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Troy A. Lettieri Book Reviews and Listamanias

Post by Pooter » Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:29 pm

I have gotten a lot of cool books after reviewing this guy's book reviews,
He says about himself
I have been serving in the military since 1987, all of which has been in special operations or special operations capable units. I am an avid reader and consider myself an armchair historian with a concentration in the subjects of special warfare and low-intensity conflicts. I have an extensive personal library and personally own the books I review. I'm currently writing a book in the military art and science genre with a tentative publication date of April 2012. I am also pursuing a MA in Asymmetrical Warfare and look to have it completed in 2012. It is slow process to complete in my spare time as I spend six to eight months out of a year deployed overseas on duty with my remaining free time pursuing my hobbies and running a business as well as most importantly fathering my beautiful daughter. I am also the webmaster for the “Selous Scouts – Pamwe Chete” website and also own and run the Special Operations Tactical Tracking Institute (SOTTI). SOTTI runs courses on man-tracking, bushcraft and small unit tactics for military, law enforcement and selected civilians internationally.
I saw a book that was interesting on Amazon, saw his review, felt it was good, then clicked his name and saw his awesome 55 Listamania sets all of which are books he considers to be badass.

I'll provide his link, and y'all tell me what y'all think: ... pdp_lm_all
His profile page: ... aya_bb_pdp

I did a search for his name and one for "Professional Warrior" to see if he might be on here,
found nothing, unless he is going under a different name.
I wish he was on here, it'd be so cool to converse with this living legend.
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