ramen- not the emergency food of choice

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Re: ramen- not the emergency food of choice

Post by woodsghost » Fri Sep 25, 2015 9:30 pm

Kilo147 wrote:What about supplementing your Ramen stash with Soylent? Long shelf life, a buck a meal, and 33% of basically everything you need. Should cover the bases well.
That stuff sounds cool, but there are some dissenters out there. As an emergency food, it makes sense. As a staple for one's diet, or as a back packing food, I don't know yet. Time will tell I guess.
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Re: ramen- not the emergency food of choice

Post by Garand69 » Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:39 am

99% of the "food scares" out there are ridiculous, and too much sodium will never be your problem in a bugout/survival situation

Are Ramen noodles a well balanced diet? Of course not, But they CHEAP and are a good base for anyone that has a little imagination. As mentioned earlier by mr_slappy75
That being said, the addition of fresh uncooked or frozen veggies and leftover meat to a batch does quite a bit to improve the situation.
I add a Tbsp of olive oil to pump up the good fat, but otherwise go the same route at home. Now substitute that leftover meat with the squirrel you just bagged, and you have a great meal that cooks quick.

Just brown the quartered squirrel in some olive oil, add enough water to cover meat and noodles. Add noodles after meat is cooked then add packet. If you want to get real fancy add some dehydrated veggies. The shrimp flavored Ramen go well with the crawfish or small fish you just caught as well.

The rice and bean type meals out there are pretty good, but they take a lot more fuel/time to cook IMHO. Zatarain's is my favorite and their microwave pouches pack easy

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