Charles Whitman (Austin Tower Sniper) weapon question

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Charles Whitman (Austin Tower Sniper) weapon question

Post by Red Tamarillo » Wed Feb 15, 2017 3:43 am

I was just watching the movie "Tower" which made you feel for people like the girl who lost her baby (and boyfriend) and her life has never been the same after:

and googled the shooting to remind myself of some more details, and then ended up curious about what he did with all those weapons.
And found there's massive conflicting info on the internet. Basic things like a lot of sites say his shotgun used in the stairwell was a sawn off single shot break open, others a sawn off pump (the photo taken after obviously shows a sawn off pump).
And conflicting info on the M1 carbine and 6mm scoped rifle. One site said he started with the M1 carbine, then switched to the 6mm when people started taking cover; another he used the 6mm then switched to the M1 when he ran out of ammo.
One even said he used his .357 pistol (from the top of the tower downwards) at one stage. The .35 pump gun was also found on one side of the tower. Apparently he was running around to make it seem like there were more snipers.
It was weird to find such conflicting info after such a long time. Does the classic "A Sniper in the Tower" book have the straight info?

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Re: Charles Whitman (Austin Tower Sniper) weapon question

Post by gunsandrockets » Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:06 am ... entory.pdf

muderpedia is a pretty good resource...
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