A mock bug out, in a way

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A mock bug out, in a way

Post by BullOnParade » Sat Oct 03, 2020 9:15 pm

My wife's birthday is coming up this week, so in celebration we decided to go for a family road trip. Definitely our longest drive since our daughter was born seven weeks ago, just a day trip through some cottage country where the forests are thick and lakes are plentiful where we can take in some the sights of changing leaves and enjoy each other's company.

A few things we need to work on as preppers, I know will come easier with experience as parents, but it's also been a good test run of bugging out with baby and dog.

We didn't grab our full bug out bags, we packed a day bag and a cooler of food. The dog's bug out bag and baby's diaper bag came with us, and I see some room for improvement there too.

First, what went well:
There were no major hickups, but the day was very informally planned. Literally just driving a loop, leaving before noon, aiming to be back on major highways to home around dark because my car blew a headlight this week, and I'm waiting for n upgrade rather than another oem, because stock lights suck. The only benchmarks of a successful trip; death equals disqualification, see fall colours,

It's on the cold side out, so we managed to do diaper changes by folding the passenger seat flat, using that as a change table while sitting in the back seat. Small work surface, but better than trying to use the cargo area while exposed to the autumn air.

Things to learn from:
Since about the time my wife was 7 months pregnant, we have moved the dog into the rear cargo area while driving. It works better for him, as the rear seat was too narrow for him in many positions he would want to sit. Since the car seat takes up a good 40 percent of the rear seat and the dog is pretty content to sit or lay in the cargo area, stackable storage would be better use of space, so long as it is not going to topple on him (moderately invested in Milwaukee pack out cases, may be the way I go.

Relatedly, not everyone can be packed in backpacks. Backpacks make great hands free vessels. When you're packing for two dependants, in my case the dog and an infant, being able to load the car falls on me. If the dependants were packed into stacking totes, the process of loading the car with kit and people can be done with two trips, maximum. One if I drilled with the dog occasionally.

The rear facing car seat makes accessing much of the back seat impossible. I'm glad I never invested in the behind the seat MOLLE panels. This will get easier when the car seat is forward facing, until then I have to be mindful of what is essential to us in the front seat, and the narrow paths which allow items to move forward.

Life with an infant and dog is vastly different from life with a dog. I suspect life with two children will be vastly different from life now. I'm glad we made some small changes over the past 6 months to be more prepared for where we are now.

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Re: A mock bug out, in a way

Post by woodsghost » Sun Oct 04, 2020 12:28 am

BullOnParade wrote:
Sat Oct 03, 2020 9:15 pm

I suspect life with two children will be vastly different from life now.
1) yes, life is different, but for us it is "incrementally" different, not "exponentially/revolution" type different.

2) awesome post! We have been taking day trips with our 2x kiddos (now about 3 years old and about 6 months old) to cook hot dogs, marshmallows, and occasionally put up a tent. It has been great! And like you, I have an eye towards "family bug out" with these trips. With temps around 13c today, my wife changed the little one in the trunk of the car. I usually use the passenger side seat for road side diaper changes. I lay out a towel or blanket in case there are issues which might spread "happiness and joy" around the seat.
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