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New upper for an old rifle

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:40 pm
by 91Eunozs
Now that we bought a second house out West where our son is going to college (cheaper than renting or even the dorms), he’ll be taking a couple long arms to go in the safe we’re installing there (our old closet safe) once renovations are complete and all the workers are long gone.

He’ll be taking his Beretta A300 for trap/skeet and maybe ducks or other waterfowl:


...but since he’s only 20 and not officially on the gun trust paperwork as a trustee yet, I’m not comfortable with him being in possesion of “his” SBR with two uppers (5.56 and 300 BLK). Instead, he’ll take my second oldest AR “Sandy”... very reliable rifle that has served us well out at the ranch over the past few years. There are a couple or three threads here on the build and upgrades/paint, but believe most pics were lost on an old photo share site.

Regardless, here’s a quick pic:


And him shooting it back when he was just 14...and before I painted it. One of my favorite pics...


Since I like 300BLK as a home defense option, I decided that he’ll build and paint a second upper for this one when he gets back in town next week from camp and visiting friends down south of here. I’ll also use the 16” Blackhole Weaponry barrel left over from the original iteration of my primary pig gun “Kermit” that I converted to 6.8SPC-II last year.


Ordered an upper and rail kit on sale from Primary Arms as well as one of their knockoff ACOG prismatic sites with a 300BLK reticle...all Cerakoted in FDE. This will be the perfect base coat for the rattle can paint job.



More to follow next week...

Re: New upper for an old rifle

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:08 pm
by JeeperCreeper

I thought we voted that you need more dogs in the background... I only saw a blur of Fido in one of those...

Also, for a kid going off to college with firearms, I would make sure there is a complicated and lengthy way of storing the guns when not in use. Drunken fun time shouldn't mix with pew pew time.

Of course, I never had an issue with it and I was a degenerate in college. Just a suggestion depending on your views of it...

Re: New upper for an old rifle

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:08 pm
by 91Eunozs
Great advice...and well said.

Any other kid...including me at his age...and I’d have concerns. He’s about the most sober (classic meaning, not beverage inference) and mature kid I know. Helps that he’s in a fraternity that eschews alcohol (his pick, not mine) and in fact will turn you out if you get caught drinking under age or buy for someone under age. His three roommates (paying the mortgage!) are also fraternity built in policing mechanism!

Safe will be bolted down to the floor and two walls of his closet, and only he will have the combo. Period.

If I find out otherwise, he knows they’ll be gone...along with my trust. He does like to compete in trap and skeet so the shotgun will go regardless. Ironically, he shoots shotgun left-handed (left eye dominant). Him at age 15 competing in his first tournament:


Rifle is insurance and peace of mind for me...he’s trained a lot, and I know he’ll do the right thing. Also gives him options if he gets into 3-gun...though no pistol will be on the premises until he turns 21.

Re: New upper for an old rifle

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:19 am
by JeeperCreeper
91Eunozs wrote:
Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:08 pm
he’s in a fraternity that eschews alcohol

When I went to real undergrad, I lived with my brother and a couple buddies and we all had guns. Everyone knew what they were doing with them, but with people in and out, it made me nervous. We actually had one roommate who always left his camo Rem700 out to try and be cool, and we'd always steal the bolt out of it and hide it throughout the old 3 story house we rented... gotta regulate your own, ya know.

I never had a safe, but what I did was put my guns in the closet and hid the ammo in a box in a trunk under a desk. Basically, if I got drunk enough to lose judgement to want to do something stupid like send off some rounds in the backyard for fun, it would be too complicated to figure out how to get the ammo to the gun because at that point I'd have to be blackout stupid.

Again, I never had an issue or temptation... but it's a good thing you're ahead of the game on it.

Re: New upper for an old rifle

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:52 am
by Stercutus
Ah, college.

My early 90s college arsenal consisted of:

- A cheap CCW 380 pistol (Jennings maybe, been so long forgot)
- A Tec-9 (Spray and pray for HD)
- A Lee-Enfield Mk4No2 (for hunting)

All told I was fully armed for under $400.

After the AWB hit I sold the Tec-9 for several times what I paid for it and bought a 1911. The 380 pistol worked amazingly well for $89. I think I sold it some time in the late 90s. The SMLE I still have sort of, lent it to the wife and she won't let me have it back.

I had a bag for of surplus army gear with a few other items thrown in that was my BOB before there was such a term. There was no food in it other than a few left over MRE's though, so I don't recall what my plan was other than to head for the nearest National Forrest if things got rough and live off the land. Solid plans I tell you.

I lived off campus and had zero parties, few people over except for women, close friends and club meetings that kind of thing. My son in school does not drink alcohol either, his campus is actually dry (it is also an engineering school so go figure). I drank quite a lot in college myself and I think half my classmates were straight up drunks. There has been a bit of a shift away from America's favorite drug of choice in recent years among the current college generation. I'm kind of happy about that myself.

Guns are forbidden on his campus, since he is on full academic scholarship he lives in the dorms. I live close enough I can be there in an hour if I hurried.

Re: New upper for an old rifle

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:13 am
by MacWa77ace
What's rifle insurance?

It's weird how I can tell, and have a different feeling, when I'm around someone who 'grew up' with guns [comfortable, natural extension, and respectful]* vs someone who decided later in life to 'get into' guns, or even worse are forced into it like a spouse or Sig Other. I don't know what it is. I can even tell actors and extras in movies that know what they are doing or where just handed the thing. Sometimes its obvious like an optic mounted wrong, or teacupping. Other times its subtle, like 'did that guy just sweep that kid?' or they remove the mag, rack the slide and reinsert the mag, or their cheek weld or shoulder weld looks forced, or just how they lift it up off a table or hold/handle it.

*I don't mean to infer that 'growing up' around guns automatically makes a person an expert or safe gunhandler. Maybe less afraid, more confident around firearms, or more stupid. IDK, but the kids of kids I grew up shooting with, seem like we were back then, and I don't stink eye them, cause we had safety and respect as a natural engrained element. it was taught, reinforced, and self sustained/policed.

So how'd this happen?!? \/