Lefty Friendly Weaponry?

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Re: Lefty Friendly Weaponry?

Post by mr.trooper » Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:55 pm

1882 Swiss Ordinance Revolver - A practiced lefty could load, fire, and unload said sweet honey in a blink of the eye:

Since the cylinder can be advanced by pulling the trigger with the gate open, you can shuck spent casings as fast as you can coordinate your two fingers. I do believe the colt SAA requires you to advance the cylinder manually.
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Re: Lefty Friendly Weaponry?

Post by Nesrath » Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:05 pm

Bushmaster ACR is fully Ambi as well. And I find lever action rifles are easier to shoot and load lefthanded.
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Re: Lefty Friendly Weaponry?

Post by Tommy Tran » Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:41 pm

Trebor wrote:
Do you require ambi controls for the slide stop? If so, that narrows your choices even more. The CZ 85 has an ambi slide stop, but still has only the left side slide mag release.

If you practice releasing the slide by grabbing it with your right hand and slingshoting it, instead of using the slide release, that makes more pistols "lefty friendly." The Glock comes to mind since there is no manual safety or decocker, but the slide release is only on the left.

The Walther pistols have an ambi mag release. So do some of the HK's.
Trebor the CZ 75 variants have reversable mag release buttons so the 85 is pretty dang lefty friendly and the others as well if you just slingshot the slide instead of using the lever
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Re: Lefty Friendly Weaponry?

Post by Zombie_Eater666 » Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:56 pm

That's what I do. For the bolties and such I think WE have the advantage of having a hold of the other end.
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Re: Lefty Friendly Weaponry?

Post by Bishopn87 » Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:21 pm

I am cross-dominant.

I eat, write and bat left-handed, but catch and throw right-handed.

I can shoot a pistol equally well with either hand, but it falls more naturally into my right hand. HOWEVER because I am almost blind in my right eye, I can only shoot a rifle left-handed, unless I have an electronic sight of some sort, where I can keep both eyes open while aiming.

I've never really had a problem operating a bolt action rifle left handed, even the notorious Mosin. (OBTW - trick for not having to use a 2x4? Don't use lacquered ammo. Steel casings don't expand and seal the chamber like brass does, so you get combustion gasses melting your lacquer and sticking your chamber closed. Get either brass-cased or copper-washed steel. Polish LPS is really good stuff, and all of mine has been copper-washed, and it doesn't stick.) To operate the bolt, I'll either lower the muzzle somewhat and work the bolt with my right hand, or if it's long / heavy / unbalanced / whatever I'll raise the muzzle, brace the butt against my stomach or hip, and work the bolt that way.

Shooting an AR is fine for me, left-handed, without changing for an ambi safety - I use the thumb on my trigger hand to operate the selector switch. Use my right hand to operate everythign else. Only thing that's a little annoying, and I'd like an ambi version of is the charging handle. Since the latch is on the left side, I have to flip the rifle in an odd way to get at the CH with my right hand. Only thing that sucks about the AR is that my upper is an A1, so I can occasionally get very unlucky when it comes to ejected casings.

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