Century CETME C308 Problem

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Century CETME C308 Problem

Post by naegling62 » Wed Jan 27, 2016 7:29 pm

Ok folks, bought a CETME C308 from Century. The firearm has been field stripped, cleaned and lubricated. When firing the rifle cycles one round and then the bolt is stuck in the rearward position. It looks like the ejector is inhibiting the bolt carrier from moving forward. Any ideas? Am I assessing the problem correctly? Solutions? Thanks in advance y'all.
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Re: Century CETME C308 Problem

Post by raptor » Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:58 pm

I am not experienced with the CETME. That said a quick Google search turned up several youtube with solutions to CETME jamming issues.

You might try those while waiting for more input from other ZS'ers.

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Re: Century CETME C308 Problem

Post by woodsghost » Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:27 pm

You may also want to contact CAI. It seems they do a good job warrantying their rifles. That does not come from first hand experience, but just what I have seen on forums. After looking at videos on the web, I"d consider giving them a call just to see what your options are.
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Re: Century CETME C308 Problem

Post by doc savage » Wed Feb 03, 2016 2:40 am

okay, CETME / HK operating system, bolt sticking to the rear.

1. is your stock a very tight fit? do you have to tap it on after field stripping?
the receiver can be pinched by the stock while reattaching, or the hardware on the stock can be undersized , and pinch the sides of your receiver inward. to check if this may be the issue, disassemble the gun, and drop the bolt back in from the rear.. does it drop in freely, or do you have to give it a push to get it into the opening of the receiver? if so, you have located your problem. if you put the bolt in, trigger group off, without the main spring, and put the stock back on , does the bolt slide back and forth freely? or does it slow down or pinch toward the rear?

the solution is to gently flex the receiver open with the end of a wrench or other sturdy tool, ( I used the bolt itself on one of my HK/ PTR's) , , and if necessary the stock mounting bracket until the pinch goes away.

2. if you go through the above, but the bolt slides around freely at all points, put the trigger group back in, stock off, pins in, and draw the bolt handle back, while looking into the rear of the receiver. if the semi auto shelf is welded on too high from the factory, the front of the trigger pack will sit too high in the housing and snag or drag on your bolt.

cure is gunsmith ( or hand file if you want to risk it WECSOG) on the top of the semi shelf. recommend gunsmith do that.

3. if you have applied a scope mount to the top of the rifle, the clamps can and often do pinch the rounded tubular top of the receiver. strip the gun, drop the bolt in, about a dozen times, and youll begin to either notice the projection that rides into the cocking tube will bind on insertion, or the front of that projection will show unusual wear ( the park will start to strip off on the sides of the very tip.

same cure as above, remove scope mount, flex receiver back out, reattach scope mount with tension adjusted out a bit.

or it could be something entirely different. these were the issues i'vr run through with various century c93's , PTR guns, etc. hope it helps. the receivers don't have to flex much to cause the binding you're describing.

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