My new ebook 'End Storm' now available!

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Maz Marik
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My new ebook 'End Storm' now available!

Post by Maz Marik » Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:51 pm

Hi all,

My new zombie-esque ebook 'End Storm' is now available.

It is set in an apocolyptic London, and based mainly in the south of England.

It follows a family as they try to reunite after a mysterious event changes the landscape, and changes people.

They battle through scenes of death and misery, but with determination, hope and love, they fight until the end to be together.

So yeah, a nice festive, upbeat book!

You can check it out on my site" onclick=";return false;, where you will find a link to amazon, where you can read the first 8 chapters for free to see if its your thing.

Hope you enjoy!
'When the end begins, where will you run?'

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