Freshman Author: Deadfall: Survivors

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Freshman Author: Deadfall: Survivors

Post by Xcrown » Tue Jan 08, 2013 8:26 pm

Greetings everyone,

Ive been a longtime lurker. I have enjoyed browsing the forum and seeing how everyone talks about our favorite subject. I am posting for the first time to promote my first book, Deadfall: Survivors. It is currently available on Kindle on and its affiliate sites.

Since this is my first novel ever (more are planned) I am also offering to answer any questions about the book without revealing spoilers here to help create interest or to allow you to know if you might be interested in the book. Ill also include the synopsis and info below. Enjoy.


Deadfall: Survivors
Richard Flunker
Science-fiction/Zombie Apocalypse, 464 pages on print, variable on ebook, 4.99 Kindle

On August 17, 2016, the remnants of a comet that was headed for a collision with Earth, but was destroyed by world governments, burns up in the atmosphere, releasing its deadly contents into the air. Within a month, the dead begin to rise at a catastrophic rate and civilization comes to a grinding halt.

Months after this event, Brian Orbison, a former History teacher and avid outdoorsman and hiker, steps out of his house in the mountains of North Carolina to investigate this new world. He has been surviving in a modern, high tech, end of the world bunker that holds many secrets. He is safe up in his mountains, but in lower altitudes, the dead roam everywhere, as he first sees when he comes upon another group of survivors in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Together with this group, Brian must decide how he will face this new world as he discovers that a shadowy group is intent on discovering the location of his mountain bunker while at the same time attempting to overthrow what is left of the American government. His travels take him across his home state and as he comes across a wide variety of surviving groups he begins to uncover the ancient secrets to the origins of the rising dead and the potential future of mankind.

Instead of focusing on the guns and gore typical of the genre, Deadfall: Survivors focuses more on individuals and how they cope with the loss of family and friends and just how the human spirit adapts to cataclysmic events. It also deals with how individuals view horrific events that affect others but leave them unscathed. Surviving the end of the world affects everyone differently.

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