyline, etc...........well these IMO are different........I think one of the reviews I saw used the word "fresh" I'd agree.

Downside- the only one I can think of is that DA picks up right where FTG leaves off, so you really need to read book 1 first. Anyway, enough babbling... here are the links for your pleasure.

Fade to Grey
http://www.amazon.com/Fade-Grey-Trilogy ... de+to+grey

Darkness Ascending
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017JV ... entries*=0

I think they're also available on the nook reader.

So this is my hidden gem of a series...anybody else know of a good read that has escaped general notice?

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